Leftist Hate, Hypocrisy and the Rewriting of History

Destroying statues, books and art: today’s left is the new Taliban:

Remember how the world was outraged when the Taliban blew up and destroyed two large 1500-year-old Buddha statues in Afghanistan in 2001? ‘What barbarians’ everyone thought. ‘This great cultural, artistic and historical artefact has been destroyed by madmen and lunatics.’

Well, the barbarians are still with us. But now it is not the Taliban but hate-filled leftists who are destroying statues and banning works of art and literature and film that are deemed to be not politically correct. And with that they are working overtime to rewrite history. Just about anything associated with white, Western culture is now being targeted.

Especially after the George Floyd episode, the leftists are screaming racism and are denouncing anything that is part of our Western heritage. These folks are the New Taliban. They have the same fundamental worldview, involving a hatred of the West and a desire to destroy everything that is a part of it.

Examples of this are now legion. Let me begin with Australia. Just one case will suffice. Consider this news item:

Thousands of people have signed a petition demanding the removal of a statue of Australia’s first prime minister, Sir Edmund Barton, from a traditional burial site in NSW. Port Macquarie woman Arlene Mehan, of the Mid North Coast’s Birpai people, is leading the campaign to force Port Macquarie-Hastings Council to move the statue from Town Green park… “As a Birpai woman, I’m looking for something to dismantle in the local community that represents racism and the statue does,” she said. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-06-11/push-to-remove-statue-of-australias-first-pm/12340492

This has been happening in America for some time now. Here are just two recent examples – both from Virginia:

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has both “the authority and the moral obligation” to remove a massive statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Attorney General Mark Herring’s office said in a court filing Wednesday. Herring will defend the governor’s decision in a lawsuit filed by a Virginia resident and “ensure the removal of this divisive relic,” the filing said, calling the statue a “piece of state property freighted with exclusionary meaning to broad swaths of Virginians.” https://globalnews.ca/news/7052031/virginia-attorney-general-defend-robert-e-lee-removal/

And this:

The Christopher Columbus statue was torn down by protesters in downtown Richmond Tuesday night. It happened around 9 p.m. at Byrd park, following a peaceful demonstration outside of the statue in honor of indigenous people. Shortly afterward, the statue was ripped from its foundation, spray painted, then set on fire. After that, the statue ended up in the lake. https://www.nbc12.com/2020/06/09/christopher-columbus-statue-torn-down-thrown-lake-by-protesters/

And in the UK things are really getting out of hand. For example, one of the greatest opponents of fascism ever, Winston Churchill, is being targeted by – you guessed it – antifascists:

Winston Churchill’s memorial statue has been desecrated and daubed with the word “racist” during the Black Lives Matter protest in London. The British war hero’s statue in London’s Parliament Square has been defaced with Churchill crossed out with black marker pen and the words “is a racist” underneath. Protesters have also pinned a poster to the memorial with the words “Black Lives Matter”. Shocking pictures also show protestors climbing atop the statue to protest. This is the second day the statue has been defaced after protesters graffitied it with neon green writing during Saturday’s rally. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1292632/Winston-churchill-statue-london-protests-black-lives-matter  

And numerous statues also deemed to be racists are now being taken down, or are being targeted for removal:

Black Lives Matter activists are calling for the removal of 60 statues of slave owners and racists across Britain. Top of their target list is the statue of Cecil Rhodes and petitions also exist to remove the statue of slave-trading West India Docks founder Robert Milligan, and the statue of former Home Secretary Henry Dundas who delayed the abolition of slavery and that stands atop a column in Edinburgh. But on a website called Topple The Racists, set up by Black Lives Matter activists, members are invited to propose other statues that should be torn down across Britain. There, a wide range of figures from Britain’s colonial past are being proposed for destruction. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8401857/Racists-heroes-Black-Lives-Matter-want-topple-statues-famous-Britons-slavery-links.html

Also consider this piece:

A statue of 18th century British slave owner Robert Milligan was removed from outside the Museum of London Docklands Tuesday afternoon. The incident came shortly after toppling of a statue of another slave trader, Edward Colston, in Bristol on Sunday.

