Facebook Prisoner #9473782

Yes it was that dreaded message one usually expects every time one opens up Fascistbook: “This post goes against our Community Standards. It looks like something you posted doesn’t follow our Community Standards.” Yep, sure enough – another stint in FB prison. It is getting all rather routine of late.

It seems that I am a recidivist. I appear to be a repeat offender. Evidently I am an evil person who must be locked away for the good of society. My humble thoughts are so damaging and threatening that in order to maintain the secular left status quo, I must be made an example of.

I must be locked up. I must NOT be allowed to share truth on the social media. There is nothing worse it seems than to be an independent thinker who dares to offer contrarian points of view. In the name of diversity, all diverse posts will be pulled, and all diverse thinkers will be banned. Thanks FB.

Welcome to the brave new world of big brother, if I can conflate two dystopian novels. I suspect that neither Huxley nor Orwell would have known just how bad things would get, and how soon. They of course had the model of totalitarian communism in full view, and they sought to alert others to what might befall them if they were not careful and vigilant.

Well, they likely never dreamed that things like Facebook would come along and greatly assist in the efforts dreamed up in Brave New World and Nineteen Eighty-Four. The 1931 and 1949 novels both offered sober warnings of things to come, but even these prescient writers may not have seen how very rapidly and thoroughly things would turn so very ugly.

Here we have not the all-powerful and monopolistic State doing the repression and tyranny, but the all-powerful and monopolistic corporate business doing it. Sure, such businesses are often backed up by the coercive state, but this is a type of power that many would not have thought possible.

It certainly is Orwellian. Outfits such as Facebook, Twitter and Google and the like seem to know more about each and every one of us than any past dictatorship could have dreamed about. And if anyone dares to step out of line, punitive measures will summarily be taken.

Dissenters will be dealt with. We see this of course everywhere. The Israel Folau case is one massive example of how verboten thoughts and speech will be swiftly punished with no mercy shown. I have already penned four pieces on that sad saga.

And the ugly fallout of it still continues. Because some AFL footballers and Christians such as Gary Ablett have dared to support Folau, they too are under the totalist spotlight. They too are now considered to be public enemy number one, with their very careers at risk.

Similarly, even in the UK, athletes who had the gall to actually agree with Folau in public were hauled before the grand inquisitors. As but one example: “Billy Vunipola given formal warning by RFU over Israel Folau support.” The news piece opens:

Billy Vunipola has been issued with a formal warning by the Rugby Football Union for a homophobic comment made on his Instagram account last week. Vunipola was summoned to talks by the RFU to discuss a post that read, “Man was made for woman to pro create that was the goal no?” The England No 8 liked a social media post by the Australia full-back and fellow devout Christian Israel Folau, who stated that “hell awaits” for “homosexuals”. An RFU statement read: “Following a meeting between the RFU and Billy Vunipola, the Saracens forward has been issued with a formal warning under RFU rule 5.12 for conduct prejudicial to the interests of the union or the game.”

Wow and double wow. How dare this inhuman monster actually declare in public that male-female unions are somehow the way to go? Off with your head, you filthy bigot! How dare you bring such disrepute on the game and on society. We will teach these filthy scum to toe the line!

I have documented countless cases of such Big Brother repression in action. And the two biggest shibboleths in the West today are without question Islam and homosexuality. Dare to speak even the slightest word against these two monoliths, or dare to even ask a question, and you WILL be dealt with accordingly.

In the interests of tolerance, diversity, acceptance and love, you will suffer greatly for your insolence and your transgressions. End of story. There will be no room to move. There will be no compromise. All offenders will suffer the consequences.

And that brings me back to Fascistbook. I am beginning to lose count of how many times the thought police there have incarcerated me. I do know that some other folks have managed to get even more jail terms than I have. Some folks seem to have only a day or two on FB before they are right back in the slammer again.

But even more surprising is that some of my FB buddies have never been sin-binned at all! It clearly is time for these folks to lift their game. They need to step up here. They obviously have been far too timid and mousy. Speak now! Join the rebellion against the evil empire!

As to my particular sins, often I have no idea why the totalitarians have pulled me off their platform. Usually I am never told of my transgression. Like the Soviet show trials of old, most folks have no idea what they are being charged with. Straight off to the Gulag you go.

