Big Business and Big Anti-Christian Bigotry

Increasingly Western corporations have declared war on Christianity. This has not always been the case, but with the radical homosexual and trans tsunami smashing everything in its path, big business today has basically rolled over and said yes to all their sordid demands.

Now all traces of Christianity must be obliterated, or made to submit to the hyper-sexual agendas. Christian values and beliefs can no longer be tolerated, and all staff and customers must bow before the rainbow militants. Those who refuse to do so will pay a heavy price.

All this means that Christians who are also conservatives need to readjust their thinking somewhat. Let me explain. There has traditionally been a fair amount of overlap between conservatism and Christianity. Of course the two are not identical, but there can be plenty of common ground between the two, much more so than between Christianity and leftism. That case I have sought to carefully make elsewhere, eg.,

And here:

And of course a big part of conservatism has been a belief in free markets as opposed to socialism. But often those arguing for the superiority of capitalism have also acknowledged that it must be more than a rugged laissez-faire economic system devoid of any moral or religious underpinnings.

Many fine proponents of the free market who also argued for such underpinnings could be cited here. Let me mention just a few authors and books:

Opitz, Edmund, Religion and Capitalism. Arlington House, 1970.
Novak, Michael, The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism. Simon & Schuster, 1982.
Richards, Jay, Money, Greed, and God. HarperOne, 2010.
Roepke, Wilhelm, A Humane Economy. Gateway, 1960.
Siroco, Robert, Defending the Free Market: The Moral Case for a Free Economy. Regnery, 2012.

Image of Money, Greed, and God 10th Anniversary Edition
Money, Greed, and God 10th Anniversary Edition by Richards, Jay (Author) Amazon logo

But that I have also spoken about in more detail, as in this piece:

Today however we have more and more corporations and big businesses which have run with a much more amoral, immoral, libertarian, maximise-profit-at-all-costs approach. As such morality and Christianity are often seen as obstacles, not allies. We see this in so many areas. For example, how many businesses are pushing pro-abortion or pro-Islam policies and actions?

But it is the sexual juggernaut that is certainly a major concern here. And many of you would have found further proof of this in today’s news. Consider this shocking headline: “Kmart photo printing kiosk bans Christian words in ‘software error’.” The article opens:

A ban on religious words such as “Jesus’’ and “church’’ at Kmart photo printing kiosks was yesterday blamed on a “software error’’. While users could caption their photos using terms such as “mosque’’, “Islam’’ and “Koran’’, words relating to Christianity such as “bible’’ were deemed to be “profanities’’ by the automatic kiosk system and replaced with asterisks on photo captions. The Daily Telegraph tested kiosks at several Kmart stores around Sydney yesterday and found the words “church” and “Jesus” were defined as “profanity” and censored by the system.

Yeah right – “software error”. Sorry, but I just ain’t buying it. Particular words would have had to have been deliberately entered in to get such an outcome. Kmart is simply backtracking big time because of a very quick and very loud public outcry.

But we have had countless examples of Big Business getting into bed with the hyper-radical sexual militants and siding against Christianity and morality. One recent article on all this said this: “In 2019, there are multiple companies, big and small, that champion LGBTQ equality hiring – and these places are hiring now! So whether you are an LGBTQ-identifying candidate or an ally that wants to work for an inclusive company, both in and out of the workplace, then you’ll want to send your resume to the following businesses.” It went on to list a number of big companies proudly on the homosexual bandwagon.

So where does this leave the Christian who also has conservative tendencies? Do we ditch the capitalism and latch onto socialism as if it is somehow more Christian? Um, no. Socialism impoverishes the masses and benefits only the elites. The free market, for all its faults, is still the best thing known to man to raise the masses out of poverty and help people have a better standard of living.

So a free market with a moral foundation is still worth supporting. But we need to see the bigger spiritual dimension to this as well. For example, many of the horrific warnings found in the book of Revelation about various tyrannies and persecutions are associated with economic and commercial activities.

Mystery Babylon and the like all have very real economic and cultural aspects to them. I have written about this before, as in this piece:

And here:

I urge you to read those pieces. It is the ungodly and immoral Babylon which is seducing the whole world that we have to be aware of and steadfastly resist. And this is not for the far distant future. It is happening now. When the homosexual head of Qantas Alan Joyce for example tells flyers they are not wanted if they do not support the rainbow agenda, this is serious stuff. As I said in the first piece above:

Wow, the ability to buy and sell is taken away from those who remain faithful to Christ and refuse to bow down and worship the demonic agendas of those opposed to God, morality and truth. Hmm, sounds exactly like what Joyce and others are talking about. This is real serious folks. When you get misotheists with this much power and influence making these sorts of ugly threats to all who reject their godless sodomite agenda, then you know things are getting really bad. It remains to be seen how all this pans out, but it sure is not looking good.

