Let’s Get Real About Islamic Terrorism

Face it folks: we have a Muslim problem. We have an Islam problem. And the problem is not with “extremists” but with the religion itself. The religion commands its followers to kill the infidel. Its founder led the way here, leaving all Muslims a perfect example of what they should do.

Most Western politicians and most of the Western media just do not get this. Indeed, they refuse to get this. They are apologists for Islam, and every time another Muslim goes on a jihadist rampage, killing innocent men, women and children, every excuse in the book is dragged out for them.

One of the most common excuses is to simply claim the killer was mentally ill. Hmm, so we have many thousands of Muslim attackers, and they are all mentally ill? Well, if Islam can only produce people who are mentally ill, then it seems we still have a massive problem with this political ideology.

On occasion however a few brave politicians and leaders get it right – or nearly right. Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison said this after the latest Melbourne jihad attack: “The greatest threat of religious extremism in this country is the radical and dangerous ideology of extremist Islam.”

And for saying this the lamestream media and Labor have attacked him big time. But he was simply speaking the truth – or most of it. It is not in fact a case of Muslim extremists committing acts of terror. It is the devout, loyal and true follower of Islam who does this.

Those Muslims who shrink back from killing infidels are the ones who are not the real deal. But all this I have detailed elsewhere. See here for example: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2008/11/21/jesus-muhammad-and-violence/

The simple truth is this: if a Christian kills in the name of Christ, he does so in total opposition to the life and teachings of Christ, and the entire New Testament. However, if a Muslim kills in the name of Allah, he has full justification to do so from the life and teachings of Muhammad, from the Koran, and from the hadith and sira.

Yet the clowns amongst us continue to make ludicrous excuses every time another Muslim sheds innocent blood. On the social media one fool actually said this about the Melbourne attack: “It wasn’t a terrorist attack, if you listen to the news report the guy was angry at the treatment of Muslims in Australia. If you wanna blame someone for this, blame yourselves.”

Good grief. Um no, I am not to blame for this attack. No one is to blame for this attack except the Somali migrant who committed the attack, and the repugnant ‘faith’ that encouraged him to do so. So yes, I sure will blame Hassan Khalif Shire Ali and the hate-filled ideology called Islam.

This is now my third article on this most recent of a string of jihad attacks on Australian soil. In my first piece I made the stark contrast between some surgeons wielding knives to save conjoined twins, and this Muslim who used a knife to kill people with: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2018/11/09/life-and-death-in-melbourne/

We now know the identity of the man killed by this devout Muslim. He is Sisto Malaspino who owned the famous coffee bar Pellegrini’s on Bourke Street. I have been there many times for great coffee, and likely chatted with the man. Now he is dead, thanks to the religion of peace.

The leftist Guardian, which can never bring itself to use the M or I words, and can barely offer the T word, said this:

The man killed in Melbourne’s Bourke Street attack has been identified as the owner of a well-known Italian restaurant in the city centre. Sisto Malaspina, who has run Bourke Street’s Pellegrini’s cafe since 1974, was fatally stabbed by Hassan Khalif Shire Ali on Friday afternoon in what is being treated as a terrorist attack. Pellegrini’s was closed on Saturday morning, as mourners gathered outside. A shrine was set up outside the cafe’s front doors.

While this leftwing rag cannot offer us the truth about the killer, others are much more willing to. On the social media, Sophie York, a Sydney candidate for the Australian Conservatives, reminded us of the glaring contrast between the Muslim murderer and his victim:

Never was there a more stark presentation of the difference between migrants to Australia in past generations, and migrants in more recent decades, than in this tragedy in Melbourne. One migrant, from the predominantly Catholic country of Italy (Sisto Malaspino, hard-working cafe owner, who came to Oz in the 1970s) who rushes to help a person whom he believes has been in a car crash. That’s simply the type of person Sisto is. The car-driver, in contrast, turns out to be Hassan Khalif Shire Ali, from a Muslim migrant family (from Somalia), who reportedly arrived here in the 1990s. By 2015, Hassan Khalif Shire Ali has his passport cancelled, because he wants to fight for Islamic State in Syria. Instead of gratitude towards the country that gave his family reprieve (from the hardship of life in Africa), and contribution towards Australia, there’s instead a 4WD full of gas-bottles & wild stabbing. And Australians get to gasp & cover their mouths, get to mourn a now-deceased much-loved cafe owner. And then there’s the poor people who have needed surgery after being attacked: brave retiree Rod Patterson & a security guard. What will it take, before serious lessons are learnt by Australian authorities, about ONLY allowing immigration of people with backgrounds which indicate a very high prospect of cultural assimilation and respect? Our immigration policy should not be a PC-driven game of chance! It is about facing up to the reality of the world, right now. Ezzit Raad (MCG plot), Abdul Nacer Benbrika (plots vs Aust – various); Amer Hadarra, Aimen Joud, Fadl Sayadi, Abdullah Merhi, Ahmed Raad (plots vs Aust – various); Saney Aweys, Nayef El Sayed, Yacqub Khayre, Abdirahman Ahmed and Wissam Mahmoud Fattal (Holsworthy plot); Abdul Numan Haider (attacked Melb police); Talal Alameddine (supplied gun for Curtis Cheng murder in Sydney), Farhad Mohammad (killed Curtis Cheng), Man Haron Monis (Lindt Cafe, Sydney), Hassan Khalif Shire Ali (yesterday in Melb) – this is an incomplete list. And sadly, the list keeps growing.