The move came as the reaction to statues of such individuals who had been involved in the slave trade or owned slaves is mounting parallel with Black Lives Matter protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd in the U.S. The Canal and River Trust said earlier that it was working toward removing the statue “as soon as possible.” The action followed a decision by London Mayor Sadiq Khan to review London’s landmarks “to reflect the city’s diversity.”

Tower Hamlets councilor Ehtasham Haque recently put up an online petition for the removal of the statue and received more than 1,000 signatures within the first 24 hours. Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA) as the statue was being pulled down, Haque said he was “relieved.” He said the removal of the statue was “our contribution to the campaign for justice to our brother George Floyd … We have removed the statue of a slaver, Robert Milligan, who used to own 526 slaves when he died in 1809.” https://www.dailysabah.com/world/europe/another-slave-owner-statue-pulled-down-in-uk

Um, Khan is a Muslim. As such he is devoted to his religious hero Muhammad. Wakey, wakey: Muhammad was a slave owner. As WikiIslam proudly puts it:

Under Islamic laws, slavery is explicitly permitted. As Saudi Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, a member of the Senior Council of Clerics had said in 2003, those who argue that slavery is abolished are “ignorant, not scholars. They are merely writers. Whoever says such things is an infidel.” Muhammad himself was a slaver. He not only owned many male and female slaves, but he also sold, captured, and had sex with his slaves. https://wikiislam.net/wiki/Islamic_Law#Slavery

Will Khan step down, or will he apologise for his religious beliefs? Will all the outraged protestors be circling his home, screaming for him to get on his knees, or else they will burn his house down? While we may not have statues of Muhammad to pull down and destroy, there are some other options. As Douglas Murray said in a tweet: “Perhaps the Woke mob can insist that anybody named after him just changes their name? That should do it.”

And while we are at it, when will we start tearing down and destroying other statues of leftist icons? For example, eugenicist Margaret Sanger who helped to set up the world’s largest abortion group, Planned Parenthood, was a racist with close ties to groups like the KKK. As she wrote, “Eugenics is … the most adequate and thorough avenue to the solution of racial, political and social problems.” But I won’t hold my breath on seeing her statues smashed by the leftist mobs.

And it is not just monuments and statues but almost everything that is deemed to be politically incorrect and racist. Now they are banning films like Gone With the Wind: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/06/10/gone-with-the-wind-number-one-best-seller-at-amazon-after-hbo-blacklist/

Classic television shows are also being censored by our New Taliban: https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/the-madness-of-censoring-shows-like-little-britain

Brendan O’Neill has recently written about this “neo-Maoist war on the past”. He says this:

Britain is in the throes of a Cultural Revolution. Statues are being tumbled, past art erased, people cancelled. Wide-eyed Woke Guards, heirs to Maoist-style intolerance, are compiling lists of monuments to target and individuals to humiliate. They are remorseless. Nothing old that runs counter to their newthink can be tolerated. Tear it all down.

He concludes:

How did this happen so fast? How did protests over the police killing of a black man in Minneapolis become a PC war on statues, street names, art and people judged to be suffering from wrongthink? Partly, it speaks to the colonisation of public life by the narrow, eccentric concerns of the over-educated middle classes and ostensibly progressive bourgeoisie. That millions of people, white and black, are losing their jobs as a result of the lockdown and yet left-wing debate is dominated by the question of which 200-year-old statue to tear down next is testament to the left’s replacement of class and economic questions by virtue-signalling and an obsession with woke propriety.

More fundamentally, this is all a continuation of what had already been happening. We live in an era of intolerance and unreason. From higher education to the political sphere, from the new media to activist circles, PC censoriousness is rampant. New orthodoxies emerge with extraordinary speed and are enforced with rigour. Say the wrong thing on gender or race and you’re out. Question the gospel of genderfluidity, wonder out loud if ‘white privilege’ is really a thing, deny the truth of the End of Days foretold by climate change – you do all these things at your peril. What we are witnessing right now is something that is actually disgustingly cynical: the exploitation of the anger over George Floyd’s death to bolster the zealous crusade to institutionalise PC orthodoxies that would have been as alien to Floyd as they are to most normal people.