Indeed, it is only going to get much worse unless all Christians stand up and be counted here. And that will mean engaging on all levels. For example, godless, immoral and anti-Christian businesses need to be avoided and boycotted. Take your hard-earned cash elsewhere people.

And given that this is all ultimately a spiritual battle, we will also need to engage in spiritual warfare. Yes make a stink, tell others, give these sleazeball corporations the flick – but also pray like mad and intercede against all the powers of darkness that are behind these evil big businesses.

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14 Replies to “Big Business and Big Anti-Christian Bigotry”

  1. The tentacles of the LG…(whatever the latest acronym is, it changes weekly) have spread beyond the individual corporations. As a fulfilment of his prophecy “If you’re unhappy with a company that’s involved with the campaign you won’t be able to bank and you won’t be able to fly anywhere,” Mr Joyce has moved beyond telling you not to do business, with his company, but to a prevent you earning a livelihood if you don’t celebrate his lifestyle. Example being his forcing of QANTAS sponsored Wallaby international and lay preacher, Israel Falou out of even making a living from his chosen career. Your prophecy on Joyce’s words came true in less than 3 years. The metaphoric “mark” of the beast is here. It may not be the literal mark in the flesh, but just fail to reach the “mark” (social standard) of Babylon and you too will have your living taken from you. Denial of the livelihood of the Jews preceded the “final solution “ by 10 years. We need to act now otherwise it may just be too late.

  2. Hypocrisy is alive and well from Qantas Czar Alan Joyce. Like others, we joined Margaret Court in no longer flying Qantas after Joyce’s blatant attack on those with a conscience who advocated the “No” vote in 2017. He claimed to be against discrimination. Now he discriminates against anyone who doesn’t share his abhorrent agenda. Pity Qantas staff who don’t believe in what he’s imposing on them.
    Interestingly it’s been more than 12 months since “gay marriage was legalised. Only 7% of homosexual couples supposedly “chafing at the bit and contemplating suicide” have become married during that time; 93% didn’t. What a farce.

  3. Julian Hall. You are correct. Hypocrisy is alive and well from the Qantas Czar Alan Joyce.

    You can only play rugby under the ‘Joyce non-discrimination’ rules. Qantas staff are encouraged to ‘show their support’ for the ‘Joyce non-discrimination’ agenda. You are homophobic if you didn’t vote YES for the Joyce form of ‘marriage’. Qantas passengers were served on their flights, Joyce non-discrimination ‘Pride-Cookies’. Other passengers discovered they were flying in LGBTIQ rainbow painted Qantas jets. Joyce says, you will only be able to do business with those conforming with the ‘Joyce non-discrimination’ worldview.

    Joyce and his partner Shane Lloyd passionately fought for gay ‘marriage’ and as is the case for the other 93%, he has not bothered to get ‘married’.

    Peter Dutton said, “executives such as Alan Joyce at Qantas should “stick to their knitting” rather than using the company’s brand to advocate for political causes.”

  4. Quite so John and Julian. Joyce can waffle on and on all he likes about diversity and inclusion and tolerance, but he does not believe it for a moment. He will NOT run with Christian diversity, will not include them, and will not tolerate them. Indeed, he basically single-handedly forced Israel Folau to get the flick for daring to stand by his Christian beliefs. What a complete fraud and hypocrite.

  5. I’m so glad to see you making a distinction between Christianity and Conservatism, Bill. There seems to be a subtle drive not only in these corporations but even in Conservative circles to push for acceptance of LGBTQ agendas. These inroads need to be guarded against by not only judicious shopping but by getting back to biblical truth all round. What does the Bible say? Sadly there will be a lot of confused people even in the Christian Conservative circles if churches don’t speak out more of the Israel Folau style tough truths and Christians dust off the Bible and read it.

  6. Dear Bill, Once again your appeal for a boycott is imperative. Alas however as we have seen with the less ‘spiritual ‘ apeal to Buy Australian the feet do not walk in the door.
    I say regrettably your call to boycott will go unheeded. It must be aligned with suffering as the enthusiasm is only in the mind while reading.
    It is the same as the compassion felt for Australian Dairy farmers, Wool growers, Vegetable growers, Fruit growers, Fishermen and Manufacturers, it’s only alive until the survey is completed.
    One day the book will be opened and we all must give an account of all we have done or failed to do.
    Bless you for your efforts Bill.
    Mark Bryant

  7. Thanks Deanne. Yes I was going to add more to this article on that very matter. While corporations tend to fund all sorts of groups, they do help finance conservative groups and political parties, as both push a free market approach. But the problem is, these conservative groups getting this big business funding may tend to not rock the boat to keep the money coming in. So yes, they can compromise big time on things like homosexuality.

