The Radical GayFL Strikes Again

Admittedly a more catchy title would have been something like ‘The GayFL and GayGE Doing Their Thing’. The Melbourne Age is the state’s most left-wing and pro-homosexual newspaper, but surprisingly I could not seem to find covered there a very recent story on the AFL and homosexuality.

However the somewhat more conservative Herald Sun has just run with this story. I refer to the League’s first homosexual pride round, which will occur August 13 at Etihad Stadium, and some leaflets that have been distributed in football ground car parks protesting it. The upcoming game will be between St. Kilda and Sydney.

A bit of an Internet search did however reveal the Age has indeed been happy to write these things up in the recent past. For example, I found an April 30 story about a similar happening. But let me deal with today’s article first. The HS article begins:

Homophobic flyers have been left on car windscreens at AFL grounds after St Kilda revealed it would host the league’s first Pride game against Sydney this month. Victorian Gender and Sexuality Commissioner Rowena Allen described the flyers as “ugly”, but declared it would not overshadow an “awesome day” at the footy on August 13 as she urged the community to get behind the initiative.
In an interview with the Herald Sun after one year in the job, Ms Allen admitted she was “nervous” about the game.
“I’ve never felt safe at the football, so this is the first time that I’m taking my eight-year-old,” she said. “There are so many rainbow families that are coming to the football for the first time. We’ve got one chance to get it right, and Etihad Stadium and the police will do everything they can. But homophobia is real.”
St Kilda chief executive Matt Finnis said the game would be a “proud and important day” for the AFL.

afl 9Quite revealing is the fact that nowhere in the entire article are we told what was found in the flyer. And nowhere in the article was a contrary point of view heard. It was all 100 per cent pro homosexual, as if 100 per cent of Australians were homosexual and/or supported homosexuality, with absolutely no one opposed.

And this is journalism? The mainstream media has simply become the propaganda arm for the militant homosexual lobby. The overwhelming majority of the population who are not homosexual or may oppose the agenda are simply ignored and treated as non-persons.

The older Age article I found did list the contents of a flyer passed around then. I don’t know if this is the same as the one criticised as being “ugly” in the HS piece. But if it is, there is absolutely nothing ugly about it. It is totally accurate and loving and sound.

Part of it reads: “Children deserve a mother and father… Two men cannot replace a child’s mother. Two women cannot replace a child’s father…. Heather Barwick, raised by a loving lesbian couple said, ‘A lot of us, a lot of your kids are hurting. My father’s absence created a huge hole in me, and I ached every day for a dad’.”

Please tell me how this is ugly. Please tell me how this is homophobic. Please tell me how this is any way untrue, uncharitable or unjust. These are among the most basic and essential truths all of humankind has known and affirmed for its entire history. Now it is being hateful to say them? Really?

A few other things can be pointed out in the Age article. First, at least the piece did include a small bit of commentary from the other side:

Attempts to reach the leaflet’s author were unsuccessful. While the flyers referenced the Australian Marriage Forum, president David van Gend said it was not involved, although he sympathised with the views. “I guess people express their concerns in whatever way they can about the injustice to future children inherent in any institution of genderless ‘marriage’. That, after all, is the heart of the matter,” Mr van Gend said.

Second, I am still trying to find out exactly how many AFL players are homosexual. All that the Age piece could tell us is some country league player is! It says: “Saints chief executive Matt Finnis lobbied the league for the Pride match in a bid to stamp out homophobia and celebrate diversity in sport. He was inspired by country footballer Jason Ball – the first gay player at any level of the game to come out – who has held a Pride Cup at his Yarra Glen club for the past three years.”

What?! So here we have an entire round devoted to homosexuality and the AFL, and they can only offer one – just one – player, and he is not even in the AFL? This is madness. How many Christian AFL players are there? Do they get a special round as well?

