Christians, Health, Love, and Sin

No, I am not a subpar Christian if I differ from you in dealing with corona:

Here is a truth you can count on: there are many Christians telling us that certain things are just fine, even though Scripture clearly tells us they are wrong. The obvious examples of this would be things like homosexuality, which the Bible everywhere condemns as sinful. Yet we have all sorts of fake believers telling us there is nothing wrong with it at all.

But the other side of the coin is also something to watch out for: there are many Christians telling us something is wrong or sinful, when such things are never specifically condemned in the Bible. An obvious example of this at this time of the year are those Christian Scrooges who will angrily judge you and condemn you for daring to celebrate Christmas.

I want to speak further to this in light of the year 2020 – the year of the Rona. I want to particularly speak to several things that are highly controversial, and I am aware that to even broach these topics will incur the wrath of many who think I have no right to take a different view from them.

But sadly, the Rona has become a weapon of fear and panic for millions of people, including Christians. They are in such hysteria about it, and have bought all the panic-porn that so many political leaders and the media have dished up, that they will actually turn on other Christians and accuse them of everything under the sun if they are not also paralysed by fear and panic.

These sorts of Christians will basically attack you and claim you are not a Christian if you do not do all the things we are being told to do: stay at home, always wear a mask, take whatever vaccine is presented to you – all with no questions asked.

I expect panicky non-Christians to carry on like this, but what really bothers me is when Christians push a new legalism, and condemn things and people which Scripture does not. And so much of it comes with a Pharisaical, holier-than-thou attitude: ‘If you were a real Christian and really loved people, you would do all these things. How dare you endanger others. That is not what Jesus would do!’

It is one thing if these Christians simply said, ‘I think there is good medical evidence that a mask (or whatever) works, so that is why I am wearing one.’ But too often such evidence is not offered, and instead we get this attitude of moral superiority, where these believers will look down on you and attack you for daring to have a different view on things – and often our views ARE based on the evidence!

And believe me, I have personally encountered this far too often this year. I have lost count of the number of times Christians have attacked me, hated on me, unfriended me, and accused me of not being a good Christian because I have dared to offer a different point of view on so many of these matters.

Indeed, a full 100 out of around 365 articles I have penned for this site this year have been on corona. And I have been sounding the alarm since the beginning about where all of this is headed. I even have a chapter in an important new book on these matters:–Edited-by-Augusto-Zimmermann-Joshua-Forrester-_p_414.html

But let me offer just one – of many – instances where Christians have sought to make the case that their preferred response to the Rona is the right one, and Christians who think differently are somehow not being very Christlike. A few months ago the Gospel Coalition put up a piece with the title, “4 Reasons to Wear a Mask, Even if You Hate It”. The four are these:

  1. To Love Your Neighbor (Matt. 22:39)
  2. To Respect Authorities (Rom. 13:1–7)
  3. To Honor the Weak in Our Midst (Rom. 14)
  4. To Use Freedom for the Sake of the Gospel (1 Cor. 9:19–23)

You can read the piece for yourself, but I am not all that thrilled with what was written. Indeed, I have answered most of these points throughout the year. Point two for example I have often discussed, eg:

But of course so much of this Christian moralising assumes that there is a unanimous medical and scientific view on the worth and efficacy of masks. The piece claims that a “consensus is emerging” on this. Um no, there is not, and there is plenty of data to the contrary that we can run with here. Indeed, throughout the year I have been pointing to studies and research where mask-wearing is questioned by the experts.

I can offer some more to this here. Consider this quote for example:

There is no evidence that masks work: “There is no evidence base for their effectiveness whatsoever,” says Dr. Hodkinson. “[Masks] are simply virtue signalling. Seeing these people walking around like lemmings obeying, without any knowledge base, to put the mask on their face.”

And this:

A study published in late October by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology linking a decrease in coronavirus hospitalizations to a face-mask mandate has been withdrawn following an increase in cases in the areas studied.