Let’s call it what it is. It’s re-education. The Woke Guards might use more flowery language than the Red Guards, talking about ‘a radical reorientation of our consciousness’ (in the words of much-celebrated author Ibram Kendi). But it amounts to the same enforcement of orthodoxy that we have seen in history. It’s time to stand up to this Cultural Revolution. This isn’t about defending slave traders, which is the latest slur that the enforcers of woke orthodoxy throw at their critics. It’s about defending reason, freedom, the right to dissent, and the pluralism and complexity of the public square. https://www.spiked-online.com/2020/06/10/this-has-become-a-neo-maoist-war-on-the-past/

Quite so. This is a war on history and on Western civilisation. And what we have is a New Taliban that is fully behind it all. Today’s leftists are simply emulating their own past heroes – heroes with plenty of statues still around. The main one, Karl Marx, said, this: “The first battlefield is to rewrite history.” And he also said, “Take away the heritage of a people and they are easily persuaded.”

That is exactly what all this New Taliban cultural cleansing is about.

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36 Replies to “Leftist Hate, Hypocrisy and the Rewriting of History”

  1. Brendan O’Neill once again shows his brilliant wisdom and insight. What’s sadder though is that he is an atheist saying such great things, yet where are the leaders of big churches in the west now? Quiet as usual?! I hate to be cynical but is it because some of them are afraid of losing not only their comfortable institutional lifestyles but also feeling the hate of the media?

  2. It sure is Joyce, it most certainly is. Which is why we must all do our part to spread the word, and let others know what is going on here. The mainstream media sure will not do this for us.

  3. I’d like to think that I am brave and uncompromising, but I AM A CHRISTIAN and completely support your comments and warnings; also those of Brendan O’Neill. It is time for Christians to wake up and recognise that their public activities are under threat. It is no surprise that pubs can open but churches can’t. Many of those Christians who call themselves “evangelical” have abandoned any pretence to adhering to biblical doctrines. In the main, they are leftist sympathisers.
    As for the leaders of our major denominations, their silence shouts from the rooftops! I am impressed by their unimpressiveness. If they did their jobs properly, they ought to be some of the people most vilified by the leftist and Marxist lunatics who are beginning to control our streets. (But, in the main, we don’t even know their names.) They should be honest and tell Australia that it is facing the judgment of God if it does not turn around from its utter rejection of its Creator. Perhaps the State of Victoria is worst where there are laws that permit the killing of life at its beginning and end (abortion and euthanasia).
    Despite all appearances to the contrary, God is still in control. Genuine bible-believing Christians know that. Remember the conclusion of Revelation: Jesus wins!!

  4. What’s disgusting and disturbing is the lack of political leadership & leaders coming out against this attempt to sanitistise our history Bill. Not to mention how many of our Australian politicians have not come out in defence of our police force or in the democratic culture of Australia and Australian history?

  5. Thanks for the update, Bill,
    We have let the leftist Marxists control our education system across the World and removed the Bible from the classroom. We have Failed to educate children on a critical Judeo Christian work ethic , truthful research , our individual accountsbility to God, discipline and respect for others and the Government, safe & God ordained family structures . Now we are paying the price and sadly it’s probably going to deteriorate even further.
    Thanks for all you do,


  6. The day Colston’s statue was toppled in Bristol, a few miles from my home, my neighbour’s children stuck BLM posters on their property front fence. No surprise….one parent is a university lecturer. It was embarrassing to be living next door to it; thankfully the next day they were taken down, but we are in no doubt now about the mindset of our immediate neighbours.
    I realise God is in control of all this but He can see His own plan….we can’t! Where next? British government is totally the rabbit in the car-headlights at present…police are aiding the destruction of artefacts…and the ordinary man in the street is beginning to boil with fury.

