More on the Melbourne Muslim Terror Attack

You will note that I used both the “M” word and the “T” word in my title – something that almost all of our authorities, leaders, politicians and police still refuse to do. As I said in my first piece on this horrible attack two days ago, there was plenty of evidence to suggest that Dimitrious Gargasoulas who drove his car into a crowd of people was a Muslim.

Before proceeding, let me point out the latest tragic news about this attack: we now have a fifth victim: a three-month-old baby. There may well be more deaths in the coming days due to this deliberate and atrocious attack on innocent men, women and children in a busy Melbourne shopping area. We need to keep the grieving families and loved ones in our prayers.

melb 5Since the initial attack on Friday afternoon there is even more evidence about who this guy is and what he believes. But from day one I and others were already compiling the growing list of indications of Islam at work. Those included:

-the allegation that he shouted “Allahu Akhbar” as he was wildly driving his car
-his burning of a Bible just before the attack
-his own claim on his own FB page where he said: “I am actually greek islamic Kurdish”
-his rants on his FB pages about he and God dealing with the “dogs” – dogs of course are considered to be unclean in Islam, and the term is often used of the infidels
-his deliberate targeting of people with a vehicle, a by now quite common and bloody MO of IS

Yet for simply offering this data and asking relevant questions, I and others were attacked mercilessly. We were accused of being Islamophobic, of being fear-mongers, of stirring up trouble, of stereotyping people, etc, etc. And on top of this, the police had insisted almost immediately after the attack that this had nothing to do with terrorism.

In my first article I asked why this so often seems to be the case. All the evidence seems to indicate an act of terror, and an Islamic act of terror at that, yet the authorities insist from the very outset that this just cannot be the case. Why the desire to protect one political ideology, even though it puts so many people at risk?

And since my first report, we are now learning even more about the attacker. As one news report states:

Dimitrious Gargasoulas, 26, ranted about the Illuminati, called unbelievers ‘dogs’, and vowed to ‘have god’s laws re-instated’ in the weeks before the attack that killed four people. ‘I declare war on tyranny today, you dogs will have the option to either believe in me and his positive energy he offers and stay faithful to me or serve the one who enslaves you at his feet,’ he wrote on Facebook on Monday.
‘I offer freedom no work no bills just that we all keep faith and believe in the one god, the one higher being for the good and protect the energy that he gives with your heart. God bless everyone in the world it is about to change xoxo.’
He claimed to be ‘Greek Islamic Kurdish’ and a follower of Yazdanism, the native religion of the Kurds before the arrival of Islam, also know as the ‘cult of Angels’. ‘I know exactly how to take you DOGS down the power of knowing has revealed and I shall have GODS laws re-instated,’ he wrote last Saturday.

But one of the clearest pieces of evidence now comes from a close friend of his. The article continues:

A close friend said Gargasoulas’ rantings were driven by heavy use of the drug ice, and that he had recently converted to Islam. ‘He was a great guy but ice destroyed him. Then he converted to Muslim and changed very quickly. For over a month he’s been on edge,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

There you have it. Unless his close friend is a liar, or the media is just making this claim up out of thin air, we now have the smoking gun: he was a convert to Islam and this helped to push him over the edge. It is not the only factor of course, but as his close friend said, it was a significant factor indeed.

Undoubtedly we will learn even more about this guy in the upcoming days, and learn more about the Islam connection. In the meantime, I wonder if any of my critics will now relent and repent. For two days I have been attacked and hated on by all sorts of people for suggesting that the car terrorist may have been a Muslim.

Now we know that he was indeed a convert to Islam, and he had declared war on the infidels. So will any of my critics be apologising to me? Will they admit that they got things wrong in their zeal to defend Islam at all costs? I won’t be holding my breath on this.

Once again, let me make clear what I have been saying all along. Am I saying that Islam alone is the cause of this latest attack? No I am not. Am I saying his drug problems had nothing to do with this? No I am not. Yes we had known all along about his drug issues.

