Trumpites Say the Silliest (and Most Idolatrous) Things

A book could easily be filled with all the incredibly loopy and completely senseless things said by the Trumpites – and maybe even become a best seller. I have had so many of them speak to me, attack me, and seek to debate me, that my head is spinning.

Never have I heard such totally irrational, illogical and just plain nutty talk coming from the mouths of those who claim to be conservatives and Christians. And that is the really worrying thing. Secular lefties talking absolute nonsense? Of course, we expect that.

But so many of these were people I had known as being conservatives and Christians not all that long ago. It frightens me to death to be honest. It really is like the cult of Trump is loaded with legions of mindless devotees. And having been in a cult myself long ago, I can spot this cultishness a mile away.

If they had a mind, they allowed it to turn to mush as they bow down to Lord Trump and seem to believe every single word he utters. It is as if Trump is inerrant and infallible in all that he claims – something true Christians only ascribe to the Word of God.

trump 6And never mind that Trump has changed his views as often as he changes his shirts – or wives. Yet gullible and zombie-like true believers just quiver at his every word, and see him as one who can do no wrong. Indeed, they would defend him to the death.

Um, we are supposed to treat only one person that way: the Lord Jesus Christ, not some pagan, immoral, egomaniac celebrity who does not give a hoot about anyone except himself. And Christians are pledging their allegiance to this guy? Incredible.

So let me just offer a small sampling of some of the mind-boggling things I have personally heard or read by the Trumpians. And again, recall that these are supposed conservatives and Christians who are saying such things.

One fellow had rightly mentioned how bad it was that Trump was supporting Planned Parenthood and said “How can professed Christians condone these actions?” An avid Trumpbot replied, “Who says they’re condoning them? I don’t, yet I’m voting for him.”

My head spins when I hear these Trumpites speak like this. They really are in a place where the mind melts, morality is ditched, and they simply cough up the wildest and craziest things. I replied (as one only could in this case): “Oh dear – you might as well say, ‘Who says I’m condoning Hitler’s actions? I don’t, yet I’m voting for him’.”

The disconnect here just causes my head and heart no end of pain. What is wrong with these people? How could they have become so much like robots doing their master’s bidding? It is shocking to behold. Consider another Trumpian who made this incredible statement in a recent debate:

“On the sodomite issue, Trump is not as strong as I would like, but…” What! And this was spoken by someone who in the past was a conservative and who strongly resisted the homosexual agenda!! Um earth calling human: Trump is the most pro-homosexual candidate amongst the Republican contenders. Yet all he can do is offer this lame reply!!

And how many Trumpites have offered this altogether dodgy claim about why the Donald is the One: “Look at how many people hate him – he must be doing something right!” Um, an equally plausible response is this: “Look at how many people hate him – he must be doing something wrong!” And of course it is not just lefties who dislike him and distrust him. Plenty of conservatives do not like him or trust him either.

Indeed, he is equally detested by all sides of politics. Simply getting lots of people upset and irate hardly makes someone presidential material. Not only does that make him unelectable against someone like Hillary, as all the polling shows, but that would be a great reason to avoid the guy altogether.

And then there are all the clueless Christians regurgitating the mantra about how we are not electing a pastor. No we are not, but as the American Founding Fathers firmly believed, the most important requirement for someone to hold high office is being of good character. Not someone who can make deals, or cuss out people, or bully his way through life. Michael Brown had a great column on all this and you should have a read of it. He said in part:

Think back to our greatest presidents, from Washington to Lincoln to Reagan. All of them were men of integrity, regardless of the depth of their religious faith. All of them had a strong moral base that guided them. The same can hardly be said of Donald Trump, as any number of his quotes and actions can verify.
More importantly, in the sight of God, can Christians, especially Christian leaders, imagine that God will bless our efforts to balance our budget while we continue to slaughter the unborn? That He will help us defeat our enemies while we are the world leader in pornography and while we enshrine homosexual practice as a Constitutional right?
Isn’t this the very thing for which God often rebuked Israel, namely, trying to solve their military and economic problems while ignoring their ethical and spiritual problems?
Yes, I’m quite aware of the fact that America is not Israel, but does any God-fearing, American Christian believe that God will overlook our many sins and bless us again because we have a rich businessman as president? Or do any of us think that America can be great again without divine blessing?
Someone might still say, “But that’s the whole point. Our president is not the spiritual leader of the country.” Of course he is not, but he should be a moral and ethical leader, a leader who will make godly choices – just think in terms of Supreme Court appointees – a leader, ideally, who truly fears God.

