Despicable Dhimmitude

In an age of widespread deception, the need to tell the truth, and repeat the truth, becomes our highest duty. And one of the most important truths that needs to be stated again and again is this one: under Islam the infidel has only one of three options: convert, die, or become a dhimmi.

We have 1400 years of Islamic history to see how this has played out. And we have plenty of dhimmis, or second-class citizens living little better than slaves under Islamic imperialism. Most are forced to live in such appalling conditions of servitude and self-deprecation.

But what is infinitely worse is when non-Muslim Westerners voluntarily take on the role of dhimmitude. When they willingly make themselves slaves to, and apologists of, Islam, then you know we are in dire straits. And we find this happening all the time, as I have on countless occasions documented here.

charlesLet me offer three more recent shocking examples of this. They are enough to make your head spin – if not be lopped off, if we keep heading in this direction. The first has to do with the Church of England and Prince Charles. Of course Prince Charles has a long record of foolishly championing Islam while denigrating the faith he is supposed to defend.

As I wrote elsewhere, “This aversion to the host religion is best exemplified by Prince Charles. He goes out of his way to praise Islam as a religion of peace, while simultaneously minimising and denigrating Christianity, the faith he is meant to protect. Indeed, he has said that the King should not be Defender of the Faith (Christianity), but ‘defender of faith’. Interestingly, he has travelled extensively in the Muslim world, but has never once visited Israel.”

But it is the utterly apostate dupes in the CofE that deserve the greatest censure here. Consider how this news item begins: “Prince Charles’s coronation service should be opened with a reading from the Koran, a senior Church of England bishop said yesterday. The gesture would be a ‘creative act of accommodation’ to make Muslims feel ‘embraced’ by the nation, Lord Harries of Pentregarth said.”

What!? Say that again! The article continues:

The former Bishop of Oxford, who continues to serve as an assistant bishop in the diocese of Southwark, made the suggestion about the Koran during a House of Lords debate. He told peers the Church of England should take the lead in ‘exercising its historic position in a hospitable way’.
He said that at a civic service in Bristol Cathedral last year authorities had agreed to a reading of the opening passage of the Koran before the beginning of the Christian ritual. He said: ‘It was a brilliant creative act of accommodation that made the Muslim high sheriff feel, as she said, warmly embraced but did not alienate the core congregation. ‘That principle of hospitality can and should be reflected in many public ceremonies, including the next coronation service.’

Fortunately there are a few church leaders left in England who have not been mentally and spiritually lobotomised:

Simon Calvert of the Christian Institute think-tank said: ‘Most people will be amazed at the idea that a Christian leader would consider the use of the Koran at a Christian service in a Christian abbey. People are just so disappointed when senior Church of England figures lose confidence in the claims of the Christian faith.’
Andrea Minichiello Williams, a member of the CofE’s parliament, the General Synod, and head of the Christian Concern pressure group, said: ‘At a time when we are looking at what British values mean, we cannot have values in a vacuum. British values stem from our Christian heritage. We cannot pretend all religions are the same, or have the same benefits and outcomes for the nation.’
Douglas Murray, associate editor of the Spectator, said if Muslims were included in the coronation service, there must be room too for Hindus, Sikhs, and atheists. He added: ‘If there were to be a reading from the Koran at the coronation, surely as a matter of reciprocity, all mosques in the UK should have prayers for the King and the Armed Forces every week at Friday prayers.’

Exactly. Dhimmitude is always one-way traffic. Christians are expected to make massive concessions to Islam, while the favour is never returned. This is nothing more than appeasement, and a massive selling out of the Christian faith. It is apostasy pure and simple, and renegade church leaders like Harries should have been booted out ages ago, and not been allowed to spew his anti-Christian poison.

But England has long been in a bad way. The so-called conservative political leaders are also deceived dhimmies of the highest order. Consider this recent bit of insanity coming from Cameron’s Tories:

Anyone who criticises Sharia law or gay marriage could be branded an “extremist” under sweeping new powers planned by the Conservatives to combat terrorism, an alliance of leading atheists and Christians fear. Theresa May, the Home Secretary, unveiled plans last month for so-called Extremism Disruption Orders, which would allow judges to ban people deemed extremists from broadcasting, protesting in certain places or even posting messages on Facebook or Twitter without permission. Mrs May outlined the proposal in a speech at the Tory party conference.

Once again a few voices of sanity were heard here, and once again the indefatigable Christian Institute stood in the breech:

Simon Calvert, Deputy Director of the Christian Institute, said traditionalist evangelicals who criticise gay marriage or even argue that all religions are not the same could find themselves accused of extremism. “Anyone who expresses an opinion that isn’t regarded as totally compliant with the Equality Act could find themselves ranked alongside Anjem Choudary, Islamic state or Boko Haram,” he said. He added: “How many times a day do intellectually lazy political activists accuse their opponents of ‘spreading hatred’?