This time it did show the “offending” post. And it had appeared over a month ago! Good grief. It occurred just as the Christchurch shooting had taken place, and BEFORE anyone was talking about banning the killer’s manifesto. All that the post entailed was a pic of Tarrant along with these words:

“The powers that be seem intent on keeping you from reading Tarrant’s manifesto – it is being pulled down everywhere. Good thing I had a look at it earlier and quoted from it in my new article. I am sure some folks have saved the entire piece however.”

I did not quote a word from it. I did not provide a link to it. I merely said what had been readily available to read a few hours earlier was now being removed – for whatever reason. For daring to share that back then, I am now in FB Gulag for another lousy month.

Hmm, so it seems the censors at FB are now going after criminals like me retroactively. Now it seems that anything I have ever said or shared is fair game. Hmm, I might have once criticised FDR in the 40s. I may have mentioned Lenin in a negative light in the 30s once. I may have taken a dig at Marx in the 1800s. I guess they will find those remarks and ban me some more!

To which some folks might ask: why bother? Why stay on this totalitarian and censorious site? Well, as I have said before, it is part of my ministry. It is part of the way I can share truth in the public arena. It is part of how I share the gospel and other truth.

And some folks have gotten saved, many have been discipled, and many have had their eyes opened to various things. So it has been a fruitful ministry. It has done some good. Yes, I am also looking for alternatives, and a while back I did join MeWe, another social media site, but one which so far has shown no signs of emulating Stalinist Russia.

But I have only a fraction of the friends there that I do on FB, plus it seems to be a whole lot quieter with not a lot going on. So if possible I like to be on things like FB simply to share truth and give an alternative point of view on so many important issues.

Sure, some folks have given up in disgust and left it altogether. One FB buddy and expert on Islam, David Wood, has just pulled the plug. He was all rather gleeful when he did, as can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wt5sahmFU2k&feature=youtu.be

His 23-minute video is well worth watching – please do. He shares many of the same concerns that I have, and he is rightly incensed at the appalling censorship and bigotry of FB. He did well to document the many cases of FB tyranny. Have a watch – it is utterly shocking what he has been banned for!

I am not sure how many people have left FB, but we need a mass exodus to have any sort of impact. We need many folks to join other pages such as MeWe. Who will join me? Who will take a stand for free speech? Who is fed up with the militants at Fascist book destroying free speech and imposing draconian censorship?

It is time to take action now, before it is too late.

Oh, one more thing: If you are on Facebook, can you post a link to this article thanks? Or at least mention that I am in the FB slammer again for a month? For that matter, if you can link to all my new articles for the next 30 days that would be greatly appreciated. I will return the favour when you get sin-binned!

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  1. Hi Bill,
    Sorry you’ve run foul of Fascist Book again. As you say, it’s incredibly hypocritical, censoring and bullying. If only the Chinese or Russians could turn their hacking abilities to ridding the world of this toxic organisation. There would be additional benefits too, such as a reduction in child suicides due to the enormous emotional pressure this site puts kids under, and the country would suddenly gain millions of useful man-hours. Our young would no longer be so “time poor”!

    Hang in there and please keep up the good work Bill. Your site brings tremendous support and comfort to the many of us out in the real world, trying to contend with a world where common sense and decency have almost disappeared.

  2. We need to keep this issue front and center when we vote next month. Where do the majors stand on the issue of speech freedom?
    And don’t accept waffley answers. Be direct- eg. how will you deal with freedom of Christian witness which is being banned on social media?
    Even though we don’t have the protection of a First Amendment, we need to highlight the critical importance of its principles for without them, the rest of the political arguments are useless.

  3. This is what they did to David Wood too; they went after him retroactively, flagging posts from several years ago as going against their community standards.
    It looks like you’ve received the same treatment as him.

  4. Sorry to hear the bad news, Bill. We can still make a stand against evil, and for what is right in other ways. Copy and paste does well!

  5. But Bill, it’s free and always will be.
    Yes, the persecution has started. It’s all around us. Keep watching our Culture Bill, by God, we need you.

