The Cult of Violent Vegan Vigilantism

There is never a dull moment when you wake up each day and check out the morning news. When I looked at my news feed this morning it was filled with story after story about radical vegans causing mischief and mayhem all over Australia.

Out of nowhere it seems we now have an angry army of militant vegans who have become the latest outrage industry. It seems that they hate us meat-eaters and they ain’t gonna take it anymore. Consider just some of the recent headlines we are seeing about all this:

“Vegan vigilantes cause traffic chaos in Melbourne’s CBD and storm farms across Australia in co-ordinated events – as animal activists boast of the ‘largest protest the world has ever seen’.”

“Country cafe closes after ‘vile’ threats and harassment’ by vegan activists.”

“Commuter chaos as vegan activists block major roads in Melbourne.”

“‘Peaceful protest’ causes chaos in Melbourne, arrests continue in NSW and Victoria”

“Nine people arrested after allegedly chaining themselves to Goulburn abattoir.”

“Scott Morrison denounces ‘green criminals’ as vegan protests block Melbourne CBD.”

Some important questions arise here. First, where did all this come from? Up until recently no one heard a peep out of these guys, or even knew that they existed. Now they seem to be everywhere – or at least that is the impression they are trying to create.

Hmm, where have we seen this kind of thing before? We have many examples. One day no one was talking or even thinking about anything trans-related, the next day every other story in the world is about the trans revolution. One certainly has to ask questions about manufactured revolutions here. Who actually is behind all this, and who is funding all this?

Another question arises: there have always been vegetarians amongst us, before vegans were a thing. I was even one for a while, back in my hippy days. I thought that I could achieve some sort of spiritual enlightenment – as well as obtain some health benefits – by not eating meat.

But for those not in the know, let me offer a very brief contrast: vegetarians tend to eschew meat and fish, while the vegan goes further, refusing any food stuffs that come from animals. Thus eggs, milk, cheese, honey, along with any products such as wool or leather, are all rejected by vegans.

I guess you could say that back in my wild youth I was a pseudo vegan. I abstained from not just meat and fish, but avoided eggs, as a life was forfeited to enjoy such things. But I ate things like cheese and milk since no animal gave up its life in the process.

BTW, in case you are wondering, a religious conversion to a more orthodox faith brought an end to my year-and-a-half stint as a vegetarian. One of my first meals thereafter was a chicken dinner. But the point I am trying to make here is that I did not try to bully and intimidate everyone else into accepting my practices.

I did not seek to force others to give up meat. I did not even expect others to do so. This was my conviction at the time, and I was happy to tell others the reasons for my decision, but it never entered my mind that I had to compel others to embrace my lifestyle.

Indeed, I simply accommodated to my meat-eating surroundings. One quick example of this. Being a hippy and a vegetarian could be problematic at times. As any dope-smoker knows, you sure can get the munchies, so we would often run into a fast food place like Burger King (Australia’s Hungry Jacks). I would order a cheeseburger without the burger.

They charged me 17 cents for each one! I obviously became well known there as the staff started referring to it as a Muehlenberger. But I digress. As a hippy we were supposed to be into peace and love. So the idea that I could be militant about my vegetarianism was absurd.

I and others like me did our thing, and that was it. But no more it seems. Now we have activist groups seeking to force everyone else to embrace their ideology – or else. Hmm, isn’t this always how the radical left tends to act? My way or the highway.

It is not just that they have an alternative set of beliefs and practices, but they fully expect everyone else to completely embrace them. There is no room for compromise. There is not even any room for discussion and debate. We meaties WILL be made to conform, or the violence and intimidation will continue unabated.

And that is just what we are now witnessing. It is as if these people are offering us a new religion – a new sacred cause to become a part of. And that is exactly what they are doing. Many years ago I wrote some articles about how radical environmentalism is becoming a new religious movement.

As the West gets more and more secular, people are left with a vacuum, both in society and in their own lives. They still want something to live for, something to commit themselves to, a cause they can really believe in. They want some grand metanarrative to attach themselves to and become a disciple of.

So if it is not the God of the Bible that they bow down to, they simply create their own gods and bow down to them. They make up their own religion and serve it with as much zeal as any other true believer does. As I wrote in one of these articles I penned over two decades ago:

Robert Nisbet once remarked that environmentalism has become the third great redemptive movement in human history, following Christianity and Marxism. Indeed it already has its notions of sin, guilt and redemption, its sacred texts and venerated leaders. And like all false religions, radical environmentalism has its share of zealots….

As G.K. Chesterton once said, “The danger when men stop believing in God is not that they will believe in nothing, but that they will believe in anything.” Environmental zeal can match that of any religious zealot, often with harmful consequences. 

The Green Religion was certainly starting to take off when I was a radical counterculturalist in the late 60s and early 70s in America. It has now morphed into a full-tilt quasi-religion. It is now in fact a major cult. And like so many cults, it can be very dangerous indeed.

