Life and Death in Melbourne

Two events that took place in Melbourne this afternoon make for a very real and marked contrast. The first has to do with Islamic terrorism again striking horror on our city streets. As I type this, blood is still to be cleaned up, and citizens are still reeling.

Yet another terror attack in Melbourne, again on Bourke Street. This is what we now know: A Somali man who had been known to ASIO and had known links to radical terror groups went on a killing spree late this afternoon in Melbourne’s central business district.

After his four-wheel drive was set alight on the street, he got out and started stabbing innocent bystanders. There were gas cylinders in his vehicle, which explained the various explosions. One person died from his knife wounds, and two others were wounded and are now in hospital.

Like so many others, I am closely following various updates on this. Here are some more recent developments. Police had opened fire on the attacker and he is now reported to have died in hospital. He received one or two shots to the chest.

As usual the media and the authorities are telling us they have no idea what his motive might be. Police at first had been saying this is not a terrorist attack! But a Muslim targeting infidels – well, that sounds like the religion of peace at work to me.

Indeed, the Age just reported this: “Police have been told by witnesses that the man was yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ at some stage.”

At the beginning of 2017 we had another attack in the Melbourne CBD, that one resulting in more deaths. The man involved also had Islamic connections but the authorities tried to minimise any such involvement. I wrote it up here:

And in December of 2017 we had another such attack, and more attempts to downplay any Islamic involvement:

Bear in mind that since September 11, 2001 we have had well over 38,000 deadly Islamic terror attacks around the world. In October there were over 150 such attacks resulting in almost 800 deaths.

But I mentioned that another incident took place, but this one involving life. Conjoined twins who had been in Melbourne for some weeks now were operated on this afternoon and successfully separated. One news report provides these details:

Conjoined twins Nima and Dawa have been successfully separated after surgery in Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital today. The head of paediatric surgery Dr Joe Crameri said it took two hours before the two girls from Bhutan could enter surgery.

About 18 medical staff, including doctors, nurses and anaesthetists, tended to the two 15-month-old girls during the six-hour surgery, where their shared organs had to be disentangled. He said the surgery had been successful, despite having to manage the expectations of the family and the public going in.

There you have it: great news in one Melbourne hospital but terrible news in other hospitals. In one place we have people working to preserve life, while on the city streets not far away some were seeking to take life in a most horrific fashion.

It is still early days yet as to the terror attack. I will post this article now, and add updates and supplements to it as they come to hand. Please pray for the twins, and pray for the victims, their families and their friends.


Perth law professor Augusto Zimmermann just released this statement which I am happy to share:


At least one person has been killed, and another two injured, after a Muslim terrorist went on a stabbing frenzy in Bourke Street, Melbourne, this afternoon.

The past four successful terrorist attacks on Australia’s soil have all been carried out by Muslim terrorists, some of them who successfully applied for refugee status before the Australian authorities. For instance, Islamic State’s most influential recruiter in Australia, Muhammad Ali Baryalei, is a Muslim refugee that the government allowed to stay in the country.

Australia has a population of approximately 24 million and around 500,000 of its people are Muslims. The number of Muslims has risen dramatically over the last thirty years. Over 300,000 of them use Arabic at home.

Needless to say, most Muslims are not terrorists but, unfortunately, all terrorists consider themselves to be faithful Muslims. While security measures are not specifically directed against the broader Muslim community, terrorists are, of course, drawn exclusively from this specific religious group.

The problem is that we simply do not know who to trust amongst a religious group that largely despises our democracy, culture and laws, and that do not even accept the principle of religious tolerance and separation of powers.

Although jihadists are not drawn exclusively from the first-generation Muslim immigrants, a large Muslim immigration to Australia invariably provides a larger recruiting ground for terrorists and other Islamist militants. Both the influx of asylum seekers from dysfunctional majority-Muslim countries and the constant influx of Muslim immigrants to Australia naturally exacerbate the threat of Islamic terrorism on our soil.

Curiously, however, the last electoral federal campaign coincided with a string of terror raids and major overseas terrorist attacks across the globe. At no point did our then Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, use his authority to make the case to fight against radical Islam.

Instead, our previous Prime Minister constantly expressed his utmost admiration for the Islamic religion. He would never utter the terms ‘Islam’ and ‘terrorism’ in the same breath, probably because he believes that Islam is not the source of the problem and that criticising the more troubling aspects of the Muslim religion can make the country less safe.

Here it is worth recalling the words of Sir Harry Gibbs, former Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia: “While it would be grossly offensive to modern standards for a state to discriminate against any of its own citizens on the grounds of race, a state is entitled to prevent the immigration of persons whose culture is such that they are unlikely readily to integrate into society, or at least to ensure that persons of that kind do not enter the country in such numbers that they will be likely to form a distinct and alien section of society, with the resulting problems that we have seen in the United Kingdom”.