“The authors have withdrawn this manuscript because there are increased rates of SARS-CoV-2 cases in the areas that we originally analyzed in this study,” the updated abstract of the study titled “Decrease in Hospitalizations for COVID-19 after Mask Mandates in 1083 U.S. Counties” now reads. “New analyses in the context of the third surge in the United States are therefore needed and will be undertaken directly in conjunction with the creators of the publicly-available databases on cases, hospitalizations, testing rates. Etc.”

And this:

Yesterday marked the publication of a long-delayed trial in Denmark which hopes to answer that very question. The ‘Danmask-19 trial’ was conducted in the spring with over 3,000 participants, when the public were not being told to wear masks but other public health measures were in place. Unlike other studies looking at masks, the Danmask study was a randomised controlled trial – making it the highest quality scientific evidence.

Around half of those in the trial received 50 disposable surgical face masks, which they were told to change after eight hours of use. After one month, the trial participants were tested using both PCR, antibody and lateral flow tests and compared with the trial participants who did not wear a mask.

In the end, there was no statistically significant difference between those who wore masks and those who did not when it came to being infected by Covid-19. 1.8 per cent of those wearing masks caught Covid, compared to 2.1 per cent of the control group. As a result, it seems that any effect masks have on preventing the spread of the disease in the community is small.

Many more such quotes can be offered. But my point should be obvious. The writer of this article is trying to tell us that if we are to be good Christians, we should all be wearing masks. Yet the evidence is NOT in on this. At the very least, there are many experts who are telling us the opposite. Yet this writer is trying to guilt-trip us all by what is at best questionable or highly disputed advice on masks.

More could be said in response to this article. I and others certainly resent being labelled “reckless virus super-spreaders” all because we question the narrative and are willing to look at alternative points of view on these issues. But perhaps worst of all is the last line in this article: “If the small annoyance of wearing masks can help not only save lives but also souls, winning more to the gospel, isn’t it worth it?”

Good grief, how often have we heard this all year long? Some of the most draconian and harmful lockdown policies were imposed on us, with the exact same ‘reasoning’: ‘If it saves just one life it is worth it.’ Um, never mind all the lives lost due to these lockdowns and over-the-top measures. As I have said throughout this year, suicide rates have skyrocketed, mental health problems have mushroomed, depression and anxiety due to loss of jobs and livelihoods have all gone through the roof. Yet those lives never seemed to have mattered very much.


If you are a Christian and you are convinced that staying home, hardly ever going out, always wearing a mask, and taking whatever vaccines or other actions is the right way to go, that is one thing. Fine. You can take those steps if you must.

But what I do find to be so very worrying is when Christians insist that their choices should become the choices of everyone else. Yes, they will often wax eloquent about how this is what Jesus would do, that it is the compassionate thing to do, and that it is to keep us all safe. They will insist that those who differ are somehow deliberately putting lives at risk and endangering others.

Of course such an attitude will easily push many of these folks into the “You MUST do this” camp. We already have numerous governments, corporations and businesses informing us that these steps ARE or SOON WILL BE mandatory, and if you do not do these things, you will not be able to work, travel, go to school, and so on.

That is NOT the stuff of conspiracy theories. I have documented this often now. It is real folks. Whatever Christians might think about Revelation 13 and the mark of the beast, these steps sure sound like they would fit in here. Statism and crony capitalism taking away our rights and freedoms is serious business, and no Christian should be cavalier about this.

As I say, if folks want to live in fear over this virus or any other, that is up to them. They can stay home all they like and never wander outside if they prefer. They can wear all the masks they like and take all the shots they prefer. But when they take this attitude that it is what Jesus would do, and Christians who live and act differently are somehow sub-par Christians, or not really Christians at all, that is where I must say enough is enough.

I do not appreciate such Pharisaic guilt-tripping. I for one will not be enslaved by fear-mongering, legalism, and unquestioning submission to the all-powerful State. I think our rights and freedoms are far too important to so readily throw away, all because we have allowed fear to take over from a calm assessment of the facts and data.

Sure, I will seek to take sensible steps to stay safe and keep others safe, but I will not be brow-beaten into believing I must be a bad Christian because I do not go along with everything the State and others are demanding of me. I am NOT a lesser Christian if I prefer to think for myself, question things, and decide how best to proceed.

So stop judging me already!