But it is not as if we should be forced to choose here, and insist that either he was drug-affected or Islam-affected. It is clear that he was greatly impacted by both. The truth is, ice makes everything worse. And the truth is, Islam makes everything worse.

They are both dangerous drugs. Neither should ever be given a free run in the West, and both need to be closely examined, monitored and assessed for the harm that they may cause. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all of the terror attacks around the world over the past few decades have been committed by Muslims.

Our leaders, politicians and security forces need to decide whose side they are on here. Is the defence and protection of innocent citizens their top priority, or is a politically correct and dangerous fixation on exonerating Islam at all costs their number one priority?

I think many ordinary Australians and Westerners already know the answer to that question.

Oh, and one final thought here:

After a growing amount of evidence to the contrary, the dhimmi dunces are still saying this about the Melbourne car terrorist: “It is absolutely certain this had nothing to do with Islam”.
What would these folks say:
-If a guy killed five people while shouting “Praise Jesus”, as countless others had done;
-If he burned a Koran just before the attack;
-If he claimed to be Christian;
-If his close friend said he was a recent convert to Christianity;
-If he spoke about killing non-Christians, etc.
They sure would not make every excuse in the book for him. If a Christian did this with only a fraction of the evidence, he would be considered to be guilty as charged by these folks. I sure tire of the double standards here.

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  1. Please keep revealing the truth, that we live in a dangerous time, when truth is hidden behind what amounts to lies, under the guise of being “politically correct” Truth is truth!!!!! and must be told.

  2. Thank you Bill for sharing the truth. I appreciate the fact that it’s important to be given the whole story of the events surrounding this horrible tragedy and what were the influences that would have caused this man to commit such an horrendous crime which will effect families for the rest of their lives.

  3. Thank you Bill for labelling this what it truly is, a “Muslim Terror Attack”. I just wish our leaders had the strength of character to straight talk as well as you. Why the initial announcement is always a flat denial of I, or M, or T, is beyond me, surely if they don’t yet know they could answer along the lines of, “we are looking at all possibilities……….”.

  4. We are of the same ilk Bill. See my thread on Political forum. Islam has replaced Communism.

  5. well bill. once again, like you always do, your talking total crap

  6. Thanks Michelle – another intelligent, articulate, logical, well-reasoned, fact-filled and evidence-based contribution to my website! Such comments usually go straight into the trash can of course, but every once in a while it is worth posting them as they so very nicely illustrate a truth I have long stated: the other side is not very good at actually arguing and making a case, but they are terrific at throwing mud, hurling abuse, and resorting to ad hominem attacks. So thanks for offering a sterling example of this.

  7. Well said Bill and shame on the MSM who seem to believe that appeasement offers a peaceful future. The spirits of our courageous ancestors who won our freedom with their blood must be in anguish over our failure to honour their sacrifice.

  8. Thanks for revealing the truth about the facts of this terror attack, Bill. It’s hard to have much confidence in what the authorities tell us when they deliberately obfuscate the truth, especially when it’s related to Islamic terrorism!

  9. Michelle:
    A capital W for well….
    A capital B for Bill (it’s a persons name)….
    A capital O for once (beginning of a sentence)….
    The word is ‘you’re’ a shortened form of ‘you are’….
    Finish it all off with (your choice) either exclamation mark or full stop!
    All with the aide of spell check I presume?
    Bill, I think we can eliminate the intelligent and articulate right off the bat!
    Great article as always Bill! You hit the Islamic nail right on its Koranic head!

  10. From my work as a nurse in psych wards, I observed that drugs such as ice tend to exacerbate existing psychiatric conditions and make patients more open to deception and religious mania (not to be confused with conservative Christianity). I have often seen such patients influenced by demonic activity. Once, for example, I entered the psych ward of a major Melbourne hospital, and one or more patients immediately burst out with exclamations such as “We know who YOU are! Stop tormenting us!” Takes me back to New Testament times, and helps us understand the powers that are behind Islam and similar ideologies. Not every condition can be treated with medication.

