Folau, Faith, Freedom, and Fake Friends

The Israel Folau story seems to be never ending. But that is because it deals with some of the most important things there are, including the place of religious liberty in an increasingly secular and hostile society. This is NOT just about Israel Folau. It is about all of us. If they silence Folau today, you and I will be next – guaranteed.

Kurt Mahlburg helps explain the lie of the land here:

In reality, it’s Israel Folau who is the underdog. He has been from the beginning. He’s lost his career and his only source of income. He’s been banned from both codes of the sport he loves, despite his spotless moral character. He’s faced a relentless and coordinated public smear campaign. On top of all this, he’s facing millions of dollars in legal fees. The stand he’s taking isn’t merely for his career. He seeks to set an important legal precedent for religious freedom in Australia at a time when this freedom is worryingly unprotected….

As the saga continues to unfold, some think they’re taking the moral high ground by opposing Folau. Even Christians are swallowing the spin that Israel Folau is the bully, and someone else—anyone else—is the underdog. His haters say he should sell one of his properties to fund his legal fees. I wonder if they’d be happy to do the same if they’d already had their career and reputation stripped from them? Let common sense prevail. Let the quiet Australians decide who the underdog really is.

Faith and freedom

This is a David versus Goliath battle and it centres on faith and freedom. As such we should all be greatly concerned about it. Sadly however some who should know better are either keeping a low profile or washing their hands of it altogether. For example, our Christian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has glibly said this story is already taking too much oxygen.

Sorry, but it is a vitally important matter. And earth calling Scott: Jesus made it clear that a vital test of real discipleship is when believers stand up for and support other believers who are being persecuted and suffering. Thankfully however some concerned politicians did weigh into the matter.

Senator James McGrath said this about the GoFundMe decision to drop his campaign: “The true test of a democratic nation is not how we treat those with whom we agree but how we treat the rights of those with whom we disagree. Freedom of speech is timeless and should not be restricted by the leftist gormless oxygen thieves of GoFundMe.”

And Senator Mark Latham said this: “Corporate power sacked Israel Folau from playing rugby and now corporate power won’t even let him raise money to defend himself in court. The greatest threat to our freedoms is from excessive use of corporate power and spiteful revenge of Left-wing identity politics – both on display with Folau.”

Liberal Senator Eric Abetz agreed:

The double standard and double speak exhibited in their vacuous yet corrosive virtue signalling exercises needs to be stopped and highlights the urgent need for protection for free speech and religious freedom. You don’t have to believe in the individual or the cause to support a person’s right to say something or test their rights on the basis of existing legislation. To discriminate against and exclude someone in the name of inclusion and tolerance highlights both the lack of principle involved and the arrogance of the PC brigade.

It is great to see so many leaders coming out in support of Folau, faith and freedom. But while we have even non-Christian politicians rallying to the cause, sadly we have some carnal and clueless Christians still attacking Folau. Hmm, with friends like these….

Fake friends

If there is one thing that has absolutely made my blood boil, it is all these fake Christians who have been so very happy to relentlessly attack Folau – and in public as well. Of course we expect some of the big-cheese apostates to get into the attack, such as perennial heretic Father Rod Bower of the Anglican Church in Gosford, NSW.

He has been pushing rainbow ideology for years now and is fully unrepentant as he proudly does so. His latest idiotic outdoor sign message says this: “LGBT friends: Folau is wrong. Don’t listen to him.”

We of course expect this diabolical rot from folks like him. And the lamestream media is giving him a dream run, featuring him constantly, with no hard questions asked. No surprises there: the world always loves its own. Bower will one day face the music.

But there are so many other folks who claim to be Christians who can be equally alarming as they seek the moral high ground. Indeed, you gotta love all these pseudo-Christians who are attacking Folau. They are likely the first to scream, “You can’t judge anyone!”

Yet they have appointed themselves to be Folau’s judge, jury and executioner. They seem to know everything about what is in his heart, and every single thing about his finances and how he uses his earnings. They are quite godlike in these abilities. With “Christians” like these doing their ugly demolition job, who needs angry atheists? But I think Jesus had a few things to say about such deplorable Pharisees.

So many of these clueless wonders have parroted the world’s mantra about he is wealthy enough, and he is just being greedy. Um, wakey, wakey folks. As I keep saying, the issue here has absolutely nothing to do with how wealthy Folau might be.