  7. Thank you again Bill for your courage in speaking out and bringing home what some may consider inconvenient truths. Great comments from Brendon O’Neill. He is a gem and like Mark Latham is a fearless crusader for truth and justice. My heart is heavy when I see what is happening in the world GOD created. I am saddened that history – good or bad – is being eradicated by activists and the ignorant without any regard to what the rest of us might think or want or value. What really frightens me at present is the number of people in our age group (70+) who just want to ‘leave this planet.’ For those who believe it is comforting to know that GOD is not surprised at all by current events and is still in control – and that our eternal future is secure! But for those who don’t yet know JESUS it must be so frightening and confusing. That is why we must continue to bring hope wherever we can as so many are in desperate need of the hope we have through the good news of JESUS CHRIST. Blessings as always.

  8. Let us be reminded of Hitler and his persecution of the Jews began with burning any books with Jewish authors. Will the descendants of those involved in the slave trade now also find themselves targeted and their properties confiscated?
    But there is nothing to stop the Trotskyites turning their attention to smashing patriarchy and male domination. National art galleries, such as the National Art Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London are full of paintings portraying women as objects of desire to women serving in domestic roles. How soon before the students are let lose to run through the galleries to rip these paintings from the walls and burn them in a massive bonfire in Trafalgar Square, before pulling down Nelson’s columns, a symbol of British imperialism? As these progressives often say, ” We have achieved so much, but there is so much more to do.”

    David Skinner

  9. IF Black Lives Matter & ANTIFA were absolutely GENUINE – Why have they been defacing Churches & Synagogues & not Mosques?
    The Islamic slave trade is still operating e.g. Grooming Gangs; Girls that are abducted in Nigeria for sex slaves etc why are Antifa & BLM not protesting that!
    IF Antifa & BLM were GENUINE why are they not protesting in Islamic Countries as well as China, North Korea et al – countries that really do oppress and enslave people???

  10. Very, very sad Bill, we have sown the wind, and are reaping the whirlwind. It breaks my heart. Man in the western world sadly has redefined, marriage, redefined human sexuality, taken millions of lives in the womb, brainwashed the younger generations in evolution and thumbing their noses at Our Great God, who can snuff out our breath if He wanted to. Noah, the preacher of righteousness, preached around 100 years, and the very people who mocked God and Noah, some may have helped him build the ark, but when God sent the rain, (not Jane Bunn) and opened up the fountains of the deep, and shut the door to the ark, it was too late for all of them. I wonder where are all these megachurches are, when you think they might say something? Hillsongs, shaky planet, sorry Planet Shakers! and the archbishops etc???? True apostates might we say? By their fruit…. The silence of those who profess to follow The One who is The TRUTH, is deafening, but only to be expected. I can’t help but sound somewhat harsh to some. Thanks for all you do Bill. Keep sounding that trumpet, loud and long and clear. You are a faithful watchman in our day. The King gets ready to rise from His Mercy seat and it is all over. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

  11. Enter stage left , blind and blinder…
    In this season of the witch.
    Western Taliban marauding
    Madmen now at fever pitch.

    They’re in bedlam but not sleeping.
    They’re as Woke as they can be.
    In their wake mere mass destruction
    Howling gangs of lunacy.

  12. Indeed, Barb Hoc, Mohammed was a slave trader of both men and women and treated his female slaves as sex slaves. Pakistani born Sadiq Khan, the present mayor of London, who wanted to make the city independent from Britain and a part of the European Union, is inciting the removal of all monuments that could in any way be linked with colonialism and slavery. This would practically mean every monument connected with British history. How people cannot see his slippery tongue, lying, dissimulation and blindingly obvious hypocrisy beggars belief.

    Moreover he marches in London Gay Pride which is dominated by male sodomites who practice sadomasochims, bondage and sexual slavery.
    In one of his speeches he referred to the massacre perpetrated by Omar Mateen Mateen in Orlando, without mentioning the fact that Omar was a homosexual Muslim who was out for revenge through being rebuffed by Latino gays.