I wholeheartedly agree with Sir Harry Gibbs. Indeed, if it becomes less and less likely that the actions of this faction within the Muslim community can hardly be prevented, then the most effective way to protect the basic rights of our people and reduce the risk of further terrorist attack is by tightening Australia’s immigration policy, which involves reducing (even to the point of virtually halting) any further inflow of Muslim migrants to this country.

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  1. Dear Bill,
    For the first time in about a year, I came back to Melbourne to look after my elderly parents. As my bus drove up Lonsdale Street towards the Gardens, I looked out the window seeing people going about their business, having a cuppa, a smoko, or just enjoying a stroll. Yet less than an hour later, their world was turned upside down once again.
    On Hoddle Street, amongst posters of Shaun Micalleff and other ‘comedians’ I saw the face of Daniel Andrews, and it drew shivers up my spine. Behind his angelic smile is the very evil of this world. And what happened today, and every single time in the recent past is blood on his hands. Victorians need to vote with their feet and houst this Satan out!
    Best regards,

  2. I just watched channel 7 news. They absolutely missed out any mention of Muslims or Islamic terrorists. We could guess that by his clothes. What a gutless news channel!

  3. Thankfully I’m in NSW and we have been fortunate but I believe we have a more righteous Government in NSW as against the socialist pro death Andrews government in Victoria. People may find this simplistic but I truly believe God provides protection for some form of righteousness not that we are is disturbing that polls appear to show that labor will again be returned in Victoria. I pray that this won’t happen as it is truly becoming a Godless State and Andrews is certainly not a righteous or a God fearing premier.
    My prayers for the families of those affected. Innocent people’s lives ruined by a crazed Muslim terrorist. How many more are there in Melbourne just waiting to kill innocents motivated by a Satanic inspired hateful could have been anyone of us.

  4. The Muslim Declaration of Peaceful Intent
    Renunciation of the Quran’s Violent Commands as not applicable for today, for Muslims to sign.
    “I (name)……………………………………… of (address)……………………………………. ……………………………..……………………….
    understand that there are commands in the Quran which compel Muslims to kill, behead, crucify or commit unprovoked violence against non-Muslims, Jews, Christians (9:29), atheists or apostates from Islam (4:89). I fully, completely, absolutely, unequivocally, 100% reject, and refuse to practice or teach any of these commands. I believe these commands from Allah are not applicable, not relevant and should not be practiced in any form in today’s world by anyone. I also reject the Quran’s commands for polygamy, taking slave-girls (4:3; 33:50) and wife-beating (4:34) as not to be practised or taught by anyone today.”



    Renunciation of Quran’s Violent Commands as not applicable for today. To be signed by Muslims.
    Benefits of this declaration:
    1. It defines and identifies in the minds of the community which Muslims are a threat to our security and which Muslims are not a threat. It is a screening mechanism between terror-endorsers and other Muslims. It screens radical from moderate Muslims.
    Moderate Muslims will sign it. Radical Muslims will not sign it.
    2. It defines who is the enemy. It allows us to prevent potential Muslim terror attacks.
    3. It draws a red line that will place the most extreme Leftists on our side.
    4. This cannot be argued against because all non-Muslims will admit that Muslims have no right to kill us.
    5. It can be applied to terrorists returning from overseas jihad in Syria and Iraq.
    It can be applied to prevent the construction of mosques, Muslim schools, madrassas, prayer halls, bookshops. If they lie and make a false declaration, then on the very first violation of this agreement, we have full legal justification to close down any violating institution, deport violators or remove their citizenship or remove their tax free status.
    6. It can be implemented in prisons, state schools and as a requirement for getting any government job.
    7. It can be advertised as a “Safe Community Program”, imitating the gay “Safe Schools Program”.
    8. There are 2 parts to this program:
    Part 1: Ask Muslims to sign this “Declaration of Peaceful Intent”.
    Part 2: If they refuse to sign it, require them to enter our “De-radicalization Program”.
    If they refuse or fail the program, then we have a clear justification to withdraw all their religious privileges due to their violation of the definition of a religion.
    9. This will greatly simplify the refugee screening program because it quickly reveals who is a terror supporter and who is a terror rejecter ready to easily assimilate into society as a productive person. It saves billions of dollars in building detention centres and incarcerating refugees who are of no threat to Australia.
    10. It is much cheaper to administer than wasting government money on Muslim-sponsored de-radicalization programs that don’t work.
    11. The declaration can be submitted to groups receiving Halal-certification money. If they won’t sign it, then this shows that they support jihad/terror and the government should remove their authority.

