The Tolerance Brigade Again Reveals its True Colours

Those who scream the most about tolerance, acceptance, diversity, and the need to stamp out bullying often are the last people to be making such a stink. Far too often they are the most intolerant, non-accepting, anti-diversity, and pro-bullying bunch around.

The secular lefties hate anything to do with faith, freedom and family, so they put a lot of effort into ensuring that those who value such important goods are hounded out of existence, shut down, or shouted down – all in the name of tolerance of course.

These thugs do a great job of shutting down debate, preventing freedom of speech, and denying anyone with an opposing point of view from getting a hearing. Examples of this are never ending, and we have had two more extreme cases of this in Australia just in the past few days.

And they are real shockers. The first case comes from NSW, as reported in the weekly student newspaper of the University of Sydney. Its story begins:

The University of Sydney Union (USU) has threatened to deregister the Sydney University Evangelical Union (EU) from the Clubs & Societies program over the latter’s requirement that all members must make a declaration of faith in Jesus Christ.
The Board views the requirement as exclusive to participation in the society and a discriminatory religious litmus test for eligibility to join the society. The EU has until the 31st March to change the constitutional requirement. This ultimatum was received by email on 17th February. Article 3.2 of the EU’s constitution states that each member must sign a statement that they “desire in joining the EU to declare my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour, my Lord and my God”.
Members of the EU attended the USU Board meeting of Friday March 4 to petition the board to reconsider their position. President of the EU, George Bishop, gave a three minute speech to the Board. In it, he cited human rights treaty provisions protecting freedom of religion. The EU has received formal legal advice on the matter.

Wow, imagine that: a Christian group not allowed to be a Christian group. Will they take the same action against Muslim groups, and force them to take in Christians or atheists? Will they take the same action against atheist groups, and force them to take in Muslims or Christians?

One commentator has weighted into this ideological bullying. Chris Ashton wrote a helpful article in which he said:

The EU has been a presence on campus since 1930, encouraging Christian students, evangelising pagan students, and earning a generally good reputation in the process. Among unbelievers, EU and its 600 or so members are regarded as generous, friendly, honest, and good-humoured, even as they are mocked, derided, and debated. Theirs is a clear message of the Christ of the Bible, which some embrace, many ignore, and an increasing number seem to take gross offence at.

He concludes with this about the University “bully-crats”:

This is an embarrassing and indeed depressing development at Australia’s oldest and formerly most prestigious university. The EU is a net contributor to Sydney University campus life, and not just in the aforementioned conduct of its members, or in the tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of free food they seem to distribute in O-Week and during their various evangelistic campaigns each year.
More important than any of these is the intellectual contribution the EU makes to the life of the institution. Of course you can deride and mock their beliefs as naive or incorrect, and you can do so safe in the knowledge that you’re unlikely to get attacked or prosecuted for hate speech.
But as this episode shows, the EU has inadvertently become the last place on campus where students are encouraged to think for themselves, to push boundaries, and to challenge orthodoxies, and it is an intellectual tragedy that the students’ union won’t acknowledge this.

So much for freedom of speech. So much for freedom of assembly. So much for religious freedom. These things are all but dead at most Western universities today. Even a non-Christian like commentator Andrew Bolt can see how bad this is: “Who are the authoritarians running this union?”

bernardi 7But our bullying in the name of anti-bullying and intolerance in the name of tolerance does not end there. Just hours ago the secular left thugs revealed their true face as they went on a rampage at a Federal Senator’s office. Here is how one news report covers the story:

Protesters have trashed Senator Cory Bernardi’s electorate office over his opposition to the Safe Schools program. Earlier today a group of protesters marched to his office in the Adelaide suburb of Kent Town leaving its contents in disarray and scrawling slogans on its facade including “stop homophobia” and “Australia’s Trump”.
The Safe Schools program is designed to reduce bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and questioning (LGBTIQ) students. In a series of Twitter posts, Senator Bernardi blamed “lefty totalitarians”, saying they “trashed my office and threatened my staff because their agenda has been exposed”.
“What a bunch of cowards,” he wrote. The Safe Schools program underwent an independent review after Senator Bernardi raised concerns in the Coalition party room that it “indoctrinates kids”.
“It beggars belief that we’re asking 11-year-olds to identify themselves or imagine themselves as having no genitals,” Mr Bernardi told the Senate last month. “Schools should be places of learning, not propaganda.”

Yep, the tolerance brigade in action. Feel the lurve baby. And the real howler in all this is this craven and ugly attack was carried out on one of the activists’ favourite annual days. Yep you guessed it: today is “National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence”!