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18 Replies to “Christians, Health, Love, and Sin”

  1. Blessings Bill. I could not agree more with you. Keep up the good work. God bless!!

  2. My husband had a heart transplant 4 years ago. He is immune supressed and the flu could have him in the hospital fighting for his life. We have spent the last 4 years being careful not to catch the flu and by God’s grace he has not caught it. At the same time I have watched people with the flu go to work or church with little regard to the fact that they could kill someone. We have always thought it was our job to protect ourselves, not everyone else’s job. With covid, it is the same. We are living our lives normal (except public mask wearing) and will trust the Lord whatever comes. We are doing everything on our part to protect our health. We are beyond sick of the hypocritical self-righteous holier than thou attitude that has come with covid. I can handle the covid but not the ugliness of heart that this has revealed. People never miss an opportunity to virtual signal their righteousness at someone else’s expense. The hysterical fear mongering and lies from media, politicians, and health agencies are reprehensible. What is worse is watching how people are buying into this without thought or question. At some point you would think some critical thinking would kick in and people would investigate and look past the hysteria. Some do, many don’t. Christians of all people should not be falling prey to this, we are people who are not ruled by a spirit of fear and we should not let our emotions override truth. Thank you Bill, I always appreciate your articles. I pray your ministry to increase it’s reach. We need biblical, calm, reasonable, common sense teaching now more than ever.

  3. Hi Bill
    I think I have read every one of your articles the last 2 years and rarely if ever do I disagree with.
    I was saved 43 years ago and was blessed to be a part of a church that fully believes that every scripture is inspired by the hand of the Living God.
    I have watched the main line churches in general in the Western World over the decades decline from their true calling and embrace a more social justice stance while ignoring the true message of bringing Christ to a dying world.
    It riles me at times when I speak with Christians who are so shallow in their faith and hide their light under a bushel and go along like sheep with this Marxist agenda that Daniel Andrews continually preaches in his quest to control his subjects.
    Please don’t stop preaching the truth Bill as your voice is sorely needed as we are leading up to the “Great Delusion” that is fast coming upon us.
    Blessings and protection Bill.
    Terry Hill, New Gisborne

  4. I agree with your article Bill, and all the previous comments. It is alarming how quickly things seem to be happening and heartbreaking to see many Christians not having a clue in the direction these things are taking.

    It seems like many Christians and pastors have forgotten the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, otherwise they would recognise the signs and be on alert.

  5. Agree with you Bill, I will continue to take all reasonable steps to protect myself and others because I am in the vulnerable age group. But I refuse to be frightened into submission by the guilt trip being put on us by those who blindly accept everything told us by media and government, without at least listening to some alternative and credible health professionals who disagree with the narrative.

  6. Again, you hit the nail squarely with your head!
    Common sense, which seems to be in short supply at all times, is a strong point in your writings. May God help us to grasp a little of it.
    The tendency for Christians to allow anti-Christian values to dominate the culture and seep into our churches is matched by making non-Christian values somehow “spiritual” and excluding those who hold them from our fellowship.
    Please accept heartfelt thanks for your courageous stands in the battle that is all too often out of our sight.
    Governmental control is a virus that will last long after the COVID-19 crisis is past. It is to be feared and fought with passion! Lead on, my brother!

  7. Brother Bill,
    I live on the Oregon Coast in a village of 600 people, however it is a tourist attraction because of the seven miles of beach. We will be locked down until March. Governor Kate Brown is a dyed in the wool socialist, and believes she knows better than the individual. In my town, mask are required, even on the beach where it is windy and wet most of the winter and fall. I have become an outcast because I refuse to wear a mask outside on my daily walk it is required to even wear one while on ones property. I have been bullied many times by other town folk because I have made a choice, even threatened with physical harm. I have been yelled at and accused of killing people. The Mayor made up his own rules and has spent well over 20,000 dollars to put up signs indicating that you are entering the mask zone, more like the twilight zone. It is more than that, the people on the city council are all liberals, once again making up draconian rules with no enforcement powers or science. I have written to all of them and no ones answers my emails. Truthly I am tired and weary of all these people destroying peoples life and freedom of unhindered movement. Are largest restaurant has closed permanently because of the changing cycles of rules but the marijuana store and liquor store are thriving. I am strong through Christ. I refuse to follow the sheeple who cringe in fear and never really question the silliness of all of this.

