Crushing Differences, Imposing Stifling Uniformity

We have all heard, and perhaps used, the French phrase “vive la difference,” meaning “long live the difference”. As one online dictionary says, “(often humorous) Used to express appreciation of diversity, especially between the sexes.”

One hallmark of a free and democratic nation is genuine diversity, pluralism and the celebration of differences. A sure sign of a totalitarian dictatorship is stifling uniformity, even coerced conformity. Everyone must act and think the same way in the totalist state.

mothers dayThe ironic thing in all this is the ones who are the most anti-democratic and anti-freedom today in the West are those who shout the most about diversity. They in fact hate diversity and are working overtime to smash all differences, especially when it comes to male and female.

Of course the androgyny brigade has been in operation for over fifty years now, beginning with the radical feminists and now coming to ugly fruition with the transgender benders. They insist that male and female are mere social constructs, and we should not see any differences there at all.

And they are using every means they can, including the heavy hand of the law, to stamp out every and all difference. The ones who especially suffer as a result of this are our children. Examples of this are of course never ending. A recent case from Canada is simply one of the latest shocking cases of this.

As one news report puts it:

A school in Canada has cancelled Mother’s Day sending students home with a note to explain why. The note, which was given to Grade One and Two students at Albert McMahon Elementary School, British Columbia, revealed the school body made a decision to not celebrate Mother’s or Father’s Day this year.
The note explained that the decision had been made in a bid to ensure that all students, including those without traditional nuclear families, felt positive about their own family arrangements, whatever they may entail.
“In an effort to celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and also nurture our students who are part of non-traditional families, we have decided to encourage those celebrations to take place at home. Due to this, the children will not be making gifts at school to give on Mother’s and Father’s day. We feel each family knows the best way to celebrate with their own family. Thank you for your understanding.”

Let me stop right there. Notice how the first sentence in the school note is loaded with all the usual leftist buzz words: “diversity” and “inclusivity,” not to mention the major left-think slogan of the past half century: “non-traditional families”. Homosexual, feminists and the gender benders have used this term constantly in an effort to dumb down a culture as they destroy a language.

Social engineering, as we keep saying, is always preceded by verbal engineering. Here they have managed to create a complete oxymoron. When they speak of “non-traditional families” they are offering us a contradiction in terms. A family has always meant – at least until recently – any group of people related by blood, heterosexual marriage, or adoption.

But the social and sexual anarchists want none of this. They insist that anything can be called a family, whether two homosexuals, three lesbians, or any other possible combination. And by throwing around vacuous terms like “love is all that matters” or “commitment is what counts” they have totally destroyed the very notion of family.

By their definition a gang of bank robbers would qualify as a family. After all, they are a close-knit group of people united in a common cause, etc. This is all part of the radical left’s war on marriage and family, and they have been on a roll for some time now.

Indeed, Marxism has always hated the family and has done all it can to destroy it. See here for example for more details on this:

Thankfully not everyone is happy with this PC madness, including the moonbattery in Canada. The article continues:

When the note was shared on Facebook by parent Roy Glebe it sparked an enormous amount of debate. Roy himself said that he was bitterly disappointed by the announcement. “I don’t understand why we, as Canadians, need to give up our traditions that have been passed through generations,” he wrote.
“I welcome all races and ethnicities, but forcing us to give up things that are important to us as Canadians is crap. And it doesn’t even have anything to do with religion? You can’t celebrate your Mom and Dad?”
The image and the post has now been shared many thousands of times and even picked up by a local television station. The vast majority of those commenting felt the school was taking things too far. Many commented that, like me, they treasured the wobbly, wonky crafty items their kids presented to them on their special day and that they’d miss them if taken away.
Some were outright furious. “So there are probably 10 kids in the school they cater this to, what about the hundreds that DO and look forward to this!!” wrote one.

They have every right to be outraged. This is just more social engineering insanity. It is all part of the attempt to eliminate all differences and foist upon all of us a grey uniformity. The truth is, we celebrate mothers on Mother’s Day exactly because they are different.

A mother is not the same as a non-mother. A mother is not the same as a father. We also celebrate Father’s Day for that very reason as well. Yes every human being is of value and to be treated with respect, but motherhood is fundamentally different than non-motherhood.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating mothers and their incredible achievements, accomplishments and the vitally important role they play. To say we cannot celebrate mothers because someone might be offended is ludicrous. We might as well not celebrate any distinctive quality, trait, or human achievement.

Indeed, if we follow the illogic of the Canadians here, we can see how everything in society suffers, and we would have absolutely nothing to look forward to: just grey sameness. We could examine all sorts of areas here, but to make my point, simply consider the world of sport.