Nothing conveys the sentiments of a day aimed at resisting bullying and violence better than resorting to bullying and violence! Yep, we got that. Thanks for demonstrating how that works. Stamp out bullying with more bullying. Stand against violence by resorting to violence. Makes perfect sense to me.

This my friends is the world we now live in: ugly and fascist PC madness and anti-Christian bigotry. And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. While we have had plenty of such episodes already, we can simply expect things to get much worse in the days ahead.

And just imagine what these folks would be like if they favoured bullying and intolerance!

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17 Replies to “The Tolerance Brigade Again Reveals its True Colours”

  1. Its no different to the US organised equivalent to “Get Up” violently disrupting political rallies across the US. The US is supposed to be the beacon of democracy, yet sinister forces of the left are attacking the 1st Amendment rights of freedom of assembly and expression. These people are being orchestrated from on high and are mere puppets of those who also seek to disavow the POTUS nomination of Trump. Senator Bernardi and George Christensen MP deserve out full-blooded vocal support for standing up to the left elite. Of course this violent behaviour is only encouraged by comments such as “homophobe” and “knuckle-draggers” coming from the Labor leader.

  2. Trashing Senator Bernardi’s office; surely an attack on our democracy! I thought we had laws for this kind of terrorist behavior or do those laws only apply to Muslims.

  3. How long will it be before these activists start trashing church buildings if they don’t perform gay weddings? Tell me I’m not over reacting.

  4. EU and Cory Benardi all this “trouble” shows you are “touching a nerve”
    The battle is not with flesh and blood but with the spirit.
    Prayer groups need to /could/should are getting behind you.
    The issues ahead are huge…. Christians please pray and act in the political field.
    Lord God please show us.

  5. The SMH did not mention the story but if it had been the other way round it would have been the front page news. I hope arrests and charges follow but I won’t hold my breath.

  6. The Sanctuary shop mentioned by Neil above is across the road from the Koorong bookstore in Adelaide. Won’t be long til places like Koorong will too be targeted.
    If Labor and the Greens etc get their wish for unnatural marriage to be legalized you can bet your house that the floodgates will open with abuse towards christian shops such as these and anyone else, both in lawsuits and physical abuse.

  7. I’m sure you have a small picture saying “Tolerance. You keep using that word but I don’t you know the meaning of that word.”

  8. This is not really surprising.

    I found out that Sydney Queer Atheists meet in the taxpayer funded building that even a gay anti-free speech activist Garry Burns himself says supports gay pedophilia, whether accidentally or not allowing convicted gay pedophiles to meet on their premises.
    “ – We meet in the Sydney premises of the Aids Council of NSW”

    Now these “queer atheists” are heavily involved with Student groups too. Me thinks they are behind all of this.

    The gays say all christian organizations should be exempt from public funds and tax exempt status and now they are even going after the property trusts of the Catholic church because they had a problem with homosexual pedophile infiltration, and the legal liability that caused. Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich MP leads the charge saying you should be exempt from public funding if you are exempt from the anti-discrimination act, which blocks a homosexual subculture in Christian schools, his greatest fetish he’s made 3 failed bills to attempt to make his desires come true.

  9. Judging by the flags being waved outside the office prior to the attack, the true colours of the perpetrators was on display- namely red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo and violet. We all know which group uses those colours as their symbol.

  10. I have been interviewed by Channel 7 News and I should be on their news program both a short comment one night and then a longer report the next night – check out Channel 7 website for video if you like….

  11. When I was there, the Student Union at Sydney Uni was always operated by professional students who never graduated past their teenage misbehaviour.
    I had hoped that emo bunch and their pornographic newspaper would fold after protests to abolish compulsory Student Union fees some years ago. Best thing to do would be to ditch the Student Union altogether.
    As occurs in most places, only those people who have nothing to do are able to lobby themselves into these political positions. Everyone else is too busy doing actual work, like becoming doctors or engineers or some other useful role that requires dedication and hard work.
    Meanwhile, these trashy sexo-Marxists do the easiest courses and have trouble even doing that – until they find some professor who shares their love of social vandalism.

  12. Bill: Would you please alert your readership to the only Republican candidate for U. S. President who is receiving the exact treatment you describe in this great article. Thanks

  13. It might be early days but this all carries echoes of 1930’s Germany and the Brownshirts roaming the streets and trashing Jewish shops. Interesting how these cowards who roam in mob size groups won’t go near anything remotely Islamic in nature. They only persecute those who are unlikely to strike back.

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