People Power Wins Out Against the Rainbow Militants

Anyone who has dared to stand for natural marriage has known all about the horrific bullying, intimidation, hatred and abuse that gets poured on them by the pink mafia. They know firsthand just how horribly intolerant the activists are – the ones who shout the loudest about the need for tolerance and acceptance.

The truth is, the tolerance brigade is the most intolerant group out there, and they prove this daily as they seek to shut down and shout down all those who dare to take a different point of view. The abuse, vitriol and mud-slinging is as nasty as you will ever experience.

I have been on the receiving end of this for decades now, and as some other folks are now waking up to the war we are in over marriage, they too are experiencing this hatred and viciousness. They too are now seeing just what we are up against.

But as is so often the case, the other side keeps over-playing its hand. As they ramp up the bullying, intimidation, and bigotry, ordinary people start to react. They can see for themselves just how nasty this mob really is. Indeed, it drives people away, and in this case, it is driving many folks into the “No” camp over homosexual marriage.

I have seen many people now saying just this: they were quite intent on running with the “Yes” vote, but as they witness this brutal and diabolical hatred and bullying from the homosexual lobby and its supporters, they are turned off. Thus many have jumped ship and will now vote “No”.

Thanks activists – you are doing our job for us. Keep it up – the more you show your true colours, the more ordinary people are repulsed by it. And as I have been saying all along now, if things are this bad now, just imagine how much worse things will be if faux marriage gets the green light.

You ain’t seen nothing yet when it comes to persecution, bullying and bigotry. What we are seeing now is just the entrée. It all gets ratcheted up a few notches when homosexual marriage comes to town, as I have documented in my books and articles so very often now.

Let me offer you a prime example of all this, just hot off the press. Moments ago the media announced that one of the more ugly and disgusting campaigns of intimidation and vilification has just been pulled. I refer to the deplorable attempt to get one mother deregistered as a doctor all because she dared to say marriage is between a man and a woman.

Can you imagine that? Losing your livelihood just because you voiced your opinion on something as important as marriage and family.

I have written up this tragic story of Sydney doctor Pansy Lai here:

And here:

The leftist activist group GetUp! actually had a petition circulating to get her banned from practising medicine – gotta love all that tolerance and acceptance! But now GetUp! has just backed down – big time. All the public outcry – and the fact that this and other acts of bullying are drawing hordes of undecided voters into the “No” camp – have caused them to pull out before things get even worse.

As The Australian just reported:

GetUp! has pulled a petition seeking the deregistering of a Sydney doctor because she appeared in an advertisement opposing same-sex marriage declaring it “inappropriate content”. GetUp! – which facilitated the petition and described it as “powered by GetUp!” immediately distanced itself from the petition after the revelation this morning in The Australian.
The petition, which gathered more than 5000 signatures over the past five days, sought to have Sydney GP Pansy Lai face formal complaints to the Australian Medical Association and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority for her deregistration and banning from practice as a doctor.
Dr Lai appeared as one of three mothers in the Marriage Coalition television advertisement promoting the No case against same-sex marriage and criticising fluid gender theory in schools. The petition accused her of a breach of ethics for supporting traditional marriage and endangering the lives of young people.
Dr Lai told The Australian she was alarmed by the petition which attempted to cut off her livelihood and was a threat to freedom of speech. This morning GetUp! said there had been dozens of complaints about the petition and was “found to be in breach” of the terms and conditions for petitions facilitated by GetUp! and the petition organisation CommunityRun.

This is terrific news indeed. People power always works. When enough concerned citizens stand united against the bigots and the bullies, things can really happen. Well done to everyone who raised their voices about this. All your work has paid off.

But we must continue to support and pray for Dr Lai. She has been through hell over the past few weeks on this. She has been on the receiving end of so much abuse and poisonous slander – any normal person going through this would long ago have caved in. But this diminutive mum has stood strong, and we all owe her a huge debt of gratitude.

She is an inspiration to millions, and we sure do need more people like her. I salute you Pansy Lai. I am not a believer in human cloning, but if I were, I would seek to have you cloned several thousand times at least! You are a champion. Keep standing strong, since, as you know, this war is far from over.

This particular battle may have been won, but we will keep fighting this for some time to come. And let me repeat what I said above: if you think all this bullying and bigotry is bad now, just you wait if and when homosexual marriage gets legalised. We will all suffer like Pansy Lai when that day comes.

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  1. Shh Bill! Don’t stop the radical S.S.M. activists too much. More Australians need to see their dirty tactics. But we must keep praying for the brave folk who are publicly witnessing. And isn’t it better to say IF rather than WHEN S.S.M. is legalised?

  2. Pastor Muehlenberg, these kinds of tactics have been used by the LGBT lobby in America for several years.
    Using cherry picked, LGBT friendly federal judges, they shut down florists and bakeries for refusing as Christians to cater gay weddings.
    In Indiana a pizzeria owned by Christians that was asked by a reporter about whether they would cater a gay wedding-and said no- was subjected to a vicious campaign of hate and death threats and made news worldwide.