When Roger Federer wins a Grand Slam tennis final, he and he alone gets the main trophy, the massive cheque with his prize money, the kudos and the celebration. But if the Association of Tennis Professionals went with the lunacy of this Canadian school, they would not declare Federer – or whoever – to be the winner. They would declare all 128 male participants to be the winner, give them all the same trophies, and give them all the same prize money.

After all, we would not want to hurt someone’s feelings now would we? We don’t want to make any of the tennis players feel bad. So what if they are ranked 198th in the world? They are winners too, and should have all the applause, perks and celebrations as anyone else does!

And speaking of inequality, discrimination, and rights being denied, why in the world are 128 female tennis players segregated from the 128 male players? We demand acceptance, and inclusion. We want no one left out. Smash the chauvinism now.

From here on in men and women must be allowed to play together in one big happy tournament. Smash segregation and prejudice now! Stamp out artificial differences now! We demand complete equality with no exceptions. We are all the same!

This is what the radical sexual militants and the statist supporters are moving us toward. They are not leading us to greater diversity and differences, but to the ugly darkness of fascist conformity. If we would not like to see that in sport, why are we putting up with it in so many other areas of life?

Forget the political ideology and stick with biology: men and women are different. And so are mothers. If it were not for a mother, I would not be here. That is true of every single one of us. Yes the new reproductive technologies are trying to make mums and dads redundant, but mothers can never be replaced.

On Sunday, May 14 I will celebrate Mother’s Day in Australia, as will millions of others. All the PC nutjobs who find it offensive can just take a long walk off a short plank. We do not need your militant social engineering and brainless hatred of gender and family.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

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  1. Hi Bill, it’s already happened here this week. A report on 3AW this morning highlighted a state school in the Sourthern suburbs of Melbourne that has canceled all Mother’s Day celebrations, substituting “Family Day” on the following Monday. Nut Jobs are alive and well in Melbourne, regards, Kel.

  2. From memory Bill having women tennis players only play 60% of the sets played by men for the same prize money is considered “equal”.

  3. Actually, Bill, for several years now some schools have been handing out ‘participation ribbons’ to all who run in a race, regardless of how well they performed. I remember when these first came out, and thought how ridiculous it was. The response in defence of this was that it made every child feel rewarded for their effort. Here is an interesting response to this idea – from a participating child’s perspective…
    Clearly most children competing in a race are not fooled by this ‘politically correct’ manoevre!
    I couldn’t help but compare this with the ancient Olympics, referred to by Paul in his letter to the Corinthian Church: “Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize? So run to win!” (1 Corinthians 9:24, NLT). But of course the ancient Greeks clearly hadn’t heard the message of political correctness!

  4. Further to Ann Johnstone’s comment, a few years back three of my grandsons were playing football in the under 10s, at this level no scores were recorded as the AFL thought they did not want to make it competitive. But all the boys kept the score and everybody knew which team won and by how much.

  5. “In an effort to celebrate diversity, inclusivity…..” and then go on to exclude Mother’s Day, Father’s Day. and all the children of heterosexual marriages……sure, inclusivity is a wonderful thing, eh? (sarc on). These clowns don’t even understand the meanings of their own announcements.

  6. Canadian academic, Prof. Jordan Peterson from University of Toronto has been sticking his neck out in protest against “Rainbow gender” attempts to legislate for the compulsory inclusion of alternative gender-pluralistic language in the spoken and written language of all Canadians. Search “Jordan Peterson pronouns” or “Jordan Peterson Bill C-16” on YouTube for a sample of his work.

    Although from a Christian upbringing, Peterson would no longer see himself as a Christian Fundamentalist. His present somewhat positive view of matters of faith is informed by elements of Jungian psychology and an insightful appreciation of Nietzsche’s analysis of the consequences of that “death of God” foisted upon the Western world by the 19th Century rise of modern Materialism. Peterson sees fearless, outspoken prophets as a necessary for the health of any society.

  7. The stupid thing is, that schools have had to deal with this for years. Any Mother’s Day or Father’s Day there is a kid in the class who doesn’t have a mum or dad due to death. You simply get the child to make something for the grandparent or favourite Aunty or special friend. It really is so simple to not hurt children.

  8. So pleased to see that some people are still happy to celebrate mothers and promote Mothers Day. I picked up lunch at the local deli a while ago and noticed some Mothers Day competition entry forms for children on the front counter. The Herald Sun is currently running a competition to celebrate mothers and what makes them special –

  9. Yes Meredith Gemeren, exactly that. They have been dealing with it for years. Doesn’t make it hurt any less to see every other kid making stuff for their own dad. My husband died in 2010. My father in law in 2008, my own father in 2003. No Dads or Grandads to celebrate any more Father’s Days. So we did what my husband liked doing. We went to the movies.

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