This is all about religious freedom and Christian solidarity. It is not just an attack on Folau’s free speech alone but on yours and mine. If you were fired from your job for being a Christian, you would appreciate it if others voluntarily helped you with legal costs as well. Those folks who are donating to him know full well that today Folau is in the crosshairs, and tomorrow they will be as well.

And I even had a ‘Christian’ attacking Folau for taking money from non-Christians and using a non-Christian funding site. He claimed God would never operate this way, and he cannot get glory this way. Good grief. Has this guy ever actually read his Bible?

In my reply I said: Oh, so you believe that ancient Israel was wrong to take the spoils of Egypt when they left there? And all at the command of God? (See Exodus 12:36.) God was fully glorified when that happened, so why can’t he be glorified here? There is nothing at all wrong if all sorts of people – including non-Christians – contribute voluntarily to him. Even pagans know that freedom is worth fighting for and supporting.

New funding option

But let me finish with some good news. GoFundMe may have pulled Folau’s campaign, but last night the ACL announced that they have started a new fund-raiser for him. And it is doing great, having already raised nearly $600,000 in just 12 hours!

They will very quickly outstrip the $750,000 that was raised in three days on GayFundMe. And many folks have said that they will double the money they first sent in via the secular site. Ha! Another classic case of Satanic overreach. He comes in trying to stop the work of God, and it simply backfires on him.

The new ACL funding page for Izzy Folau is found here:

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30 Replies to “Folau, Faith, Freedom, and Fake Friends”

  1. Look at the television, read the paper, and there is Fr Rod Bower and his church sign:

    Which effectively says


    Now it is time for those silent Australian church denominations, who are rich, have acquired wealth and do not need a thing, to make a $3 million donation to defend the Bible.

    Revelation 3:14-22

  2. A HUGE “Thank you” to Martin Iles and the ACL for stepping up and helping restore some decency and support structure for Israel Falou. Over $600K already is so uplifting!

    The bad guys (Qantas, GoFundMe, Channel 7, etc) have shown their true “rainbow” colours and from now on should be treated with the contempt and disdain they deserve.

  3. Regarding Father Rod Bower of the Anglican Church in Gosford, NSW with his latest ‘idiotic outdoor sign message’ saying: “LGBT friends: Folau is wrong. Don’t listen to him” St Paul’s writing are still a warning for us Christians today, who was his primary audience.

    ‘Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who submit to or perform homosexual acts, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor verbal abusers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God’ 1 Corinthians 9-10.

    This saga with Israel Folau will continue to play out. He should be able to express his opinions, no matter how offensiveness it is forsome. He is not calling for violence from what i can see.

  4. Thanks guys. Amazing!! The new ACL funding campaign for Folau has just now raised over $750,000 – in a mere 15 hours. That is over $800 per minute! It took three days for that amount to be raised on the GayFundMe site. Satan always overplays his hand, and God always gets the last laugh! Thanks to all who contributed. Tomorrow it may be you and I who need such funding.

  5. Yes Bill, thumb your nose at God and things will backfire on you very quickly, as is the case with go fund me, having treated Izzy and those who donated to this cause in such a shoddy way.
    I’m sure there are those who would not touch go fund me with a forty foot barge pole, after having witnessed this blatant act of hypocrisy!
    I believe we are witnessing an awakening of those who have perhaps been just sitting back and letting others take up this fight for our freedoms!
    It’s time to act, for we have been called for such a time as this!

  6. If Julian Hall’s claim about Rod Bower is correct surely the Anglican church has no choice but to defrock this very obvious heretic. Surely openly contradicting the scriptures like that is more than enough grounds.

  7. Our God is truly a Loving and Wonderful Creator. God does not desire for anyone to go to Hell. as written in the Bible (His Word)
    2 Peter 3.9 . The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering (patient) toward you not willing that any (person) should perish, but that all should come to repentance.
    and John 3.16. For God so Loved the world (all people) that He gave His only begotten Son (the Lord Jesus Christ) that whosever Believes in Him, will Not Perish, but have everlasting Life.

    Its just that simple to be saved; Just believe/TRUST in the Finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Trust that Jesus Christ took ours sins upon Himself and died in our/your place and He will save you from all your sins and give you Everlasting Life. Now that is true Love, God, becoming Man (in the body of Jesus Christ) to bear our sins upon Himself so that you would not be judged by God on Judgement day. To God be the Glory great things He has done.

