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A message to my supporters:

If you are reading this, you obviously know where to find me – or at least this website. But I have been using other social media platforms to get the word out, to share truth, and to cover what the lamestream media refuses to cover. Thus this website, and the other platforms that I am on.

This is just a brief communication to let you know my current state of play. As most of you should know, I am now a Facebook refugee. They gave me the boot a week ago for daring to tell truth, and it looks like I am gone for life. You can read about how they cancelled me here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2021/05/27/erased/

But since some folks still get a bit confused here, let me again explain my former presence there. I actually have (or had) two FB pages: my main large personal page (with a picture of me as a hippy) that has been totally obliterated; and a smaller public CultureWatch page (with a picture of me in a suit) which seems to still be up.

But even though that second page has not been taken down, it does me no good at all since I cannot get access to it! I cannot do anything on it – I cannot even see it! Thus it is dead in the water – at least to me. So when I speak of being banned by FB, I am referring to the deletion of my main page, and being shut out of my secondary page.

In addition, I was the admin of a few other smaller pages, but those too of course I now have zero access to. And I am told that all my messages that were on FB have been fully deleted as well. So I really am a persona non grata there. This is all part of the censorship and leftist tyranny that Tech Giants with near-monopoly powers like Facebook operate with.

And as I have often written about before, most of the other groups are just as bad, be it YouTube or Twitter or even online booksellers like Amazon. They are all singing from the same hardcore leftist song sheet, and conservatives and Christians really are not wanted.

And as I have also stated, it really may be just a matter of time before even my CultureWatch site is pulled down permanently. That is where things are heading throughout the West. The war on Christianity and conservativism is everywhere ramping up.

But as long as I can have any sort of online presence, I will keep using that to share truth and offer a differing take on the mainstream narratives being promoted. Thus I am now on four other smaller social media sites. Of course with each one I must start afresh in building up friends or followers, and posting material.

The 15-years’ worth of stuff I had on Facebook, along with nearly 5000 friends, has all been stolen away from me. So it is time for a rebuild on these other platforms. That of course will take some time and effort. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

In the meantime, I encourage all of you to look me up on these other sites. Obviously, you have to log in and/or become a member to be able to find me and then interact with me. But here are the four alternatives and their web addresses. Some of you are already there, and I look forward to seeing many more of you on at least some of these sites. The four are (along with my user name):

Parler – https://parler.com – @BillMuehlenberg

Gab – https://gab.com – @BillMuehlenberg

MeWe – https://mewe.com – Bill Muehlenberg

Minds – https://www.minds.com – @billmuehlenberg

While each one has slightly different ways of having you provide a username, simply type in what I list above and you should be able to find me pretty easily. If not, let me know and I can try to help you connect with me.

While some folks might think belonging to all these various sites is a bit of overkill, let me remind you what my aim is here. My aim is to share truth in a world starved of truth. All throughout the West the mainstream media certainly is not sharing truth. Indeed, it is doing everything it can to suppress the truth, block the truth, censor the truth, and cancel the truth.

It is the same with most of the Tech Giants. They are no longer just helpful social media platforms. They are now fully politicised and activist outfits, not even hiding their radical hyper-left secular agendas. It is to stand against their falsehoods and myths that I for one will use any other means I can to get the word out – primarily the biblical word, but also conservative points of view as well.

So I hope to see you there at some of these other sites.

Thanks for your support.



Let me mention two articles by American commentator Michael Brown. First, as I shared before, he wrote specifically about my situation: https://stream.org/facebook-apparently-terminates-a-leading-cultural-commentator/

But second, he also penned a more generic piece on social media censorship which is well worth reading. In it he closed with these words:

Going forward, I see three possible outcomes for these social platforms (including Google with its massive influence on our searches):


  1. They can make changes on their own — restoring our freedoms and not stifling, and even suffocating, our reach.
  2. The government will force changes on them (both in the U.S. and abroad).
  3. They will continue on their dangerous path, only to learn that they have suffocated and strangled themselves.

Either way, this cannot and will not continue for long. Either change comes, or these giants lose their power. History (let alone God) has a way of humbling the proud and mighty. https://stream.org/let-us-never-forget-the-outrage-of-social-media-censorship/

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32 Replies to “Where To Find Me”

  1. Bill, your Facebook-extinction is “Bad News” indeed!

    However, your “CultureWatch” platform is still the Real You, and really so very much appreciated.