  6. Don’t worry Bill…..you have hundreds of friends/followers/fans who are all exceedingly grateful for your wise and enlightening words, and who are grimly determined to get your articles out there no matter how hard fascistbook tries to stop them.
    Persecution has always resulted in renewal …..hang in there, keep writing, we’ll get your articles out there!
    God bless you, Bill!
    Easter blessings!

  7. It’s an excuse, not a reason. They can’t ban what they really hate about you.
    Look what the Masters of the universe do to you on Google search:
    Put rational Wiki first result above you.

  8. Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen
    Nobody knows my sorrow
    Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen
    Glory, Hallelujah

    Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen
    Nobody knows but Jesus
    Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen
    Glory, Hallelujah

    Sometimes I’m up
    Sometimes I’m down
    Oh, yes, Lord
    Sometimes I’m almost to the ground
    Oh, yes, Lord

    Oh, nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen
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    Glory, Hallelujah

    Oh, every day to you I pray
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    For you to drive my sins away
    Oh, yes Lord

    Oh, nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen
    Nobody knows but Jesus
    Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen
    (Glory) glory Hallelujah (hallelujah) (Lord)

    Bill, I thought this would apply!

  9. Hey Bill. Obviously you missed the rapture and got “Left Behind.” After all, Joel Osteen guarantees you are supposed to have “Your Best Life Now!” You must be missing it with regard to your negative confession brother. Just remember, we are not supposed to suffer like our bretheren in the Middle East and other parts of the world who are getting persecuted for their faith. Those poor people never had access to a copy of Joel Osteen’s book and are now suffering the consequences. Joel gets along so well with the Facebook crowd that they never reprimanded him for a negative message like believing that marriage should be between a man and a woman. I think your problem revolves around your unwillingness to compromise on biblical truth. Like most celebrity Christian leaders in the spotlight today you need to start getting along with people and soften your message. Don’t you know love supersedes truth? At least that is what some “successful” Christian leaders promote. So – if you want to become popular and get on Christian television, you need to learn how the game is played. After all, it is just a business. As George Barna points out from his research on pastors, they know they are required to address the cultural issues from a biblical perspective but they are afraid of the consequences. After all, who will take care of them if they lose their church business and pension? Jesus? Bill, if you want to stay out of jail and become a celebrity Christian leader you need to be able to work with the pagans. Just think of the rewards here on earth in this life! After all, don’t you want to have “Your Best Life Now?”

  10. FB does not yet offer a “termination of life” solution for those whose posts it finds beyond the pale of its version of that sole survivor of Animal Farm’s Seven Commandments. Historically, the proclamation of the Cross has been the most offensive message to ever jangle the ears of our unhappy, fallen human race… Yet it is the only message which makes all one in Christ.

    4 I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God. They had not worshipped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years. 5 (The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were ended.) This is the first resurrection. 6 Blessed and holy are those who share in the first resurrection. The second death has no power over them, but they will be priests of God and of Christ and will reign with him for a thousand years. – From Revelation Chapter 20 [NIV]

  11. “I am not sure how many people have left FB, but we need a mass exodus to have any sort of impact. We need many folks to join other pages such as MeWe. Who will join me? Who will take a stand for free speech? Who is fed up with the militants at Fascist book destroying free speech and imposing draconian censorship? It is time to take action now before it is too late”.

    Well, given you ask Mr M… Facebook is dying it has been for a while I can link you to the data if you need it. FaceBook isn’t used hardly at all by those my age, that should tell you about its likely future (think of a church where every seat is filled, but every seat is filled by someone sixty plus!) that’s the positive; the negative is that Instagram has taken over and guess who owns that, yes, FascistBook. I would join you on a mass exit, but I was banned after only being on FascistBook for a short time. I think it was less than one school term; it would seem, Mr M, that not only am I a more comprehensive book holder than you, but I am so much naughtier too. In your defence, on the FascistBook side anyway, my banning was due to a boy making a sexual remark to me, and my dad subsequently banned me, since other boys didn’t come to my aid. I do not know what year my dad thought he was living in, but it wasn’t FascistBook who banned me as that boy was merely doing what the godless does after all.