  8. An unexpected side effect of the whole episode, is that Izzy’s Bible verse has been constantly displayed on television and in the papers. Everybody now knows that homosexuals will go to hell. As Christians, We know that all unrepentant sinners will go to hell. So the last 25 years of the media telling us that there is nothing wrong with what they do, and that they are no different to anyone else, has been shot down in flames.

  9. Its a strong reminder, especially in this climate, those in position to preach must preach sin, repentance and salvation. Every Godly minister, pastor should push this message out every day, if not, every church service.

    Acknowledge sin, then repent, and salvation will come.

    Every sick person must first acknowledge that he is sick before he could seek or accept help.

  10. Dear Bill, an amazing act from the Most High God the Holy Spirit stirring the donors. The Lord God knows His own, just think only a couple of weeks ago was Vision-a-thon and I’ll warrant many if the same generous believers.
    God Bless all those in this battle and I must not forget God Bless Bill and Dear Lord give him a long and healthy and censorship free life, in Jesus’ name Amen
    Mark Bryant

  11. I read the SBS link John Miller posted and thought that climate change isn’t exactly the moral imperative of the day for children in Uganda who are being sold for child sacrifice. Having said that, I do feel that it is a moral imperative for them that they not be sold for child sacrifice.

    Please church, get your head out of the sand and deal with what is really a moral imperative.

  12. Israel Folau in my view is entitled as anyone else to his constitutional right. Nothing to do with his financial status.
    Our constitution had the Bill of Rights embedded in it, just that very few people are aware of it;
    HANSARD 17-3-1898 Constitution Convention Debates (Official Record of the Debates of the National Australasian Convention)
    What a charter of liberty is embraced within this Bill-of political liberty and religious liberty-the liberty and the means to achieve all to which men in these days can reasonably aspire. A charter of liberty is enshrined in this Constitution, which is also a charter of peace-of peace, order, and good government for the whole of the peoples whom it will embrace and unite.
    HANSARD 17-3-1898 Constitution Convention Debates
    Mr. SYMON (South Australia).- We who are assembled in this Convention are about to commit to the people of Australia a new charter of union and liberty; we are about to commit this new Magna Charta for their acceptance and confirmation, and I can conceive of nothing of greater magnitude in the whole history of the peoples of the world than this question upon which we are about to invite the peoples of Australia to vote. The Great Charter was wrung by the barons of England from a reluctant king. This new charter is to be given by the people of Australia to themselves.

    The following will also make clear that the Framers of the Constitution intended to have CIVIL RIGHTS and LIBERTIES principles embedded in the Constitution;
    HANSARD 17-3-1898 Constitution Convention Debates (Official Record of the Debates of the National Australasian Convention)
    the protection of certain fundamental rights and liberties which every individual citizen is entitled to
    claim that the federal government shall take under its protection and secure to him.

  13. God bless you abundantly Bill for being the voice of the silent ones and having put it together perfectly to a ‘T’ . The very disturbing fact in the nation which rings with great deafening silence comes the sector of refusal by those in the Body due to fear of man lest they lose their sheep. Hardly a whimper. But God is omniscient and the day of accounting is sure. Just as it is written …” oh you foolish…who has bewitched you ? “

  14. Great to see God’s hand at work. He certainly works in mysterious ways. Let us hope and pray that many see his works first hand and the gifts given from prayer. Thank you Lord. You are amazing. May these gifts be used wisely for the benefit of your name and may those who are cheerful givers be blessed.

  15. Dear Bill,

    Sunrise had three commentators on its show this morning waffling on about Israel Folau and the Christian lobby. One was even posturing as a Biblical scholar saying the Old Testament had been harsh sanctioning slavery etc but Jesus had “changed” all that. She obviously didn’t know that St Paul did not mince his words when he spoke out against sexual immorality warning Christians about engaging in these “terrible” acts. He also said God would judge pagans about these things so in actual fact Israel Folau is doing Australians a favour by warning them about how evil these sins really are so they should be grateful. After all most of them are unchurched so would never have heard the Word of God in their lives.

