Teacher Kicks Student Out of Class For Saying Humans Need To Breathe Oxygen

Such are the times that we now live in that to simply proclaim pure, unadulterated facts in the classroom can result in you getting kicked out. To affirm what everyone has always known throughout human history has now become a very risky thing to do.

Today the classroom is among the worst places for facing the full wrath of the PC authorities for simply stating truth and repeating facts. Students now will never know if in stating what happens to be true they will be censored or disciplined for their efforts.

But this is happening more and more. Consider this doozy of a story coming out of Scotland. Poor Murray never knew what he got himself in for when he simply repeated a fact that has been universally accepted throughout human history. But it seems that as the West further dissolves into insanity this is now verboten.

Here is how the story goes:

A teacher in Scotland kicked a student out of his class after the student insisted that human beings need oxygen to survive. Video captured by the student on a smartphone shows the teacher lecturing the student outside the classroom for not being “inclusive.”

The brief video, filmed by a student named Murray and supplied by the Archbishop Cranmer Blog, shows the teacher becoming increasingly annoyed by Murray who calmly keeps insisting upon the fact that humans need to breathe. It is not known who the teacher is or what school this took place in.

“Why did you kick me out of class? It’s not very inclusive of you,” said Murray. “I’m sorry, but what you were saying is not very inclusive,” said Murray’s teacher, “and this is an inclusive school.” Murray then asked why what he said was not inclusive. “Not everyone needs oxygen,” answered the teacher. “That’s your opinion,” insisted Murray.

“That is my opinion and that is an opinion which is acceptable in this school,” said the teacher appealing to Scottish national school policy. “And I think yours, saying we all need oxygen, is not inclusive.” As Murray again explains to his teacher, “People have to breathe oxygen,” the teacher becomes visibly annoyed, bites his lip, and turns away.

Oh wait, I think I slightly misread all that. My apologies. The student was not booted out for saying that humans need to breathe oxygen, but for something else which is equally and fully factual: he said there are only two genders, and that was enough for this thought police indoctrination authority to have him removed from the classroom.

So simply replace the bit about oxygen with gender and you have the actual article. See this link for the full story: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/watch-teacher-kicks-student-out-of-class-for-saying-therere-only-two-genders

In my books the two things are basically identical. Both are simple statements of fact. Both have been acknowledged by all of mankind throughout history. Both are uncontroversial and incontrovertible facts. But today where PC madness reigns supreme, and where irrationality trumps reason, fact, and logic, we now have come to the absurd place of turning on students who dare to say the obvious.

Um, Murray is absolutely right. You are either male or female – end of story. Sure, there is a tiny miniscule percentage of folks who fall into the intersex condition, where genuine genital or chromosomal ambiguity may exist. But that has absolutely nothing to do with the trans madness sweeping the West.

Now because of activist adults twisting the minds of young vulnerable children we have an epidemic of messed up kids who are male at birth but now think they are female – or vice versa. No one was even remotely thinking this way just a few short years ago. But now every other kid in the West is thinking this way.

Where did these thoughts come from? Certainly not from the children themselves. They come from irresponsible and negligent adults who are foisting their cruel and diabolical gender bender ideology onto impressionable young children. That is child abuse folks. There is no other way to describe it.

And the radical homosexual and transsexual lobbies are far from finished. The militants have already destroyed marriage and family – the most universal, historic, important, and beneficial social institutions that we know of. Not satisfied with that, they are now working overtime to destroy biology, reality, rationality, logic, and reason. Not bad for a day’s work.

The secular left wrecking crew ultimately has the divine in its sights. But messing with the divine’s handiwork is a good place to begin. I am always reminded of the incisive words of G. K. Chesterton from his 1908 book Orthodoxy: “The secularists have not wrecked divine things; but the secularists have wrecked secular things, if that is any comfort to them. The Titans did not scale heaven; but they laid waste the world.”

If you are not yet convinced of this, just ask poor Murray.

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  1. Man or woman end of storey there is nothing in between you are born with a penis or a vagina you can’t change the facts

  2. My understanding of these loonies beliefs is that there are 100 different genders and growing – actually, 102 different genders if you include cismale gender and cisfemale gender. My favourite is SURGENDER which is a gender which has 100% of one gender and a little bit left over for something else – these morons cannot even get their maths right so why do we take them seriously??
    John Abbott

  3. It’s bad enough when it’s an older person but when this is forced onto little children it is absolute child abuse.


    As one perspicacious commenters said, we know gender confused children commit suicide at a very much higher rate than non-confused people so the net result of confusing children more will inevitably be more suicides.

  4. Now be fair, Bill. Humans do not need to breathe oxygen, if they were born with a different respiratory orientation. Have you really never met someone from the transrepsiratory community? You need deal with your own backward prejudices, because your oxygenistic bigotry is on the wrong side of history, babe.

    We must embrace diversity, Bill. If sodomy is just as normal and healthy as natural sexual intercourse, then smoking is just as normal and healthy as breathing clean air. Safe Schools and similar programs bring “sex toys” into the class room, and present these as a “safer option” because they don’t cause pregnancy. Therefore, we need a Lucky Lungs program that will bring “smoking toys” like e-cigarettes, into the classroom, and present these as the “safer option” because they don’t cause lung cancer.

    Safe Schools has also taught children how to masturbate with “sex toys” improvised from household objects and appliances. Likewise, Lucky Lungs will teach children how to achieve smoking pleasure with a home-made bong. Clearly, we must encourage children of diverse respiratory orientation to come out with pride, stamp out tobaccophobia, and finally achieve Breathing Equality.

