SCOTUS and the New Homo-Tyranny

Anyone with their eyes open, and/or not pushing the secular left agenda, should know by now that when special rights and marriage rights are granted to homosexuals, everything changes, and those who suffer the greatest are biblical Christians.

The two are of course incompatible: biblical morality cannot coexist with sinful sexuality, whether of the homosexual variety or otherwise. But it is the militant homosexual lobby which is working overtime to silence the churches and force Christians to embrace their agenda – or else.

homo 74I have documented plenty of cases of the pink mafia in action. It always gets much worse when homosexual marriage “rights” are legislated. For example, within hours of the SCOTUS decision we had one newspaper declaring that any opposing viewpoints are now off limits. Yep, here is a newspaper which now censors alternate points of view and thinks freedom of speech is crap:

A newspaper in Harrisburg, PA has announced henceforth it intends to censor certain views about marriage deemed no better than racism, sexism, anti-Semitism. John L. Micek, editorial page editor and formerly state capital reporter, made the announcement shortly after the Supreme Court handed down its imposition of gay marriage on the county. Micek wrote:
“As a result of Friday’s ruling, PennLive/The Patriot-News will no longer accept, nor will it print, op-Eds and letters to the editor in opposition to same sex marriage.” In a Tweet later in the day, Micek doubled down, “This is not hard: We would not print racist, sexist, or anti-Semitic letters. To that we add homophobic ones. Pretty simple.”

Indeed, hot on the heels of the SCOTUS decision, we already have ominous headlines like this “LGBT Leaders: Gay Marriage Is Not Enough”. Of course it is not enough. It is never enough. What the militants want is complete and utter acceptance, approval, endorsement and celebration of their harmful lifestyle, and the complete shutdown of any and all opposition.

And it is bad enough when the pagans demand this, but even worse when “Christian” activists do so too. Consider this shocker from a “Christian” homosexual group:

The leaders of Believe Out Loud, an online community for LGBT Christians, told The Daily Beast that they have a unique role to play in promoting this acceptance in the context of U.S. churches, particularly within Christianity.
“As we look ahead to a movement beyond marriage equality, we know that the work of affirming Christians is not yet finished. It’s now time for churches to move beyond simply accepting what we understand, to affirming LGBTQ people as they are,” the organization said in a statement.

And in England, where legal homosexual marriage is already in effect, consider this shocking headline: “‘Gay relationships must be taught in all church schools’”. The story opens:

Sex education classes, including those in church schools, must teach that gay relationships are equal to heterosexual ones, according to one of the contenders for the Labour leadership. In an interview with LGBT news website, PinkNews, Andy Burnham said there must be “absolute equality in terms of all relationships” when the subject is taught.

Tax-exempt status

I have penned entire books, as well as hundreds of articles, looking at how everything changes when homosexual marriage is allowed. The negative impact is especially strong on all true Christian churches. Let me look at just one area where the recent SCOTUS decision will hit hard the American churches. I refer to the very real possibility of them losing their tax exempt status.

Consider this from a recent article: “Churches could lose their tax-exempt status with the IRS if they refuse to recognize the Supreme Court’s ruling Friday legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts warned in his dissenting opinion.”

Now in my eyes this is both good and bad. The bad first: there has been no better social welfare service provider than the Christian church. It has helped so many people in so many ways, and its hands-on, caring and personal approach will never be bettered by some bureaucrat sitting in an office in Washington.

To take away the tax-exempt status of churches, parachurch groups and others will mean a drastic cutback in these invaluable services, and countless thousands of poor, disadvantaged and needy people will be severely impacted as a result. And just as bad, the federal welfare state, with all its problems, will expand exponentially.

But the good thing is, as I have said before, this will separate the men from the boys. Churches and Christians who depend on the government teat are hamstrung in various ways, and the old adage of ‘he who pays the piper calls the tune’ comes into play here.

I have known of far too many Christian groups and churches which have failed to stand for biblical truth and morality, simply because they don’t want to rock the boat and lose their government funding. Well, it is time for all true Christians and churches to declare this day: Who do you really trust and rely upon: God or government?

Thus while so many people will suffer if this eventuates, it may yet be the best thing to happen to the church in America. If it separates the wheat from the tares, that will be a very good thing indeed.

