Sonia Kruger Stands Strong – Again

OK folks, we seem to have an emerging – although perhaps unlikely – conservative superstar on our hands. Australian television personality Sonia Kruger is at it again, and has demonstrated that she has more courage and common sense than most folks ever will.

Because she took a bold and principled public stance a few weeks ago on the issue of Islam, she was absolutely abused and brutalised by all the usual suspects. The whole episode resulted in such a furore that I penned not one but two articles on this champ and her stance:

The articles seem to have struck a nerve or two, with the first one shared on Facebook over 21,000 times, and the second over 4,000 times. People all over the country were proud as punch that we finally had someone willing to tell it like it is, and not be cowed by the PC thought police and the Islamophiles.

kruger 9I guess most of us assumed this was all just a once off, but it seems that she is in fact still speaking out when it matters. She has had some more courageous comments presented in public, and as usual we have had more of the PC moonbeams out to get her.

But as with her earlier remarks, it seems the great majority of ordinary Australians are fully behind her. Here is how one news report covered the latest incident:

Sonia Kruger has unleashed controversy on morning television yet again, this time laying into a scholarship program for LGBTI high school students. The television host slammed the scholarship as “reverse discrimination” on the Today Extra show this morning, two weeks after her call for a ban on Muslim immigration sparked a widespread backlash. Dubbing the program “odd”, Kruger said she did not understand why a $7000 scholarship was being reserved for a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex student.
“I don’t think it should have anything to do with the awarding of a scholarship,” Kruger said. “I thinks scholarships should be given on merit.” Her comments followed today’s front-page story in The Australian, which revealed that the Australian Business and Community Network Scholarship Foundation had reserved a place in its Year 10 scholarship program for an LGBTI student.
Family Voice Australia criticised the scholarship as “another example of ideological activism making its way into schools”. The lobby group’s national policy officer Damian Wyld argued it was inappropriate for children to “be asked to declare their sexuality or gender identity”.
“Why should children, especially in a school setting, be asked to declare their sexuality or gender identity? Many 15-year-olds are still working through issues around sexuality,” Mr Wyld told The Australian. “Offering a financial incentive to identify as ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and/or intersex’ is completely inappropriate.” The scholarship application form, which must be filled out by the school principal, includes a question about sexual orientation. Applicants have the option of choosing “prefer not to say”.

Both Kruger and Wyld are absolutely correct in their remarks, and this whole scholarship is certainly bizarre and unnecessary. It is indeed another type of discrimination, of special treatment, of preferential policies. Um, I thought that the homosexual activists have been saying all along they want equality, they want to be just like everyone else.

Then why do they keep demanding and getting preferential treatment, special rights, and concessions that no one else seems to get? At the moment the most victimised and ostracised group around are biblical Christians who dare to stand up for what they believe in.

So will they be getting special treatment as well, and all sorts of nifty scholarships? If not, why not? Why has homosexuality not only been the flavour of the month now, but the flavour of decades now? Over a half century of special rights have made this the most politically protected lifestyle around.

And if all this is bad enough, check out the ridiculous questionnaire that goes with the scholarship. The application form has various questions, including one on sexual orientation. There are four options that can be chosen from:
-prefer not to say

So we are dishing out (presumably) taxpayer money to a specialised group, even if the said specialised group can refuse to specify just how special they are! Right – makes perfect sense. So I guess I could fill out the questionnaire as well, and just say I prefer not to say what my orientation is.

If they object that I am not a student, am not at school, am not in Year 10, etc, I can simply say that such requirements are obviously cases of blatant discrimination, bigotry and intolerance. Why should I be excluded from this just because I am not a Year 10 student?

Indeed, why do they even need to know all these minor details? I should be allowed to say I prefer not to say what my educational status or age is. After all, it is all a matter of what I identify with, isn’t it? If I identify as a Year 10 student of unknown sexual orientation, that should be just fine in today’s moonbeam PC climate.