  5. In my understanding there are two interconnected issues. First is the disconnect between sex and gender. As the argument goes, there are two biological sexes, but one’s sex and one’s gender are not necessarily the same thing. This is where biological boys (sex) can claim they are girls (gender) and vis-a-versa. The second issue is that it is claimed that there are more than two genders. So not only can a boy by sex claim he feels like a girl (gender), he can also claim to be any one of the poly-genders, the number which is indefinite and fully subjective. In either case we are in a mess of trouble. We “can’t” say our gender is connected to our sex. We “can’t” say there are only two genders.

  6. The biggest problem here is the semantic ignorance underlying the discussion between teacher and pupil. The boy should have said: “There are two biological sexes: male and female.” That is a scientifically verifiable statement. The Teacher could then have rightly said: “There are three genders: feminine, masculine, and neuter.” That is a grammatically verifiable statement for many European languages.

    The confusion is caused by the prudish substitution in the media of the word “gender” for “sex”. And the confusion is deepened by the unscientific notion loudly trumpeted by the alphabet soup of sexual proclivities that a multiplicity of “genders” actually exists.

    Both Teacher and pupil are in need of some basic education.

  7. Cathie, I greatly enjoyed your satirical take on this topic! You started something here, Bill!


  8. Dear Bill,
    Some news for your perusal

    “Dioceses in England have apologized for a leaflet critiquing gender theory after social media criticism from trans-activists and the National Secular Society.

    The flyers headlined “Gender Theory NO!” were inserted into Catholic newspapers all over Britain in the same week as the Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education released its document “‘Male and Female He Created Them’: Towards a Path of Dialogue on the Question of Gender theory in Education.”

    The front of the leaflet features a group of young boys and girls asking: “Am I a boy? Am I a girl? Or both?” Under it is the verse from Genesis 1:27: “Male and female He created them.”

    The flyer advertises the booklet “Gender Theory: Diversity or 21st Century Totalitarianism?” published by Tradition Family Property (TFP), a traditionalist Catholic charity based in Scotland.

    The archdiocese of Liverpool immediately caved in and asked the publisher of its magazine, Mersey Mirror, to apologize for including the leaflet in the magazine.Tweet
    The leaflets also warn against “Gender Theory” as a “delirious ideology claiming everyone can fancy themselves as a man, woman, neither or both at the same time according to mere whims.”

    They caution parents to beware of “sophisticated activists” who “are already at work to impose their anti-Christian and anti-God views on children at your school.”

    The flyers were sent to Catholic schools and churches in the archdiocese of Liverpool as inserts in the Catholic Pic — the archdiocesan magazine. Inserting leaflets as part of paid-for advertising is normal procedure.

    Outraged trans-activists and leftwing media labeled the Catholic charity a “hate group” and condemned the leaflets as “transphobic.”

    Free clip from CHURCH MILITANT Premium


    The archdiocese of Liverpool immediately caved in and asked the publisher of its magazine, Mersey Mirror, to apologize for including the leaflet in the magazine.

    “An insert was inadvertently placed in the June edition of the Catholic Pic, the magazine of the Archdiocese of Liverpool, and in a number of Catholic publications across the country,” a spokesman for the archdiocese said. “It is normal procedure for such inserts to be sent to the publishers in advance for review, in this instance that did not happen. The content of the leaflet is not endorsed by the Archdiocese of Liverpool and it should not have appeared.”

    “In light of this incident procedures have been reviewed ensuring that all future inserts are checked prior to publication,” adding that an apology would be made in the next issue of the magazine.

    The diocese of Northampton has also apologized for accidentally including the insert in their magazine.

    Transgenderism is indeed an anti-Christian ideology that is seriously harmful to children and has no place whatsoever in our schools.Tweet
    Tom Rogers from Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child (SPUC) told Church Militant: “TFP is a strong defender of Church teaching. There is nothing in the insert that the Church could possibly feel the need to apologize for.”

    “On the contrary transgenderism is indeed an anti-Christian ideology that is seriously harmful to children and has no place whatsoever in our schools. Parents need to be fully informed about this threat so they can confront it for what it is, and the pamphlet in question seeks to do just that,” he added.

    Megan Manson, campaigns officer at the National Secular Society, attacked the Church for the leaflets:

    Up to now, the government has turned a blind eye to the conflict between the Catholic school’s duty to promote tolerance and acceptance of gay people, and its wish to teach that same-sex relationships are wrong. Will it be able to similarly ignore Catholic schools if they start teaching that transgender and intersex people essentially do not exist? We shall see.

    In May, the Catholic Education Service in England enthusiastically endorsed the government’s new Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) laws, which override parental rights and normalize same-sex marriage and transgenderism for children as young as 4.

    The Rev. Dr. Jules Gomes, B.A., B.D., M.Th., Ph.D. (Cantab) is a journalist, academic and editor of Rebel Priest.”

  9. Continuing on previous:
    Bill imagine,
    these English Catholic Bishops betrayal… may God forgive them?
    When today on the (anniversary) date, 22 June in 1535 The only loyal (to Rome) Bishop in the whole of England. Bishop Fisher was beheaded.
    May he and his good friend Thomas Moore “The kings good servant, but God’s first” also beheaded few days previous (6th June 1535.) May they rest In Peace.
    Talk about history repeating itself.
    Reminds me of Luke: 18, 8
    Will they be any souls worthy of beheading?
    Terrence McDonnell

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