  11. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for publishing these facts about this heartless murderer. As Ann says such people can be influenced by demons. Also, shame on our leaders for trying to hide these facts. I am sorry you have been hounded for revealing the truth on your website. Please take good care of yourself. I will pray for your safety.

  12. My heart goes out again to people who have lost loved ones. Again we have members of the establishment like here in Briton who let young girls be raped and molested for over 12 years so not to disturb the peace. What I wish to know is, what peace?

  13. Great article, and I discovered new things about this case which I am glad to know about. Thanks very much and sorry to hear that ignorant people were criticising your views about islam. we desperately need more people to wake up and become far more aware of the despicable nature of islam. There are so many australians who are blind to the dangers and are also clueless in regard to how muslim migration has severely affected the lives of ordinary Europeans. It never ceases to amaze me how many people rely solely on the nightly news to find out what is going in the world. the media not only in Australia, but in Europe also limit and minimise the truth about islamic violence (unless its about ISIS).

  14. OK, evidence is now accumulating that this was another Islamic-driven terrorist attack on innocent people.

    My first reaction to the videos we saw was that this was far more erratic and less purposeful than the common examples of Islamic terrorism.

    There have been past examples of drug-induced craziness – mothers and fathers (or more usually, “boyfriends”) killing children, or going on violent rampages with cars or other stuff.

    So I wasn’t ready to instantly ascribe this to the most common cause of terrorism. However, as more evidence emerges, I have changed my understanding.

  15. Thank you for publishing the plain truth. It would be great if our politicians (aside from Hanson) were also as truthful.

  16. Maybe it is not so much a direct plot by Islamists?

    Maybe it is Islamists targeting mentally ill people for ‘conversion’ and egging them on to commit mass murder?

  17. Thank you, Bill, for the revelations in the face of official denials. A comment and a question:

    Comment: when the authorities are so zealous to cover up the truth about this outrage, the State govt. is guilty of abdicating its primary responsibility to protect its citizens and keep the community safe. What I fear now is a growing mood of resentment against a government which point blank refuses to do this, and makes all manner of mealy-mouthed excuses, which could in the end lead to armed revolt against both the government and the Muslim community. I am not, of course, advocating this, but merely making the observation that there will come a point when people’s patience will run out.
    As regards the Federal govt. this attempt to hide the truth and protect traitors in our ranks is nothing short of TREASON. This is what we face across the board: treasonous Muslims who seek to overthrow our government and legal system and replace it with a sharia constitution; a treasonous government which panders to these minority elements in our community and meanwhile refuses to protect its rank and file citizenry. Branding the official response this way may sound harsh and unduly alarmist, but I firmly believe it, and I am not the only one.

    Question: where has the opposition come from, which you mention above? Have the police requested/demanded that you take down these posts on the terror incident? Has there been any official pressure brought to bear on you in this regard. If there has it is high time to tell the authorities to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. No more of the lies of political correctness.

    In my high school days we were taught “Clear Thinking” (shows you how old I am!), and one axiom was this:
    That half-truth is that Muslims are moderate and what we saw in Melbourne is just an extremist. The untruth is that this had “absolutely nothing to do with Islam”.

  18. Thanks Murray. Most of the opposition I speak of was directed at me in various places: here, the social media, etc. But there was at least one case (which I mentioned in my first article on this) of the police telling a HS journalist to take down a video she had of a guy claiming the driver was screaming “Allahu Akbar”.

