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20 Essential Conservative and Christian Websites

Feb 8, 2021

Here are some of my top conservative/Christian websites:

When you are in an ideological war – a war of ideas – information is ammunition. And when the main gatekeepers of information such as the mainstream media and the Tech Giants increasingly are beholden to just one point of view – the secular left version of events – then it is imperative that alternate sources of information be found and utilised.

The good news is there are plenty of excellent websites that promote conservative and/or Christian values, beliefs, and ideas. Of course the bad news is they are often the subject of censorship and attack by the same Tech Giants and lamestream media mentioned above.

Many helpful sites have been banned or removed – at least temporarily – and getting access to them can prove to be difficult at times. But we need these sites more than ever as the West keeps lurching to the left, and keeps waging war on conservatives, Christians and other recalcitrants.

The initial reason for offering such a list was due to a concerned pastor asking me for it the other day. He has been doing his best to inform and educate his own people about the spiritual and cultural and political wars we are in, and he wants to do even more of this. He aims to take his people further in equipping them and preparing them to get even more involved. Well done pastor!

So he asked me for some good websites that he could pass on to them, and I said that this would be easy enough for me to put together. I was planning to head out to the shops just then, but he seemed quite insistent that I send him a list ASAP. So I spent around ten minutes putting together a quick list. It had 20 quite good sites on it – 10 from Australia and 10 from overseas.

I sent that off to him and did my errands. But it occurred to me that since I had put this together, I might as well share it more widely. Thus this article. There of course is one big problem with this list: it is very much partial and incomplete. There are so many more sites that could be recommended.

Indeed, I will likely get folks writing in, upset that their fav website was not included. My apologies if I did not list them – yet. As mentioned, it certainly is not an exhaustive list, and I hope to add many more sites to it in the days ahead. But given the urgency of the hour, and how censorship, book banning, and website culling is now becoming the norm, I wanted to get this out right away.

So feel free to send me your favourite sites (make it easier for me: include both the name of the site and its home page URL). And try to keep it on-topic. There are thousands of great Christian websites of course, but this list is narrower in focus. It has more to do with the culture wars, politics, and the various battles we are in – all from a more or less conservative point of view. Some of the sites are quite Christian in orientation while others are not.

Soon enough, after I add more sites, and you send in your preferred sites, I will put up a revised version of this article. One can easily see a piece like this with a hundred or more recommended sites. So let me know which ones you want to see included in future articles.

Here then – in no particular order – are the 20 useful sites (of many) that I had put together for my friend. I think these are all excellent sites that you need to be aware of and should be regularly visiting (and yes, I did have to include my own site here!):

Australian sites:

Caldron Pool –

FamilyVoice –

Canberra Declaration –

Australian Christian Lobby –

Australian Spectator –

Quadrant –

Lyle Shelton –

Binary –

The Good Sauce –

CultureWatch –

Overseas sites:

Dennis Prager –

The Daily Caller –

The Epoch Times –

Glenn Beck –

National Review –

American Thinker –

LifeSiteNews –

PJ Media –

The Daily Signal –

LifeNews –

Happy reading and research!

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