One final example of creeping sharia and dhimmitude of a high calibre comes from here in Australia. Consider this shocker of a headline: “Bendigo mosque backers ask non-Muslims to help fund the project”. Yes you read that right. The story opens:

The backers of a controversial plan to build a mosque in Bendigo want non-Muslims to help fund the project. Australian Islamic Mission Victorian spokesman Dr Seyed Sheriffdeen said his group would ask government authorities, local businesses and other organisations for assistance.
“If you look at the facility it’s an asset for the local community in Bendigo,” he said. “We will ask the local community to support this, they are the stakeholders of this project.” The Shire of Greater Bendigo has approved the plan, but opponents have appealed to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal with the hearing due to start this week.

Yeah right. Great idea. So let me simply reciprocate: I wanna go to Saudi Arabia and open a church there. Oh, and I expect the Saudis to fully help subsidise the church. Sure, sounds perfectly reasonable. After all, all religions are the same, and we live in one big multi-faith world.

The real madness here is that there will be plenty of utterly clueless Australian big cheeses, politicians, and even church leaders, who will happily go along with this plan. They will be quite keen to take taxpayer money as well and contribute to this project.

There is good reason why none of this moonbattery should be allowed to proceed. As I have written before, the mosque is not at all like a Christian church or a Jewish synagogue:

For more on this, see here for the great work of Gavin Boby and his successful efforts in stopping the proliferation of mosques in the UK:

So here we find three more examples of runaway creeping sharia, and dhimmitude in high places. The Western world might as well just raise the white flag of surrender now, and allow all our lands to become part of the worldwide caliphate. We don’t need to wait for the Islamists to take over – we are already doing it to ourselves.

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27 Replies to “Despicable Dhimmitude”

  1. Well said as usual, Bill. How King James 1 of England the commissioner of the KJV Bible (and Charles’ ancestor) would be saddened and horrified.

  2. As I understand it, every Nation, country, Body Corporate has a constitution. The Holy Bible is the Constitution of the Christian Church and the priests, ministers etc. are bound to administer it. Any other activity is outside their jurisdiction.
    As for Prince Charles, he worries me as an adulterer to be the head of the church with the Holy Bible as its Constitution that he will be expected to “defend” is like asking Dracula to manage the blood bank.
    If Prince Charles become King of England then it would have to be by false pretences. After all, who was the king who abdicated and for what – was because of adultery?

  3. That’s a good essay! If Charles becomes king then I’m going republican. What a fool of a man. How can he be a defender of faith per se? There are competing faiths with Islam in particular treating others like dirt when it gets the upper hand. These Moslems are very one sided. You can’t build a church in Saudi Arabia but that nation funds Moslem expansion and propaganda around the world. And you can’t print Bibles or build seminaries in Malaysia but Moslem Malaysians can print Korans and build religious schools here. In Turkey local Christians of Byzantine origin need the approval of a Moslem, fake-secular government when they elect new Patriarchs. Can you imagine our local Moslems putting up with similar arrangements? Good grief, they’ve even got us paying for their Halal certification. Aussie companies pass the cost onto consumers generally. Shouldn’t it be the other way around, with Moslems paying companies a monthly fee for this service?

  4. These things are coming to pass just like the Bible tells us they will! So sad to see so many people, particularly those in high places, that represent the Christian faith compromising it to fall in with the world!

  5. It beggars belief really. I read this suggestion about Charles coronation and he can no longer, in all integrity, hold the position of defender of the faith. If he ever gets crowned, that part of proceedings ought to be discarded in my opinion. It would be utterly hypocritical for him to hold that office.
    I’m sorry to say, that like many other people who ought to know a lot better, he is a very poor example and supporter of the Christian faith. I don’t care if he has made mistakes, what I care about is if he understands his mistakes and repents of them. So many people are so poorly informed and so uncaring of our proud heritage. The information is all out there; is it just pure laziness? It is particularly depressing that churches are often the purveyors of this rubbish.

  6. This is lunacy. Sheer and utter lunacy. Might as well shut down the anglican church in the UK and sell the buildings as pubs as they sure aren’t the houses of God’s people any more.
    As others said, why bother having a monarchy if they refuse point blank to defend the core element that made the UK great? Might as well go republican, sell off the castles and do away with the nobility.

    I wonder if the queen is dismayed at her son and is hanging on in the hope that the crown might skip his generation.