  19. It is really a great service to this generation you are fulfilling Bill. The hard and tragic facts have to be reasonably set forward without inciting riot. This it seems to me is what the police cannot do but ought to be able to do. The media are under orders also for the same reason – fear of the public becoming vigilantistic. They muddy the murky waters of this horror scene/s by being guided by humanist philosophy and not the word of the truth God has given to us which is freely available to all citizens in the Scriptures. The OT prophets saw the judgments coming upon all the nations including Gods’ chosen people. In Isaiah 1 the counsel of God is that the nation is being wounded and is full of welts and wounds but is not being healed because all, from the top of society to the lowest are determined to shut their ears to the prophetic word which calls them back to the revealed will of God. Are not these tragedies wounds upon us? What must we do? But there will be a host of Aussies indulging their natural lusts in the varieties of ways also ‘freely’ available to us all – instead of having the necessary change in our thinking and seeking God in His Word and with faithful people that the nation may find grace to come back to God and “take the cup of salvation” as was urged the first time publicly in this land 3 Feb. 1788. God save Australia!

  20. I hear and see many terrorist activities going on throughout the world and Australia is starting to face it. While it is small step it happening again, because it will come to worse if you don’t stop it.

  21. Thank you Bill for your bringing the truth to light, for your speaking out from a sense of justice, as you have always been doing. I had been late to catch up on this hard-to-come-by article that you wrote. I’m infuriated that you have been harried (via abuse-hurling and ad hominem attacks) for revealing the truth about this horrendous terror attack, I’m sorry for that. My heart goes out to those victims’ families. We New Zealanders are lucky and blessed that such dreadful act of brutality hasn’t taken place over here yet, but it wouldn’t be so surprising to see the day come when the horror of terrorism visits us.

    There’s nothing I could do to support you other than praying for your safety in Australia and sharing your great writings with as many as possible the people whom I know. I’ve also penned an inferior piece on last year’s Christmas market Islamic terror attack in Berlin, wonder how could I share it with you.

    Please keep exposing the concealment and obfuscation by the politicians, the mainstream media, etc., whether they be related to Islamic terrorism, LGBT militancy, or anti-life anti-family despotism.

    Blessings to you and your family 5 days before the advent of our Chinese New Year (of the Rooster)
    Paul Au from across the ditch

  22. In the case of the Melbourne massacre where the perpetrator is identified at the scene why do the taxpayers of Australia have to foot the bill of his trial?
    The laws need to be changed for cases like this, where the perpetrator is identified beyond any doubt and in this case, at the scene.
    Why go through the aged process that was put into place long before the advent of CCTV and phone cameras.
    The procedure of full court proceedings involving lawyers for prosecution and defense becomes nothing more than a money making ritual for the Law Society and a waste of public funds.
    This man terrorized the general public, was seen killing people and identified beyond doubt even before being apprehended.
    A lawyer is not needed to prove or disprove if he is mentally ill or under the influence of drugs or of a religious cult.
    He is guilty of the act.
    The cost of court proceedings and the following time in incarceration will be borne by the taxpayer, along with the costs of the usual subsequent appeals in the future.
    Our laws do not even cover sentencing for acts of terrorism by mass killing in it’s full meaning. As this is a modern day phenomenon.
    Terror is a violent act against undefended peoples intended to terrorize or kill.
    The government cannot defend us along with it’s police forces from terrorism in any shape or form for now and for ever.
    Their resources to keep surveillance will expire due to costs.
    Give the people of Australia a referendum for the return of the death penalty.
    The Death Penalty should be mandatory for acts of terrorism and the planning of acts of terrorism to be used in the act of killing in any situation.

  23. Doesn’t matter how many saw him, his defence will be “the drugs”. He will be declared unfit to plead and put in a mental ward where he will be released into population again as soon as he is “better.” There will be no compensation for his criminal act because he has not been found guilty at a trial. That is how our lovely law courts act!

