Better Dead Citizens Than ‘Islamophobia’

Even more Islamic terror attacks that are not Islamic or terror-related!

Two people were murdered in Melbourne, but the authorities have NO idea what motivated Mohammed Ibrahim to do it! A stabbing spree in Brisbane by an Afghani, but authorities have NO idea why it happened. But they are absolutely certain that these two were lone wolves with mental health issues, and they had nothing to do with Islam or terrorism.

This IS the official narrative and it will NOT be deviated from. No matter how many Muslims go on killing sprees in Australia, we will be given only one line: police have no idea what the motivations are, he acted alone, and he was mentally unwell.

This WILL be the official line now and for evermore. Whatever we do, we must not mention the I word, the M word, or the T word. If you are in the dark on those three, let me spell them out; Islam. Muslim. Terrorism. These are now three sacred words that can never be uttered by the powers that be. These terms will never come from the lips of a government official or media lackey.

It is pretty clear that the decision has been made: it is far, far better to see various innocent men, women and children murdered on our streets than to do anything that might offend Muslims. The ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ mantra must now be proclaimed and maintained at all costs. So what if dozens of innocent Australians are murdered? Islam must be protected no matter what.

That is now official doctrine in Australia and the West. There will be no other narrative allowed. Facts and evidence will not be allowed to get in the way. Now the only thing that matters is to protect Islam and its reputation. Murdered innocents and blood on the streets are just part of the price we will have to pay for this.

Am I overstating things here? If these were the only two cases, then I could be. But I have documented so many other cases just like this on this website – both from here and overseas. It is as predictable as it is appalling. The default position of most Western governments and media outlets is to do whatever it takes to exonerate Islam.

It does not matter how many Muslims yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ kill innocent people, it has nothing to do with Islam or with terrorism. Indeed, it is so amazing how every single one of these guys are lone wolf killers, every single one of them have mental health issues, and in every single one of these incidents the authorities are utterly baffled and mystified: ‘We just cannot find any motivation for this’.

Never mind the numerous Koranic injunctions to kill the infidel wherever they are found. Never mind 1400 years of Islamic jihad. Never mind the clearly stated aims and objectives of so many Muslim leaders today. Never mind the common patterns found in these cases.

Most folks in the West have had an absolute gutful of all this. Blind Freddy can see the common thread of all these killings. But our leaders refuse to run with the obvious. They have totally capitulated to Islam, and have completely bought the narrative of Islamophobia and Muslim victimhood status.

Let me get back to these two recent cases of Islamic terrorism in Australia. The recent case in Melbourne was indeed a shocker. One recent article gives us the description of what transpired:

Three people are dead and a fourth is in hospital after a series of random, “senseless” stabbings across Melbourne’s inner-east on Wednesday night. Two women arriving at their Hawthorn home on one of Melbourne’s most affluent streets were stabbed, one fatally, before a man was stabbed to death near a Kew tram stop. The second woman was in a stable condition in hospital on Thursday afternoon.

It then goes on to say that we now have the guy’s name, along with the usual PC baloney from the authorities:

Mohammed Ibrahim, 34, from Roxburgh Park, slashed a Protective Services Officer to the face at Jolimont train station earlier in the night and was shot dead by police shortly after midnight. He was armed with two kitchen knives and a switchblade. . . . Assistant Commissioner Glenn Weir said the attacks were random and the motive unclear.

There we go again: just some random attacks and no clear motivation.  And consider the stabbings in Brisbane from last month:

The man shot dead by police after stabbing a young tourist in Brisbane’s CBD this morning was on a counter terror watch list, police have revealed. The 25-year-old was born in Afghanistan but had been living in Australia and was known to police, but detectives say at this stage they are not treating his actions as a terror attack.

The man, whose name has not yet been released, was shot by police after he stabbed an overseas tourist with a knife on Mary Street around 10am today. The 26-year-old male victim was walking down Mary Street with a woman, at 10am when they were approached by the man, who they say was “behaving strangely”.

OK, so here we have a guy from Afghanistan, presumably a Muslim (there are not too many Baptists or Hindus there) who was on a counter terror watch list, yet “they are not treating his actions as a terror attack.” Um, why not? What exactly does someone have to do before his killings are treated as a terrorist attack?

I think I know: if a white guy with a Bible in his pocket stabbed some folks to death, we all know exactly what the motivation is: another White Supremacist Christian who has engaged in hate crimes and terrorism. There will be NO talk about him being a lone wolf, about having mental health issues, about random attacks, and about not tarring all whites and Christians with the same brush. None.

That is the culture we now live in. You simply cannot tell the truth about Islam and terrorism anymore. That is now verboten. We all must sing from the same official government song sheet. And that tune is quite clear: Islam is always good, there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism, and we must never suggest otherwise.

Welcome to our Brave New World. Welcome to our world where even more blood will be running on our streets. Lord have mercy.