    I do like your idea of a mass walkout, but mass walkouts require a mass, the mass requires unity of action, unity of action requires a leader. What we have in the church, present company excepted, are cowards, the reason it’s hard to see that is because the cowards actually do fight, it’s they help the bully fight, they always come down on the side of popularity, not on the side of truth and courage. There is no lack of faith in the church, there is, however, a lack of courage.

    I see things differently than you do, as my view of Christendom is from a completely different era and position. You, I feel want back something that was of value and worth: – Free speech. The freedom in proclaiming the gospel to the lost without being seen a monster. Some level of honesty and morality from the government, etc. etc. etc. I have never known those things I have only experience them from what you and others told me. You have known Christendom as the big fish in the pond; I have only known Christendom as the doormat. I have a clear view of everything that is wrong; you have a clear picture of everything that WAS right. I understand perfectly that what I am living in is godlessness. It isn’t strange to me you got a FascistBook ban; after all, you did blaspheme against cultural Marxism. You have perhaps confused people as having some sort of “goodness” within this ideology perhaps, (goodness that relates to good for goods own sake). The only thing stopping me doing evil, to obtain good, like ending abortion for instance, by any means necessary and I mean any means required, is that I believe God is watching me. I do not have a gram of goodness in me. I know, however, good, is that which burdens me from achieving my desired aims by any means necessary. My maker put enough goodness into me so-as when I see goodness I may recognise it. I fully understand that original sin wasn’t so much disobedience to God, but it was, when a bite of the apple, gave us the belief to say what is right and what is wrong without God (I and FascistBook) became as gods. How could FascistBook be Fascist when they are, god. Understanding godlessness and understanding we are knee deep in it, is key to understanding the insanity of the godless left, I should add, I was born into the secular sewer I am to swim in. Daddy, you are a wonderful Father and no daughter could ask for better, however, making a tiny Christendom called home isn’t, success it’s retreating to where our enemy will tolerate us!

    The solution, oddly, isn’t in your hands Mr M, it’s in mine and my peers, FascistBook may isolate you from me, but I am in daily contact with the next generation, and FascistBook can’t do anything about that other than try to silence my voice where they rule, (school) best of luck with that. Marxists, I am infected with what my dad and Mr M have. Trying to shut me up is futile, as my courage doesn’t come from the fact I want back that which was taken or what was good from the past. I want what The Watcher wants, and this is the ultimate insurmountable mountain you have to climb. Marxism is something I could desire, after all, it’s what a child lives under isn’t it, but it’s not about what I want, it’s about what The Watcher wants of me.

    Christians, YOU are being watched, and the watcher, FascistBook isn’t the watcher that should be concerning you, no, that FascistBook watcher is simply there to obscure your view of ‘The Watcher’ and that watcher is telling you, there is no beauty in art, where that art is found in godlessness. Beauty does not exist in godlessness, only in the godly. Beautiful art comes from your thought of The Watcher; godless art comes from the thoughts of the godless. There isn’t any justice in godlessness since every man is his own god who needs his lustful desires fulfilled, then, and only then, can you have yours. There isn’t any goodness in godlessness, as you should be aware. In godlessness, you finish up murdering your own by trying to achieve the good for yourself. 100’s of millions of adults and so many babies, that a figure can’t be put on it since numbers are being added at such a rate a value would always be well under-represented, and yes, I know FascistBook won’t let you tell others this, however, my response to you is why would you think they would. There can’t even be man and woman, girl or boy in godlessness, neither can there be right or wrong. This is where Christianity has led you too since you forgot you were being watched. You can’t have Christianity back; you already have it. What you do not have perhaps is the fear of, The Watcher, but you do have the FascistBook watcher. One watcher is thoroughly evil, and the other watcher is thoroughly good. At some point, God will give to the wicked their desires; we have to likewise give over to FascistBook their platform since it isn’t a vehicle we may use for good, but a vehicle where we can only be its useful fool.

    Time to all focus on The Watcher guys that includes you too, FascistBook.