So well done Sonia. You have once again proven that you have more guts than all of the wilted pansies in our midst. And you have far more intelligence and common sense than most of our experts and elites put together. That makes you a superstar in my books.

Three cheers for Sonia: an emerging conservative champion.  

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18 Replies to “Sonia Kruger Stands Strong – Again”

  1. Cheers for Sonia.
    Imagine any child at school on such a scholarship when the other children discover that the scholarship was awarded specifically because they had identified themselves as being LGBTI. Nothing to do with any financial needs or academic achievement! What would be the reaction?
    Lesson to all kids. Don’t bother trying, just claim you are LGBTI, or some minority group, and watch as PC idiots trip over themselves pandering to you in an effort to make themselves feel good.
    By the way, I was a painfully shy kid at school. One kid had red hair. Both of us were a minority and bullied – any hope of scholarships for kids with these traits?

  2. Excellent article. Sonia is only saying what we all know to be true. It reminds me of HC Anderson’s “The emperor’s suit of clothes”. Well, at least one person has said “Look, he has no clothes on”. Hurrah!

  3. This again demonstrates that the left’s view of equality is most definitely skewed.

  4. Sonia has a family now and realises her responsibility to them and with her public profile can do something constructive..asking the questions others are too afraid to ask… the little boy who asked why the Emperor was naked….and THEN people saw the truth…

  5. So Bill – check out the application form again: the question below the sexuality question is a completely inappropriate question to ask “whether they are living out of home or in foster care”. Now they are shamelessly trawling for vulnerable young people. If any school principal ticks those boxes they should be fired for exposing those kids!

  6. Sonia Kruger you are amazing. You are putting a bit of common sense back into a world gone mad in a politically correct sense. In fact political correctness is spreading like a disease and is not achieving the betterment of the people it is targetting. It is actually exposing their vulnerabilities. Just showing up their own need to feel good about themselves these politically correct people. Good on you Sonia, you are an inspiration to us all.

  7. Sounds like this lady has the ability to put her words into effective “strings”, so to speak, and thus create a punchy set of responses. It isn’t easy when you are confronted by hostile interviewers; and she no doubt speaks for all people who would love to say these things but can’t quite do it in an effective way. One word out of place and you are toast. We need more people with her skills to step out.

  8. Good on you Sonia, Thank you for your comments, you are a great Lady
    Harry Rutherford

  9. So we are dishing out (presumably) taxpayer money

    Actually, it’s a private fund, but others have been commenting on the large amounts going in, compared with the small amounts going out, to actual scholarship winners.

  10. Sonia you have my respect for saying what most think. You are one hell of a gutsy lady. You have my full support.

  11. Thanks Murray. There are many ways to do this. You can get on her Facebook page and make comments there. Or you can send in comments to Ch 9 or the Today Show where she works. Or more broadly, support her in letters to the editor of newspapers, or on talk-back radio, etc.

  12. Further to Trish Botha’s comment I have two foster children in my permanent care and my family has done everything possible to integrate them as loved family members not to differentiate them. They are even written into my legal will. This posed ‘question’ makes me livid and is isolatory in nature not inclusive. As if these kids haven’t suffered enough abuse already in life, now they have to stand out as a specific ‘grouping’ – shame, shame, shame.
    Sonia you are a champion and I rejoice every time you rattle the establishments cage! Bill you are an absolute legend and I love reading all of your articles even if I don’t comment regularly!

  13. Thanks Bill. God bless and protect Sonia and give her more strength and inspiration and all she needs and may others soon join her, drawing courage from her brave example. Amen.

  14. Thanks Bill. Sonia deserves every word of you comment. If only more people had the guts to stand up and say what they are thinking and not leave it to the likes of Sonia to say it and cop the backlash all alone. We are with you Sonia. Its time some sanity prevailed in this what we would like to think of as a civilized nation.

  15. Well said Bill. Sonia deserves public support.
    Well done Sonia. Very brave of you when you have to work with the tiny brained “sheep” around you (insult to sheep!). I continue to support your opinion.

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