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19 Replies to “Better Dead Citizens Than ‘Islamophobia’”

  1. Absolutely Bill!
    So well put – only God can help us and the Church In general is silent!
    Every blessing & our prayers for you – Evelyn & Graeme Denning

  2. Given that Muslims and only muslims have been ‘killing civilians’ ‘AT RANDOM’ ‘without argument’ ‘with knives’ ‘on public roads and streets’ — I’d then suggest any police officers involved in these current matters resign immediately, or reattend the police academy at the very least. That way the police in general will stop looking so incompetent. It’s Islam.

    Then again I may be completely wrong – simply because doctors have continued in prescribing young male muslims with the medication for their mental disorder that makes them THEN —- kill civilians, at random, without argument, with knives, on public roads and streets! It’s healthcare.

    Maybe instead their medication should be the type which allows patients to use guns instead of knives — so the victims don’t feel any pain. just sayin.

    I’ve lost almost all confidence in the police dealing with muslims Bill.

    Thanks again for all your good work Bill. God Bless.

  3. No way this is “random”.
    Mental Health – a “get out of jail free card”. 🙁
    How long before the Lamestream Meeja criticise the policeman who shot the knife-wielding assailant to death, even though his own life was under threat, & potentially the lives of many others.

  4. I cannot help but wonder whether the killing of Muslims in Britain and NZ by unbalanced people were to some degree sparked by sheer frustration at the refusal of governments and the media to name the problem of Islamic terrorism on our streets. I don’t know when was the last time we heard about the Lindt Café but we can be sure that we will be hearing about the NZ Mosque massacre for some time to come.

  5. And Scomo, our lovely Christian leader still lets them into Australia.
    Scomo AND these terrorists are not friends of Australia.

  6. I am currently reading the book, “See Something, Say Nothing…A Homeland Security Officer Exposes The Government’s Submission to Jihad” by Philip Hanley and Art Moore, and it explains the shift from providing security for our country from Islamic terrorists to securing the civil right protection of those same Islamic terrorists during the Bush/Obama administrations. Philip Hanley was very recently murdered (though it was originally claimed to be a suicide) just before publishing another book on the government’s malfeasance. It was a very difficult book to find. I urge you to try. There are also interviews with him on Youtube that connected many of the dots for me. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had something to do with this recent pandemic distraction either.

  7. I have discovered that the vast majority of people in the world have no real understanding of Islam (except for the Muslims themselves), thinking that for the most part they are just another religion with some “radicals” who are abusing the religion to commit terrorism.

    The truth is that Islam has always been about terrorism, with the goal of conquering the world for Islam. The so-called “radicals” are the true face of Islam. Muslim doctrine says they are to pretend to be peaceful until they are in a position of power and then they will begin jihad. If you have any doubts as to the true face of Islam, just take a look at Europe since they have let Muslim “refugees” invade.

    A good source for keeping up-to-date with Muslim attacks around the world is the “Geller Report,” by Pamela Geller. Go to the very bottom of the page (past all the advertisements, etc) and subscribe to the email daily news letter.

    I’ve read the Qur’an and found it to be one scary book of doctrines of murder and rape, etc. It’s difficult reading because it is not in chronological order. If you are interested in the book, I’d recommend reading about it instead so that you can easily understand it.

  8. Once upon a time, the Islamic world was a superpower and its jihad an irresistible force to be reckoned with. Over two centuries ago, however, a rising Europe—which had experienced more than one millennium of Muslim conquests and atrocities—eclipsed and defanged Islam. As Muhammad’s civilization retreated into obscurity, the post-Christian West slowly came into being. Islam did not change, but the West did: Muslims still venerate their heritage and religion—which commands jihad against infidels—whereas the West has learned to despise its heritage and religion, causing it to become an unwitting ally of the jihad.

    Hence the current situation: Islamic jihad is back in full vigor, while the West facilitates it in varying degrees; hence the irony: “At a time when the military superiority of the West—meaning chiefly the USA—over the Muslim world has never been greater,” observes historian Alan G. Jamieson, “Western countries feel insecure ind the face of the activities of Islamic terrorists. . . . In all the long centuries of Christian-Muslim conflict, never has the military imbalance between the two sides been greater, yet the dominant West can apparently derive no comfort from that fact.”

    In short, if Islam is terrorizing the West today, that is not because it can, but because the West allows it to. For no matter how diminished, a still swinging Scimitar will always overcome a strong but sheathed Sword.

    Raymond Ibrahim, Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War Between Islam and the West, pg. 296-297

  9. “I’m doing this because I’m Muslim”. We don’t know why he did this! “The Koran told me to do this”. We don’t know what motivated him!

    If someone took their mental illness thing to the logical conclusion it would mean they are saying Islam is a mental illness.

    Surprised the West hasn’t just bit the bullet and passed official blasphemy laws to protect Islam.