    Rant over…

    I need to respond to your call for, action since action is what is required. I think maybe if we feel we can’t create a growing group of activists that I have suggested a number of times on here, and your reasons for not doing so Mr M didn’t fall on deaf ears, it fell on youthful optimism + the fact when daddy says I can’t do something, I take that as meaning I can’t do that thing that day, and we will have another discussion if I may tomorrow, yes I know it can be very annoying but very annoying sometimes works. It seems logically anything that requires a group of Christians, suffers the same problem as my group of Christian activists does. When you say what can we do that creates in my mind a group of do’ers which you seem to think would not materialise as Christians are not do’ers. I may be misunderstanding you perhaps. I only see two forms of action that could be taken that starts to address the problem.
    1. is my first suggestion which was start building a group of activists. This will be done in the end, but I do agree this may not be the time or the place.

    2. It would be really useful to have a point of contact for Christians who have been mistreated by social media, because they were Christians. Such a site that had just that data would be a powerful incentive not to mistreat Christians and if it wasn’t then the data would prove social media’s hatred of all things Christian. It could be expanded to anyone conservative too. This wouldn’t require a large group it would require a website where people could leave details of their “offence”.

    In our own way, we girls are making headway we use your articles as talking points, which has helped galvanise the weak and hesitant within the church, and we are presently just within the school are seeing one person a week show interest in things Christian. One girl, Alice is well on her way to committing to Christ. When she does, we have another to help along the way. We started the year just two of us; now we are five it could have been ten if we weren’t so dedicated to the new seekers. Its very time consuming, but what I have noticed is that it only takes the same effort to offer help to turn the 2 to 3 as it did to turn the 3 to 5 as the more we get, the more help we have.

    We depend on our church and outside help such as your articles and when Alice is strong enough she will be on here giving her opinion, and you guys will be expected to mould her with love into a child of God.

    If we had money, it wouldn’t help us at all since it just takes time and perseverance and the goodwill of our church and those like you Mr M. I always find it humbling when communicating with men and women of God as they have no idea what they have achieved in small part and big parts. We girls are the fruits of yours and others labours when you compliment us you are complimenting your own work often. I had a man on here the other day praising me; he had no idea his comments to me in the past help make me what he was praising. All that he had to understand is that I am his child as much as his own, once that is understood then investment in the young is much easier.

    I perhaps at such a time in your life where you have received yet another detention from the head of facebook, offer you comfort, given I am an expert in the receiving of detentions. God is in control whatever the head says is unimportant what is important is that it doesn’t get back to your dad, oh, sorry that’s what I recite to myself outside the heads office. God is in control and all that you have to do is proclaim Christ is Lord. If you are silenced God will find a path for your voice to be heard. your silencing wasn’t without its fruits for Christ, as this very article will have meant something important to someone out there who isn’t famous like you, but is comforted to know that even the godly have to sit outside the heads office or in your case in Facebook jail. I want you to know that God isn’t ignorant to your plight at this very moment he is working it to his glory.

    Sarah xx.

  12. Thanks again Sarah. When I look around at the world, I despair, but when I look to folks like you and your little band of merry (wo)men, I am filled with hope and confidence. Bless ya heaps toots. May God increase your tribe!

  13. Now, if I could only get my young padawan Sarah to stop penning book-length comments that far exceed the length of my articles! But of course she is in the running to be my capable successor. And at this point she may be the front-runner, although she might have to wait another 25 years before the grave finally catches up with me! Bless ya Sarah and Co!

  14. Sorry to hear you are in Gulag, again. Rissa and I will continue to get your blogs out there. Keep them coming, Bill. And before you know it, Rissa and I will keep you company in Gulag!!

  15. Bill, looks to me like you have a good number of folk who “get” you and understand you are being singled out as a dastardly, dangerous rebel. Sounds like a badge of honor by heaven’s eternal standards, and that’s all that really matters in the scheme of things.

    I hope Hector Falcon takes part of the responsibility for causing me to commit the sin of envy. His sarcasm and satirical commentary really nailed it, but good. (I am totally jealous). If you would but follow that appeasement wolf, Joel Osteen, surely you would stop being banned. Nevertheless, we consider ourselves blessed and appreciate that you don’t follow his conformity with the world.

    I’m beginning to think it would be best for you to post a “breaking news” report when you are NOT in FB gulag, as being banned has become a regular routine for the brown shirts at FB.

  16. Hear Hear!! You’re a Champion Sarah. But I think I almost pity the boy you end up marrying LOL. Life for him will certainly never be the same again. Pick a strong one – a warrior. God bless.

