More Mindboggling Gosford Lunacy

Just when you thought things could not get any more bizarre and perverse at the Gosford Anglican Church with its hyper-leftist leader Rod Bower, it just has. This is one of the crazier – yet sadly still typical – things to come from the mouth of this radical activist who regularly rubbishes the name of Christ and trashes the gospel.

And it highlights one of the greatest conundrums of the loony left: when your two favourite causes come into conflict – Islam and homosexuality – which one do you run with? When your two favourite pet minority groups get into deep division, which do you side with?

gosford 3Bower has regularly championed all things homosexual while trashing biblical Christians on this issue. And he has also regularly pushed all things Muslim while regularly bashing those faithful believers concerned about false religions, sharia law, and jihadist terrorism.

But now the two are in blatant conflict, so what will Bower do? Well, here we have an anti-homosexual Muslim now being defended by the uber-left Bower. Mind-blowing! The story should be coming straight out of an episode of the Twilight Zone, or found in a Looney Tunes cartoon, but is instead reported today in our national newspaper. It begins this way:

Social media star and Anglican Church activist Rod Bowers, who has described the national plebiscite on same-sex marriage as a “hateful” platform for abuse, has defended the Grand Mufti who has called gay people sexual perverts.
The Gosford Anglican Church priest, famous for posting progressive slogans in support of marriage equality, asylum-seekers and other vulnerable groups on his church billboard, said it was necessary to “have deep affections” for people with whom you disagree. “Many religions have ancient and venerable texts that instruct how we live our lives, but also we have to understand they are written in a historical context,” he said.
The nation’s top-ranking Sunni Islam scholar Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, elected to the position of Grand Mufti in 2011, has attacked critics of his colleagues on the national imams council because they disagree with the -religion’s “longstanding” position on homosexuality. Sheik Shady Alsuleiman has called homosexuality an “evil act” that spreads “diseases” while another member of the executive said the Islamic punishment for gay acts was death.
Father Bowers said it was “not easy” to reconcile his progressive activism and his friendship with the Grand Mufti, to whom he wrote on Wednesday expressing solidarity after a car was firebombed outside a Perth mosque. “We can’t be the thought police; that cannot be the sort of country that we live in,” he said.

Well there you have it folks – you just cannot make this stuff up! In the world of out and proud apostates like Bower, the one true God of the Bible has been replaced with a god made in their own secular leftist image. Instead of absolute truth and universal morality, we have an ever shifting and sinking set of values, dependent on the latest worldly agendas.

So instead of biblical absolutes we are left with political shifting sands and politically correct expediency. Hmm, how do I keep all my Muslim pals happy while also keeping my homosexual buddies happy? It is all about keeping various radical left agendas in play, no matter how contradictory and how hypocritical.

This is the feet-planted-firmly–in-the clouds worldview of trendy lefties like Bower. And of course we could spend time here pulling apart all the nonsense, baloney and falsehoods found in this short article. For example, we ‘can’t be the thought police’?

Is that what you really believe Rod? Then why is it that every time a conservative dares to come to your social pages to give an alternate point of view you delete those comments and ban those commentators? Sounds like policing thought to me Rod.

Only trendy progressive leftist thought is allowed at your place it seems. And of course Bower goes on in this article to warn about the dangers of “radicalised Christianity” as he has done before! Recall the words recently found on his church billboard: “We denounce extreme radicalised Christians”.

Oh really? You mean you know of Christians blowing up airports, throwing homosexuals off tall buildings, and targeting infidels? I am not aware of any of these. But Rod seems to think they are all over the place. The truth is, a radical Christian is a normal Christian: he takes seriously what is found in the Word of God, he obeys it, and does not make up morality and theology as he goes along.

The “radical Christian” knows that Islam is a false and deceptive religion, he knows that homosexuality is a sinful and dangerous lifestyle, and he knows that marriage as God designed it is between one man and one woman. It is all about believing God and obeying his Word.

And the radical Muslim is a normal Muslim. He takes seriously the life, actions and teachings of Muhammad, the dictates of the Koran and the hadith, and is willing to die for his faith. He fully believes his prophet and his holy writings when he is commanded to kill the infidel.

He is determined to see a universal caliphate established, with everyone bowing to Allah and submitting to sharia law. This is normal Islamic life. But in the 99 shades of grey world of Bower, a world in which there is no black and white, anything goes.

Above all we must make Muslims and homosexuals victims. And when the two victim groups clash and conflict, well, things can get a bit awkward, but the main thing is to keep pushing the leftist narrative, no matter how bizarre and contradictory.

But since when does logical consistency ever mean much in the minds of the radical left? The loony left always makes for strange bedfellows, so jumping into bed with Muslims one day, and into bed with homosexuals the next day, is no biggee for these folks.

Never mind the 50 dead at a homosexual club at the hands of an Islamic jihadist. Never mind the blindfolded, terrified homosexuals being thrown off buildings to their deaths by devout Muslims in other countries. Never mind the regular calls for homosexuals to be killed by leading Islamic legal scholars.