The Jonestown cult in Guyana resulted in the death of some 900 people. Many willingly drank the poisoned Kool-Aid. Today we have equally disturbing green cults that are also forcing us to drink the Kool-Aid. And if we don’t there will be hell to pay.

Forget about those poor lambs and cute bunnies they claim to be so concerned about. This is all part of the radical, militant left’s war on the West. And if it means shutting down traffic or shutting down businesses, well so be it. The end always justifies the means for these activists.

As Theodore Dalrymple rightly put it back in 2010:

Just as Leninists knew what was good for the proletariat, thereby conferring on themselves a gratifying providential role, so the environmentalists now know what is good for humanity and likewise confer on themselves a providential role. The beauty of preservation of the environment as a cause is that it is so large that it would justify almost any ends used to achieve it, for a living environment is the sine qua non of everything else. You can demonstrate and riot for the good of humanity to your heart’s content; your questions about what life is for are answered.

So now we have yet another obnoxious, intolerant, self-righteous, and militant cult to contend with. Good grief.

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  1. Violent leftists are the real enemy of decent Australia. Yet some how the MSM make out it’s the “right wing” that everyone needs to worry about. And then cuckservatives on the centre-right agree with them!

    Has the world gone mad?

  2. Today we are informed the latest ridiculous PC-compliant command for the RAAF Is: “Pilots must consider feminist theory before dropping bombs”.

    It will not be long before RAAF will also demand that, “Pilots must consider vegan theory before dropping bombs”.

  3. Bill, Servant to our Most High, your article today reminds me of the cult classic ‘Demolition Man’ with Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock 1993 and how foolish people are and scary also. It’s so true what your saying. We all have to conform to their insanity or be cursed and outcasts from society.

    Thank you for being a light in our dark, disturbing world. You are that voice crying in the wilderness to “Use Our God Given Brains.” : )

  4. Funny thing is these rabid environmentalists are usually militantly pro abortion. The only thing they don’t care about is their fellow human beings

  5. Yes quite right Michele. When and if these folks become just as concerned about the baby abattoirs, then I might start to pay some attention to them.

  6. Thanks Bill. Interesting how vegans are coming out of the woodwork en masse as you point out. At the same time the media releases stories of the last dairy farmers leaving the land. Lamb numbers have been dwindling for a long time. It reminds me of stories from the Soviet era where citizens had to line up from early in the morning to get one of the single brand of bread. Or more current horror stories of starvatiin rations in Venezuela where it was an ordinary prosperous country not so long ago. The most effective way that socialists/communists have found to control a people is to control their food. So back to the lawless left going after our farmers. I wonder if we got the right leader we could hammer back the left by issuing real jail terms and substantial fines. Oh and you dont get to pick and choose whats on the menu in the prison mess hall.

  7. Not saying at all that Soros-funding with his LEFT arm while the other LEFT arm is mowing the lawns to feed his minions… argh, this talk makes me hunger for a beef burger and some blood soup.

  8. Poor dears. They’re obviously suffering from anaemia due to their self-imposed vegan diet. What they need is a nice, meaty beef burger to calm them down 😉

  9. It is all part of the revolutionary strategy developed and practised by the communists and now adopted by the global Marxists. All these apparently unrelated protests are all whipped up by the the same revolutionaries. They must be enjoying watching how gullible people are and how easy it is for them to stir up trouble.

  10. One of the blockaded abbatoirs is in an area with an unemployment rate higher than the national average. How dare these activists attempt to threaten to deny the livelihoods of its employees.

  11. It is a question you pose Bill. Where is all this coming from? Someone is orchestrating this. Not that I read every news article but there doesn’t seem to be any names or leader or organiser mentioned. Who is behind this? It is very dangerous: 1) they are breaking the law and the law keepers don’t seem to be too concerned unfortunately and 2) eating only vegetable matter which includes fruits, nuts and seeds is one way to get very sick and unfortunately it affects the brain as we need the flesh meats along with the nutritious fats that coat the brain, to retain our sanity. I’m not saying we all need to eat lots of meat at all, and for some people red meats do not digest well and people don’t like it, but there is fish and chicken, eggs, cheeses, that bring essential nutrition. There doesn’t seem to be any reports on who they are, ages, are they employed or on benefit, are they Australians? and so on. They have money, lots of printed T shirts and expensive cars…. who organises them?

  12. Why don’t the farmers have a manure spray going when the “darling vegans” arrive, just turn it on and watch them run

  13. Part of the orchestrated campaign by the extreme leftists to create chaos and destroy our culture. They are succeeding. God help us.