Indeed, I first wrote about the homosexualisation of the AFL last year and raised some of these questions:

As I said in that piece:

But I wonder if much bigger and far more representative groups are worthy of such diversity and celebration. Two thirds of all Australians claim to be Christian. Now that is a sizeable group. Yet for some strange reason I am not aware of this group getting any special treatment by the AFL.
Why can’t they have a special day? Bibles could be passed out free of charge – I am sure the NAB would be happy to subsidise this. And prayers could be said at the beginning of each quarter. Surely the AFL would have no problem with that, right?
And hey, some of these Christians are also theologians. In the name of making everyone feel warm and accepted, will there be a theology round as well? Maybe abridged versions of Calvin’s Institutes could be made available for a weekend of theology football. A ‘theology pride’ round does have a nice ring to it.
After all, these guys keep telling us that “diversity and inclusion is essential to our game” and that they “want everyone to be themselves”. So when is the Christian round coming up AFL? Why aren’t you eagerly and proudly pushing for this NAB?
Or is it in fact so much utter baloney when you speak of diversity and inclusion? Is it really just a complete load of codswallop, and instead you have just succumbed to the demands of the militant homosexual lobby? Perhaps your number one priority is not a lousy game of football, but something far more important, like political correctness and radical social change.

So here we have one massive sporting group – the AFL – with not one identified homosexual, yet it still insists we must have an entire round devoted to such non-existent players. That is one round out of 23. So to be representative, that should mean over four per cent of all AFL players are homosexual.

Not only is that higher than the national average (which has always been around 1½ per cent), but we still are not aware of even one of them in the league. With 18 AFL teams, each with some 40 (?) active players listed, we are talking some 720 players.

Yet not one that I am aware of even identifies as a homosexual. This is not about sport. This is not about footy. This is not about a fun weekend outing. This is about ramming a radical sexual and cultural agenda down the throats of millions of ordinary Australians.

It is about indoctrinating the entire nation into embracing this activist agenda and lifestyle. Most people going to an AFL match just want to have a few hours of enjoyment with the game. They do not want the politically correct and politically-motivated AFL pushing every lousy agenda around.

Shame on the AFL. I encourage every one of you to complain to the AFL about this.

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  1. My letter to the AFL.

    I notice your are going to have a homosexual pride round even though there is not one single identifiable homosexual playing footy in the AFL. As there are many identifiable christians playing footy in all forms of the game, can we have a christian pride round?

    Actually if you don’t have a christian pride round that can be construed as discrimination worthy of reporting to the Anti Discrimination Board. This is happening more and more as we are suffering from a societal takeover by militant homosexual revisionists who want special protection and consideration which is not justified as much of their problems are of their own making so in many respects we need to be protected from them as is evident from the so called Safe Schools Programme which the writers of have admitted is a marxist attempt to impose homosexual social ideology on vulnerable children against their parents wishes.

    Be careful what you promote as many homosexuals are embarrassed by the demands of the militant homosexuals. Until they came along these homosexuals led a quiet and productive life. Now that has all changed and they have to defend what they didn’t have to defend. You are not doing them, who are in the majority any favours by bowing to militant homosexual demands.

    And for your interest, combating homophobia is not done by telling lies. Homophobia is an inordinate fear of homosexuals and homosexuality. Therefore homophobia is NOT disagreeing with what homosexuals say. It is NOT being a responsible parent by wanting to protect your children from militant homosexuality in schools. And it is NOT wanting a fair deal for all citizens of Australia, not just homosexuals. Please bear that in mind if you have mud on your faces because you are promoting militant homosexual lies rather than doing yourself a favour and finding out what the truth is.


  2. Just for the record, Jason Ball is a former AFL player (with Richmond I think), not that it changes anything. And I won’t be holding my breath waiting for a Christian round that’s for sure.

  3. Having a Christian round?
    Well we may not have a christian round. But it now looks like we will have a Good Friday round sanctioned by the AFL in 2017. Do you think we will be allowed to give out free bibles and bible texts?

  4. As a St Kilda AFL member for about 20 years – I declined to renew my membership in 2016 due to the ‘Pride Game’. I wrote to the club to explain my reasons for declining to renew. I was pleased that they at least responded to my letter. A part of their letter reads: “”This is not the case for the LGBTIQ community. Around three quarters don’t feel safe watching sport in the stands, over 40% have experienced discrimination…..” Not sure where they get these numbers from?