    David Skinner UK

  13. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for the article. If the MSM totally ignored the BLM movement and all the other left wing movements like the do the pro life marches there would be no point in them taking place. That is wishful thinking I know because the MSM want what the protesters want the destruction of society as we know it.

  14. Too many evangelicals consider themselves theologically conservative and socially liberal, as if you could separate theology and society, much like many conservatives consider themselves economically conservative and socially liberal. They don’t want to rock the boat just go along to get along and cash in on the way. Why fight satan when just talking about it is MUCH more profitable. Like some congressional republicans why do a good job when you can have a bunch of fund raising junkets after losing power all about how to regain it. Too many Christian and non have given in to mammon.

  15. I think the lockdown has exacerbated peoples frustration, and now we are seeing the result.
    I bet the authorities never envisagioned this – lawlessness and mayhem.

  16. Or Iain, great spelling by the way, it is exactly what they envisioned!!! They have the solution they just needed a problem to be able to implement it. Funny how many times solutions precede problems not the other way around. They follow satan and he knows what he is doing but we follow God who know much more! Rough times ahead possibly VERY rough but to paraphrase that great song, by Gloria Gaynor, “we will survive”.

  17. Somehow I don’t see the mobs knocking down a Charles Darwin statue!.. You know..that guy with a certain book with the subtitle “The preservation of favoured races”

  18. Thinking is very powerful. Indeed, it is dangerous. One never knows where it will lead, which is why the mass of society prefer not to think but just to keep their heads down, pursue their daily, trivial activities, allow themselves to become comatose with TV and inaction. Whilst the rest of society is asleep and paralysed, the “woke” certainly understand the power of thinking and are determined to control the way the way we think. [1] whilst allowing themselves to translate their own anarchic thoughts into words, deafening noise and action – gay pride parades, revolution and civil war.
    Parliament is dependent on thinking which leads to talking which leads to decision making which leads to action and which leads to a destination, but this has to be underwitten with a military defence force. Without a standing army no nation can survive. We do not yet live in that world where nations shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks, neither lift up sword against another nation, nor learn war any more. Quite the opposite our nation’s police and military march in full uniform in gay pride parades, join the anarchists and are no longer used to defend its own people from external threats but turn against them and particularly against marriages, families, children, unborn children and Christians.
    We have seen in past history where democracy and the rule of Natural and Godly law could only be established at the end of a sword or cannon. Oliver Cromwell and the American war of Independence and civil war were not achieved through talking or diplomacy. I believe Trump would be justified in using a military option, with the least amount of bloodshed, to smash the rebellious and narcissists in order re- establish one more the rule of natural law and democracy. I believe some Christian military personal think the same.
    [1] https://assets.infowarsmedia.com/videos/8dbb7089-6a85-40a0-bd77-7be8f5a5da6c.mp4
    David Skinner UK

  19. Hi Bill. Thanks again for an insightful article. I was wondering if you know of a quote from George Orwells, ‘1984’ that mentions the elimination of all things historical as the ultimate goal to controlling people. I read it somewhere recently and cannot find it again. Hope you can help. Bless you brother and also just letting you know that my wife and I pray for you and your ministry regularly.

  20. Thanks Peter. Here it is:

    “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except the endless present in which the party is always right.” George Orwell, 1984

