Terrorism in Melbourne, Again

By now most people know that a 26-year-old man ran down innocent men, women and children with a car in downtown Melbourne. The only thing more shocking than this is the refusal by the authorities – once again – to admit to anything that might have to do with Islam or terrorism.

It is still early days yet but some of the facts of the attack are by now well known. There are around 20 injured and now four dead, with a baby fighting for life. However, the police keep insisting that this had absolutely nothing to do with terrorism. While we would like to hope that they are right, there are already some bits of evidence to suggest this may not be the case.

The man is James “Jimmy” Gargasoulas from the Melbourne suburb of Windsor. His FB page is still up under the name of Dimitrious Gargasoulas. It is not a very edifying page to look at, although it does speak about various things, including God. But from scanty news reports coming in, we know a few more things about him:

-At least one witness, an Italian man called Stefano, said he heard him saying “Allahu Akbar”. A video of Stefano saying this was put on twitter, but the woman (a Herald Sun journalist) who put it there said she was told by police to take it down. She said: “Police have asked me take down this video of man speaking to journos at scene. They’re concerned it makes ppl believe it was a terror event.” No terror involved?

-Various reports have noted what a violent fellow he is, and how he just recently burned a Bible. Hmmm, interesting. As one report says: “Mr Wilson said Mr Gargasoulas was a “nice kid”, but on Wednesday night he became violent. He said he came into his flat with a Bible, sat down and started burning it before throwing the burning book into his face.” So no religious motivation?

-On his own FB page he said this of himself: “I am actually greek islamic kurdish”. Nothing to do with Islam? Even when he admits to being Islamic?

melb 2As I mentioned, the attack is only about seven hours old at the time of this writing. He may have just been a very disturbed young man, without an ounce of religious motivation. That is always possible I guess. But I find it worrying that the authorities always seem to rush to deny any involvement with Islam or terrorism in so many of these incidents.

Yes sometimes there is no such involvement. But why do I and so many others suspect that you could have a guy by the name of Muhammad waving an IS flag, shouting “Allahu Akbar” during a major act of mayhem, and the authorities would still want to assure us it was not related to Islam or terrorism?

There has been a sad habit of things like this occurring here and elsewhere in the West. Recall the recent van firebomb attack in the nation’s capital. Very soon after the Canberra ACL van terror attack the authorities assured us it had nothing to do with terrorism. It has been crickets chirping ever since as to what was the motivation then.

Very soon after the Melbourne car terror attack the authorities assured us it had nothing to do with terrorism. Why are they, or how are they so very quick to tell us these things? As mentioned, not every shocking incident like this is Islam-related. But far too many are.

Since September 11, 2001 there have been 30,162 deadly Islamic terrorist attacks. But in the West our leaders and authorities bend over backwards to get us to believe that the “I” word and “T” word have no bearing on most of these attacks.

We will have to wait and see what the police say in the days ahead about Mr Gargasoulas. But sometimes it is what they do not say about folks like this that makes us all a bit worried. When political correctness or fear of offending certain minority groups puts us all at risk, then it is time to stop the PC nonsense and get back to protecting innocent men, women and children.


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  1. Thanks Bill. This has been helpfully compiled, and I have followed the story as it has unfolded, too. It is important for our society, and for the future decisions we make as a community, that the truth of this matter come to the foreground, and not be suppressed. As the present time, police have asked that the video of the witness, testifying to the ‘Allahu Akbar’ cries, be taken down. It remains to be seen what the reason is for requesting this. If it is merely a political, ideological directive of government, then further questions need to be asked. Our society warrants it. The sadness of the 4 deaths, and many injuries, demands that the truth- as best it can ever be known – be revealed.

  2. Thanks Bill for your analysis of this troubling event. Tragic loss of life, parents and families grieving. Praying for the injured and the families.

  3. Someone on BreitBart London news commented that the police in the West must be under some kind of instruction to act the way they do. It sure seems like it. Police everywhere are acting disgracefully when these attacks happen….it’s always NTDWI even before they’ve arrived on the scene. People can easily see now what’s going on.

  4. I am DISGUSTED with multiculturalism Sick of it. When will the govt ADMIT Islam is the problem?!

    Praying for the victims they are in God’s hands. Leaders have to repent!!

  5. Bill I saw at Bare Naked Islam a post on this which included quotes on social media from this offender declaring his faith in Islam. He was also known to police. I feel so heavy hearted over this wicked crime. Not just for the victims who’s lives have been cut short, not just for those injured and probable some with life long injuries. But I am so sad at the ‘dark code of silence’ from those who should be shedding light on truth and fixing the root cause of this but instead are guaranteeing the downfall of the greatest civilization the world has known. Can you hear Hosea’s words echoing over this generation….”My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.” Did you know that this individual allegedly preceded this attack with a stabbing in a suburb somewhere but very little is said about this.