  24. Bill,
    Thanks for an excellent follow up to your original article. Another factor pointing to Islamic nature of the Melbourne attack (apologies if you mention it in your original article), is that it occurred on a Friday.. like so many of these attacks, including the callous and cold blooded murder of the Sydney policeman a few years ago.
    As the Conservative commentator, Mark Steyn has said, the decline of Christianity hasn’t led to a secular utopia, rather it has been replaced by an ideology – multiculturalism; and it’s clear that our politicians, leaders, even church leaders blithely kow tow to the ideology over the safety and well being of their citizens. Whether it’s the Rotherham or Cologne scandals, the San Bernadino shootings, the Lindt Cafe attack or any number of so called “honour killings” which occur across the globe, the primary concern of our Western leaders is to maintain the facade of Multiculturalism, in the face of ever-frequent attacks and the mounting death toll.

    Sadly, the state of the West reminds me so much of HG Wells’ classic, “The Time Machine”, where the future’s mankind had devolved into the subterranean Morlocks, and the surface-dwellers, the innocent, naive Eloi who seem to have the better of the trade-off. However the ‘twist’ in the tale is thst the Morlocks ‘harvest’ the Eloi like cattle. Unlike the Eloi we are good at grieving and ‘hash-tagging’ condolences after every attack (‘je suis Melbourne, perhaps?) but like the Eloi, our leaders soon return to buttressing the ideology of Multiculturalism, rather than the citizens they have sworn to serve and protect.

    BTW, Your reply to “Michelle” showed typical restraint and grace.. but I’m pleased that Peter Graham responded as he did!

    God bless you and allow you to contine your important work.

  25. Bill you’re an amazing bloke that has the courage to tell the Australian people what is really going on, instead of keeping us in the shadows and feeding us lies like our politicians and local/social news media outlets do. Keep strong and please don’t stop what you’re doing, you’re doing this for the poor souls, families and loved ones who have been effected by this heinous terrorist Muslim crime. And hopefully as a preservation of calming in the Australian community, people like you Bill will have the biggest influences of all. Telling the truth, and letting us think for ourselves. Thank you again

  26. Dear Bill,

    Sam makes an excellent point when he says that Islamists could be targeting the mentally ill and encouraging them to commit mass murder. Heaven knows with the ice epidemic mental illness is on the rise so there will be plenty of potential recruits.

    Also as Lucy says because he is mentally ill he will be considered unfit to plead and be let off when he is “better”.This process has already started with him being “too ill” to appear in court after being charged. In my opinion he was guilty the moment he indulged in his first dose of an illicit drug just as a drink driver who kills someone on the road was guilty the moment he stepped into a car with the intention of driving it. Anyone with an ounce of common sense should know that indulging in mind altering substances, whether it is alcohol or drugs, can lead to tragedy.

  27. “grieving families and loved ones in our prayers” – the last thing we need is more invocation for the intervention from another supernatural being. If you supernatural being had been doing her job then this guy wouldn’t have been able to commit his act of terror.

  28. Thanks Bill for exposing most of the media for its PC traitorous attitudes and actions many have towards Australia’s culture and Western Judao-Christian identity. and Nationalism.
    Below are my comment sent to one major news outlet. I doubt they will act on it:

    When will your national media outlets have the courage to expose the real truth behind the Burke Street attack in Melbourne, irrespective of the consequences for our coming Australia Day celebrations or the possible anti-Islamic backlash negativities which may follow. The TRUTH can’t be hidden forever, otherwise, when the shit hits the fan over it all, the media in general, the Victorian Police and Government may be splattered irrevocably, rarely to be trusted again. Any layman can easily expose much of it right now, from information already available from the killer’s own web site, plus limited exposure from the reluctant media, witnesses to the tragedy, Gargasoulas’s friends and videos of the actual tragedy on the web, despite the media blackout.