  21. Thank you Bill for the unveiling of the current movement that uses the tactics of the Taliban, plus the purposeful attack on history and on any of society’s remaining Christian values. It reminds me too of the cultural revolution tactics in China and Russia (Cambodia later) where the intellectuals, the middle class and students had to be over thrown so that the way could be prepared for one authoritarian leader under the guise of Marxism and supposedly the resources of the country, proclaiming it was for the general good – so all could share equally. That meant killing doctors, teachers, professors and any one who had wealth or position (lest they protest) and sending them to re education camps. To have a position or wealth meant punishment was needed… I was a uni student at Monash Uni when the communist cause was being exalted and taught by some radical lecturers. I was greatly influenced by my main history lecturer and tutor. I went on study Sartre and Camus and became a nihilist. Thankfully 4 yrs later I went looking for truth in India amidst eastern Religion and came to read the Bible due to an Indian evangelist sharing his testimony. I listened and against my will read this book I dreamed of the scene in Revelation of Armageddon and God convicted me he was real and would judge the world… I decided I must choose reincarnation or the resurrection as truth. I chose Jesus death on the cross in place of the lie of reincarnation partly as I had learnt of Jesus life at school and Sunday school. God pierced through the darkness and evil spirits binding me and showed my sin and I asked forgiveness and for Jesus to come into my life. I was cleansed and brought out of that great darkness by His grace, in His timing, across the ocean as one evangelist from Pilgrims mission faithfully preached Jesus died for me. Amen. I pray much about the current lawlessness and attempt to remove Christian values and the word from our culture and see it is all happening once again but with greater hate and vengeance. ‘The devil knows his time is short and has come down with great wrath…’. May we keep warning others and shining our Light as Daniel says for in the End times many will be turned to righteousness through our witness… May God apprehend the seeker of truth – many go and to and fro across the earth seeking knowledge but now are in lock down or out protesting. May he intervene and change hearts and show His word is true and Jesus is coming back soon.
    Thank you for insights you give here.

  22. Britain’s one time anti migration campaigner Enoch Power predicted this would one day come to pass if Britain open the doors to uncontrolled migration. Now they have it and its catching on.

  23. It might be a minor point but the author of the Richmond article you reference makes sure the words “peaceful demonstration” are weaved into the piece. Demonstrators ripping down, spray painting, setting fire and throwing public property in the lake, look more like an angry mob than peaceful people. And their anger is directed at the statue of Christopher Columbus, a good and great man, a giant in your beautiful country’s history. These journalists and the vandals they worship make me so upset.

  24. Hi all,
    I saw about 10 minutes on the ABC insiders program on Sunday. That was enough. I found the ccntinued narrative on the show that Australia is a land with Deep seated “racism” targeting aboriginals quite sickening. Unless indigenous leaders move away from victim mentality then I expect there will be little self analysis and real long term solutions found. $10 of Billions of taxpayers money gets squandered on indigenous Australians every year yet we seem to have little progress in improved health, better families, reduced family violence , less child molestation and violence and reduced alcoholism. Truly tragic. The ABC is clearly not focused on real solutions while supporting a tired, untrue narrative. The Govt appears to have been spinning its wheels for 30 years. Come Lord Jesus
    Regards Phil

  25. Those who attack statues of those who are anachronistically out of step should read Browning’s “Ordinary Men” and from it learn that they themselves have in their soul the same capability for horror as the worst of recent history.

  26. I wonder if the protesters in America will tear down statues of Abraham Lincoln & George Washington – both had (sorry for this word) coloured people working on their properties? While they’re at it, knock down the Asian community areas (particularly the Chinese) who used slaves, as did the Dutch, Spanish, French, Germans & some African nations – just to name a few. At some point, it all has to stop and the protesters have to realise that history can’t be changed. We can only learn from it and move forward with the knowledge that slavery degrades people. Will these same protesters argue a case to stop modern slavery or will they turn a blind eye because it doesn’t fit in with their current agenda?

  27. I wonder if the protesters in America will tear down statues of Abraham Lincoln & George Washington – both had (sorry for this word) coloured people working on their properties? While they’re at it, knock down the Asian community areas (particularly the Chinese) who used slaves, as did the Dutch, Spanish, French, Germans & some African nations – just to name a few. At some point, it all has to stop and the protesters have to realise that history can’t be changed. We can only learn from it and move forward with the knowledge that slavery degrades people. Will these same protesters argue a case to stop modern slavery or will they turn a blind eye because it doesn’t fit in with their current agenda?

  28. Hmmm, didn’t Africans “black bird” other Africans in Africa for the slave trade? I don’t think the Westerners went into the African bush to capture people. Slavery is an ongoing issue. It’s just that it comes in different guises eg., prostitution.
    Christine Crawford

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