  6. The ramming of the car into the crowd, the way it was done in Paris, and other cities in the world, immediately flashes the thought – that this ramming was a ‘copycat’ act of terrorism, which is promoted by Islamic terrorists. The shouts of “Allahu Akhbar” is a dead give away. And it is utterly scandalous perversion of justice when the police is removing the video in which a man talks about hearing the terrorist say “Allahu Akhbar”. This is a glaring evidence of the terrorism – inspired by ISLAM. Why is the police – on which the citizens are relying for protection – are instead covering up for the obvious terrorists’s crime? By doing this, the police encourages more crimes of terrorism against innocent people.

  7. On his facebook page I found this post by Dimitrious Gargasoulas “yazdanism google it wikapeida and that is who i am i am not greek tongan i am actually greek islamic kurdish ANGEL OF CULT i promise and hold alot of answers”

    I’d like answers from the Police, they are hiding the extent of the Apex gang crimes and now they are being evasive about this attack.

  8. Even when Terror events are proven to be Islam related, the authorities rush to assure us that it might have been Islamic extremists, but this has nothing to do with the Muslim religion. Yeah? Read the Koran and come back and tell me you still believe this hogwash.

  9. It would appear that we can no longer rely on the Police or Government to protect the Australian Citizens as they are in denial. Where do we go from here??????

  10. Yes thanks Bill – assumed he must have when I first saw the comments floating around. A comment was posted by someone else suggesting thiis one with the incriminating comment wasn’t his ‘real’ page – but will let the Police work that out. I’m sure it will all come out in due course. Terror is terror in my book whatever his ideological slant: so sad. But you can’t blame people for making the connection when it has all the hallmarks. Thanks again.

  11. There’s no ‘Friends’ at all on that other FB page Bill – quite strange – but that may be why someone said its not his ‘real’ page and that isn’t necessarily so of course – just an observation.

  12. I wish to note for the record that the lunatic’s name WASN’T Herschel Goldberg or John Smith.. just sayin…

  13. It is blatantly obvious that this was a terrorist act, what is in question is whether it was Islamic or not. After authorities argue black is white by denying it was terrorism, they have something of credibility issue when we are not allowed to question whether it was Islamic?

  14. Yes, this dark silence and distortion of reality by news-media and the cover up by police and government authorities is a huge issue in Europe and the United States. Where the mainstream media and gov authorities are rapidly losing credibility, particularly in the U.S. Which is why Trump tweets, and has openly called mainstream media such as CNN, NBC and other outlets “fake media”. Like me and millions of others he looks to alternative media, such as Alex Jones’ infowars; Next News Network etc.

  15. (Please withhold my surname)
    This really hit a raw nerve for me as I work only a couple of blocks from the mall. Even in front of our building there were people lying on the ground surrounded by police and/or paramedics. I couldn’t say if any of those I saw are now or were deceased.

    It’s very surreal as I had only walked up Bourke St mall the day prior. I don’t know whether it was the Holy Spirit warning me or just my own paranoia, but I have often felt very weary of some of a particular belief system whilst walking along there.

    I just pray that the true motive of this very disturbed individual becomes apparent to all when he faces the judicial system and that the mainstream media covers it.

  16. At least 2 years ago the “experts” on anti-terrorism in Australia got together and decided that Islamic terrorists wanted publicity, the worse the better!
    They decided to deny this by refusing to call it terrorism or laying blame (credit) to Islam.
    There is some merit it this but it is good that we still have freedom of Religion (speech) and are able to talk freely about the attack and the real reason behind it. We all know that prayer and faith in Jesus Christ is the only answer to combat terror and bring peace! I pray peace into the lives of those directly and indirectly affected by this incident in Melbourne.

  17. Thanks guys. And as many of us have suggested all along, he WAS a Muslim – he was a recent convert to Islam. Ice and Islam is a bad combination:

    “A close friend told said Gargasoulas’ rantings were driven by heavy use of the drug ice, and that he had recently converted to Islam. ‘He was a great guy but ice destroyed him. Then he converted to Muslim and changed very quickly. For over a month he’s been on edge,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.”


  18. I’m withholding opinion on this until more comes out. Okay, so he was a Muslim or has been influenced by Islam. That seems clear enough. But I consider a “terrorist attack” to be one where the intention was to instil terror to make a political point, as opposed to someone simply going on a violent rampage, and it seems to me that the latter is more likely in this case. Recent planned Islamic terrorist attacks have been by trucks (although someone will probably cite use of a car to prove me wrong), so it seems to me (at this stage) that this is more likely a spur of the moment thing by a disturbed individual (possibly under the influence of ICE and/or Islam), rather than an planned or intended terrorist attack.

    I agree that politicians and the police seem far to ready to invoke NTDWI (thanks Chris!), but we also need to be careful to not jump to the wrong conclusions either. Bill here has laid out some evidence in support of it being a terrorist attack without going as far as claiming that definitely (although he next post he’s more definite), which I support, but I’m not yet convinced that calling it a terrorist attack is warranted.