    When one close friend of his claims the killer converted recently to Islam and a marked change immediately was seen in his behavior; that mustn’t be ignored and could be quickly and easily authenticated by the police. On his Facebook page, Gargasoulas claimed to be of ‘Greek Islamic Kurdish’ in his new identity.and for the last few days, ranted about the “illuminati”, promising “heaven and hell is real”, and vowing to “have god’s laws reinstated”. (It’s to be hoped that follow-up investigation doesn’t by-pass much if the implications from all that.) His attack displayed all the hallmarks of copy-cat Islamic vehicle massacres in Europe. What we see as crazy rantings, are likely to be the result of radicalization from the web which all Islamists display after radicalization…a form of “Islamic insanity” in our logic. The only other contributing factor not yet available is the level of any drug concentration possibly found is his blood immediately after the attack. Surely one can one assume that any level was identified soon after, despite his injuries?

    Furthermore, his use of the term “dogs” in his facebook threats against us Infidels, (rather than “pigs” which Islam reserves for Jews) is for us to be on the receiving end of his violent plans, that also indicates his radical “Islamic” intentions. Ask why are police and authorities still ignoring his repeated comments just before the killing began?: His calls of ” Allahu Akbar”, the standard Islamic battle cry, (with its implications) were clearly heard. Also, why have they also ignored the fact that while driving and doing doughnuts in the car and steering with his left hand only, his right fist was clenched outside the car door to give the Islamic supremacy sign, (it was often inverted downwards as he hung on in tight right-hand turns), with his right index finger. Victorian police seems to have completely avoided making any relevant comments to avoid hinting at any Islamic connection. Thus a media blackout for more Islamic
    appeasement? As for the police making a “definitive” statement that the attack was not terrorist related. This displays a massive ignorance of the immediately available and follow-up evidence.

    Now Gargasoulas complains of being “unwell” to avoid having to appear in court. Is that refusal an easy way out which should never be allowed in any serious cases like this one? Maybe it’s another easy way for him also to show disrespect already, to our court system, because it’s well known that many Muslims and Islamic converts claim they respect only Allah’s laws and authority? His alleged use of “Ice” at the time or before-hand, should be no excuse any more than being a radicalized convert to Islam is. Both can contribute to the new “fundamentalist” mentality and insanity here as well as anywhere. To hide all of this from the Australian public smacks of totalitarian censorship.

    While many more facts will need to be known for a water-tight case against this killer, what is already known and relevant, should not have a media blackout put on it. It smacks of similar Islamic attitudes and actions towards curtailing free speech. All Australians deserve to know the available truth on the massacre now, and not be kept speculating on the extent of its Islamic roots.

  29. Thanks Chris. You speak about divine intervention but then complain that God did not do his job by intervening. So which do you prefer: a God that does intervene or a God that does not intervene? If the former, when should such intervention take place? Only when you decide it should? God by definition is a supreme being with all wisdom who does as he pleases for the good of all. You imply that when bad things are about to happen, God should always intervene. But have you ever done anything bad? Hated on someone? Lied to someone? Stolen something? And if you deny doing anything wrong, then your greatest sin is of course pride and self-deception.

    If God does indeed exist and is who he says he is, the really great act of evil is for the creature to shake his defiant fist at the Creator and seek to take his place as the rightful ruler of the universe. So by your understanding, God should have intervened already in your life to keep you from doing all these evil acts.

    And please tell us how God should have acted to ensure this “guy wouldn’t have been able to commit his act of terror”. Take away his free will? Strike him down with lightening? Keep him from being born in the first place? Force him to become a Christian? Do tell us how you would have preferred God to act.

    God of course is a gentleman and has given us the freedom to choose to love him or to spit in his face (as you appear to be doing). He did not make us to be robots to only do what he programmed us to do. I take it that this is a freedom you greatly value. Sorry, but you cannot have it both ways. If you value your independence and ability to say yes or no to things, including God, it does no good to complain about a God who will violate your freedom and intervene every time you do evil or plan to do evil.

  30. And there you have Apologetics in a nutshell. An excellent and thought-provoking answer, Bill. It seems there are many these days who would try to drag God down to their level (an impossibly arrogant exercise), but the Almighty God is, as Winkey Pratney once said, “made of different stuff”. We cannot treat Him as just one more fallible human being, but recognize that He alone is the Almighty, All Powerful, All Knowing and All Loving Creator of the universe. and our only appropriate response is to fall at His feet and worship Him.

