Lego, Leftism and Lunacy

Lego is the latest corporation to push woke capitalism:

Woke capitalism is destroying everything it touches. I and others have documented this far too often now. And that is a problem, because generally speaking as both a Christian and a conservative I support the free market. Its only other main alternative – socialism in its various forms – is a proven failure both in theory and in practice.

It is the free market that has raised millions out of poverty and allowed us to live in the most prosperous and successful nations of earth. Of course like all things in a fallen world, it is not perfect. And many have pointed out actual or possible shortcomings of it.

One thinks of famous works such as Daniel Bell’s The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism (1976) or Christopher Lasch’s The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations (1979). But plenty of conservatives who are free marketeers have also spoken about such matters.

 Consider just one: Catholic social thinker Michael Novak. As he stated in his very important 1982 volume, The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism:

Democratic capitalism is not a “free enterprise system” alone. It cannot thrive apart from the moral culture that nourishes the virtues and values on which its existence depends. . . . What do I mean by “democratic capitalism”? I mean three systems in one: a predominantly market economy; a polity respectful of the rights of the individual to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and a system of cultural institutions moved by ideals of liberty and justice for all. In short, three dynamic and converging systems functioning as one: a democratic polity, an economy based on markets and incentives, and a moral-cultural system which is plural and, in the largest sense, liberal.

As I said about this in an earlier article on Novak:

Thus his is not a rugged laissez faire system with no moral constraints. His is a free economy undergirded and guided by a free social and political system as well as a moral/spiritual culture. The three working together provide us with a workable system that is the best we can hope for in a fallen world. The system is not perfect, but it is an ideal which is worth aiming for.

The point of this extended intro to a topic that seems to be about toys and building blocks is this: The way the free market best succeeds is when it is combined with moral and social supports. The naked capitalist who only wants to get rich, and has zero concern for any moral or cultural ramifications of what he is doing, is a threat to the conservative just as much as he is to the leftist.

And worse yet, when big business and corporations end up pushing radical leftist social agendas, it can get even worse. This is what we call woke capitalism, and as mentioned, it is causing all sorts of mischief. So finally, what I mention in my title can now be discussed.

The latest international corporate body to go woke big time as it pushes activist leftist causes is Lego. It seems it now wants children all over the world to be singing the praises of the radical homosexual agenda. As one news report says:

The LEGO toy company has announced the release of its rainbow “Everyone is Awesome” set for kids, just in time for Pride month. The multicolored set features 11 single-colored, non-gendered figurines that together form a rainbow with black and brown stripes as well as the “transgender flag colors,” LGBTQ Nation reported Thursday.


“The buildable display model is inspired by the iconic rainbow flag which is used as a symbol of love and acceptance by the LGBTQIA+ community,” LEGO said on its website, “and features 11 monochrome minifigures each with its own individual hairstyle and rainbow colour.”


“I wanted to create a model that symbolizes inclusivity and celebrates everyone, no matter how they identify or who they love,” said LEGO set designer Matthew Ashton, a LEGO vice president. “Growing up as an LGBTQ+ kid – being told what I should play with, how I should walk, how I should talk, what I should wear – the message I always got was that somehow I was ‘wrong.’”


“Trying to be someone I wasn’t was exhausting,” he added. “I wish, as a kid, I had looked at the world and thought: ‘This is going to be OK, there’s a place for me.’ I wish I’d seen an inclusive statement that said, ‘Everyone is awesome.’”


The figures in the set are supposed to “express individuality, while remaining ambiguous,” and do not come with pre-painted faces or clothes. The only distinguishing features are their different hairstyles and colors. Ashton said the purple figure, however, is supposed to be “a clear nod to all the fabulous drag queens out there.” The set goes on the market on June 1 for $34.99.

That corporations over the years have jumped on board the radical homosexual bandwagon and have become promoters of all manner of politically correct causes is not new. I have been documenting this for decades now. But it is especially worrying when it seems that children are fully in the crosshairs of these mega-corporations.

And children have long been targeted by the militants. If you can get to the children, you are well on the way to winning the next generation over to your cause. Of course playing with rainbow Lego will not do this alone. But combined with everything else that we find in society today – be it the media or pop culture or education or legislation or politics – and we have a tsunami of activism aimed at our kids.

While all this is serious business indeed, the satire site Babylon Bee made a good point while pointing out this latest case of corporate activism. In a recent article it said this:

As part of its new push toward inclusion and diversity, Lego has unveiled a new set of genderless bricks without male or female connectors. The entirely smooth bricks have no suggestive male nubs or female receptors and instead have entirely smooth, androgynous sides all around.


