Big Business, Radical Agendas, and People Power

As we like to say in the West, “It’s a free country”. That means businesses can do what they like, and consumers can also do what they like. Thus if a company or corporation wants to push radical left-wing political agendas which have nothing to do with their core business, that is up to them – they can go for it.

But if everyday consumers do not like these radical agendas being foisted upon them, then they can take their patronage elsewhere, and buy goods and services from businesses which are more in line with their values. That is life in a democracy and a free market.

And these matters often tend to go together: the more radically leftist a business becomes, the more consumers will be inclined to shop elsewhere. Let me offer a few recent Australian examples of this, and then look at some American cases of people power in action.


qantas 5The Australian airline has a homosexual CEO and has been pushing the radical homosexual agenda for some time now. Most recently, Alan Joyce joined 19 other chief executives of large Australian companies in sending a letter to the Prime Minister urging him to support homosexual marriage.

Joyce and Qantas keep pushing the boundaries on this, forcing its customers to embrace their militant rainbow agenda, or take their business elsewhere. And that is just what many have done, including the greatest female tennis player of all time.

Multi-Grand Slam winner Margaret Court is now a pastor in Perth who stands up for traditional marriage and family values. She recently caused a firestorm of controversy by sending in a letter to a local newspaper. In it she said:

“I am disappointed that Qantas has become an active promoter for same sex marriage. I believe in marriage as a union between a man and a woman as stated in the Bible. Your statement leaves me no option but to use other airlines where possible for my extensive travelling.”

Now all hell has broken loose as the PC brigade and the rainbow mafia declare war on her. Lesbian tennis players such as Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King and Casey Dellacqua are now throwing a hissy fit. The militants are demanding the court named after her in Melbourne be renamed, and the Melbourne & Olympic Parks body has said it supports “diversity”.

All because she dares to share her values and beliefs in public, and wishes to exercise her right as a consumer to choose who she will do business with. I like what Melbourne politician Bernie Finn said about all this: “Margaret Court has far greater right to boycott Qantas than does its CEO to hijack an iconic Australian company in order to advance his personal political agenda.”

Ben & Jerry’s

The American-based ice cream chain has for decades now pushed the homosexual agenda. Instead of serving people various flavoured ice cream cones, it sees itself as a political lobby group. Since homosexual marriage has not been foisted upon hapless Australians yet, the 26 Ben & Jerry’s stores here are ramping up the pressure, and – get this – refusing to allow customers to get two scoops of the same flavour ice cream!

Yes you read that right. So smug and arrogant has this company become that it is thumbing its nose at Australian customers, demanding that they accept their radical left political agenda, or just drop dead. Their shops are all pushing this, and their website is proud as punch about it:

“Love comes in all flavours! It’s time for Australia to legalise marriage equality.” It goes on to say: “We are banning two scoops of the same flavor and encouraging our fans to contact their MPs to tell them that the time has come – make marriage equality legal! Love comes in all flavours!”

One could spend more time on how idiotic all this is. For example, they say this: “Our woefully dated federal Marriage Act (1961), as amended in 2004, doesn’t recognise marriages of all couples regardless of gender.” Good grief! So a law merely 13 years old is woefully out of date? What do they prefer – no legislation over six months?

Hopefully ordinary ice cream lovers will steer clear of these political activists and get their ice cream somewhere else, without having to put up with this leftist sermonising and bullying. And there is a petition you can sign on this:

As Dave Pellowe says, “Can you believe the increasing arrogance of giant corporations using their massive marketing budgets to interfere in our social policies and impose their CEO’s beliefs on everyone?! Tell Ben & Jerry’s they can keep their two scoops of stupidity to themselves as we don’t need corporations, domestic or foreign, dictating when our beliefs and values about marriage and family are right or wrong.”

And my friend Mark Rabich nailed it concerning this lunacy when he said: “I’d just tell them that that second scoop of vanilla identifies as chocolate. I’d call it the Rachel Dolezal. Some extra nuts for the Afro and no-one can say anything.”

People power in action

Folks who are sick and tired of radical leftist agendas being pushed on them by companies who should just be fulfilling their stated business aims – be it providing coffee or what have you – are voting with their feet. Three recent examples of people power in America can be mentioned here. It shows that all this radical politics can backfire big time.


