More On the Melbourne Muslim Terror Attack

Islam and terrorism go together like, well, Islam and terrorism. While non-Muslims can commit acts of terror, and while not all Muslims are terrorists, we do know that the overwhelming majority of terrorist attacks since September 11 for example have been carried out by Muslims in the name of Islam.

But the ‘M’ and ‘I’ words are hardly ever mentioned as each new incident of this occurs. Indeed, our authorities and the mainstream media are often loath to use the ‘T’ word as well. Usually, instead of speaking about terrorism, we hear about ‘lone-wolf attacks,’ those who are ‘mentally ill,’ and so on. The obfuscation, excuse-making, and cover-ups are getting to be as routine as the attacks themselves.

Yesterday’s attack in Melbourne by a Muslim terrorist – the most recent of a string of such attacks – was yet another good illustration of all this. Our secular left media outfits refuse to give us the whole story of what is happening. For example, I just looked at a lengthy online ABC article on the attack, and there was no mention of the I or M words.

Thankfully not all media outlets here are guilty of such cowardice and grovelling before the political ideology known as Islam. The Weekend Australian today had its front page devoted to this latest jihad attack, and the big, bold headline said this: “Violent Islam strikes Bourke St”.

Well done. Queensland MP George Christensen was right to say this: “Thank goodness one Aussie media outlet isn’t afraid to say it as it is. This is not violent extremism, mental illness, disaffected youth violence or some other politically correct term: it is radical, violent Islam, plain and simple. If you cannot identify your enemy or their ideology, you will never defeat them.”

Thank you Weekend Australian and thank you George. You offer us a breath of fresh air in a culture in which creeping sharia and stealth jihad are growing increasingly pervasive and untouchable. In my article on this attack yesterday I said I would offer updates:

Here then are some further developments concerning this horrific attack, both coming from the Daily Mail:

The brother of the knife-wielding Somali terrorist who stabbed three men, one fatally, in Melbourne’s inner-city has been revealed as an ‘ISIS sympathiser’ who allegedly planned to execute a major terrorist attack. Mohamed Khalif, also known as Hassan Shire, 31, was shot and killed by police after deliberately crashing a car filled with ‘barbecue-style gas bottles’ and rampaging through Melbourne’s Bourke Street with a long knife on Friday afternoon.

In a press conference, Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said Khalif was well known to counter-terrorism officials due to his relatives’ links to terror. Khalif’s 21-year-old brother, Ali Khalif Shire Ali, was arrested in November of 2017 in relation to a foiled terror attack in Federation Square, also in the heart of Melbourne. Police allegedly intercepted plans late last year to attack Melbourne’s cultural arts precinct on New Years Eve 2017.

And a more recent update:

A house linked to the Somali terrorist who stabbed a man to death and injured two others in Melbourne’ Bourke Street before being shot by police has been raided by counter-terrorism officers. Heavily-armed officers wearing tactical gear and masks swooped on the home in Werribee about 8am on Saturday as they continue to investigate Hassan Khalif Shire Ali’s attack.

The house is believed to be that of the lone wolf terrorist’s father, who also brought up Khalif’s brother Ali Khalif Shire Ali who allegedly plotted an attack on Melbourne’s Federation Square on New Year’s Eve. His family are inside the house and cooperating with authorities. Khalif’s wife, who police also believe to be radicalised, was missing on Friday night but has since been interviewed by police.

Also, Andrew Bolt has offered us a running list of other refugees who committed acts of Islamic jihad on Melbourne’s streets. And this is now becoming rather predictable:

Past terrorist attacks by Muslim refugees here:
-Somali-born Yacqub Khayre [in June, 2017] murdered a worker at a Melbourne apartment block, held a woman hostage and shot three police after telling Channel 7: “This is for IS, this is for al-Qaeda.”
Before that:
-Farhad Jabour, an Iranian “refugee”, killed police accountant Curtis Cheng while shouting “Allah is the greatest”.
-Man Monis, an Iranian “refugee” and Islamist, staged the deadly Lindt cafe siege while professing support for the Islamic State.
-Numan Haider, an Afghan “refugee” and IS recruit, stabbed two police in Melbourne.
-Mohammad Ali Baryalei, an Afghan “refugee”, became a recruiter and fighter for IS.
-Saney Edow Aweys, a Somalian “refugee”, plotted to attack the Holsworthy Army base.

Not all of these cases were in Melbourne – the Man Monis attack was in Sydney. But this is becoming all too routine and commonplace. We let in Muslim refugees, they act out their Islamic faith, and we scratch our heads and wonder why we keep seeing all this carnage repeated.