The war against Christians

But tax exempt status is only one aspect of the ongoing homosexual war against faith, family and freedom. Let me close by highlighting some truths from two recent articles. The first is entitled “Gay marriage ruling opens door to widespread anti-Christian bigotry.” Writes Alex Marlow:

You need to look at ulterior motives about everything. The left is not just about same-sex-marriage as an end. They never have been. It is about undermining the church and about undermining conservative institutions.
I could understand a debate about whether or not same-sex couples should be able to get married if I thought that would be the end of it. But it’s not.
If you look at the way the court ruled, then you see that it opens the door to broader discrimination against churches. They will come after the churches next. That is the next narrative. It’s upsetting, but we have been talking about it on our radio program. There is nothing in this ruling that makes me think that you are safe as a society, a church-going Christian country. Christians will be accused of bigotry simply for practicing their first amendment right of freedom of religion.
I predict there are going to be staged same-sex weddings just to challenge churches to marry same-sex couples, to draw attention to themselves, to get something through the courts, eventually to erode tax exempt statuses.
If you look at the way the Alinskyite left, that Barack Obama surrounded himself with, the institutional left, the Frankfurt school, it’s always a long game. The game is about government as big as humanly possible. It’s about eroding America’s core institutions.

And a piece written just before the SCOTUS decision entitled, “Legalized Gay Marriage Will Have This Huge Impact That No One Thought About” is also worth quoting from. It begins:

I was a law student when I first learned of the consequences of not being politically correct concerning homosexuality. A former Miss America’s contract as a citrus growers’ brand-ambassador was allowed to lapse because she had successfully campaigned for the repeal of a pro-homosexual ordinance in Miami-Dade County. She was quoted as saying: “What these people really want, hidden behind obscure legal phrases, is the legal right to propose to our children that theirs is an acceptable, alternate way of life.” She was publicly humiliated — “pied” on national television — and her name — Anita Bryant — became synonymous with something called “homophobia” and “hate speech.”

He continues:

So, now we know that Anita Bryant was right — at least partly so — when she embarked on her doomed campaign nearly 40 years ago. Ms. Bryant primarily worried about children being confronted with a dangerous alternative way of life. Today, all opponents of special homosexual rights have cause to be worried about their very survival — legal and economic. Anyone who opposes the new Manifesto of homosexuality and gender neutrality/gender identity is at risk.
Using statutes originally and primarily (if not exclusively) designed to protect blacks from discrimination, activist homosexuals have targeted bakers, photographers, and florists, seeking to force all of them to promote a “marriage” that they believe to be immoral. One day, such laws probably will be deployed against writers of articles like this one.

And of course writers like me as well. Everything changes when we give special rights to this tiny activist minority group. And the ones most fiercely and relentlessly targeted are biblical Christians. Get ready for even greater bullying, hate and persecution in the days ahead.

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15 Replies to “SCOTUS and the New Homo-Tyranny”

  1. If Gay Marriage becomes LAW in Australia – then Christian Adoption Agencies will be forced to hand over babies to gay dads! Look up OW & OV vs Wesley City Mission at the NSW NCAT SuperTribunal (not a court – legally speaking).

    After 8 years of litigation from 2002 – 2010 brought by 2 gay dads at the churches own own cost fought against them and finally won – but the victory will be shortlived.

    First they were found guilty of not supplying babies to a demographic… (just google “pubmed homosexuality pedophilia” and make your own conclusions from the US Library Of Congress’ most cited medical study on the topic) …. The ADB/NCAT first ruled that Christians must supply babies to gay dads. Then on appeal – they argued they can lawfully discriminate against UNMARRIED COUPLES. When Gay Marriage becomes law the consequences all Christian Adoption Agencies that are not for increasing child rape statistics must shut down! PROOF THAT IT IS TAXPAYER FUNDED LAWYERS HELPING GAY DADS TAKE BABIES FROM CHRISTIANS: (Hint search @KateHumanRights on twitter and VGB blog who is the taxpayer @PIACNews funded lawyer involved in this case and other travesties of justice)

  2. I think for starters that for your site you could put up some (I stress, some) of the activist emails you get, rather than just relegating them to the bin, as you remark from time to time. Then we can see for ourselves, and take to them accordingly – with a courtesy, of course, that they refuse to grant to you.
    As things stand at present, and what I gather from your rules and conditions for comments, is that only full supporters need comment, and expect their comments to be posted.

    However, let it be made clear to the activists:
    1. Opposition is not hate;
    2. Tolerance, if such be the criterion, cuts both ways;
    3. Love is not acceptance or condoning;
    4. The way into God’s Kingdom of grace is faith and repentance;
    5. That if “gay Christians” is a valid category, then according to 1 Cor.6:9-10 we can also have “Christian adulterers”, “Christian thieves”, “Christian swindlers”, “Christian drunkards”, etc, etc.

  3. Thanks Murray. While I rarely post their hate comments, I have been collecting them for some time now. I could easily fill a book on all their horrific abuse and hate. Maybe I will do an article on this one day

  4. Thank you Bill for your clarity and intelligent discussion. So many people think that it’s only allowing gays to have what we have and don’t realise the implications. Persecution will be the end game and ultimately force will be used to silence dissenters.