One can also mention the trolley hero: the man on the street who grabbed a shopping trolley and sought to resist the attacker who was giving the police a real run for their money. While most folks see him as a genuine hero, the police were a bit less enthusiastic about his actions:

Police have confirmed they have spoken to the man with a shopping trolley who rushed forward to subdue a knife-wielding attacker in Melbourne. Police Commissioner Graham Ashton said authorities had spoken to the heroic individual, dubbed, “trolley man”, but warned the public not to get involved in situations like the Bourke Street attack.

“Look, you just have to be a bit careful about — in that situation how close you do get — because he could have been injured himself,” Mr Ashton told Weekend Today on Saturday morning. “But certainly he was acting in the spur of the moment and looking to support the police. There was a number of people that did that and we are always grateful when the community are supporting our police members. Again, we just have to be careful in the way that we do that.”

Finally, let me refer to an article which just appeared discussing the scene in America. If we simply change a few words around it would be fully relevant to the situation in Australia. It is entitled “10 Questions About the Compatibility of Islam with America.”

Let me offer his ten points here, and show how vital it is for us to ask 10 questions about the compatibility of Islam with Australia:

10) Are Islam and Sharia Law compatible with American culture?
9) Does Islam threaten to destroy our system of law and our Constitution?
8) Are Islam and Sharia Law tolerant of other religions?
7) “When Muslims claim Islam is a religion of peace and love, are they lying to the non-Muslim world?”
6) Has there ever been a period in history fully characterized by peaceful co-existence between Muslims and non-Muslims?
5) Is Islam in the process of swallowing Europe?
4) Will Muslim immigrants assimilate?
3) What is the record of radical Islamic killings since 9/11?
2) Can there ever be a Muslim Martin Luther? Can Islam be reformed?
1) Does Islam belong in America? The companion question is, are Americans willing to take steps to neutralize the threat of Islam?

I encourage you to read his entire article. With blood on our city streets becoming more and more of a regular occurrence, we need to start getting real about Islam and the death cult that it is. If we do not, we will simply see more innocent victims of the religion of pieces.

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16 Replies to “Let’s Get Real About Islamic Terrorism”

  1. The blogger said ” “It wasn’t a terrorist attack, if you listen to the news report the guy was angry at the treatment of Muslims in Australia. If you wanna blame someone for this, blame yourselves.”
    So then the question is -why do Australians allegedly treat Muslims in Australia in a way to make this guy angry? Could it be that many in Australia are fed up with the soft glove treatment of immigrants from Islamic majority countries by the PC Law enforcement- the slap on the wrists of criminal perpetrators of crime merely because they come from Islamic majority countries . Could it be the unequal treatment of the legitimate citizens in Australia as opposed to “immigrants” who sought irregular passage to Australia, bypassing laws which everyone else seems to have to obey?
    Maybe that is why there’s a perceived threat to the law and order of this country, something which we elect each and every government to uphold, fairly and equally. Look to the reasons BEHIND the alleged “racism”.

  2. Prime Minister: Thank you for raising concern about Islamic terrorism.

    As for Dr Anne Ali, (and her attack of the PM’s statement, while trying to divert attention towards domestic violence) Islam is the only religion which supports / encourages both terrorism and wife beating, domestic violence.

  3. There are more Buddhists than Muslims in Australia, and one presumes they are just as prone to mental illness. But I have yet to hear of any mentally ill Buddhists running amok and killing people. In fact, by far the largest number of potentially mentally ill people would be of Christian or irreligious backgrounds, but for some reason they don’t seem to be running around killing people.

  4. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for having the courage to call a spade a spade.

    According to the Sunday Times the PM said something to the effect that people of all faiths could engage in violent acts but I don’t see any professed Christians running around committing terrorist acts do you?

    If they did they would be committing a sinful act as Christ said categorically ,even on his way to His crucifixion that violence was forbidden. Only an invincibly ignorant person could argue with that.

    As for beating their wives He forbid that too and said men must love their wives as their own flesh. He publicly elevated marriage by performing His first public miracle at the Marriage feast of Cana by turning water into wine when the wine had run out.

    He also forbid adultery and divorce.

