Oprah for POTUS, and Other Scary Thoughts

OK, the next US Presidential election is not scheduled for another few years, but the Party that lost the unlosable election in 2016 is already sniffing out possible candidates. And a speech at a Golden Globes ceremony may have given them what they are after: a leftwing celebrity messiah.

The Hollywood liberals were in a frenzy after talk show host Oprah Winfrey gave a speech the other day at the famous awards’ night. As one news report puts it:

Oprah Winfrey fans have lit up Twitter with calls for her to run for US president after the entertainment star gave an inspiring “new day” speech at the Golden Globes in support of those who have exposed sexual misconduct in Hollywood and beyond.
A surge of tweets carrying #Oprahforpresident and #Oprah2020 hashtags followed her speech, where Winfrey became the first African-American woman to receive a lifetime achievement award on Sunday.
Winfrey, an actress, movie and television producer, and chief executive of her OWN cable channel, is actively thinking about a run, CNN reported on Monday, citing two of her close friends. CNN did not name the friends, who it said had spoken on condition of anonymity. At least one emphasised that Winfrey had made no firm decision on a run.
Sunday’s award ceremony honoured Winfrey, 63, as a role model for women and a person who has promoted strong female characters. “In a 9 minute speech, @Oprah was more presidential than the current occupant of the White House has been for an entire year,” wrote Khary Penebaker, a member of the Democratic National Committee, on Twitter.

The mainstream media was fawning over her and her talk, and everyone now seems to have her written in as the next Democratic candidate for POTUS. The liberal NBC even tweeted “Nothing but respect for OUR future president. #GoldenGlobes.” They later had to embarrassingly retract the tweet.

Actually the whole evening was an embarrassment, as Hollywood lefties who for decades pushed sleaze, sexual immorality and soft-core porn onto the rest of us dressed in black to tell us how bad sexual harassment is. Well, yes it is bad, but the hypocrisy of the Hollyweird crowd is just too much to handle.

The same actresses who are now condemning strong, powerful men in Hollywood were just recently cozying up to them and singing their praises. Film director Roman Polanski was accused of rape, yet folks like Meryl Streep had sung his praises with a standing ovation. Oprah herself was seen cuddling up to Harvey Weinstein not long ago. On and on it goes.

This hypocrisy is typical of the Hollywood left. English commentator Melanie Phillips just wrote about this event. She says:

It’s hard to recall a more egregious display of vanity signalling than the black dress protest. It was “please snap me while I pose in my conscience”. MeToo! MeToo! Shortly before the awards there was a major crisis. Forget Iran, Syria or North Korea. So many Hollywood consciences needed to be on display that designers and stylists were reportedly running out of black attire and having to rush in more from their fashion bases in New York.

She continues:

The hypocrisy is epic. Many actors expressing such outrage use sexual chemistry to attract the predatory male movie executives they then profess to despise. They habitually wear outfits that leave little to the imagination, split upwards or downwards or utterly transparent. What’s more, many of the movies and TV series in which they appear, some of them having forgotten to put on any clothes at all, have long crossed the line into soft porn.
Among all the exaggerated outrage, however, there have been victims of real, horrific, sexual violence. Yet many of those blustering in black at the Globes knew about this behaviour but kept quiet about it in order not to jeopardise their careers.
When Roman Polanski won the Oscar for best director in 2003, he wasn’t present at the ceremony. He had fled to France after being charged in 1977 with rape, sodomy and other offences against a 13-year-old girl and had pleaded guilty to engaging in unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.
When his award was announced, however, Meryl Streep, among others, leapt to her feet to give him a standing ovation. No matter: there she was at the Globes displaying her principles and courage by wearing a long black gown instead.
Where is this outrage going to draw a line? The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is in disarray over the fact that, having expelled Harvey Weinstein for his sexual aggression, they face similarly having to ban dozens of A-listers — Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, Ben Affleck and many more — who have also been outed (with some denials) in the Great Casting-Couch Terror.

Phillips concludes:

Millions of women around the world really do suffer in cultures where male violence towards women is a given; but on those victims, these Hollywood hypocrites are silent. In cultures they choose to present as victims of western colonialism, they simply ignore the all-too real oppression of women. They profess “solidarity” with oppressed women; but of course, it’s really all about themselves.”

Or as Ben Shapiro put it:

It wasn’t just Oprah: actor after actor stepped to the microphones and virtue signaled about the lack of female power in Hollywood. They all wore black dresses in solidarity with sexual abuse victims, and spoke in support of Time’s Up, a movement to end such abuse. All of which is great! Except that watching Hollywood decry sexual abuse feels like watching NFL executives decry concussions: these people have been making bank on a town that thrives on sexual abuse. Watching them fete themselves for their newfound heroism is galling, to say the least.
During Oprah’s speech (she of the multiple pictures kissing Harvey Weinstein), we watched a cutaway to Meryl Streep (she of “God, Harvey Weinstein” fame and the standing ovation for Roman Polanski). If that doesn’t say all that needs to be said about Hollywood, nothing does.
But we’re supposed to cheer Hollywood for its newfound wokeness. We’re supposed to pretend that their message of empowerment has nothing to do with being caught with their hands up skirts. We’re supposed to believe that these thoughtleaders who cheered Woody Allen just six years ago when he received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes should continue to be our thoughtleaders on issues of protection against sexual abusers. Spare me.

