And Prayer Is Now Hate

Now the militants even want prayer banned!

Have I mentioned this before? The endgame of all the radical secular left activists is really only about one thing: the complete eradication and abolition of Christianity. That is their ultimate and major focus. They hate God and his people, and they know that only the complete destruction of the Christian church will allow them the complete freedom to carry out their nefarious agenda.

Of course if they came out and said all this in so many words, they might get a bit of pushback. So as with all activists, they resort to euphemisms and they change the language. They know full well that societal change must be preceded by verbal change. Change the terminology and you can change the culture.

So they speak about their agenda items in terms of ‘diversity’ and ‘acceptance’ and ‘tolerance’. All that sounds pretty good – who would be opposed to those things? And of course anyone opposed to their militant mission is a bigot and intolerant and a hater.

Christians are the main haters in their view, and that means, among other things, that the Bible is full of hate speech. And now the activists have made it clear that even prayer is hateful! I kid you not. Consider what the pink mafia are up to in this regard in the UK. As one report explains:

Prayer asking God to help individuals overcome same-sex attraction, even when they themselves have requested it, is similar to hate speech and hate preaching, declares Jayne Ozanne, who identifies as a gay Evangelical Christian and member of the General Synod.


“Prayer isn’t prayer if it causes you to hate yourself for being LGBT!” Ozanne wrote on Twitter Wednesday. “It’s actually ‘Hate prayer.’ It is dangerous, damaging & must be included in a bill to #BanConversationtherapy.” “I know – I spent years trying to ‘pray the gay away’ & ended up in hospital wishing I would die,” she added.


Last year, Ms. Ozanne compared biblical Christians to “rapists” and “Holocaust deniers” for upholding traditional Christian teaching on marriage and sexuality. Unlike the soldiers who crucified Jesus, church leaders know they are “wounding and hurting” LGBT people by propagating biblical sexual morality, Ozanne writes, and thus Jesus’ prayer — “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do” — does not apply to them. In her crusade against “hate prayer,” Ozanne has found support in other gay activists.


“We need to ban hate prayer, just as we ban hate speech and hate preaching,” writes Philip Baldwin, a columnist for Gay Times. Baldwin also cites Ozanne, who declared on BBC: “I want a ban on prayer that has a predetermined outcome which says that you have to change and cannot be gay.”


The same message was also echoed by Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, a member of the Ozanne Foundation, who insisted that “hate prayer” must be banned. The Daily Mail reported Wednesday that the UK government has “finally committed to introducing legislation to ban the ‘abhorrent’ practice” of conversion therapy, “which is based on the belief that being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender is a mental illness that can be ‘cured.’”


“While conversion therapy sounds like something from a bygone age or a practice that could only be allowed in a more oppressive, less tolerant nation, it is alive and well in the UK today,” the Daily Mail warned. In its report, the Mail recounted the cases of four “victims” of conversion therapy, but fails to comment on the hundreds of cases of people who have found the therapy a source of grace and peace.

And there you have it folks. We now have the anti-Christian left teaming up with apostates and fake Christians trying to convince us that to actually offer a bit of prayer for someone struggling and ASKING for prayer makes you a hater – just as bad as a Nazi and a rapist! Good grief. Of course this is not new. The recent Victorian bill passed on so-called conversion therapy said much the same, with any form of counsel or help or even prayer now verboten.

The article goes on to discuss the successful ministry of one worker in the area, the late Joe Nicolosi:

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Jr, a licensed clinical psychologist who runs the largest reparative therapy clinic in the world, told Breitbart News that his clinic uses evidence-based treatment interventions, the same used by other clinics to treat trauma and sexual addictions. “In the client-therapist relationship, the client is in the driver’s seat,” Nicolosi said. “Politicians have no business telling people their therapy goals are illegal.”


“Thirty years of science has shown us that sexuality is fluid and can change for many people,” Nicolosi said. Dr. Nicolosi said limiting people’s legitimate options for ideological reasons is a textbook case of political overreach.


“I help people resolve the issues that are causing them conflict, affirm them in their journey, and help them achieve their goals— not the politician’s goals!” Nicolosi said. In 1997, the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) conducted a survey of 882 patients who had undergone reparative therapy seeking to modify their sexual orientation.