  5. At this Time I will give an undertaking to all I will never be silenced on this matter. I will continue to speak out and publicly call Homosexuality a Sin of the highest Consequence. They may seek to take all from Me but Homosexuality will be a Sin. If they seek to take my Life and I am granted one last Word, it will be that Homosexuality is a Sin.

    People may say all they like, but no amount of Window Dressing, Social Engineering or Word Changing can make Homosexuality anything less than Sin. I don’t make the Rules, I don’t make the Laws, God makes them and I don’t intend to argue with the Universes’ most Perfect, most Wise and all powerful Being and I have no intention of arguing with Him or trying to tell Him I know better. I will bow to his more Perfect Nature and Attributes and likewise declare that Homosexual Relations of all kinds and Varities are Sin and you can Bank that.

    Leigh D Stebbins

  6. The consequences of all this are truly horrendous. Taken to its logical conclusion, if informing people that anything outside God’s plan and purposes for sexuality and marriage are ‘bigotry’ and ‘hate speech’, won’t the State be compelled to remove children from families that hold this view in order to enforce its definition? It’s not a suggestion, but my worst fear. If Christians don’t collectively have the right to associate and propagate a certain view of the world – Christian schools are already in the activists’ sights – what right do individual Christians have to propagate that view in their own homes? These are scary times indeed.

  7. Maybe it would be good to lose tax exempt status. If those services are lost to communities such as the food bank I volunteer for ( and I;m afraid of some piece of paper coming down telling me I must not discriminate against gays..seriously. I won;t affirm any statement saying i support gay marriage. I will quit) and if believers have to be reduced to home churches , if the money is no longer the main objective, maybe our focus on Christ will be stronger.It might be time to leave the mainline churches. And when no more christian healthworkers are available to deal with things like the Ebola crisis, who will go? When no one will staff the homeless shelters…it will be interesting to see if the secular society notices,,,,

  8. The homosexuals are neither seeking our love, acceptance nor marriage. The uptake in gay marriage since March 2014, when it became legalised in Britain, has been minimal. It has all been a smoke screen for what they really want.

    The government and Stonewall claim that 6% of the population is queer. Hence, if the population of the UK is 60,000,000, this equates to 3,600,000gays, so one would assume that thousands of gays would be rushing to tie the knot, whereas, since gay marriage was legalised in March 2014, only 1400 couples or 2800 queers have tied the knot. This equates to 0.08% of the gay population, compared with 39% of the British population who are in heterosexual marriages and who have now had their marriages not solemnised but sodomised.

    So what is it that they really want? Nothing less than to totally dominate society. They will be tops and we will be bottoms. One only has to look at their obsession with sado- masochism and bondage and with older gays dominating young men and boys to get a glimpse into the megalomania and paranoia of the pink mind. Western society is now at the mercy of an emotional disorder,from a section of society who are defined as perpetual victims and whose grievances can never be appeased.

    Like Hougoumont Farm House in the Battle of Waterloo, marriage, the essential building block of any civilization,has been the strategic target for the gays. And yet unlike Hougoument Farm, it has simply been handed over by Queen Elizabeth 11 and David Cameron with hardly a shot fired by those defending it. But why marriage has been the strategic objective is not simply to enable the gay storm trooper to deconstruct the sex act and deny a child both a mother and father, the outward material expression of marriage, but to destroy the most personal, sensitive, intimate and private relationships between husband, wife and children that are totally dependent upon covenant commitment, faithfulness, purity, trust, loyalty, responsibility, duty, self – sacrifice, speaking the truth, justice, discipline and authority – in fact all the necessary ingredients for relationship, unity and solidarity. All these vital ingredients once recognised and supported by the judiciary have now been trashed, for the gays to do with as they please. Anyone complaining of their lies, depravity, treachery, hypocrisy, hatred, violence is automatically accused by the courts of moral animus.
    We are now truly defenceless against an irrational and hyper sensitive tyrant who will take offence at the slightest criticism of any aspect of his or her behaviour, quite apart from sexual behaviour.

    Brother Nathanael was right. Thank you for this Luke Mckee

    David Skinner uk

  9. Just for the record, Anglicare permits homosexuals to foster children and babies through their website. I spoke to the South Australia’s former Premier Lyn Arnold, when he was CEO of Anglicare. He admitted to me that due to receiving government funding “Anglicare” couldn’t discriminate who they Fostered Children too.
    Any “Christian” organization that receives government funding today has already compromised, otherwise you don’t receive the funding.
    That’s why the true gospel of Jesus Christ isn’t being shared in these church organizations, as we don’t want to offend anyone do we?

  10. Are we moving towards a situation in the west in which the church will be driven from the public square, and Christians will have to meet in house churches that the government can’t interfere with?

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