    Actually, I often find you a better “Watchman” speaking Christian Truth in Love about matters of “Faith and Morals”, than is even the present incumbent of the “See of Peter” in Rome, (which is to say something specific about the present precarious situation of Western culture and Civilisation in general…).

    Thank you Bill for your relentless witness to things Eternal and perennially valid!

  2. Who cares about facebook! A bunch of lefties and promoters of radical sexual conduct. We should all ban them as there are plenty of forums – no one owns the internet and the fact that I am getting your posts and I am responding gives credence to that. Long live truth, dignity, harmony and freedom.
    John Abbott

  3. Thanks Bill. I can keep up with you via email and will probably get on to Parler as well. The downward spiral of the world’s culture is very depressing isn’t it but we keep on, particularly for our children and grandchildren. I’ve just had a great conversation with my 17 year old grandson who attends a Christian school and is off to our local Council prayer breakfast in the morning. He is a fine young man as is his brother. They have both committed their lives to the Lord and have been baptised. I am in the fight for them.
    Love ya Bill!

  4. It’s got to the stage that if Facebook doesn’t ban you, you can take it as read you’re doing something wrong!

  5. I’ve searched for you on Parler using your last name but it says ‘no results found’.

  6. Thanks guys. I have now added my user name to the four social media groups that I am on which I list in my article. I am not an expert on how they work, but they are all roughly the same as Facebook it seems, and you should get used to them and be able to figure them out pretty quickly. I hope to see many of you there soon! We need to stay in touch, especially as censorship and cancel culture ramps up.

  7. Never been into your facebook page, so not missing it. (Would not have minded seeing that hippy picture of you though). Giggle….Giggle. Your articles have always come through my email address. Can’t read all of your articles due to time, but I do have the opportunity to read quite are few. Also when I query something through the internet, quite often your articles pop up, so nothing is lost in cyber space Bill. You may have written them, but they are God’s now. There are people out there asking the big questions Bill, and you will never know them or see them, but our Lord will speak to them through what you have written. Kind of nice when you think about it. I know you are feeling blind right now, but sometimes it suits God’s purposes when your right hand does not know what your left hand is doing. God is always the one in control.

  8. Hi Mr. Muehlenberg, sorry to hear about your exile from Facebook. Your CultureWatch posts very rarely came up on my Newsfeed even when you were on there, as if Facebook was deliberately filtering them out. I can still listen to you on Vision Christian Radio and go to your website. I’m not that keen on social media but I’ll think about using the alternative platforms – thanks for the information.
    I am praying for you and your ministry.
    Is it okay for me to send you an email about something?
    God bless, from Sonya

  9. I will continue to pray for you. I gave up on Facebook years ago. I certainly still look forward to you emails to me. Thank you Bill.

  10. Welcome to the club! Its about time there was a flood of refugees from fascist book.

  11. Dear Bill,
    I am hungry to hear the truth in a world gone mad. The ultimate in truth lies within the pages of the most Holy Bible. I have dived deeper then ever into this book of everlasting words. The Holy Spirit is moving and I believe the passages we find in Joel 2 and Acts 2 that explains the pouring out of the spirit in the last days is well and truly evident.
    I want to encourage you Bill, to keep writing (as you are) with honesty and integrity whilst upholding the man named Jesus Christ who walked this earth man millennia ago. Your gifting is evident and your articles are so relevant. I too, want to be able to walk in the Holy Spirit with strength and courage to eventually hear those words ‘well done, good and faithful servant’

  12. Has anyone read Alexander Solzenitzen Gulag Archepelego recently…this is the most seriously depressing book I have ever read…do we want to bring this in to power again? I fear that with the woke and cancel culture and the silence of Putin in his speeches that we need to be awake to the Markist Leninist Stalinist Communist ideology that is infecting the West..Transgender, Hommosexualty, destruction of family..politicians praising these ghastly ideologies..please read the Gulag Archipelago and compere it with what is happening today.

  13. I chanced upon your testimony and some comments of yours about songs that have positively affected your journey to the Lord Jesus Christ. I agree that the good Lord can use all kinds of things to direct our thoughts toward Himself. I have always been thankful for people that God sent on my way, all through life. Over the past 5 years or so I have been busking anywhere and everywhere – consciously singing what is on my heart about the Lord. I don’t write my own songs mostly because there are so many good ones already – ancient, ancient hymns and new songs etc – I always pray about the situations I go to and I consecrate me and my guitar etc – and all I do to the Lord – and try to do my very best. I am now 70 years old and often enough I wonder what happens to it all out there. But your testimony shows that some people actually do get stuff from songs they hear! God bless. Wayne

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