    I think there’s sometimes more intolerance from fellow supporters. I’m pretty vocal … and was not pleased with St Kilda’s efforts in a recent game. I yelled out …”where’s the Saints team that played last week?” … “Just one goal Saints”. I was told off by a supporter who told me to keep my trap shut. As a Christian, I swallowed my pride .. and didn’t respond. A few minutes later we got a goal and I stood up cheered and went crazy. I note the gentleman that told me off didn’t even cheer – and left the game a minute later. A pastor friend who was also cheering with our banners (we were with cheer squad) – got told off by a fellow supporter and told to sit down as the banner could be putting of Nick Riewold’s shot on goal! So how about a special round for us passionate and yet abused supporters!!

    As Sam Newman said on the ‘Footy Show’ regarding the announcement of ‘Pride’ round … what’s next a special round for Anglo-Saxon Hetrosexuals?

  5. Just do it and if they get shirty tell them to leave you alone or you will report them for interfering in your freedom of speech and religion.

  6. I’m sick of this ‘tail wagging the dog’ situation we have in Australia. Why is everyone jumping when the LGBT’s say ‘Jump’. For goodness sake Wake up!

  7. Just saw this on facebook – AFL “PRIDE” by James Parker
    I first visited Australia twenty years ago. I had not long left behind my own involvement at the heart of London’s gay community where I had witnessed a significantly higher than average percentage of men struggle with depression and addiction, with some both attempting and succeeding in committing suicide.
    A third of my three-month Aussie visa was spent glued to a television screen in Jannali in NSW watching Australian Football. I became mesmerised by each player’s speed, talent and swift decisive reactions, and by every team member’s phenomenal level of fitness. For me, Aussie Rules took gold on the podium of the sporting elite.
    This coming weekend will see Round 21 of the AFL host the inaugural Pride Game between the Sydney Swans and St Kilda. It is being hailed as the first Pride Game for a professional sporting competition anywhere in the world.
    St Kilda CEO Matt Finnis is quoted as saying that “the Saints were committed to this game because ‘pride’ is the opposite of ‘shame’”. He states that, “St Kilda firmly believes that communities can only thrive when all people belong”.
    We can all agree that people need to belong, but history shows that pride is not the opposite of shame. The pathway through shame into belonging demands humility and raw honesty and not its nemesis, pride. Ask any addict or trauma victim who has truly moved through recovery.
    Swans CEO, Andrew Ireland, has said that “the match will help raise awareness and champion change”. But what type of awareness is being raised? And what change exactly is being championed?
    Nearly thirty years ago when in the gay lobby, I was in discussions with others how we might desensitize the public to view homosexuality with indifference, or better still to see such a lifestyle as something to be celebrated. Much of the discursive outcome is brandished in the book After The Ball by authors Kirk and Madsen, a marketing and a psychology graduate from Harvard.
    Simply put, the strategy involved encouraging openly proud members of the LGBTQI community to obtain leadership roles in key sectors of society: the entertainment industry, the Media, education, politics, the military, and healthcare, especially psychology and psychiatry. We knew then that the most challenging bastion needing to fall would be the sports sector as this literally embodied male and female. Sport would be the final hurdle before the rainbow winning line.
    The only major stumbling block that future leaders would need to quash would be public concerns that might rise about the health risks linked to homosexual practice – and the risks are frightening. It is for this reason we are taught that it is impolite to discuss what happens in, ahem, gay sex. So, let’s look at the risks.
    Aside from numerous STIs and physical injuries, some of which are virtually unknown in the heterosexual population, there are high rates of psychiatric illnesses and of cancers. There exists a considerably higher rate of ‘chemsex’ and general drug abuse. Ongoing suicide attempts are not uncommon and epidemiological studies show that gay and bisexual men can lose up to 20 years of life expectancy. I can honestly say that not even copious amounts of LGBTQI promotion, legislation and social acceptance over three decades have significantly changed the outcomes for many who practice homosexually. So is the problem society’s issue, or do the roots lie in the activity itself?
