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The Greens’ Ugly Misotheism

Jan 15, 2014

You can quickly tell where a person is at by what he gives clear priority to. The same with political parties. What they prioritise and carry on about tells you a lot about their core values. And when you have

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Climate Capers and Inconvenient Truths

Jan 2, 2014

By now most of you have heard about the stuck ship in Antarctica. Stuck for a week now, with two other ships also prevented from carrying out a rescue, the situation has captured world attention. Four failed attempts at a

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What Global Warming?

Sep 17, 2013

Real science is always provisional, open to correction, and tentative in its conclusions. Scientism on the other hand is an ideological stone – unmovable and inflexible. Thus real scientists will be open to evidence, while the true believers will allow

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The First Church of Atheism

Aug 4, 2013

Imitation, as they say, is the highest form of flattery. Thus when your avowed enemies start copying, mimicking and adopting the very things they claim to hate, then you know something strange is going on. Atheists and secularists of course

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A Tale of Two Women – of Faith

Jul 15, 2013

Faith and the mainstream media do not exactly mix. About the only time you see the two going together is when the latter is seeking to do a hatchet job on the former. The MSM is overwhelmingly comprised of secular

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Whither Climate Change?

Jun 23, 2013

I have said before that much of modern environmentalism is little more than a secular religion and a pseudo-faith. It has become a leading cause to commit to, with faith often trumping fact. And those who do not go along

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Standing Against the Tide: Two Champions

Feb 18, 2013

Talk about a genuine dilemma: two world-class international speakers coming to Melbourne and both speaking on the same night at two different venues. Both are world-renowned individuals, noted for going against the tide and refusing to bow to political correctness,

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A Tale of Three Greenies

Jan 23, 2013

We all should be concerned about taking care of planet earth. After all, this is our only home, and we owe it to our children to leave them a habitable planet. But we should also be concerned about radical greenies

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Green Panic and False Prophecy

Aug 19, 2012

One very good disincentive to going around making up wild and fanciful predictions can be found in the ancient book of Deuteronomy. At the end of the 18th chapter we find a pretty good deterrent to panic mongering and telling

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On the Colorado Killings

Jul 21, 2012

It is early days yet so only tentative commentary can be offered here. But we do know this much. Last night at a midnight viewing of the latest Batman movie 24-year-old James Holmes killed a dozen people and injured five

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Thinking About Hell

Jun 22, 2012

It is not just believers who ponder things like heaven and hell – academics can and do as well. Consider one American academic who has just released a fascinating study on this topic. It reveals some real interesting results which

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Wrong Again in Rio

Jun 21, 2012

Rio is on again. From June 20-22 there is yet another big cheese gabfest meant to save the planet. The Rio+20 is the fourth “Earth Summit” – the first of which took place in 1992. Rio+20 is the abbreviated name

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Human Haters

Jun 14, 2012

There is a radical cult of anti-humanity which has evolved, quite willing to do anything to “save the planet” – including culling millions if not billions of human beings. Plenty of radical environmentalists, earth-worshippers, and Green extremists seriously believe that

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Greens Guilty of Gross Discrimination

May 21, 2012

Shame on those intolerant, bigoted and hate-filled Greens. They are a disgrace. Instead of being open, inclusive and tolerant, they are just redneck haters who are denying lovers their dreams. How dare they exclude so many people from their basic

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Bob Brown Bows Out

Apr 13, 2012

In a surprise move, the leader of the Australian Greens has said he is retiring, and will leave politics at the end of June. Brown of course created the political party and brought it into national prominence. And he is

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A Celebration of Unreason

Apr 11, 2012

This weekend’s convention of tambourine-banging atheists will certainly rival any religious shindig. There will be as much religious fervour there as at any old-fashioned revival meeting. The three-day gabfest in Melbourne is being touted as a “Celebration of Reason”. The

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More Mean Green Madness

Apr 7, 2012

Way back in 1982 American sociologist Robert Nisbet remarked that environmentalism has become the third great redemptive movement in human history, following Christianity and Marxism. Indeed it already has its notions of sin, guilt and redemption, its sacred texts and

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Green Globalism

Mar 24, 2012

A lot of stink is made of globalisation, and how multinational corporations have extensive global reach. Well, a far scarier kind of globalisation is when governments move in this direction. No corporation will ever have the power and control of

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