Marriage Wars, Truth Wars, and Tolerance Wars

When you don’t have solid answers, arguments and facts to make your case, then simply demonising and shouting down opposing voices is always a neat way to proceed. And this is the normal operating procedure for the homosexual activists and their supporters.

They have become experts at screaming at opponents, throwing mud and abuse, and treating with utter contempt those who dare to hold to a differing point of view. This is always so much easier than actually dealing with the arguments and the evidence.

angry manI of course get this on a daily basis – as do all those who dare to stand for truth, reality, biology and marriage. We recently had a few North Americans over here to warn about the dangers of homosexual marriage, and they all received their fair share of abuse.

Katy Faust for example was attacked by a Labor Party politician on “our” ABC that she is a hater for being concerned about the well-being of children. And to stick the knife in even further, he accused Katy of mouthing “evangelical claptrap”. I am not sure what that even means, but it must be pretty bad indeed. As Brendan O’Neil wrote about another critic:

Sinclair Davidson seems to think my main beef with gay marriage is that the people who campaign for it use unpleasant tactics. But this is merely an observation. And it’s the one I made on Q&A last Monday because I had just witnessed the doublespeak of Sam Dastyari, who said, in response to traditional marriage campaigner Katy Faust, that “people are entitled to have different views” (how generous of him) “but this American evangelical claptrap is the last thing we need in the debate”. For me, this summed up the illiberal liberalism of the gay-marriage campaign. “You’re entitled to your view; just don’t express it.”

And the ABC did a “fact check” (giggle, chuckle) on her comments. In this lame rebuttal was the amazing admission that the one doing the fact checking was actually an author of a pro-homosexual parenting study. Mind-boggling. Gotta love all the objectivity there!

So, I can just relax now, knowing how unbiased and fully neutral this fact check was. This is about as helpful as someone employed by the tobacco industry writing a fact check on someone who dares to critique the tobacco industry!

Also last week, one of America’s leading lights on marriage and family spoke to a packed house in Melbourne – and elsewhere – on the importance of marriage and why homosexual marriage is no such thing. He too received plenty of flak for daring to offer facts and evidence.

But as he well knows, we just keep on calmly speaking the truth, and ignore all the haters and trolls. So thank you so much for coming down under Ryan. Your input was invaluable. As but one example of how well he performed under fire, see this short interview with another ABC belligerent:

While she offered all the usual lame criticisms, Ryan did a terrific job answering her. For those wanting more of his expert thinking on this, I highly recommend you get his new book which I recently reviewed here:

As always, for daring to speak some truth on my own website about such matters, I received even more sweetness and light from the love and tolerance brigade. The very first comment under my website review was this (obviously unpublished) winner: “Take your gay-bashing Bible, stick it down your bigot throat sideways and choke on it and then wash it down with Jesus Freak Kool-Aid.”

Sweet. But it was only to be followed up by more sweetness and light: “F**k you and the bigoted donkey you rode in on.” And these love bombs were from a female – Sarah! As usual, we can pray for folks like Sarah. So much hatred, bitterness and ugliness is at root a reflection of the demonic hold so many of these folks are under.

When I posted my review on amazon, the very first “comment” to arrive was this: “Mr. Muehlenberg is a professional anti-gay bigot. When he uses the word ‘homosexual,’ the sneer is present in his usage. This is a person who has no concept of gay human beings beyond using them as scapegoats for his bigotry.”

Hmm, a “professional anti-gay bigot”! Wow, I didn’t even know such a job description existed. So I guess I must be a fully paid-up, card-carrying member of a professional society dedicated to such bigotry! As I say, if you can’t deal with the evidence, just throw out more sneers, jeers and abuse.

And when I dared to come on to a site of a pro-homosexual “Christian” asking for thoughts on persecution of Christians by homosexuals, I was howled down mercilessly by his groupies, most of whom also claim to be “Christians”.

When I simply suggested that my books fully document all this, they started foaming at the mouth. One guy made it clear he had no intention of reading my stuff, but demanded I supply one Australian example of this. I called his bluff and offered one. He then changed tack and said it may have been persecution of Christians, but they deserved it!

Another gal said this:

Your book is full of lies. The same old strawman arguements are presented in the summary such as SSM will cause families/ parenthood/ family definition will suffer. It will lead to polygamy etc.Christians will be persecuted. This is not based on any facts but fear. I would recommend that anyone considering reading it to give it a miss and read something more factual eg. Anthony Venn Browns’s A life of Unlearning.

Um, OK. Of course this gal has obviously never even read my books. I have hundreds of quotes from homosexuals themselves and others saying these very things. So are they all lying too? And then she wants us to enthuse over a book written by a guy who dumped his wife and kids to take up the homosexual lifestyle. I don’t think so.