  14. An article elsewhere about a ‘vegan soldier’ spoke of her crying over the animals and engaging in profanity laden rants over the humane slaughter of animals as cruel and unacceptable or somesuch. Oddly enough I suspect this ‘warrior’ would see nothing wrong with the brutal slaughter of the unborn. Where once extremists spoke of subhuman people it seems like extremists are now seeing all people as less than animals.

  15. I have eaten vegan food, with vegans, with the mandatory and obligatory lecture on meat being ‘murder.’ It usually involves a lecture of the need to be kind to ‘all sentient being’ on the planet/earth.
    The conversation always runs aground, when I bring up the subject of abortion and sentient beings in the womb. This then becomes ‘a woman’s choice’ and a no-go area for men!! Go figure??

  16. I bet not one of those concerned for ‘animal’ would have the slightest concern about aborted babies. I cooked my dad and brother chicken today. I will make this concession if they stand up for the life of the baby in the womb I will go vegetarian.

  17. A prayer to God: ‘You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in you’? (St. Augustine)
    These restless souls who seek desperately to find meaning in their Godless world find their spiritual rest in any cause which will fulfill their self-righteousness desires.
    Yet, even then, their cause lack rationality. Behind their demand to not eat animals is a direct result of Darwinism. According to them we are all animals and we should therefore not eat members of our own family. But what of nature being “red in tooth and claw”? Animals will kill and eat other animals- is that also wrong? Is it the killing or the eating they have a problem with? It’s my response vegans- would they kill a lion to stop it eating another animal or human?
    Or don’t they believe their religious doctrine of “survival of the fittest” where the weak of a species is the first to go to ensure the strengthening of the breed?
    Typical leftist causes- they all lack internal coherence and logical consistency.

  18. We could possibly solve the problem by having a 100m exclusion zone for vegans around all meat eaters. We could then have them take a leaf from the transgender people and tell them they just have to imagine no one is eating meat and it will be alright. We then need to enact laws so that no one says anything to spoil the vegan’s delusion that no one is eating meat and then the problems go away.

  19. Animals are subject to natural predators who don’t concern themselves with how brutally they go in for the kill. When we wipe out these predators we create problems for the environment and the balance of nature. Just imagine that if we decided not to cull Roos and wild goats there would be no veggies left for humans to eat. Cows, sheep and chickens would go wild and add further burden to our food supply. The sheep would fall over and die from the weight of their unshorn wool. Stupid is as stupid does.

  20. I have NEVER heard of someone ordering a cheeseburger minus the burger. You were once a very scary dude, Bill!

  21. “Muehlenberger” indeed. If I recall correctly, that’s the closest you’ve ever come to humour in your essays! ;-))

  22. It is a new religion, for sure. Nutrition and health have been hobby interests of mine for many years now, and watching the trends come and go, I notice a lot of religious language sneaking into the vernacular. For example, no matter whether you are eating vegan or paleo (that is a high meat diet, for those who haven’t heard of it), ‘clean’ and ‘unclean’ are regularly used to describe foods.
    I meet many Christians who are obsessed with diet in a similar manner, and I wonder if there is some sort of satisfaction of the ‘works-righteousness’ tendency that really gets a kick out of asceticism in food consumption? Just my ponderings.

    Recently I actually observed some militant vegans at the park when with my little children. They were on the work-out equipment, a young couple, wearing vegan t-shirts and using a sharpie to write vegan slogans on park signs etc. It was hard not to stare- I had heard of these humans, but never met any! So fascinating!

    Later on one of my sons came to me excitedly, having found a pair of bush-stone curlews asleep by the trees. We all gathered to tiptoe closer for a peep, when we were interrupted by the male vegan who, in the most comical manner that I cannot describe sufficiently, gave very concerned offers of assistance, believing us to have found animals in need of rescue.
    Despite reassurances to the contrary, the man continued to press his services, claiming to be ‘very experienced in animal rescue.’

    At the time I was focussed on being respectful, and not outrightly giggling at his intense manner, but afterward I immediately felt sorrowful over the lost opportunity in spurring him on to attempt to rescue the birds, just to see what happened. I suppose that would have been cruel to the poor creatures though…….just trying to nap and being set upon by a well-meaning vegan.

  23. I follow a vegan diet and have done so for about 10 years and I cannot understand where these radical types have come from. Its a diet for goodness sake! It suits me but I have no desire to force that on anyone else, in the same way as I would not expect anyone to force their ideas on me. I have discussions with none-vegan friends about the pros and cons but there is never a harsh word (but a lot of mickey taking both ways!)

  24. I’m starting to wonder whether a chemical imbalance in the brain leads to veganism, or if the veganism leads to the chemical imbalance, as there does seem to be a very strong correlation between veganism and irrational thought.

    Perhaps it’s both and therefore the adoption of veganism then leads to a mental spiral into insanity.

  25. Only recently found your articles and enjoy them immensely, nice to read somebody intelligent and sane.
    Keep up the good work.

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