  19. Totally agree Bill.
    There is something frightening and disturbing about Victorian police claiming this event as “not an act of terror”. Sydney Lindt Cafe killer killed less people so why would this horror event in Melbourne with 5 dead and many injured not be defined an act of terror.

    How many people must die before Authorities incl GOVTS then assess an event as an act of terror. Very Bizarre!!

    ACL Canberra HQ Bombing – Also not terror related? There is a sickening trend here. Time for the taxpayer funded Police to have a reality check.

  20. No doubt you are right Bill—that the people directly affected by the violence care about semantic debates. But we are not those people. Terrorism is, in my understanding, distinct from acts of violence such as the Hoddle Street shootings, the Queen Street massacre, the Port Arthur massacre, and so on. Terrorism is something else again, and from what I’ve seen so far, this tragedy in Bourke Street doesn’t qualify.

    Philip B, I never did hear a good reason why the ACL bombing, presumably not random and apparently planned, was not ideologically driven, so I don’t accept the police claim that the incident “was not politically, religiously or ideologically motivated”. However, I’m still not sure that it should be classified as “terrorism”.

    Also, I accept the Lindt Café attack was a terrorist act, but don’t accept that the number killed has any relevance to whether or not something is a terrorist attack.

  21. Hi Philip
    Points taken.
    Key issue for me is the ineptitude of the Victorian Police. If they can’t stop a car how the hell could they stop a loaded fuel tanker or 3 trucks headed from north , east and west into the heart of the city with drivers deliberately focused on killing people.
    Not a chance. The Police really need to take a very close review of their procedures. Highly inadequate and woeful at present.
    This event highlights a gaping hole that must be filled. It also shows the rubbish Premier you have in Victoria.
    Really failed the State.

  22. On his facebook page we learn:
    He is a self identified Greek Islamic Kurd.
    He hates homosexuals with a violent passion.
    He made numerous religious motivated threats.
    He calls unbelievers dogs.

    A friend of his confirmed that he recently converted to Islam and the combination of his conversion to Islam and drugs had drastically changed him.

    Now his actions:
    1-2 days before his attck, he stormed into a church and interrupted the service with rants about the comming end of the world.
    He stabbed his gay brother after an argument over his brothers sexuality.
    He burned a Bible and threw it at his neighbour then stole his red commodore.
    He kidnapped his pregnant Sudanese girlfriend.
    Then eventually released her after heavy Police pursuit (Police then backed off the chase).
    He eventually arrived in the cbd doing circle work and screaming out the window with Police helicopter above and 5 or more Police cars in near proximity but taking no action to stop him.
    One witness (an Italian man) claimed he heard him playing Arabic music and shouting Allah Akbar he claims that an Egyptian woman next to him said she heard him shout Allah Akbar also.
    Another witness said he shouted f#*k the world.
    Another witness said he heard him mention Armageddon.
    Then an unmarked Police car tentatively moved to intercept his circling, which seemed to set him on the crazed attack.
    Given the Police mishandling of this event, little wonder they said this was not terrorism while the man was still lying on the street (before they had interviewed him and asked him why did he do it).

    Note, his method of attack was an islamic terrorist copycat. Not really sure how this is not a terrorist attack. We have a muslim who made frightening threats online then carried out those threats by randomly killing innocent people using islamic terrorists main weapon of choice (a car) when they don’t have access to a bomb or guns.

    I am bewildered that there is not more public questioning of Police definitive statement of not Terrorism so quickly.

  23. Spot on Paul.
    One would hope this insane “non pursuit ” strategy by VIC Police was canned ASAP. 5 dead people clearly prove this procedure is a joke.

    My sympathies to all those dear relatives and parents who have to face the future without their precious children.

    Should never be allowed to happen again.
    A complete failure by police and Victorian security specialists .Did we learn anything from the Nice incident. Apparently NOT.

  24. It is called ‘suppressing the truth’. People do not want to face the facts. One reason being that it is very difficult to know how then to respond, to such facts, without offending many people associated with, belonging to Islam.

    If it is admitted that this is a problem, the taking of any action would need to be most judicious, most wise, and extremely carefully undertaken.

    Far easier to address our large, difficult drug problem, and difficult mental health issues than to address the very difficult problems associated with the presence and power of Islam. It really is.

  25. Hey Bill,

    Can you give me a source for this data please:
    Since September 11, 2001 there have been 30,162 deadly Islamic terrorist attacks.

  26. I live in Melbourne and the Victorian state Labour government and police are a joke. The public are not stupid and don’t for a minute believe that this wasn’t an Islamic terror attack. And now again in December 2017 we have another van attack that is being denied as terror related. We also have marauding African gangs of youths assaulting people on St Kilda beach, smashing up suburban streets after a party (Werribee), carjackings galore, armed robbery of jewellery stores…… very rarely if ever is anyone arrested. Pathetic

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