This American sports television network is another example of left-leaning activists turning off their customer base. And it is now paying a heavy price for it. As one article states:

When ESPN fired over 100 employees Wednesday, it confirmed what many media observers have known for a long time: the sports giant’s business model is collapsing in slow motion. As cable subscribers defect to internet streaming services–ESPN has lost about 10 million subscribers in the last three years — the network is less able to afford the billions in fees it must pay to broadcast live sports.
A new analysis of ESPN’s viewership data shows there might also be a political component to its financial woes. Deep Root Analytics, an Arlington Virginia-based firm that specializes in TV viewership metrics, looked at data from the Cincinnati media market for all of 2015 and 2016 to see if there was a change in the political orientation of ESPN’s viewers. The analysis showed a clear trend – ESPN’s viewership in the swing state market was less Republican in 2016 than it was the year before….


Target of course is infamous for ramming the radical transgender agenda down the throats of its customers, forcing women and children to share bathrooms and change rooms with males who pretend they are female. A huge consumer backlash was the result, and Target is losing money big time. As one report states:

The stock value of transgender-champion Target Corp. crashed by 13.5 percent this week after the company’s sales again fell below investors’ expectations. Target’s stock value is now down by 30 percent since it sparked a consumer boycott by embracing the transgender political agenda. That 30 percent drop has slashed investors’ wealth by roughly $15 billion. On Tuesday, the stock fell to $58.78, down from its April 19 high of $83.98. In contrast, WalMart is up 3 percent since April, and Kohl’s is down less than one percent.


This is another activist company where nutty leftist ideology reigns supreme, and conservatives and Christians can just get lost. Top of their radical left list is support for homosexual marriage and all things transgender. As a result, plenty of people have been boycotting Starbucks. Now it seems they are feeling the pinch and trying to win back customers:

For years, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz thumbed his nose at conservatives – and it has hurt sales. Badly. Now, with Schultz out the door, and the company wants conservatives to come back. After five straight quarters of decreased sales, Schultz left his post as CEO and was replaced in April. Additionally, the coffee company wants to make things better with Trump supporters.
Starbucks has announced a HUGE expansion of their veteran hiring program, which Fortune Magazine reported is an attempt to make things right with conservatives. Financial analysts have put at least partial blame for Starbucks lackluster sales growth on Schultz’s outspoken liberal activism – which dates back to the early days of the presidential primary.

All this clearly demonstrates that people are sick and tired of big businesses – or at least the big cheeses running these big businesses – pushing their radical political agendas on to their customers. In a free country people can vote with their feet when they are exposed to this political bullying and intimidation.

And that is exactly what they are doing. Well done and keep it up. It is time to tell these corporate bullies to take a hike. They do not represent us and our values, and they can either get with the majority or continue to experience consumer reactions.

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26 Replies to “Big Business, Radical Agendas, and People Power”

  1. Ben & Jerrys – just order a scoop of blue ice-cream next to a scoop of pink ice-cream. That’s if you still wanted to patronise their business.

  2. Mark Rabich is hilarious. At least, it would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

    It’s a sad indictment on people’s capacity to think clearly that marriage reality is offensive to some while others get applauded for parading pathological confusion.

    Consumer activism needs to happen to push back together against this unhealthy, regressive tide of relativism.

  3. Well said Bill. I have boycotted Target; Qantas; Facebook and the list grows. I will not deal with anyone who promotes homosexuality.
    There is 1.8% listed as LGBTIQ or should I say LHBTIQ (gay has nothing to do with homosexuality) and is just another deception and there are 98.2% of us. Companies have a choice – the pink dollar or ours. As you say, some companies such as Target are already feeling the pinch and it is just the beginning.
    In my view, to even question the acceptance of homosexuality puts God and all previous generations on trial for God and all previous generations condemned homosexuality and for good reason that we will all soon realise was the correct thing to do.

  4. Hi Bill,

    All readers should email Margaret and thank her for her courage. She puts at lot of males in the Church to shame.
    God bless her and her ministry.

  5. I am also avoiding Qantas and Jetstar. Hopefully Qantas profits will plummet if all conservatives did this and the Board which sadly has been supportive of Joyce up until now (or so it seems ) will show him the door.

  6. Loving these comments + your article, Bill.

    However, We must be BRAVE + be as Wise as Serpents + Gentle as Doves in our actions.

    Recently received a pathetic response from our local library – Geelong Regional Libaries in regards to my stong objection to ‘ Lesbian Erotica’ being displayed on the public borrowers shelves.
    I was searching for Christian Authors + was met with this ‘smut’ on the shelves.
    You can imagine my chagrin + ire……

  7. As an employee of Qantas, I have witnessed in our lunch room that Qantas is pushing it’s own rainbow agenda on a big screen TV along with toolbox notifications which remains on a loop 24/7.
    I feel that Qantas (Alan Joyce) is behind this and he is totally irresponsible to push his marriage equality ideals on to employees and management of Qantas.