  5. Thanks Keith. Yes it might be worth a shot. But of course all devout Muslims believe that both Islam and the Koran are infallible, complete and have no need of being reformed or changed in any way. So to renounce violence – which is integral to both – is to renounce Islam itself. As I wrote elsewhere:

    Islam is considered to be a “perfect” religion. How can you reform that which is perfect? To argue for reform means you consider it to be less than perfect, something the Koran clearly warns against. So it is really difficult for a true Muslim to even consider reform. Reforming Islam is a contradiction in terms according to devout Muslims.

    We must nonetheless applaud and support those Muslim reformers. But I suspect their attempts at modernising and democratising Islam are doomed to fail. It may be better to persuade them that Islam itself is the problem, and that if they truly value such things as religious freedom, the rule of law, genuine democracy and treating all people equally, they really should consider leaving Islam altogether.

  6. Back in 1990 I made a speech in which I predicted the same sort of problems with Muslims we are having today:
    To cite the conclusions:
    With all this in mind, I feel I can confidently make the following statements about Muslim immigration:
    1. It is of no advantage to Australia. I’m not denying that the vast majority are productive citizens, but they aren’t contributing anything which immigrants from our traditional sources couldn’t provide. To put it bluntly, we don’t need Muslims.
    2. There can be no benefit in introducing a false religion. No, I don’t intend to defend my own religion. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Christian, an atheist, or something else; if you belong to the 97.4% who are not Muslims then, by definition, you have accepted that Islam is false. Diversity is not an advantage if it means introducing wrong ideas.
    3. To the extent that Muslims practise their religion, they are unable to fit into our way of life. Even the benign practices of Islam, such as rejecting certain foods, or praying five times a day, mean withdrawing from mainstream activities.
    4. The more Muslims we have, the more violence and antisocial activity. If only one in a thousand were extremists (however defined), then out of a population of 109,000 there would be 109 extremists. Out of a population of 640,000, there will be 640 – assuming, of course, that the proportion remains constant, and is not increased by group pressure. If there are a million Muslims present … well, do your own maths.

  7. Thank you Bill for contrasting what happened on the same day, in the same city.

    With satanic evil, a man uses a knife to terrorise and kill the innocent.

    With God given wisdom, a surgeon uses a knife to separate the most innocent.

    The Qur’an and Islam are both despicable.

  8. The Melbourne jihadist has now been identified as Mohamed. Obviously emulating his name-sake, the person Islam describes as the ‘perfect man’.

  9. Well said Malcolm
    Sadly the greens and labor parties have a mental blockage on these critical issues. Australia is heading into dangerous times . Sadly Europe is gone . Islam will control Europe within 12 years we cannot let that happen in the great south land of the Holy Spirit.
    God bless all readers, thankfully the NSW premier Gladys is serious arguing the case for less immigration into the State. A good start.

  10. Keith Piper’s Muslim Declaration would not work, unfortunately. It is a good idea but it has one fatal flaw. According to their scriptures Muslims are permitted to lie if it advances the cause of Islam. What a Muslim says and what a Muslim does can be two totally different things. What they will tell you in public can be opposite to what they talk about in private amongst themselves. Even if 90% signed the declaration it could be virtually useless in the long term. It wouldn’t mean much to them.
    So despite this can we possibly live in peace with the Muslims in our neighbourhood? Ask Asia Bibi that question. I have just finished reading her biography. Not only does it show how she endured the most appalling conditions in her solitary jail cell but it gives a detailed account of the situation that put her there. Her crime: “blasphemy”, her action: offering a cup of water to a Muslim fellow worker.
    Up until this point Mrs Bibi, a Christian woman in a majority Muslim village, got along quite well with all her neighbours. They respected her and she respected them and their Muslim faith. One day she went to harvest fruit in a Muslim neighbour’s field to earn money for her family. Because she was a Christian the supervisor gave her a larger bowl to fill than the Muslim women to get her pay. The day was hot and she dipped a bucket into the well and drank a few cups full of water from it. She offered the water to Muslim friend who wanted a drink too. The supervisor quickly stopped her claiming this action insulted Mohammed.
    The next day when Asia turned up to work again so did the rest of the village. They beat her and dragged her into the village to face Islamic justice. Why am I telling you all this? Up until the incident Asia got along well with all her Muslim friends and neighbours. How situations can change quickly. Due to the influence of this one nasty, militant Muslim woman the whole town turned against Asia Bibi and called for her death. We need to realize that Islam is not a religion of peace.

  11. Keith Piper – Haha, they will sign it happily. No different to the way they pretend to be Christians when they come to Australia, then get baptised and claim they cannot return for fear of attacks from Muslims in their old country. Gullible churches eagerly help them. When the dust settles and they get their Australian status, they promptly continue being happy Muslims fighting for Allah in the land of the infidels.
    It’s called Taqiya – lying for Allah.
    (This information from a reliable source who works with true Muslim converts, and correlated with an Armenian Christian who grew up in Lahore who has worked in a Persian Christian church in Australia, made up entirely of Muslim converts)

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