  10. So many today have been misinformed about the crusades they probably believe the death of the West is somehow reparations for the great evil we did to those poor Muslims. We owe them so much for the terror WE inflicted that while we cannot pay it all our heads and lands are a start. They are even taught that Islam spread through migration NOT by the sword. Peaceful Muslims just moved in and everyone wanted to join their faith. Nothing about the bloodshed or convert it died or tax for non-dominate religions. Nope they just brought there faith with them and everyone loved it and wanted to be part of it. The West is NOT being conquered it is committing suicide…. all in the name of tolerance and love! Of course IF the West IS ashamed of Christ maybe she doesn’t deserve to survive.

  11. This has been going on a lot longer than you think.

    How many Australians remember that Australia effectively suffered an enemy/jihadist attack on home soil as far back as New Year’s Day 1915? Two Muslim men went on a shooting spree at Broken Hill, NSW, killing 4 others and injuring 7 more, before being killed. And from letters left behind, the two Muslims saw themselves as fighting for the Ottoman Empire and Islam.

    You would think that the one time an enemy attack on Australian home soil would be generally remembered, but apparently not….

  12. Those muslim terrorists always play the mental health card.
    ISN’T that convenient?

  13. An incomplete list:

    – Mohammed Ibrahim stabbed a woman and a man to death in Melbourne in 2020

    – Mohammad Akram Bahram stabbed a man in the back in Brisbane in 2020

    – Mert Ney shouted “Allahu Akbar, shoot me, I want to die” during a stabbing spree in Sydney CBD in 2019

    – Hassan Khalif Shire Ali shouted “Allahu akbar” while stabbing Sisto Malaspina to death in Bourke St in 2018

    – Momena Shoma shouted “Allahu akbar” while stabbing Roger Singaravelu in the neck in Mill Park in 2018

    – Saeed Noori shouted “Allahu akbar” while stabbing Antonis Crocaris to death in Melbourne in 2017

    – Ihsas Khan shouted “Allahu akbar, I want to die today” while stabbing Wayne Greenhalgh in Minto in 2016

    – Smail Ayad shouted “Allahu akbar” while stabbing Mia Ayliffe-Chung and Tom Jackson to death in Qld in 2016

    – Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar shouted “Allahu akbar” while slaughtering Curtis Cheng in Parramatta in 2015

    – Man Haron Monis wrote “Allahu akbar” before executing Tori Johnson in Sydney in 2014

  14. Blessings to you Bill for your courage in speaking out. The criteria for being a terrorist is surely that it is ‘one who causes terror!’ I think it’s fair to say therefore that anyone wielding a knife etc with intent to randomly kill or inflict harm would qualify. It’s not rocket science! But why hide the fact, if it is the truth, that the ‘religion’ has taught the culprit that it is ok to do this? And if the ‘religion’ is turning out so many mentally ill murderers then shouldn’t our government seek to ban it in Australia to fulfill its duty of first and foremost protecting its own citizens? Then as I write I remind myself that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. It’s obvious the PC are ignoring the obvious and are no help to us, the citizens of Australia. So who can we turn to? Who can help us? In whom can we trust? Only JESUS it seems. So it’s back on the knees for me!! GOD bless, Cheryl Ciccotosto

  15. However “Sanctuary Point man Joshua Lucas charged with terrorism offence over ALLEGED plot to blow up South Coast power grid.”

    He was “charged with doing an act in preparation for, or planning, a terrorist act”.

    “Police will allege (he) has right wing ideologies including …. (wait for it …) anti-indigenous interests”.

    ‘police took the opportunity to arrest (him) after determining he “posed a real threat” to public safety due to his ALLEDGED online activity.”

  16. Dear Bill,

    There are not many ”right wing” terrorists with the name of Mohammed are there? The MSM would love to think it was a ”right wing” terrorist attack so they could indoctrinate us with the idea that they are more dangerous than Islamic terrorists who are not proper Muslims anyway because Islam is a religion of peace. It is so peaceful that their Imams preach in mosques about this terrible corona virus that a vengeful God has deliberately sent to punish infidels. The Chinese are especially wicked because they have forced a million Muslims to eat pork and drink wine. However if any Muslims die from the coronavirus it they will be martyrs.

  17. Thanks Bill for speaking out. You bring to mind Pauline Hanson who has tried to speak out about the I, M and T words only to be kept quiet about it. I don’t know much about Pauline but she might get my vote next time there is a Federal Election as she wants to build dams and waterways in outback Queensland so that towns can thrive again.
    Only for the coronavirus and being at home/off work I wouldn’t have time to read your articles, Thank God for the coronavirus – only joking. You should be on Skynews channel with Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones and Rowan Dean but then your life would be in danger for speaking about the I, M and Ts. So God has put it in my heart to donate to your cause and read your articles.
    I’m trying to understand the book of Revelation and where we are on the Biblical timeline – the first seal opened by Jesus is a rider on a white horse which means apostasy of which Mohamudd’s teachings are a good example, which is followed by the red horse (war and killings by sword) then black horse (famines) then pale horse (death). They were given power over a quarter of the earth and then the fifth seal is broken which I have read is the Great Tribulation. Therefore, we have to be speaking out about the Islam, Muslim and Terrorist activities so we are kept safe otherwise they will overtake us like wild animals.

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