  8. The so-called “Gay” Agenda [big business endorsement, Mardi Gras &amp Safe Schools] happening in Australia will compete with Islam to bring the downfall of this wonderful country, if we do not stand up and oppose this nonsense.

  9. Imagine my surprise to read the following in Simon Tatz’s response to my letter to the AMA: “As outlined in the position statement, the biggest threat to the health of LGBTIQ individuals is stigma and discrimination. There are no inherent health risks to homosexuality, and your assertion that there is not only incorrect but also harmful.” (His wording and lack of proofreading.) Next email he admitted that sadly AIDS still exists, but assured me that heterosexual married couples can contract it too! Well, if someone jabs them with an infected needle or they are given infected blood…Gays & gay pushers seem to be living in la la land.
    And, of course, he trotted out the separation of church and state argument to shut me up.
    Thanks for your article clarifying that, Bill. I was able to reply and have not heard from him again.

  10. They had Margaret Court on the Project tonight… typically they attacked her…such “tolerant” people!

  11. May God bless Margaret Court mightily.

    Everywhere that marriage has been redefined it has been used to exclude moral people from positions of authority and influence. From doctors to even a fire chief in Atlantis to, most concerningly, judges in England and the US as well as academic positions etc. etc. Imagine what chance any moral person would have of promotion within the hugely corrupt organization that Qantas has become. The fact is the redefining of marriage to have only a single criterion of “love” is a lie based on a huge stack of other lies. That people like Derryn Hinch and Nick Zenophon promote this lie proves their immorality. Hinch claims he is opposed to pedophilia and yet he wants to give pedophiles the best tool ever for the abuse of children without the slightest caveat as to what can be done to protect them. These people need to wake up. Undermining the fundamental basis of healthy societies by allowing laws to be based on lies and for the rights associated with the natural family to be completely eroded is pure and absolute wickedness and needs to be revealed as such.

  12. Well done Margaret Court – what a legend. Could we get up an online petition to Qantas? It would take off phenomenally. Thank-you Bill.

  13. Hi Bill, I was listening to Neil Mitchell on 3AW yesterday morning, “trying to have a constructive debate” with a couple of LGBT moonbeams over Margeret Court’s public stance on homosexuality. Neil is a supporter of same sex marriage, but all credit to him, he did defend Margaret Court’s right to express her opinion. The LGBT crew would have none of it. When it comes to having an opinion, or trying to have a meaningful debate over the issue, “it’s their way or the highway” . What was interesting in the aftermath, was that the majority of callers into the programme after that “charade”, expressed their views along the lines of being fed up with being told what to do and what to think. It would appear that a lot of tacit supporters and fence sitters who had originally gone along with supporting same sex marriage are now being turned off by the “Jack boot” antics of the LGBT brigade. One can only hope and pray that the LGBT movement in their outrageous behaviour, will eventually prove to be their own worst enemies. As always Bill, KEEP DISHING IT OUT, Blessings to you and your family, Kel.

  14. Trouble is Bill Muehlenberg, who do we fly with domestically? Virgin is just as bad.

  15. I think it was Dr. Michael Brown who brought up an interesting take on B&J’s. I’m definitely paraphrasing here, but …

    Which type of two-scoop ice cream cone better represents same-sex ‘marriage’: 2 scoops of the same flavor (‘homo-flavorful’, if you will), or two scoops of different (‘hetero-flavorful’, again, if you will)?

  16. I think it’s rather ironic that you can’t buy two of the same flavor ice cream at Ben and jerrys and yet that is what they want. Two men or two women (same “flavor”) being able to marry. I just wish businesses would just do their jobs and not get involved in being the moral police. Getting tired of intolerant “tolerant” people and businesses.

  17. Hi Bill
    Many thanks for your information regarding businesses that push same-sex marriage and all that surrounds it.
    You have mentioned Target as well as Qantas. Do you know of any other businesses that are doing the same thing? I have heard that some of the banks are on the list.
    We will not be doing business with any company that treats its customers this way.

  18. Yes Bill at the last count over 500 & Growing………..
    BUT, God has WON this War we just need to fight these battles.

    Recently removed ORIGIN from our Household and have taken up with LUMO Energy.
    Asked hubby not to buy me anymore BODYSHOP gifts……
    4 BIG BANKS are signed up but blessed Bendigo Bank is still holding onto their traditional stance of helping God’s Creation of the beautiful family.

    We work together, Christians and continue to fight THE GOOD FIGHT.

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