  17. Dear Bill thanks once again and yes I shared Dr David Wood’s withdrawal from FB. George Bernard Shaw’s quote about the young comes to mind from reading the above.
    One thing everyone needs and that is The Gospel of Jesus Christ. You Bill deliver on that, maybe not every time but enough. You also allow others to contribute so we see faith through differing eyes. I’m not on FB so it is here I need to read your information.
    Keep it up.
    Blessings to you for your perseverance.
    Mark Bryant

  18. One day they will ban your name from FaceBook. I stay on FB because my voice is needed there (like yours) – people need to hear the truth. When we stand before God we need to be able to say I tried to speak the truth in love.

  19. Hi Bill, Just found this link posted in a Group I belong to on FB, so it’s getting around. I’ve been trying to join MeWe but nothing happens when I click on the Join button. Think I must be due for another stint in FB jail also… said a lot of things 6+++ months or so ago which would definitely not be acceptable now, even tho they are only the truth. Imam Tawhidi has also just been banned for 30 days again, and is still receiving death threats from a ‘certain element’, so We of The Never Never are certainly under a sustained attack which will not become any less now. And Israel Folau is only copping what Margaret copped over a year ago for daring to have the same opinion… both being persecuted… where’s the support from the christian lobby??

  20. I’m reading all of this with interest. I didn’t know this existed. I’m a conservative and a Christian. I’ve left my email address and hope to follow you with interest.

  21. Shared your latest, extremely “hateful” piece! Now let’s see if I get tossed in there with ya Bill! Hang in there brother!

  22. >Mr Williams.
    I am searching for just such a man Mr Williams. Mr M has even searched the whole of Australia for me. There does seem a glimmer of hope in that area of the world in that a suitable man has been found, but as you would expect a man of such qualities is very sort after, he has options other than me sadly. I am, presently his third choice; he is checking out his first and second choices at the moment, which are Jillie and Daisy. The smart money is on Jillie as she has an affinity to bookcases, which would be a minimal requirement for even being on the list of potential wives. I, of course, do have an affinity to bookcases too, but my bookcases, unlike Mr M’s, have a book by the church fathers on, its the only copy, the Vatican has made numerous offers for it. I have a very rare book too on marriage by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones its the only surviving copy of this masterpiece. Plainly, Mr M is attempting to steal my masterpieces. Did you know in the circles I move in he is known by the name ‘The Book Thief’, he even went as far as trying to thieve the book out of the word- FaceBook, yes he serving a month for that crime at the moment. There are no lengths he will not go to to get his hands on my very comprehensive library, including kidnaping my future potential husband. A puppy has informed me that Jillie and Daisy could be taken out of the picture if my masterpieces were to find there way onto The Book Thief’s shelves. Then it would be just me in the race to win Mr Perfect, and my dad said if I could just keep my mouth shut until he puts the ring on my finger my dad can get his life back.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment on this very distressing matter.

    Sarah. xx

    Oh, bother, Katie, Alice and Molly are responding to Mr M’s post, I was going to have some fun with that.

    Nice to meet you, sir…

  23. Mr Muehlenberg, It makes my eyes tearful when you say nice things about us. Sar and the girls are such fun. I was bullied for a while and even people who do not bully can be mean. No one bullies me now they wouldn’t dare as they are terrified of Sarah. I don’t know why as she is tiny.
    I don’t think Facebook realise that you could be support for someone being bullied and they take you away and leave people like me without help. I think it is disgusting they remove the godly and leave the wicked. They should leave everyone to say what they want as there are people like you who would tell off people who were being horrible.
    thank you for being so kind Mr Muehlenberg because even adults are not always kind and caring.

  24. Hello Mr Muehlenberg,

    Sarah is practising for the day when she takes over from you Mr Muehlenberg. We gave her 80 seconds to formulate that 2000 word response to your article. We are trying to get it down to the requisite 60 seconds that Jillie and co achieve but unlike Jillie and co Sar is hampered with having only two paws:)

    So sorry to hear about your FB exclusion Mr Muehlenberg we were discussing how unfair it was today. Molly said we should point you to Matt 10:14 as it sums up what you should maybe consider doing.