  7. Prince Charles is one of many millions who have strung along with this “let’s all be one happy family” scenario, thinking generated by many groups, including new-agers. Many of us here agree the CofE is going rapidly down the pan and it might be better to deconstruct the thing entirely and start again with real, true Christian leaders who actually believe in God (unlike a number of bishops, it seems).
    Andrew…I have a soft spot for our church buildings, many of which approach 1000 years old in origins, I don’t fancy seeing them turned into drinking-houses; maybe community centres for arts, crafts, kiddies’ groups, exhibitions, etc would be more in keeping. And they could still have bible groups. One or two near me already use parts of their premises for flower shows.
    But you’re right….the CofE hierarchy aint following God. One quite despairs.

  8. I saw SBS news tonight and nearly fell off my chair. The Pope Francis says the Koran is a book of peace. I wonder which version he reads!!!

  9. Do the ‘counter terrorism’ laws mean that if a Muslim criticises gay marriage or a gay criticises Islam they are labeled extremists? If they come up against each other, who prevails?

  10. I thought long and hard as to why people are Dhimmis. One thing that came to my mind is that they know the capability of Jihad, and I know they are afraid of them. So to appease them they go along with them and allow them concessions. It’s not that they don’t know it’s wrong, it’s that they are afraid to admit it’s wrong for fear of their own lives and the lives of others.

  11. Just do me a favor. When the U.K becomes an Islamic nation please don’t immigrate to Australia. We don’t need anymore weak kneed people here whilst we stand up for Christian values.

  12. That half-witted move by the Torries explains why UKIP is so on the ascendancy over there!

  13. I also read yesterday’s article about Charles’ coronation should the Lord allow it! Not surprised at all, have known for years that Charles defends ‘faith’ whatever it may be. The British royals seem very close to the middle eastern ones and things islamic.

    Sadly I doubt there is one true Christian in the British Monarchy. The Queen has gone against her promise to God to uphold His ways by not standing with His Word against homosexuality marriage, women ministers and bishops etc in the COE or COS for that matter. Her Majesty never speaks of the gospel in any of her messages I have heard but a social one instead. We hear a great deal of her strong faith yet Christ is never mentioned at all.

    Buckingham Palace houses the Duke of Kent’s Freemasons office, the highest in the land and his wife, 2 of his children and grandchildren are RC as is Camilla married to the heir of the PROTESTANT throne. The young Cambridges are just as open to every faith and tradition that goes as is Prince Harry.

    As you mentioned the government is so far of the planet it is not funny. The Camerons attending the recent Hindu festival of light and his wife dressed in her hindu sari etc, the list goes on and everyone wonders at the state of the land. God is not mocked.

    All faith is acceptable except the only true one – true Christianity.

  14. The old adage is: “Politics makes strange bedfellows.”! Sadly, a global revolt against the LORD and His Anointed may well see atheists and militant secularists combine with the Muslim world to marginalise or eliminate those who actually still believe in and worship Christ, who is the Living One who became dead and is alive for evermore.

  15. Today my wife and I found out we now are the parents of 2 lesbian daughters, when the 3rd called us to ‘examine our mindset’, little did I know that we were being hit with another form of ‘dhimmitude’. We had to convert, die to our relationships or become ‘that low class person’ with antiquated values. This ‘Wicked/Evil-Seed of the Serpent’ is very real….

  16. I was reading a book published almost 100 years ago last night: THE VICTORY OF GOD by Rev. James Reid in which he mentioned the late Scottish preacher, George Matheson (1842-1906) and I was again struck by the rich Protestant heritage that seems to have been dumbed down to where Prince Charles stands today. What a waste of a rich cultural heritage and to think that modern Australia was founded on it. The writing is on the wall. ‘Iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend’ (Pv. 27: 17).

  17. In Her Majesty the Queen’s Christmas messages that I have heard she has seemed quite clear about her allegiance to Christ.

  18. I think Erik is probably right to a great extent. Gutlessness has become the order of the day amongst so many people of all ranks. If only they could realise that their position will only lead to things getting worse and worse, with freedoms disappearing until there are none left.