  16. Dear Bill and commenters
    “Let us be reminded about what Jesus Christ taught on the subject of the Law of God and its crucial importance to lives of mankind. The Gospel of Matthew records his words as follows:
    17“Don’t misunderstand why I have come. I did not come to abolish the law of Moses or the writings of the prophets. No, I came to accomplish their purpose. 18I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not even the smallest detail of God’s law will disappear until its purpose is achieved. 19So if you ignore the least commandment and teach others to do the same, you will be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven. But anyone who obeys God’s laws and teaches them will be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven. 20“But I warn you—unless your righteousness is better than the righteousness of the teachers of religious law and the Pharisees, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven! (Matthew 5:17-20 NLT)
    Right now, in 2019, we can conclude that as a result of his righteousness, Israel Folau is being called ‘great’ in the kingdom of heaven. In fact, I would like to suggest that his righteousness is being used by God as more than just another righteous believer. Indeed due to his high public profile and unquestionable commitment to his faith, he may well have been chosen by God ‘for a time such as this’. God’s purpose is to test the hearts and minds of all mankind and to harden up the choice of righteousness toward Him, His word and HIs Law as recorded in it. Across the age of biblically recorded history God has regularly used righteous men and women to warn sinful society of their need to stop and change their ways. Consistently he has asked mankind to repent of sinfulness and to choose Him as their one true God, or suffer the consequences of not doing so.”
    (This is a quote from a Theological paper I am writing in respect of the Folau warning saga. It will eventually be published on HE IS HOLY, for God’s glory).

  17. Many Christians trying to be more loving than Jesus because they do not know the real Jesus that is in the Bible. Their knowledge of Jesus is from preachers who love a big crowd because they love money, and so do not preach the real Jesus, but all day long preaching, “Jesus is love, you can’t do no wrong, He loves you. God loves you.”

    Jesus is righteous and holy, and He is the Judge of heaven and earth.

    Whether its God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, the Trinity cannot stand sin.

    False preachers preached that as if grace is on tap.

    If grace is on tap then why Adam and Eve got kicked out of Eden for just one single sin?

    What sin have they committed?

    Did Adam and Eve murdered someone?
    Did Adam and Eve committed adultery?

    In the eyes of many Christians, Adam and Eve crime was not even a sin at all. Yeah, Christians do the same 24/7.

    You know what, God is righteous and holy, and there cannot be a shadow in Him.

    Fear the Lord! Even demons trembled at His name.

  18. Well done in speaking out. The church is falling to secular influences, sad. To see an issue like this rise up is warming my heart. Let the conscience of church leaders take note.

  19. Amazing how God works though His people.

    Amazing how God worked through Moses and Pharaoh (as we read in the Bible,- in the book of Exodus)
    Amazing how God wins ALL of the time, and Amazing that Nobody can thwart His plans.

    Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a sinner like me.

  20. I really am appalled by the wave of condemnation that’s raging against Israel Folau and now his wife He is a devoted Christian and his Christian love reaches out to his fellow human beings so they can be touched with Jesus love.
    Izzy has obviously responded to the burden from God to bring an end time warning from the word of God to those heading to a lost eternity. If you are truly a disciple of Jesus you must take the word seriously, especially His priority command to all followers “to love each other” and simply this is what Izzy is being faithful to.

    Christians are expected to have a high moral value to be both compassionate and loving. We believe without doubt in the infallible word of God. and we have an obligation from God, to tell the truth, no matter the consequences, and i believe his passion for the truth is what drove him to post 1Corinthians 6:9-1.
    What galls me is the flood of call back callers, doubtless from the world, quoting scripture seemingly with authority, that comes from their shopping bag and it’s so, so wrong and the disc jock is agreeing with the mob,, that’s the level of debate this subject has reached. If you have a read of @ Corinthians 1: 16-23-26 this can mirror what persecution Izzy is suffering right now.

  21. Just a further quick comment and it’s about the mean spirited attitude of Falou’s detractors.
    A labor senator whom I’ve never heard of or seen ever, let go with her lefties jargon saying that Izzy flouted his RU contract and because of that misdemeanor his sacking was completely justified. It’s amazing Bill how media luminaries get free shots at Christianity – and seemingly are immune to sanctions?
    I don’t get this moral argument the objectors are putting. How influential are movies like Harry Potter on young people that portray WitchCraft as okay? How many movies are jam-packed with vile and obscene language? Wheres the moral left while all this is filling our young people’s minds and glorifying the dark side. “1Corinthians 9:9 Do not muzzle an ox while he is treading out the grain”

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