But telling lies for the cause is a never ending affair with these folks. One horrifically bad article appeared recently claiming that “Christian Australia is ready for marriage equality”. Yeah right. The only good thing about this article was that a reply was allowed by a real Christian, who quickly set the record straight. Murray Campbell opens his rebuttal as follows:

Rev Dr Peter Catt and Dr Stuart Edser have offered a strange and misleading picture of the Christian faith. Despite claiming an allegiance to Christianity, their thesis has more in common with a late night ‘reality’ television show than with the teaching and work of Jesus Christ.
First of all, Catt and Edser would have us believe that the majority of Australian Christians now support homosexuality and same-sex marriage. However, it doesn’t take much to realise that they have been selective in their presentation of the evidence.
They were able to cite two polls, by Crosby-Textor and Galaxy. The former was commissioned by Australian Marriage Equality (AME), and both failed to make the crucial differentiation between nominal Christians and practising Christians, which is a normal sociological and theological distinction. It is odd that two ‘Christian’ ministers should so glibly assume as Christian any person who identifies with the name in a survey. Even Jesus saw through such superficial clap-trap, “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven” (Matt 7:21).

He concludes:

It is clear that Catt and Edser are trying to present to the Australian public a new and progressive face to Christianity, but the same could be said of the novel-looking horse that the Greeks left outside the gates of Troy. The only gift that Christians have to offer is the very same gift that we have received by the kindness of God, and it is a gift, though ancient, which remains powerful and beautiful today.
The Apostle Paul wrote of this gift to a group of citizens in a city whose relativistic contour towards ethics was similar to ours, and to them he said, “you see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:6-8).
The Bible speaks of a God who acted beyond helping his friends; he gave his life for people who are disinterested in him and who don’t approve of him. However, God didn’t wait to win a popularity vote before acting to redeem and reconcile, but he took the initiative and in doing so God refused the path of blind relativism and sucking up revisionism. He loves too much to agree with every desire and ambition we ignite.

As I say, ignoring the evidence, squashing the truth, and vilifying all those who dare to think differently is just how the militants operate. This is the standard response from those seeking to redefine marriage and family and crush all opposition.

Thus we must keep on speaking the truth, making our arguments, and providing the facts. Just be prepared for a whole lotta hate if you do.

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  1. Thanks Bill. Relying on the Irish experience as a guide, Catt and Edser may well be right; Christian Australia might be ready for marriage equality. If this is true, in my view, the Catholic Bishops must take a large share of the responsibility. Rather then point the finger at the PM and publicly warn him not to mess with marriage, why don’t they support him by publicly stating their personal opposition to gay marriage, giving reasons on moral grounds, We don’t know what individual Bishops think on this issue; we only presume to know. We now know what the bishops think on marriage but that is irrelevant when considering gay-marriage. Ireland’s primate said he would vote ‘No’ but that he would not tell anyone else how to vote. Why not? A very unconvincing ‘No’ in my view. I would like to hear the Catholic Bishops individually,state publicly in relation to gay-marriage what John the Baptist said to King Herod in relation to the King’s behavior. “It is against Gods law …..” or words to that effect.

  2. Nice piece.

    Although to be fair to Davidson he did comment on O’Neill’s piece agreeing with what he said. And its at least a tick for Catallaxy that they allowed O’Neill to post his piece.

  3. It’s good to see rational secularists actually catching on to the implications here and starting to notice the huge ramifications of the basic disrespect for the lifelong pledge of sexual fidelity and morality and the undermining of the biological basis of our rights and freedoms.

    I noticed in the nonsense article by Rev Dr Peter Catt and Dr Stuart Edser that they are still pushing the propaganda line “more and more church members and leaders understand that gay sexuality is a ‘wired-in’ orientation” when of course, anyone who actually bothers to look at the science instead of the continually repeated misinformation knows that this is the opposite of what the science actually shows.

    From a Biblical perspective the whole idea that love of something immoral somehow makes it moral should also be seen as very obvious nonsense from any philosophical standpoint and very much from the Biblical standpoint which, of course, condemns love of the worldly, love of money, love of false gods, love of Mammon, love of lying and love of pleasure more than love of God etc.

    It still amazes me how effective the forces of deception can be.

  4. I suspect that many Christians are not totally convinced on the issue of same sex marriage because they are not bible Christians. They get their teaching from the church. Does that mean that they are not Christians? I’m not sure. But I do know that many Catholics are seriously not convinced.

  5. May God bless Ryan Anderson. I agree – how well he performed with another “ABC belligerent”. That was Fran Kelly, a lesbian, who lives with a woman and her children. If she was fair, she should state up-front, before carrying out the Anderson interview, that she has a conflict-of-interest.