Nearly half of the patients (47 percent) experienced a significant change in their sexual attraction. Among patients who self-identified as “exclusively homosexual” before treatment, 18 percent self-identified as exclusively heterosexual following therapy, while 17 percent identified as almost entirely heterosexual and 12 percent as more heterosexual than homosexual. Obviously, no one is required to undergo reparative therapy. The question remains why legislators would seek to outlaw a voluntary practice that has helped many people to find peace.

Yep: this is all about preventing people getting the help they are desperately seeking. This is also all about the criminalisation of Christianity. And it is easy to do: simply label all real deal Christians as haters, call the Bible a book of hate speech, and refer to prayer as a hate-filled practice, right up there with rape, and you can ban the whole lot of it. Too easy.

Um, if you are not yet aware of the war that has been declared against biblical Christianity, you better get smart REAL quick. The other side will not stop until we are all silenced, or jailed, or whatever – they will make no concessions. Time to wake up folks.

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8 Replies to “And Prayer Is Now Hate”

  1. This is were appeasement leads us. It just emboldens the other side to do more. The descent into hell starts with one step toward the enemy.

    You were the second person I thought to send it to it so disturbing. (my mum was the first)

  2. Radical secular left activists may speak of tolerance, diversity and acceptance, and yet they engage in bigoteering. For those unfamiliar with the term, and it’s a new one to me, it is:

    “The act of labeling a person racist, sexist, or somethinglike-ist in situations where these are not warranted, in an attempt to exploit the stigmas accompanying such labels and force the opponent to spend time and energy explaining why they are not a bigot.”

    Their opponents are not bigoted because they are hateful, they are branded bigots because it is a convenient tactic. Perhaps we can derive the term bigoteer(s) from that i.e. those who engage in bigoteering? If we can simply shrug and write off such attacks as efforts by bigoteers then there’s less energy wasted.

  3. As far back as Pavlov (of Pavlov’s salivating dog fame) he showed he was, through both positive and negative feedback, able to get animals to do all sorts of extraordinary and unnatural behaviours but one thing remained consistent – the more you removed the animal from their natural behaviour the greater their anxiety level became. You would think that after all the positive feedback in places like Holland and Sweden where we can see that the suicide rate among homosexuals and transgenders remains stubbornly high, that people would have learned these lessons.

    Imagine if a Jew, who being a part of a people who have been vilified and hated for centuries, claimed he would kill himself if a Christian prayed for him. Of course this would never happen but this is what we are meant to believe of those with sexual dysfunctions. Does this not prove that the anxiety is overwhelmingly a result of the dysfunction itself?

    The fact is we know sexuality and gender dysphoria in children is massively fluid and the evidence is that these things do, overwhelmingly, have sociological causes from both positive and negative feedback. So, by promoting them, all we will be doing is creating more suicidal people.

    I simply do not believe the claim that homosexuality and transgenderism are natural for the person concerned. That claim simply is not remotely supported by the evidence. These are learned behaviours with varying degrees of inevitable consequences.

  4. Am reminded of an insightful decades-old Peanuts comic strip which showed nicely how Christianity in society can make people uncomfortable. Can’t remember which of the characters exactly but it would fit to have it as Charlie Brown asking Lucy if he may ask her a question which might upset her. No question would upset her, she confidently replies. So Charlie Brown asks Lucy, “Do you pray in the morning when you first wake up, or at night just before you go to sleep?”

    Her response? “Aaargh!!”

  5. Well Michael I think a good number of suicides are useful to them as they just blame homophobia and say they need more power to teach kids about gays and more power to punish Christians. It doesn’t matter WHY the person committed suicide, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a unwritten rule about leaving a note blaming bullying or homophobia no matter the real reason, that they were gay is sufficient for them to exploit it. Since a dead gay person can’t tell they become that person’s voice regardless or what he wanted.

    The activists saddened me in a way as I feel a backlash is coming as they push full speed now and it isn’t the activists who will pay the price but the everyday gay man. The one who just wants to be left alone to live his life. (he is still sinning against god with his sexual preferences and acts but is much less likely to ruin your life for praying for him or discussing something with him. He is live and let live as opposed to live and let die) The same with the blm activists when race wars start THEY will be safe it is everyday blacks who will bare the brunt of the racial war. The socialist elite don’t have to suffer the consequences of their actions it is the “unwashed masses” that are persecuted and killed.

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