    The New Zealand AIDS Foundation states that “it’s been scientifically proven that anal sex is eighteen times riskier than vaginal sex when it comes to HIV”. Cuban researchers have discovered a new and aggressive strain of HIV which can develop into AIDS more rapidly than ever. Aside from this there is the arrival of super-gonorrhea which is spreading through Australia’s gay community and which at present is antibiotic resistant.
    The risks of gay sex, which our young people are being encouraged to consider and practice, are the crack in the dam to be hidden from public examination at all costs. And this has meant keeping many sexually active youngsters in the dark as well.
    If ever the entire risks were to be wholly revealed, then any carefully constructed casuistic glitz and pride would rapidly fall away. Society would again be outraged, and rightly so, by the devastating long-term effects of homosexual practice, only this time out of genuine and deep concern for those who practice it.
    The way to keep whistleblowers silent has been to employ homophobia-phobia which involves creating an atmosphere where anybody, including the strongest CEOs of AFL clubs, would be fearful of questioning any matter relating to homosexuality for fear of upsetting the LGBTQI community and their allies. Or even more frightening still, of being seen to be politically incorrect.
    But what about the truth? What about humbly and honestly “raising awareness and championing change” first and foremost among the gay community? Why not first consider donating any monies willingly being spent on AFL’s temporary one-day rainbows to raise awareness across the gay community and the sporting world at large of the serious health risks linked to certain sexual practices?
    I have also witnessed many times that those who end up infected with any number of ailments as a result of homosexual practice often find themselves further isolated rather than belonging, and clothed more deeply in shame than ever. In the long run, this is the opposite of what Finnis and the Saints seem to wish to achieve.
    Australia’s first religion is sport, and young children often see footy players as demi-gods. To entwine LGBTQI ideology with sport, without notifying young and old alike of the entire risks contained within the dogma being promoted, is tantamount to knowingly advertising the destruction of health. Surely this isn’t the remit of the AFL’s CEOs or its top executive Gillon McLachlan. There would be outrage if footy players were to be linked to the promotion of tobacco, and yet the detrimental effects of homosexual practice are often way more serious than smoking.
    I believe the AFL is unwittingly barracking for a greater injustice of the very people it is seeking to try and support, and all in the name of justice. It’s not as if the AFL’s history doesn’t already have enough sexual and narcotic scandals on its leaderboard without needing to give birth to others that will mature in the future.
    Let’s also not forget that the rainbow colours to be branded upon players shirts, socks, the 50m arch, match-day ball and goal umpire flags are first and foremost a reminder of God’s unfailing love for his children. It is not solely the logo of a people who, I know from firsthand experience, often choose of their own volition to be set apart from mainstream society. Or of those who might engage in sexual practice that at its core can in places be considered nothing short of a deathstyle.
    Where Round 21 appears to be entirely shrouded in benevolence by the Media and AFL officials, there lies just beneath the surface a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Trying to break down the barriers of what is seen as a patriarchal culture within the AFL is one thing. Rebuilding it with resources from a gaytriarchal culture is another.
    I am left wondering what another groups of saints – the Ugandan martyrs, St Charles Lwanga and companions, who were burnt alive for opposing homosexual practice and ideology a decade after the Sydney Swans and St Kilda teams were founded – might just think of Round 21 of the AFL. An eternal own goal for each team I reckon.
    Originally posted in Catholic Weekly

  8. Just saw on afl footy show Billy Brownless wearing a rainbow scarf promoting this round and the scarf had the words “How I want to be ” – that says it all! The sexual desires of adults are seen as all that matters – forget the sanctity of children and society as a whole… I am disgusted!

  9. I am lost for words. I really thought I’d heard it all with the Rainbow community. But this tactic takes the cake. So they are having a footy game for Gay Guys to enable them to feel completely MALE as they show their testosterone fuelled footy skills.
    The whole two of them.
    One for each team. The rest are not gay but play under a false assumption that the crowd watching think they are.
    It’s false advertising and I personally don’t think they will get the crowd they plan on. Praying anyway that Gods will be done. ? No stopping our God.

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