Another winner is this: ‘If I need brain surgery I want the best brain surgeon – it does not matter if he is a Christian or not.’ Well duh – of course. Tell us something we don’t know. But this simply confuses the issue: It is Christians and conservatives who are saying this about Trump. As I have often said, I don’t really care so much if he is a Christian.

That is not the issue here. If you claim to be a conservative, you should want a true conservative candidate. And Trump is NOT a conservative. That is the utterly bizarre thing about the Trumpbots. They absolutely worship the guy, even though he is a lifelong progressive and Democrat supporter. What are these so-called conservatives thinking!

And all of this is so utterly unnecessary anyway – we still have a genuine, consistent, constitutional conservative and Christian running, so why in the world are these conservatives and Christians not supporting him? That is the really crazy thing about all this. If you really want a conservative in the White House, support the only one running: Ted Cruz.

It used to be the case that the secular lefties said the dumbest and most implausible things. But now with the Trump cult running full steam, we now have to sadly admit that religious conservatives can be just as guilty of brainless inanities and amoral stupidities.

They have simply traded in their Christian and conservative heritage for a petulant, nasty demagogue who they think is America’s long awaited messiah who will make America “great again”. Yeah right. The zombie masses felt exactly the same way about another immoral populist, demagogue and ruthless political operator: Adolf Hitler.

Everything that Scripture says about righteousness, about trusting in God, about working for godliness and integrity, about not putting our trust in human rulers, not running with the arrogant, not listening to the perverse, is all thrown out by these believers who have now become the idolaters that Scripture repeatedly warns against.

In sum, these Christians have sold their souls to the devil: they have abandoned biblical morality and declared that an immoral pagan is their choice to “save” America. By doing this they are simply telling God to get lost: ‘God cannot save America, only Trump can.’ Deluded, idolatrous madness.

I am not alone in thinking this way. American commentator Julie Roys just wrote a very important piece on this very matter, and it deserves a wide reading. She begins:

If you had asked me three months ago what the greatest threat to evangelicalism is, I might have said the evangelical Left. For the past decade, I have been dismayed as more and more professed evangelicals have abandoned biblical orthodoxy and have embraced gay marriage, socialism and recently — the notion that Muslims and Christians worship the same God.
These pose very real threats, undermining the integrity of the church and its witness to a lost and dying world. But now, evangelicalism has an equally pernicious foe — the Trumpian, evangelical Right.
At first, I couldn’t believe the news reports. Donald Trump could not possibly be the choice of the Religious Right. How could a man who flaunts his moral indiscretions, uses foul language, insults the handicapped, and praises Planned Parenthood become the darling of evangelical voters? Add to this the fact that Trump openly advocated murdering the family members of terrorists. And, when challenged on whether the military would follow his murderous and illegal order, Trump responded: “They won’t refuse. They’re not gonna refuse me.”
Not only is Trump crude, brash, immoral and proud. He has zero respect for the rule of law and talks like some Third World Dictator, not the leader of the free world. Surely, I assured myself, the exit polls must be wrong. And, to some extent they were.

Her conclusion is well worth taking to heart:

I understand Trump followers’ anger. Much of it is legitimate — and there’s certainly a part of me that would like to stick it to the establishment too. But, every demagogue that has ever risen to power has done so riding a wave of legitimate rage and discontent, from Stalin to Mussolini and yes — Hitler.
As Christians, though, we normally distinguish between the means and the end. Though we may agree with the end of a political movement, we refuse to engage in any sinful means of achieving that end. Yet, as Trump rallies have turned violent and even racist, his evangelical support has not waned. As he warns (incites?) of riots if he’s denied the nomination, Christians rattle their sabers with the rest of Trump’s thugs.
Truly, Trump’s Christian supporters seem to be just like his godless ones, proving Trump’s boast, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” Little does he or his supporters seem to realize that that isn’t an endorsement of Trump’s movement, but an indictment.
So, this is what evangelicalism has become. On the Left, we are abandoning orthodoxy for gay rights and solidarity with other religions. And on the right, we are an angry mob, overlooking sin and vice for the sake of our righteous indignation. For those on the Right and the Left, our faith has succumbed to politics.
We are no longer serving Christ; we are serving idols. And, our big tent, once a haven for so many seeking salvation, is now ripping at the seams. If we continue as we are now, I fear there will soon be nothing left except shreds of cloth and vestiges of the gospel.