  8. I firmly believe the blasphemy of the Beast of Revelation (Rev 13:1) is to do with all human governance throughout all time, not just one, individual antichrist, and part of what this creation is about is to prove to us that we need to submit to God’s authority but, having said that, temporary authority had previously been given to men. This is why Jesus said, surprisingly because you would think the creator would already have all authority, in Mat 28:18, after His crucifixion, that all authority had been given to Him. This is because, previously, authority over this creation had been given to mankind in Genesis but Jesus’ actions and crucifixion proved the failure of human authority and legally established the truth of Jesus’ authority.

    Yes the blasphemy of the Beast’s, eighth kingdom is set to be the culmination of the seven that went before and so Christians are going to be increasingly faced with either doing what the government says or doing what God says and their decision needs to not reflect the Beast’s blasphemy. This is why I believe that the blasphemy is itself the true mark of the Beast and when we consider the number of it’s name we definitely need to remember that the Beast’s name is “blasphemy”.

    We also need to remember that part of allowing human authority to come to its inevitable conclusion is to prove evil for what it is. This why we submit and why we do good to those who do evil. Just as Jesus said to Pontius Pilate that he would have no authority if it had not come from above. Pontius Pilate had authority from above yet, even though he knew it was wrong, he chose to allow massive evil to result from that authority and what he did was not only unjust it was blasphemy and, I believe, demonstrated the mark of the Beast in his forehead and right hand.

    This is one of the many reasons why Jesus suffered under human authority and why we must also, because, without Jesus’ and our suffering, human authority cannot legally be proven to be faulty and the worthiness of Jesus’ authority cannot be established in men’s hearts, minds and souls.

    Rev 13:10 He who leads into captivity will go into captivity. If anyone will kill with the sword, he must be killed by a sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

    While this situation is massively unfortunate the early revelations in the book of Revelations show us that there simply was no other way.

    Having said that I, apparently like you Bill, cannot accept some people’s understanding of Rom 13:1-3 in that they suggest we should blindly follow human authority because it was given by God. Firstly, all authority has now been given to Jesus so He is now our undisputed source of authority. Secondly, if Paul was referring to human authority then Rom 13:3 would be a false claim because it is clearly contradicted by Jesus sweating drops of blood in the Mount of Olives (Luk 22:44). Clearly the rulers of this world were a terror to Jesus’ good works.

    We look set to be negotiating a bit of a minefield in the coming years so I hope and pray we see people acting with wisdom and don’t see too many people acting like Pontius Pilate and allowing evil even though they know it is wrong. If all authority has now been given to Jesus and if the blasphemous rule of the Beast is set to increase then surely this coming time must be a time when, more than ever, we must ensure that doing what is right takes precedence over submitting to human authority.

    I also suggest it is a time when people need to have a good understanding of God’s authority and how the faith of the centurion in Mat 8:9 was related to his understanding of authority and how Jesus instructed the disciples in Mat 20:25-28 that their exercising of authority was not to be done as the world does it.

  9. Three things: in the danmask-19 trial I see masks were 0.3 percent more effective so I can hear them decrying “what if your grandma was in that 0.3 percent wouldn’t you want her to live??? Jesus would love grandma enough to wear a mask. Don’t you love grandma???” (I have heard the mask referred to as a secular burqa. WWJD?? Apparently wear a face burqa. [Aka face nappy or diaper for us yanks.)

    Some might pull out render unto Caesar believing blind obedience is one of the things that are Caesar’s (render unto Caesar the blind obedience that is Caesar’s).

    Here in KC Missouri USA they are running commercials for Kansas health using seniors to urge people to get tested. Everyone has to get tested to keep us safe they tell us. (I guess the implication is you don’t want to be responsible for killing these seniors because you didn’t get tested do you?)

  10. Dear Bill. Thank you very much. I will not give in to fear either. Those who fear have no Trust in His Divine Mercy. A short prayer which can be said many times a day is ”Jesus I Trust in You”

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