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Let Me Explain Hate To You

Jan 29, 2015

Words matter, and as the radicals of the secular left know full well, when you change words you can change a culture. They have understood that verbal engineering always precedes social engineering, so they are happy to be as revolutionary

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We Have Forgotten

Aug 2, 2014

“Lest we forget” was meant to remind us not to forget. But it seems that we have done exactly that – and in very quick fashion. The horrors we witnessed last century at the hands of the Nazis in Europe

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The Case Against Prostitution

Dec 13, 2011

Although prostitution may be the “world’s oldest profession,” mere longevity of something does not mean it is right or necessary. That prostitution itself is anti-women and anti-family should be clear. Anything that encourages men to violate their wedding vows is

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Sydney Out-Sleazes Amsterdam

Nov 26, 2010

Amsterdam is known the world over as the sex capital of Europe. For decades its expansive and gaudy red-light districts have been major tourist attractions, as well as dens of iniquity. Local and foreign prostitutes sat in front of large

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Messenger Shooting and Truth Twisting

May 20, 2010

You can always tell when the radical social engineers are on thin ground in a debate when they ignore the evidence or seek to dismiss it. When facts, data and evidence are dismissed or brushed aside, instead of actually dealt

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Family Structure Does Matter

Jun 24, 2004

Archbishop George Pell’s defence of marriage was met by the usual shouts of “bigotry” and “intolerance”. Hurling abuse is always easier than making a rational argument.

A few detractors of the Archbishop did give the semblance of argument. For example,

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Why Children Need a Mother and a Father

Oct 18, 2010

There are many thousands of studies which have appeared over the past four to five decades showing quite clearly how absolutely important biological mothers and fathers are to the well-being of their children. Study after study has shown that no

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