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6 Replies to “Trumpites Say the Silliest (and Most Idolatrous) Things”

  1. “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and from God the things that are God’s.”
    We should also say, “Look unto Caesar those things that are Caesar’s and look unto God those things that are God’s.”

    If we look to the government for those things that belong to God, and come from God, we are in trouble.
    If we look to the government for moral values, we should be disappointed.
    If we look to the government as an example holiness, we are mad.
    If we look to the government to tell us the world view that we should have, we will be led astray.
    If we look to the government for our daily bread, we will eat bread and beans and maybe enslaved.
    If we look to the government for our health, we will still die.
    If we look to the government for peace and prosperity, we will be let down.
    If we look to the government for justice. we will be short changed and maybe even punished.
    If we look to the government for security, we will put ourselves in danger and maybe lose our freedom.

    In the west we have long gotten used to a society and government that reflect Godly principles enough, and a biblical worldview enough, to tempt us to think that these are normal. We have not recognized that the real source of all these things is God and his people. We have not been able to transition properly from our expectation, to the new reality.

    We know that the world is going to pot, but we don’t know how to disentangle ourselves from it. And we certainly don’t know how to fix it.

    Trump is a vortex for discontent, but he can never give us the things we really look for. Making America great again is all very nice, but God’s people have a different Kingdom to seek.

    Jesus said to Jerusalem “You will not see me until you say ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord'”. In a similar manner Americans need again to declare from their hearts “in God we trust” for the things that God gives.

    We know that that is highly unlikely, so those in America who still fear God, need to find that trust individually in the very core of their being, (which is where it all began anyway).

    So voting for Cruz, is not asking him to save America, but asking him to be a leader that will reflect what is in his heart. If he is the most Godly man, then that is good.

    Voting for Trump wont solve the nation’s ills, but it does mean that we will get what is in his heart.
    Need I say more?

  2. Trump is merely capitalising on the anger vote: anger at the establishment, anger at the way the people’s wishes are ignored, anger at the back room deals, anger at the leftist media bias and their attacks on decent people, etc. etc.

    However, America has seen before what happens when someone gets in on the anger vote, whose main rhetoric was simply “kick the evil rascals out”. I refer to Andrew Jackson, who campaigned unsuccessfully in 1824, then successfully in 1828, and from day one brought in the barbarians and the shysters. Jackson himself clothed himself in shame with his forced removal policy toward the Indian population in the south-east, and the subsequent “Trail of Tears”, a policy which will live in infamy. And Jackson never lived down his bigamous marriage to Rachel Robarts, nor the many duels he fought, either over her or over other pretexts.

    What is new here are things not even Jackson would have countenanced: gay marriage, loss of religious freedom, abortion, the rise of a police state in “free” America, etc. America as a nation I believe, is doomed and under judgment, a judgment we are already witnessing, and that judgment has begun at the household of God (cf. 1 Pet.4:17), in that the thorough capitulation of all but a remnant to the program of the secular left (as you indicate above) is but a symptom, but a harbinger of even worse judgment to come.

    One other thing about Trump: he has a wife who has no compunctions at doing naked photo shoots for a porno magazine. I have seen one or two of these photos on reputable American news sites (No, I have not seen them on porno sites!). Is this the sort of first lady who would adorn the White House?

  3. I literally had a Trump supporter who claims to be a Christian conservative tell me to go to hell for pointing out the facts about Trump. And he didn’t mean it in a colloquial way at all. He was actually wishing hell on me for questioning his cult leader. Oh, and that was after saying Trump is like Jesus Christ. The insanity of the Trump cult is downright scary. Trump has become a religion with them and they will hear no critical word against their messiah.

    Actual quote from this guy:
    “Well, Jesus IS coming back. Who are we to say HE is NOT trump?”

    Um, anyone who thinks Donald Trump might be Jesus, does not know Jesus.

  4. There is another American ex-pat who has vigorously decried and relentlessly demonstrated against the pornography industry in Australia and who recently un-friended and blocked me because I support Ted Cruz. I’m still smarting and incredulous at his dervish-like defense of Trump…especially after the pornographic photo was revealed and the fact that Trump is knee-deep in the strip club and casino industry (and who knows what else?). I simply can’t fathom what is going on with him.

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