As long as Rod can shake his fist at God and his Word, and be the darling of the secular left media, he will keep on pushing every radical agenda item, no matter how much of a hypocrite he becomes in the process. However he will one day stand before the true and living God and give an account. I will not want to be in his shoes.

We can keep praying for him that he repents and becomes a Christian. And we must pray for those folks who still roll up to his church each week. They too need to meet the living God, and reject the false gods of leftism, homosexualism, and Islam. Lord have mercy.

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  1. I read on a comments page that somebody had written the following – When I (politely) disagreed with Fr Bowers on his Facebook page my comments were swiftly deleted and I was blocked… no dissent was allowed. Yet, here he is sucking up to someone who’s views are ENTIRELY at odds with much of Bowers’ world view.
    The man is a hypocrite of the highest order.

  2. Insanity!! Makes me think of the briliant meme showing 2 trains about to collide – one says ‘gay rights’ and the other ‘militant islam’ ….These trains are gonna collide alot in the future…and it’s gonna get messy

  3. If the Anglican church had any guts, brains and decency they would have excommunicated this apostate person years ago. They ignore the meaning in the OT that says that certain people (including homosexuals) will “surely” by put to death, i.e. it doesn’t matter what we do, these people are not going to make it unless they repent and take hold of the healing power that Jesus makes available. The C of E holds to completely unscientific and unbiblical ideas that nothing can be done about homosexuality and so these apostates condemn not only the homosexual to death but also those whom they convince to promote this sin. It is the epitome of the blind leading the blind.

  4. Totally agree Michael,
    Rod Bower is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He should been stood down years ago.
    Why are these perverters of the Gospel given incredible freedom to do and say whatever they want and no one pulls them into line.

    Very dissappointed with the election results so far. A scare campaign based on a lie by the LABOR PARTY appeared to have made a big difference.
    Really Disgraceful!!!


  5. Seems like we have a local Aussie version of the infamous Bishop Spong. Not being an Anglican it mystifies me how people like these get to keep their jobs. Why weren’t they defrocked when their errors were exposed and when challenged refused to repent? Does the Anglican leadership not consider this important enough to be dealt with? The hand-wringing weaknesses of this western Anglican Communion continues with no end in sight. We are witnessing a slow collapse into apostasy because of a widespread attitude of compromise on key doctrinal issues and a reluctance to stand on the revealed truths of Christ.

  6. Like others who have already commented, it seems very sad that the Anglican Church hierarchy have not defrocked this bloke for his apostasy, and his blatant mockery of the Word of God. I posted to the church’s Facebook page my concerns for his teachings, but it soon disappeared from view. Reading all the comments on the site from those who follow Father Bower’s posts, you would think they view him as the Messiah himself. I think they, and certainly he, may find a rude awakening when they stand before our Lord, who is Holy – on Judgment Day, unless they repent!

  7. There seems little prospect of the Almighty agreeing. Man has long sought: “A God without wrath to take Man without sin into a Kingdom without judgment through the ministrations of a Christ without a Cross”. Some even preach such! Alas!

  8. Thanks A. W. Yes that quote by H. Richard Neibuhr about the emptiness of liberal Protestant theology is a winner. The actual words were about how “a God without wrath brought men without sin into a kingdom without judgment through the ministrations of a Christ without a Cross.”

  9. The disturbing story you have put before us, Bill, says much about a deluded and non-Berean flock! Sadly, the message seems not to have reached Mr Bower’s superiors who will also face the judgements specified in John’s book of Revelation for those who allow their flock to be mislead by false teachers.

  10. Jesus ANSWERS ~ Jesus HEALS ~ Jesus SAVES
    Many have conversed with our LORD, been healed by His touch, and we believe that all of His promises are good. Even some that have never read the Bible, including the Jews, Muslims and members of ISIS, believe Jesus is the LORD GOD, who told us that every answer for the questions we ask – are in the Bible.

    John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

  11. We used to attend Gosford Anglian Church some 10 years ago and were quite involved as musicians and so on. We moved on down to our place in the country for a change of lifestyle. I found Rod Bower a pretty decent man a a very like-able and intelligent minister. When we were there there in Gosford they began a series on “Progressive Christianity”. WE attended 2 or 3 sessions and I think by then we had moved on. The “Progressive Christianity” studies appeared quite strange and certainly at odds with my readings of scripture it seemed to me “another gospel” as St. Paul referred to in his letters. I have a background involving Theological College so I am not ignorant of Biblical matters at all. My observations are that Rod has taken a some what different path over the years, quite unrecognizable to the experience that I had of him.
    It would be my opinion that as an Anglican Minister (and incredibly well paid at that too) he should be doing his job promoting the saving power of Jesus Christ and preaching Christ alone as our hope in this world. The Bible is a long and involved book but it is not that difficult to understand. Not sure where the Anglican Church is headed in Australia but I can assure you that the one I attend now and many I know of still preach Christ and the need for us to be born again and filled with the Holy Spirit.

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