    Katie & Alice.X

  25. Many thanks again young Sarah, young Molly, young Katie, and young Alice – and any other young ones. As to young Sarah’s continuous evil book-lustering, be assured that Jillie and Daisy are well-trained, ever-alert, and totally dedicated to me and my library. Any evil book thieves that get even close will be torn to pieces. Don’t let their big smiles and wagging tails fool you! As to young Molly, bless you heaps and keep standing strong. As to young Katie and Alice, while you are getting there, you should realise that my typical 2000-word piece takes approximately 58.6 seconds to produce. So you will need to lift your game somewhat. But as always, practice makes perfect. Bless you guys – we all love and admire you.

  26. Mr M,
    Giggles and waves of laughter from Gods girls.
    May the Lord bless you and keep your hands labouring for him.

  27. Bill,
    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg must really fancy you — after all, you send his censors reeling…!

  28. I don’t always see things in the light that you do, Bill. But I’m well-aware at all times that I could be way off-base in my thinking and understanding. So, it’s very helpful and most welcomed to read your perspective, as well as, that of your commentators. Many a time I have seen the flaw in my position and I value that. When we walk the walk alone as a single ember in the fireplace, we burn out. We need the other logs in the fire, (the body of true believers in the worldwide invisible church), for a more clear understanding, a Scriptural checks and balances sort of thing.

    My point being that, of course, not even all believers will see 100% eye-to-eye with you at all times, but that hardly means we don’t want to hear it or think you should be shut up. FB has become the tyrannical world police, the judge, jury, jailor, and eventually, at least in a figurative manner, the executioner of those who attempt to exercise their free speech, but don’t fit their PC mold. They have assumed the role of overlords, and to expect that will ever change is to wait in vain upon the tooth fairy to leave that whopping big quarter under your pillow when you’ve lost that cumbersome and unnecessary wisdom tooth.

    Those among us, the younger believers who have more technological savvy are our hope in figuring out how to get past the current guardians of the airwaves or whatever they call it these days. I’m a dinosaur, understanding little of how all this internet business works, but surely, there must be some of those “grandkids” you mention who can figure out how to circumvent FB, Google, etc., and keep the Truth going out there to the ends of the earth.

  29. from the left: Thou Shalt Not disobey Zucker of Borg! Resistance is futile! You will conform to The Collective and become one mind with us.
    Only when we all think the same thoughts are we truly independent beings. only when the government has total control over our lives and very existence are we truly free. Only when NO dissent is allowed can we truly be said to be a tolerant society. Government is Mother, Government is Father!

    (and Bill Clinton and Joe Biden are your Uncles) (and that rottweiler of wales is your aunt)

  30. “From the left: Thou Shalt Not disobey Zucker of Borg! Resistance is futile! You will conform to The Collective and become one mind with us”.
    “Only when we all think the same thoughts are we truly independent beings. only when the government has total control over our lives and very existence are we truly free. Only when NO dissent is allowed can we truly be said to be a tolerant society. Government is Mother, Government is Father! (and Bill Clinton and Joe Biden are your Uncles) (and that rottweiler of wales is your aunt)”

    I, nominate this the post of the year so far. Brilliant Mr Wilson. I will be stealing this and using it. Thank you kindly, sir.

  31. Sarah Clark and your mob – love you all! I see you gutsy young ones rejoicing together as you make another inroad into the cowardly world of the “older ones”. Love your hearts, love your guts, love your love of the TRUTH. His name is JESUS. God bless you all always.

  32. Hi Bill. Blessings! I greatly appreciate your thoughts, insights and courage in speaking out. Bullying people into submission to deny what is in their hearts (ie the things they sincerely believe) by shutting down free speech has never in history worked long term, so I guess we should encourage ourselves with that thought. More importantly GOD cannot be silenced and will not be mocked – one day ‘every knee will bow and every tongue confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD!!’ Persecution will awaken the sleeping giant (the church!) and it will grow stronger than ever before. And there will be a revolution one day as the ones who want tolerance, love, acceptance, equality etc., realise that the very things they want have been stolen from them by the denial of the freedom to question, freedom to think for themselves and freedom to express what is in their hearts. Sad really. You are in our prayers. Keep up the good fight. GOD bless, Cheryl

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