Matt Walsh concurs:

They all praised and befriended the predators and begged to be in their films when their career ambitions were best served by doing so. But now that Weinstein and his ilk are no longer useful, their former lickspittles are happy to jump on the dogpile. It’s phony. All of it. It’s a charade. It’s theater. These people are doing the only thing they know how to do: acting.

So all the black gowns, and the speech by Oprah – as moving as it might have been – were drenched in hypocrisy. As to Oprah, if she does indeed consider making a run for POTUS, we need to know more about her – we need to keep in mind what Oprah is really all about.

As I have documented before, she is actually the biggest promoter in the world of New Age baloney. See here for more on this: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2009/06/18/the-gospel-according-to-oprah/

As I said back then:

Who is the number one promoter of New Age philosophy in the world today? Is it Eckhart Tolle? Rhonda Byrne? Dan Brown? Marianne Williamson? Nope. The numero uno New Age evangelist is by far Oprah Winfrey. When Oprah says jump, people ask, ‘how high?’
Unquestionably, Oprah Winfrey is the most influential woman in the world today. The television show host, author, publisher, actress, philanthropist, and media personality is a multi-millionaire, and when she speaks, people – especially her legions of dedicated female followers – consider her utterances to be almost divine revelation.

And she is good buddies with many other powerful leftist celebs and politicians. But worse yet, she is good buddies with some of our most liberal and dodgy “Christian leaders” such as Rob Bell and Joel Osteen. As I have also documented, the beliefs of these three are incredibly similar. See these articles for starters:



As I said elsewhere, it would not surprise me if she did run, and she had someone like Osteen as her running mate. But, you say, they have no political experience. So what? Sadly so much of America is so dumbed down right now, so caught up in an entertainment culture, and so utterly obsessed with celebs, that they would lap up this dream team.

Two of the most popular folks in America right now who both share quite similar views on life. I would not be surprised at all if such a combination both ran and won – that is how bad America now has become. It worries me greatly to be honest.

But as I say, it is early days yet. But the hysteria about Oprah among the left right now is at fever pitch, and she may well be their messianic hope for 2020. Time will tell.


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11 Replies to “Oprah for POTUS, and Other Scary Thoughts”

  1. As someone living in the U.S, I’m worried about both 2018 and 2020. I know some on here aren’t big trump fans and there are things that i don’t agree with him on, but trump at least isn’t into this Political correctness garbage that has become mainstream in society. I’ve never heard trump ever make excuses for Islam whenever a muslim commits a terrorist attack while attacking Christians like Obama did. I also have heard that under trump, more Christians then muslims are being refugee in muslim countries where they’re killed. Personally, if another democrat wins, the future will be dark for this country. Here’s the link about the Christians – http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/in-switch-trump-favors-christian-refugees-6-1-over-muslims/article/2644736

  2. Ugh – my darling (not Christian) husband wanted to share with me last night some of this woman’s speech – I told him flat out I was not at all interested in what Oprah had to say – He unfortunately is so overcome by this fallen world & I constantly hear ridiculous insults & blatant lies about President Trump.

    Father God, open the eyes of the world so they may fight against the deceit, lies, treachery & hypocrisy which is so entrenched in our culture.
    Thank you for the Gift of The Ministry of Culture Wars which helps Christians to be firmly grounded in Your Blessed Truth.
    In Jesus Mighty Name We pray Amen

  3. For anyone who has ever had the pleasure of sitting through an ‘Ophra Winfrey’ show while it aired on America TV, this portrayal of American moral leadership is cringe worthy.

    Is the woman personable? Yes. Is the woman knowledgeable? Yes. Is the woman smart and powerful? Yes. All of these and more, that’s not the issue though. For me, the issue is what does she stand for? What motivates her? The only thing I can see is a grasping lust for wealth and power, regardless of how it is attained. Guidance? Much of her ‘guidance’ appears to be straight from the pits of hell, starting with her rejection of the Biblical Christ. In the past she has embraced anything that would buy her acceptance (read worship) from her viewers.

    Years ago, while visiting my sister in Seattle, I could feel nothing but anger and disgust as I watched her audience listen open mouthed to every word that fell from her mouth. Like drooling dogs waiting to be fed, these suburban housewives applauded every ‘New Age’ huckster that appeared, every sob story that was poured out.

    If Americans thought Obama was evil with his constant spending and give-a-way government programs, they’ve seen nothing yet. This black widow spider will sting this country like nothing before it – and the people will love it to be so. That’s what I find so astounding, the people will love being destroyed.

  4. This whole hysteria has gripped Western Society. The British government has got in on the act with outing male MPs who might have touched a woman or looked at her in the wrong way.
    Weinstein has handed, on a plate, to militant feminists, the excuse they have waited for, for a long time, to launch an all out attack on men and masculinity.
    Marcuse the Cultural Marxist was asked sometime in the 1950’s who would lead the attack on Western, Christian nations. He answered militant blacks, homosexuals and militant feminists .