  3. Common sense has prevailed and the bullies have not won. How terrible though to threaten a hard working mother’s livelihood; just because she dared to voice her opinion and say no Against same sex marriage 🙁

  4. I have to state this because this is another eye opener. I mention in another post how this Swedish guy was sharing how far Sweden has gone when it comes to this. He stated pretty much everything you have stated Bill, not to mention that its not just Sweden, all one has to do is look at countries where SSM got legalized. When Homosexual marriage got legalized, they didn’t stop there, they pushed for transgenderism and hormone blockers onto their children.

  5. Hi Bill, spot on again !! It must go against the grain to thank the ‘intolerant brigade’ for doing our job for us. If they continue to drive people to vote NO in the postal plebiscite, I guess we can continue thanking them. However, their nauseating manipulation of our language seems beyond repair. Declaring marriage as between a man and a woman ‘inappropriate content’? All those opposing their view are bigots? These people clearly have long suffered the (self-inflicted) mental disease of ‘psychological projection’ for which there is no apparent, currently emerging cure. It seems we’ll have to hit rock-bottom before we rise from the PC anti-truth deluge engulfing us; but we know we must not give them the pleasure of seeing us despair. Challenges must be faced with all the courage, determination and practical common-sense we can muster. Let’s keep our inner peace. Cheers to all true warriors !!

  6. Well said Bill ..and God bless and protect Dr Pansy Lai..we are blessed to have her speaking out so bravely. Like an earlier contributor however….ssh re the Yes brigade tactics…we don’t want them to get wind that their tactics are rebounding on them.. as politicians are wont to remind us !…Australian voters aren’t stupid and the more the YES brigands show themselves up, the better…we don’t want them turning over a new leaf…not just yet anyhow ! Not before the plebiscite. We need to turn the other cheek to the abuse..except maybe for when and where some judicious reactions are indicated. My guess is that, as it is going now, it will get worse
    which may well favor the YES vote in the end.

  7. Was it Justice Page, in England, that was thrown off the bench for similar views and Dr Church in the U.S. who was sacked for not towing the LGBT line? You are correct that what we see now is nothing to what will happen in the future if this change is allowed to happen. Things may not be too bad just yet in England, the U.S. and New Zealand because there are conservative governments slowing the changes down but they are still horrendously bad and there is no indication of the worsening discontinuing.

  8. Great stuff Bill, no need to apologise for coming in twice daily with more CultureWatch material. This one it a fabulous victory for the course on the NO vote. As you spelled it out, they, the GetUp brigade have done themself untold damage with this stupid stunt of a petition. I am ever so thankful that at least some media people still have their head screwed on the right way, to recognise this terrible injustice they were trying to inflict on Dr Pansy Lai. Thank you for bringing it to our notice in CultureWatch. And yes certainly she will still need much prayer support.
    Bill Heggers.

  9. “God works in mysterious ways!” Let’s just all keep standing up, gracious but unabashed. I am waiting to see if my Letter to the Editor, commenting on somebody else’s, gets printed and then what…

  10. Exodus 15:6 — the enemy has been shattered!

    Bill, could you please write about your views of conversion therapy? I am struggling to explain it, I support it but struggle to explain it. I had a friend say the London City government under Boris Johnson banned it. That’s not possible? Mr Johnson is a sterling conservative isn’t he?

  11. Thanks Peter. Johnson is good on some things (he is strong on the dangers of Islam, eg) but he is pro-homosexual, so he is no conservative when it comes to that issue. There are many groups, ministries and methods to help those who struggle with or do not want their same-sex attraction. NARTH is just one of many for example:

  12. The “No” case will expose by default the arrogant self-righteousness and outrage of their opponents. “Rampaging and raging” on TV and other online video media is bound to “turn off” the viewing public.

    But we are not out of the woods yet by a long way: The High Court challengers include a lady who is married to her trans-woman same-sex partner [As reported at:

    If chatter overheard in a Tasmanian mining town pub recently is anything to go by, many “ocker” Aussies are already fed up with the debate on their TV screens and are keen to abstain from using their survey ballots for anything but fire-lighters… Will we ever get a final decision on the future of marriage which is enjoys a real “ownership” on the part of all Australians?

  13. Bill, I am puzzled about NARTH. The site you mention is very pro-homosexuality, it seems to me after I read their critique of NARTH.

  14. Thanks Naomi – yes I was too quick, just grabbing a link without closely looking at it. So I have replaced it now. Joe has now passed on but his work and his books are an integral part of NARTH. There are other such helpful ministries as well.

  15. Thanks Bill. The pink brigade have made tyrannical overlords for a long time now. For some reason, this case and so many others reminds me of another group of homosexual men who got themselves into a position of power back in the 20th century:

    The time to fight is now by lobbying, by protesting, by raising awareness, by giving and most importantly, by prayer because if they win this round, we know how they play, and it’s not nice.

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