Yesterday I quoted one legal expert who made the case for clamping down on this. I repeat part of what he said:

The problem is that we simply do not know who to trust amongst a religious group that largely despises our democracy, culture and laws, and that do not even accept the principle of religious tolerance and separation of powers. Although jihadists are not drawn exclusively from the first-generation Muslim immigrants, a large Muslim immigration to Australia invariably provides a larger recruiting ground for terrorists and other Islamist militants. Both the influx of asylum seekers from dysfunctional majority-Muslim countries and the constant influx of Muslim immigrants to Australia naturally exacerbate the threat of Islamic terrorism on our soil.

Surely our experience, and that over other Western countries, demonstrates that we need to rethink our immigration policies, and we need to start getting real about where the actual threats are coming from. Until we do, we will keep seeing more blood on our streets and keep wondering why so many innocent men, women and children must keep on being murdered – all to appease a violent religious ideology.

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  1. The jihadi was identified as ‘Mohamed Khalif’. (‘Khalif’ means “successor to Muhammad” – “the perfect man”)

    Police now identify the jihadi as ‘Hassan Khalif Shire Ali’.

    It is expected, in future, police are to identify the alleged perpetrator as ‘Harry Sutherland’.

  2. None of the PM TV news mentioned the “M” or “I” word. It was only when so saw his garb on reply and his long black beard to I suspect an Islamic connection, now confirmed in the WE oz.
    Any wonder we no longer believe the MSM- the fakenews sources.
    The Acosta assault on a public servant in the US is now being denied despite clear video evidence to the contrary.
    Things are escalating rapidly both here and in the US-be prepared for more deception and lies from the MSM.

  3. Like most Australians I am appalled at these acts of violence by Muslims in the name of Allah. Melbourne seems to lead the way with its African gang problems, Muslim attacks, and with the terrorist-alert siren operating in the CBD. Unfortunately I don’t see much good coming out of all this while we have Chairman Andrews running The Peoples Republic of Victoria. I ask the question, after viewing the news camera footage, why did the police officers stand by and let this fellow lunge at them repeatedly? Only after all this did one officer draw his gun! This Muslim should have been taken out the moment he rushed the policeman. Perhaps the PC police are now policing the real police. You can see the frustration of a bystander who rushed this terrorist with an empty shopping trolley.

  4. I agree with all that has been said but add that we ourselves need to look at our way of life that nong nongs like Malcolm Turnbull professed and that is that he expected that Muslims and all of us embrace the Australian way of life – and what is that?
    Does ’embrace’ include the murder of our unborn children under the guise of a woman’s right?
    Does ’embrace’ include the acceptance of homosexuality and bestiality under the guise of equality?
    Does ’embrace’ include adultery under the guise of divorce – what happened to ‘WHAT GOD HAS JOINED TOGETHER LET NO MAN PUT ASUNDER?
    Does ’embrace’ include dishonour to our parents under the guise of same sex parents?
    Islam deems Christianity and the West the Great Satan. In many ways, they are right and will never embrace the Australian way of life and nor should we.
    John Abbott

  5. @Bill This whole strange alliance between the Left and Islam still baffles me to this day.I don’t get why they want to import so many muslims to the point some countries are experience demographic changes.People claim that the left does it because muslims overwhemly vote left and it gives them votes and more power but do these leaders not realize that once muslims are the majority,not only will they be setting up islamic law but also the leaders will be the first to go?I still dont understand what the EU leaders and other western leaders goals are to this madness.

  6. A youtube video showing Birmingham’s ‘multi-cultural’ transformation – almost more Muslims than Brits live there – and some of the consequences. Perhaps we should add this to the national curriculum?!

  7. Thank you Bill, I wish the UK authorities would ‘get real’ too. Until they do things will continue as at present with much hand-wringing and no effective action taken. By the way, I am not a “white supremacist” or anything other than a rather tired retired Anglican Presbyter/Priest who rejoices in having found Bill’s thought out and backed up communications. May our God bless and keep you Bill.
    By the way has Westpac agreed with your self-identification or are they behaving like ‘dinosaurs’?

  8. Dear John Abbott, I don’t understand what you are saying, are you saying you don’t want migrants to assimilate? Isn’t assimilation basically the main aim of Christians and conservatives everywhere across the Western World?

    Dear Peter Foster, when you talk about African gangs please make sure you distinguish between Muslim Somalis and Christian South Sudanese and remember when any of our Brothers-in-Christ transgress we must first always seek to restore them before shunning them. [Galatians 6:1]

  9. Perhaps since they are so quick to label these terrorist as mentally ill we can extrapolate that Islam is a mental illness? Thus we need to build insane asylums for them to live in and find a cure that will eradicate this mental disease from the planet. Perhaps we should quarantine the whole middle east to prevent the spread of this illness and only let out those proven to be free of it such as christians and jews? if this is a mental illness, as the powers that be SEEM to want to believe, it is the most prolific one out there with 1.8 Billion people afflicted.

  10. Geoff; Perhaps we should encourage Bill to transition to the can of Dr Peppers that he has so long felt akin to. At least Westpac will then give him some recognition. Four weeks perhaps.

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