    And of course Oprah Winfrey is a pusher of all thing degraded, debauched and degenerate. [1]

    No mention has been made of the molestation of boys in Hollywood , aspiring to become starts. The casting couch does not apply to girls but to boys as well [2]
    [1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3pUwvqkNWM

    [2] https://www.theguardian.com/film/2017/nov/01/an-open-secret-hollywood-child-abuse-documentary

  5. Yes!…It’s Oprah to the rescue…
    (Take us to the Promised Land!)
    She’s got 2020 Vision…
    Take us, Oprah, by the hand!

    * * *

    “In March the music mogul hosted Barack Obama and Michelle Obama along with Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, and Oprah for a trip through the French Polynesia.
    Springsteen and Hanks are regular guests on the Rising Sun, while Mariah Carey, James Packer, Leonardo di Caprio and Steven Spielberg have also graced its deck.
    The stunning 454ft-long yacht was built for Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and bought by Geffen in 2010.”

    * * *

    It was just what Google ordered,
    Studded Stars just havin’ fun!
    On the good ship ‘Rich ‘n’ Famous’
    Making sure oppression’s done.

    There was Geffen…There was Oprah
    The Effete-Elite-ish Clique.
    Helping out with global warming.
    Cooling off to beat the heat.

    There was Springstein…Leonardo!
    So much “cool” there in one place.
    Please tell Al Gore that IT’S WORKING!
    Cool WILL save the human race!

    There were billionaires galore there…
    Powerful and VERY Green
    Feeling for the under-privileged
    Just relaxing sight unseen.

    They’re The Golden-Guilded Yacht-Club.
    Planet Savers to be sure.
    Glamorites on board for Gaia
    Sympathizing for the poor.

    * * *

    Just pretend that you don’t notice
    All those inconsistencies.
    Things are really rough, I tell ya,
    Sailing on Hypocri-seas.


  6. Why didn’t Time and co put the Clinton accusers on stage and the front page in the 1990s instead of making heroes of women coming forward in 2017?
    Maybe the Me Too# movement would have started in 1993 instead of 2017 if Oprah and the media had reported truthfully on Bill and Hill. Typical leftists.
    Anyway, without the rapists and perverts in Hollywood we should now all get to see genuine actresses instead of the current trashy lot. But that won’t ever happen.

    Oprah for POTUS in 2020? — ‘equality’ is done and dusted, and it came out this week that black unemployment is down to around 6.5%, and wages, manufacturing etc. are all on the rise, she’s losing votes by the quarter – she’s got no show! The next election will be somewhat about education – the new civil rights – and that puts the Dems on defence. Trump for another 4. {I’d prefer Cruz.}

    God Bless Bill.

  7. David Skinner (no relation as far as I know), sexual abuse of boys and males has been addressed in this. Kevin Spacey was an abuser of only males, and his attempted sexual abuse of a then 14 year old was what brought him undone, when the now adult man spoke up and many other males have spoken up and he is still being investigated. Spacey now claims he is gay.

  8. Celebrity idols are likely to have more drawing power for many of today’s voters than warts-and-all, human-thoroughly-human servants of the people – leaders with consciences that are actually bigger than their egos!

  9. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for the article. I think women portray themselves as ‘as easy meat’ when they agree to participate in sexually explicit scenes as they often do in Hollywood. Money of course is the attraction and to further their careers. Even the Australian darling of the big screen, Nicole Kidman, said at the time it was ‘necessary’ when she participated in such a scene in ‘Cold Mountain’. For a strong, decent woman and a talented actress It is NEVER ‘necessary’ to degrade herself. Why should these so called actresses be surprised then when they attract unwelcome attention from men who are certainly not gentlemen. Hollywood actively encourages men to look on ALL women as sluts and some men fall for it. You can’t give a blatant ‘çome on’ to these disgusting creatures and then dress up in black and whine about it expecting other women to feel sorry for them because I never will. I have never wanted to watch Oprah and never will and if the US stoops to have her as President they have sunk very low indeed.

  10. Just as hypocritical as these female performers was the reporting on the event, and how they reported on an unknown attention seeking Blanca Blanco who wore a red exhibitionist barely there outfit, pun intended. Even if the un-dress might be somewhat appropriate in some circumstances, although I cannot envisage what they might be, the supposed anti-sexual harassment theme of the event this year meant what she wore was inappropriate. Yet the reporting focused exclusively on the fact that she had broken ranks by wearing red. There has been comment on the inappropriateness and then scribblers for the SMH for example sprang to rebuff such criticism and in one such article they self censored the pictures of this performer so as to suggest what she wore was somewhat demure, the self censoring proving the point of the comments. The other red herring rolled out by the scribblers was the usual one that what a woman wears does not cause her to be sexually harassed nor does it excuse the act. True, but irrelevant because sexual exhibitionism degrades the spiritual atmosphere and thus contributes to the forces which lead to other women being harassed.

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