  19. England is definitely in Dhimmitude. We visited for the first time, in Sept, the land of our forefathers, and visited Buckingham Palace.We toured the Palace with headsets explaining everything but the only vague mention of Christianity was to say that the Queen vowed to uphold the Church of England. And yet we know Queen Elizabeth speaks clearly of her personal faith in Christ during Christmas broadcasts, eg. “The teachings of Christ and my own personal accountability before God provide a framework in which I try to lead my life.”(2011) And at her Coronation after signing the oath to maintain the Christian faith and govern justly, she was presented with a Bible by the Scottish Moderator saying,” This is the most valuable thing that this world affords. Here is wisdom; this is the royal law; these are the lively oracles of God.”
    We were disappointed to see the authorities take such a retreat from her personal committment to Christ so as to be ‘inoffensive’ to other religions. We were even more disturbed when we visited St Paul’s Cathedral with another ‘headset’ guide explaining that St Paul had been “a hater of Christians until he decided to follow Christianity himself”. What a way for the Church to describe Paul’s amazing transforming encounter with Christ on the Damascus Road!! We were obviously visiting a museum piece, not a building consecrated to proclaiming the gospel of Christ. We couldn’t leave quick enough!
    Death and decay was all around to see. We saw many, many women in Moslem dress, many in the full black burqua, which completely separated them from the rest of society. I tried hard to smile at any Muslim I saw, but it was rarely reciprocated and those in burquas had their eyes averted anyway. By contrast most Moslem men were in western dress, often T shirts, shorts and thongs.
    Australia wake up!
    We will pray for you next week, Bill. Your insight and boldness are so needed to open other’s eyes. Remember Jesus promise to you, when you speak for Him, “I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict.” Luke 21:15. We pray you will speak under the Holy Spirit’s influence.
    God bless you, Lesley and John

  20. May I say for all we might criicise the Queen, she has only travelled the same path as many believers, watching children led astray by the Spirit of the Age and conforming to the world’s standards. We are all in a battle! But she has had to do it more publicly under the eyes of the whole world! Tell me, how would we like all our family’s doings broadcast in that manner and by the notoriously gossip-seeking Press! I feel for her, and pray for her. I believe she took her oath to God seriously. I am more disgusted by the Church and I believe it has been no help to her…I was sorry to see her take a misguided stand for SS Marriage.

  21. Lesley, Thanks for your well thought out posts. Our Queen needs people like you who put things into perspective by putting truth into circulation. I feel like crying when I see precious people, especially Royalty, being deceived and reduced so far below what God wants them to be.
    People may berate and condemn Royalty and politicians for their perceived or real weaknesses and faults, but we still, if the truth be known, want them to lead us in ways that bless us, or minister constructively on our behalf.
    Jesus spoke an old prophecy, “I will smite the Shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered.” Zechariah13:7. The devil uses this principle in his attack on God and us today, by destroying, defaming or ridiculing legitimate authority. I remember reading of the communists in Vietnam assassinating tribal and village chiefs, elders, policemen, pastors, etc, in fact, anyone of authority and in a leadership position. A leaderless people are easily conquered.
    Perhaps the only good thing that comes out of such loss of earthly leadership, is that it throws us back on the one Leader and Shepherd who remains indestructibly Leader and Shepherd, when all His instituted authority structures on earth are overthrown, if they will be.
    Perhaps these things may spur us on to pray “for Kings and all who are in authority,” 1 Tim 2:2, even if we differ politically and philosophically with them.

  22. I am afraid the Queen sold her soul to the Devil when she personally signed and thereby enacted the Abortion Act in 1967 and again when she enacted Homosexual Marriage so called last year. She will have to give account for the murder of all these children, which she personally could have stopped and also for the perversion of same sex ‘marriage’ so called.

  23. I am not against the monarchy because it has been instituted by God but they are held to much higher accountability than we subjects.

    James, I have only been listening the Queen’s Christmas messages since being called out by God’s Spirit and in the recent years I have been listening I hear her mention a baby Jesus who is about social justice and is all inclusive but nothing about a reigning King who is the only answer to life’s problems and that sin issue no-one wants to talk about. It is a perfect time to speak of the gospel yet it is never mentioned. It breaks my heart.

    I also have just finished reading a book on the story of the Scottish Reformation focusing on John Knox and it would break his heart to see what is passing for the protestant Christian faith today and its keen efforts to include every belief under the sun.

    Rick, I am really sorry to hear about your 2 daughters, may the time come when the Lord enlightens them before it’s too late.

  24. What we are seeing is a battle for the Earth. The devil is stepping up the action in these last days. It is a battle fought on many fronts. Christians need to stand firm and not compromise. Above all to pray. Jesus shed His blood for the nations and told us to make them His disciples. The Earth belongs to the spiritual Seed of Abraham [Romans 4:13]. We will win if we don’t give up.
    “Ask of me and I will give you the nations and the ends of the earth for your possession.” Psalm 2 – spoken to Christ and therefore to His Body the Church.

  25. If it be true that there can be only one absolute truth, I believe it can apply to this: The bible says “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”.
    So then, just because you believe something does not make it faith.
    By definition, then, if there can only be one true God, and only His word can produce faith, all others are only belief systems and not faiths.

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