  8. Not just Qantas. Canberra ratepayers are conscripted to pay for, and celebrate, LGBTIQ.
    LGBTIQ rainbow buses.
    LGBTIQ rainbow traffic roundabout.
    LGBTIQ rainbow car number plates.
    LGBTIQ walk, don’t walk pedestrian signals.
    LGBTIQ rainbow flags on light poles.

  9. I can see at least two complications with the increasing adoption of the homofascist agenda by corporations. As consumers we frequently don’t know they support that agenda and if we do read about it we’ll likely forget quick enough. I can see several companies I use just in that graphic alone! Given the full list is likely far more extensive, is it even possible to avoid supporting the agenda? Alternatively, as prospective employees, is it even possible to find employment in your field if you hold Conservative and\or Christian values? Are we reaching the stage where you can either stay true to your identity and God, OR shop and work as you want, but not both?

  10. See 1 Corinthians 5:10. Boycotts are just cutting off one’s own nose to spite one’s face unless they are organised. From this passage, though, how many Christians are in churches that are compromising, with clergy wishing “Pride” people God speed on their way to hell?

  11. I suspect that list is basically of companies that trade in the USA.
    There are probably many more if we add Oz and Europe and UK.
    Of the list there are some that one can hardly avoid, i.e. without stopping the world and getting off, such as PayPal, Microsoft, Google, Visa, Mastercard.
    Others that are close but not essential to me are, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, and Target, Costco, SarahLee.
    How long will it be before Woolworths, Kmart, IGA, Arnotts, bread coys. and milk coys. boldly declare that they have joined the bandwagon?
    It seems that Sanitarium, and for Australia, Arnotts, have pulled back on the halal certification.
    So there is hope that protesting does work.
    I believe that we need to discern which companies are advertising that they are allowing the non-discrimination to happen, and which companies such as Qantas that are promoting or pushing the LGB…. agenda.
    By law, I believe the RFS in NSW has to be a “safe place” and an “equal opportunity employer” including for the LGB….. .
    I made a strong protest though when they suggested that uniformed members might like to be in the Sydney Madi Gras parade.
    I argued that the RFS should not have an opinion about LGB… issues, and therefore should not be encouraging members to participate.
    The replies showed that my protest was not appreciated.
    Another topic; There indeed needs to be a moral foundation for capitalism.
    It appears that many who protest about capitalism, do so because of the history of abuses by those without an acceptable standard of conscience.
    The promoted answer to this then is socialism, which it is hoped, will rid the world of those immoral abuses common to capitalism.
    It appears that many who protest about socialism, do so because of the history of abuses by those without an acceptable standard of conscience.
    The promoted answer to this then is capitalism, which it is hoped, will rid the world of those immoral abuses, common to socialism.
    As the moral foundation of our society drains away, many will become more desperate to find a solution to the symptoms of that reduction, but most are looking in the wrong places.
    The problem is the human problem, the problem of an ill informed conscience or an ignored conscience. Basically we can call it the sin problem.
    Capitalism is the “lesser evil” because it has the built in incentives of reward for effort.
    Socialism needs an additional moral incentive to ensure people are willing to work hard.
    In the face of the common chronic lack of that moral incentive, socialism resorts to force.
    The solution is not capitalism only, but a restoration of a moral foundation.
    The best example of such a foundation is the Judeo-Christian faith.

  12. The corporates have rolled over politically for a long time. It’s called “CSR” Corporate Social Responsibility or in accounting jargon “Triple Bottom Line” reporting.

    It began with enforced reporting on social equality stuff like feminist “reverse discrimination” quotas and then, as political donations became a big thing, the major boardrooms went entirely political.

    The Australian Society of CPAs and the medical profession (AMA) are the worst that I see, and no doubt others could say the same about engineering, science (climate change) and law (immigration advocacy).

  13. Thanks for this article, Bill.
    The picture with its heading “Companies with a 100% “pro-gay” rating by the Human Rights Campaign” includes both Apple and Microsoft — yet another reason to dump proprietary software, and use only free and open source alternatives, like Linux and BSD.

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