“This represents a new era in inclusive building bricks!” said Lego spokesperson Bjørn Irkestøm-Slater Walker. “Finally — anyone can play with our legos without being triggered by those horrid male and female parts that imply they’re only supposed to fit in one direction. Every brick can stack on any other brick without anyone misgendering anything or making a brick feel bad because it only fits in one way.”


“I mean, I guess they’re pretty much just blocks now,” he admitted. “But they’re INCLUSIVE blocks!” The bricks will still, of course, instantly kill you if you step on them.

Funny but sad. The attempt to eradicate sex, and male and female differences, is all around us. With Lego getting into the act it just has gotten a bit worse. Please leave our children alone.

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  1. Hot on the heels of the company’s new “Everyone is Awesome” playset and genderless blocks without male or female connectors, the LEGO group revealed its commemorative Pride Month playset: a new Sodom and Gomorrah set.
    “We’re excited to celebrate LGBTQ history with this iconic scene from the Bible!” said Lego spokesperson Yutte Hermsgervørdenbrøtbørda. “There is fantastic representation in this set, as it includes plenty of Middle Easterners, some angels of the Lord, LOTS of LGBTQ people, and one person of salt.”
    “You won’t find a more inclusive set anywhere!”

  2. Here’s some good news:

    “Defence Minister Peter Dutton has ordered his department and serving military personnel to stop pursuing a “woke agenda” after Defence held morning teas where staff wore rainbow clothing to mark the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia.”

    Peter Dutton (who would make a good Prime Minister) is being attacked by the Left for his position.

    He needs our support.

  3. The real sad part lately has been how Babylon Bee headlines with months or years become reality. (the had something on this in a prager u video.) You can come up with something totally outrageous and with 3 years it is actually happening.

    Everyone is awesome?? So I can get the evangelical church set with reporation therapy annex from you????

    Wonder if they had pride parades in Sodom??

    Sometimes it seems like they are TRYING to get God to do something. ‘Come judge us.’ “Do not tempt the Lord thy God” ….. You might not be happy with the results!

  4. Yes as I state in my article Joanna. But the block quote I have just above it is NOT from a satire site – it is from a news outlet, reporting on the actual Lego homosexual push.

  5. Looking forward to the day when male and female will be eliminated from the fields of electricians and plumbers. Even “righty tighty, lefty loosy” will become politicized as the social, economic and political implications are patently obvious. All goes back to the cornerstone of leftist ideology that “left is right and right is wrong” that violates simple algebra that “right is right” with the residual association that “left is wrong”.

  6. We are becoming so desensitized to this that it is hard to raise an emotion about it anymore, just as I feared would happen 5 years ago.

  7. Great article Bill, but one thing that really grates – I know you’re an American, but ‘gotten’ is not really a word. In your last sentence you could have just as easily used the word ‘become’. It’d be really great if people could stop using ‘gotten’ because it’s just laziness for actually using the correct word. Cheers.

  8. Thanks David. But what you give with one hand (a word of praise) you take back with the other (accusing me of being lazy, etc). As a quick search of any dictionary will reveal, it is indeed a real word (perhaps not to your liking, but real nonetheless): “gotten, verb, North American past participle of get.”

  9. I wanted to put this on a article with trans in it so I came back here.

    Recently I read about how trans are now referring to what women “assigned” that gender at birth have as a front hole while the MTF trans have a vagina. (I have NO idea what the say men “assigned” that gender at birth have but I’m sure FTM trans say they have penises.) So it seems they are redefining language so that THEY have the REAL vaginas (and presumably the REAL penises) and the rest of us have fakes or imitations. (seems like a response to being told they don’t have REAL parts)

    If that is the way they are going could redefining chromosomal biology be next??? Defining REAL females as XY and REAL males as XX??? It is something they can’t escape now – male=XY female=XX. Try as they might biology gives them away.
    Try as they might they can’t change a X into a Y or a Y into a X it is biologically impossible. But what if like vaginas they just redefine these pairings???

    Aside from genetic engineering it would be the ultimate affront to God and his order. Changing, through definition, the very created nature of man.

    I wonder if radical feminists in the 60’s knew that saying men and women were interchangeable that there was NO difference between them would lead to a world were the only difference is a surgery. I wonder if they knew that because they were XX’s they weren’t REAL women.

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