  6. Go Bill, if it was not so serious I would be rolling around laughing with the sheer stupidity of the gay movement. But having just attended a debate at Sydney Uni on political correctness killing free speech, the intolerance of the left just shows how brainwashed the current generation is, however Brendan O’Neill and Catherine Priestley won the debate with plain commonsense!!

  7. I notice that Homosexuals do not want a referendum on Gay/Homosexual Marriage and I think the reason for this is that they can’t shout down the voters or fire a continuous volley of expletives in our direction to sway the vote. Lets face it it is a sad day all round when those who can’t win an argument resort to the foreign language of continuous invective. That clearly shows the limitations of their command of the other 99% of the english language.
    Jesus said that you can abuse the man but you abuse the Holy Spirit at your peril. Having experienced a number of near death situations wherein I falter at my failings in what appears to be my last moments. I seriously would not think I could expect God to forget my raging against his laws. In the same manner as some foul mouthed proponents of Homosexuality are expecting of him. Let us never forget that his judgement is swift and decisive and without fear or favour or persuasion by human abuse. If you consider heaven to be a pure place of love and freedom under his rule then the filth of this world in any form has no place in that utopia for if it did, then it would not be.

  8. B T Walters, the booklet “Don’t Mess with Marriage”, was produced by the Catholic bishops of Australia as a public statement for all Australians to read, though of course it would have been read mostly by active members of the Church. Contrary to what B T Walters says, the booklet does discuss the issue of so-called gay-marriage. In fact that is it’s primary purpose. Since then several bishops have made further personal statements, such as the article by Archbishop Porteous in The Australian newspaper on 15 August.

    The booklet can be downloaded here:

    The Catholic bishops in Ireland seem to have badly managed their part in the campaign against redefining marriage, perhaps because they had become demoralised, but I see no sign at all of the bishops of Australia becoming demoralised. B T Walters says we don’t know what individual bishops think, but the definition of marriage is a matter of dogma, and any bishop who wishes to remain in communion with the Church is obliged to adhere to Church teaching on the matter.

    While it is true that a some of the Catholic laity are not convinced about Church teaching on marriage, this surely applies to all Christian denominations. Remember the parable of the wheat and the tares (Matt. 13:24-30).

  9. After the Katy Faust broadside on Q&A, I read the “FactCheck” that ABC offered. In it, it was stated that Katy was wrong to state that the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child had anything to say about homosexual raising of children. I thought “I can check this”. Guess what I found – 9 articles in that Convention (accepted by almost every country on Earth) that were relevant. Don’t just believe their lies – be like the Christians in Berea who were “more noble than these”, and searched the Scriptures (or Google) daily, to see if these things were so. It is the glory of kings to search out a matter. And when you have “quarried” these things yourself, they are part of you – you carry them with you and can bring them out when down the street witnessing to the glory of our King.

  10. Thank you Mark. I would like to hear the bishops publicly state their opposition to same-sex marriage on moral grounds; after all they are the custodians of the moral order; they speak for God. As you say, the issue of marriage is well settled but if the bishops (or some of them) are not prepared to speak for God on same-sex marriage then isn’t it reasonable to draw the inference that they might not agree with him – God that is. On the issue of same-sex marriage the Catholic faithful need clear moral teaching from their bishops. Episcopal Leadership! Incidentally, today is the feast of the beheading of John the Baptist.

  11. Dear Ian Brearley
    Agreed UN Convention certainly does not support SS parenting.

    What upsets me most about the ABC is we have a “so called” Christian, Mark Scott as CEO. I have not heard him once support traditional marriage. He is a complete wimp.

    On issue of exploiting innocent children by SSM adults to promote Same Sex Marriage a new movie has been released.

    No surprises here. The Christian Church is again attacked as out of touch as is PM Abbott .

    I quote “11 year old Matt is in the midst of an existential crisis. His family attends Church and his birth mother is strong of faith, yet the pastor says same-sex couples are a sin against God. The disconnect between his mothers faith the pastor’s admonitions has got Matt questioning everything. In answering life’s biggest questions, Matt must stand up to God, the Prime Minister, and perhaps most importantly – his mother.”

    Of course in the film no suggestions of any problems with SS parenting. It’s all wonderful and lovely.

    YEAH RIGHT.!!!
    PIGS FLY . Don’t they.

    Phil- Sydney

  12. I am not sure that the Irish referendum is actually reflective of the opinion of all the people as I believe that only 60% of the population voted, that would bring the vote down to round 40% only, which would change the picture quite considerably.
    Google is not entirely to be trusted for research purposes either as they are on the list of businesses supporting ssm and are likely to bury sites with overtly christian content on the bottom of the list on page 258 somewhere if they don’t omit it altogether.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

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