  31. So… when *all* of the police forces in the West are entirely complicit with this continual charade, when do thinking people start joining the dots?

    When the UN and EU, centralised powers that supposedly are for peace and unification, who have structured their membership such that Muslim led countries, no matter how small, are invited to the table and get an equal vote, and all of the other nations involved (except Israel, and now possibly the US) are singing the same song; when the leaders of these western nations, commissioned with the protection and prosperity of their people, bizarrely open up their borders without limitation to aggressive hordes of young Muslim males, and then preach tolerance of mass raping and violence while footing welfare bills that stagger the mind for the invading hordes, when are thinking people going to join the dots?

    Do people really think this is all just casual coincidence, the stupidity of dumb politicians, political correctness gone wrong, or just the fault of aggressive US imperialism?

    The US showed in the 1st Gulf War (desert storm) which lasted a total of 42 days, just how much firepower they can bring to bear if they wish to (for the ends of those that stand to gain). Do you seriously think that they are unable to pinpoint and reduce ISIS et all to naught if the will was there?

    Simple question. Who stands to gain, and what?

    Seriously, it’s not that difficult.

  32. This animal is a self professed muslim and according to the Australian legal definition of terrorism he has committed a terror act so why are the authorities so reluctant to call it what it is. He may not belong to a known terrorist organisation but I don’t see that this is required for it to be what it is, a radical Islamist terrorist act of the most heinous kind.

  33. If it wasn’t so serious I would laugh. Dictator Dan said that the bail laws would be overhauled but we had to protect the presumption of innocence.

    If a bloke is caught in the act what innocence is there to presume?

    Dictator Dan, you are a total whacko!

  34. Thanks to all the Comments.

    The subject of treason permeates the entire discussion. I will shock and surprise everyone here by declaring that as a 60 year gay man in Melbourne, I am one of only three people I know who feel the same way about the threat from Islam. As is infuriated by this
    hideous phenomenon. Its pathetic.

    The entire LGBTI community are so narrowly focussed on their favoured subjects, that they cant even bring themselves to identify who really wants their (and mine) demise.

    On ABC TV Q&A some three years ago, a calmly spoken Muslim man on the panel was asked a very simple audience question.
    “Is it true that Islam and homosexuality are incapatiable?”.
    Incredibly the calm and immediate response was, “That is completely true”. At the panelist was totally honest.

    Now we come back to treason. If society members haven’t even got the courage to debate topics that affect their own safety or existence, then I view that as self inflicted treason against yourself and to the wider society. How do you expect the law to protect you, if you refuse to participate and name what the threat is?

    About 20 years ago, I gave up on the GLBTI (sorry the L bit come first) community, because I finally came to the conclusion that the majority of them were moral terrorists imposing whatever they wanted onto Australian society.

    I dont profess to know ultimately what is right or wrong with the key LGBTI crusades, because I believe there are always two sides to most arguments. Most arguments are not starkly black and white.

    I find more sanity and reason attending church over the past 12 years. And defending the Judaeo/ Christian underpinnings of our freedoms.

    I prefer to be “part of the community”, rather than “apart from the community”. Thats the real world to me, not to be cocooned into my tribal group.

    There is only one way to fix up this mess.
    Repeal 18C or maybe the whole Act. Then we can be free to ask any question we like.
    My core driver – I am against broad spectrum bullying, and not narrow case bullying, as seen with the safe schools agenda.

    Some belief systems are founded on oppressing and silencing and/or killing of dissenters. We need to confront such systems and demand their reformations, or removal from society, or at least remove all governmental supports to such systems.

    For about the past 8 years, I have been convinced we are living literally in the book and film LORD OF THE RINGS.

    Thank you.

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