    Compared to this the Quoran [a so called perfect book] allows Muslim men to beat their wives and take up to four wives so Dr Anne Ali is being counter productive by criticising the PM and diverting attention to domestic violence. I suppose its because most Muslims vote Labour.

  5. Treatment of Muslims in Australia? Let me tell you something, say, by analogy. My Greek parents, who immigrated to the Soviet Union after the World War II and later, in 1979, returned to Greece with their children and grandchildren, had not been treated friendly upon return to their land. In addition, they had to work extremely hard, doing, at times, three jobs, whilst sleeping in buses in between those jobs. Often, in a hostile atmosphere. Tough times. No social benefits. It took them more than 15 years to recover economically and bring up their children, still with respect to that country. It never even crossed their mind to steal, let alone cause havoc to strangers in the street, because they were treated with no respect. I guess Muslims in Australia are treated much better than my parents were treated in Greece during those difficult times. So, something tells me that there is something else to blame here, certainly not Australia. Thanks Bill for a good summary of what it is to blame.

  6. ScoMo came right out and said the I word and I noticed people commenting online were happy about his courage to say it how it is.

  7. Thanks Bill, you have told this story over and over but the message does not seem to be getting out to those in power, the media, or, it seems, to the public.
    Not the public that wants to say anything.

    The ten points are almost watertight in illustrating negative dimensions of Islam.
    The weakest is perhaps no. 6 “Has there ever been a period in history fully characterized by peaceful co-existence between Muslims and non-Muslims?” The answer to this depends on the definitions in the question. The writer indicates this by his language about the books he refers to.

    Number 2 “Can there ever be a Muslim Martin Luther? Can Islam be reformed?” This was given he best shot in his article by referring to a Muslim commentator who did not seem to be deceiving in his views. His conclusion on this is clear though that there is no foundation for a reformer to build on, resulting in a firm “no” to the question.

    Re Scott Morrison’s statement, “The greatest threat of religious extremism in this country is the radical and dangerous ideology of extremist Islam.” It is certainly difficult to find the proper words to express this idea. If he had used the phrase “radical Islam”, which can be seen as technically accurate, there are two problems in that “radical” is used already in the statement and it is used in a non-technical sense.

    I looked up the online dictionaries for “radical” and I was shocked that this word also has been hijacked out of its proper meaning by both the Cambridge and Oxford dictionaries.
    Most dictionaries refer properly to “radical” being the “root”. e.g. We can properly say that radical Islam is the Islam from its roots, Islam according to its authorities of the Quran and the Hadith. Radical Islam is not extreme, it is normal. “Extreme” Islam is in many cases normal and radical. NB “Normal” itself has been hijacked in a similar way.
    Oh the English language! perhaps we should be using Latin

    The Cambridge dictionary does not at all refer to “radical” as pertaining to the root.
    Perhaps I should look up “etymology”.
    The Oxford dictionary is not quite so remiss but also majors on current popular usage.

  8. Thank you Bill,
    You have clearly and concisely presented one of the major problems facing modern australia, the other is the Chinese takeover, and I continuously find it depressing that our ‘leaders’ fall into step with the apologists and fail to stand up for the Australian way of life that so many of our military personnel have died to protect – for us to enjoy and share with those who wish to live in peace and harmony. It is time the police were given more backing and allowed to deal with these ‘random’ attacks on our population and way of life.
    Can we not simply stop them from entering our country and remove those that show themselves against our democracy and way of life – bugger the do-gooders and simple minded fools who believe such people will accept our hand of friendship.
    Thanks mate 🙂

  9. Thanks again B. M. An assault on Police is an assault on those officers that would potentially risk all to save my family members and yours. An horrific spectacle to watch on the 7pm news. Can I gently remind readers that we lost 173 souls on Black Saturday fires alone. The green labor government of Vic. wanted The Kinglake National Park locked up. It was. The result was always going to be catastrophic. It was. The Green ideology kills also. 1788 is not long ago. We have much to learn.

  10. People are just so blind… had a short conversation about Islam yesterday and that lady tried to tell me she read the Koran and believes it’s a religion of peace…her mother supposedly had converted to Islam before she died… you really wonder… I’m actually speechless of how easily people fall for that stuff, can’t they put 1 and 1 together???

  11. Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s distinction between what she calls “Mecca Muslims” and “Medina Muslims” is applicable here: The former seek to advance the cause of Islam by persuasive argument and conciliatory approaches to unbelievers, while the latter adopt the militarist, revolutionary approach that Muhammad used as he came into power and prominence in Medina and the surrounding districts, using force and power politics to enforce the following of his teachings and an unquestioning acceptance of his political leadership.

    That “peace” conceived of in Islamic doctrine is a “peace” wrought by “submission” – the “paying of one’s dues” to Allah and Prophet Muhammad. Without the voluntary or forced submission to Islamic doctrine and the Prophet of Mecca, no real peace can be offered to non-Muslims by the Meccan religion.

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