More PC Mischief and Mayhem

Whenever the forces of political correctness and a morally bankrupt mainstream media come together, you know there is going to be trouble, big time. Indeed, simply get a lesbian couple screaming ‘discrimination’ and you have created a media firestorm. The radical homosexual lobby has milked this story for all it’s worth, and the MSM is quite happy to play this up worldwide.

Here is the story: a 16 year old girl and her 15 year old lesbian lover were denied access to a year 11 formal by a private girls’ school in Melbourne. Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School said that only year 11 students could attend this, but the girls and an activist media are turning this into yet another horror case of ‘outrageous discrimination’.

Every media outlet on the planet – and perhaps a few from other planets – seems to have picked up on this story, and there is now a worldwide crusade on to crucify this school for daring to have rules and stick to those rules. When it comes to the homosexual lobby, no one and nothing is now safe – not even private schools.

The school says this in its mission statement: “Ivanhoe Girls’ aims to provide the best learning and teaching which, underpinned by the Christian philosophy, enables every girl to achieve her potential and to be a confident, optimistic and responsible citizen.”

No wonder it is being targeted by the secular left and the homosexualists. Any school that dares to stand for Christian convictions and values – especially on the biblical understanding of sexuality – is now a target for these radical social engineers.

The truth is, a private Christian school should have the right to set its own rules, and be allowed to enforce those rules. Every club, group, institution, school, and society has these rights. Yet these two girls are exploiting these reasonable rules and are seeking to make themselves martyrs for the homosexual cause.

The simple solution to all this is quite clear: if these rebels do not like the rules of this private Christian school, then they should go elsewhere. And that is now exactly what they have done. But they obviously should have made this move much sooner.

And of course if the school cannot even establish and enforce standards here, then what next? What if a bisexual wants to bring both his male and female lovers to a school prom? What if a polyamorist wants to bring his entire coterie of lovers along? What if someone wants to bring his dear pet along?

Indeed, why have any rules or limits whatsoever? Why not just allow complete anarchy to reign? After all, to have any rules is always going to mean someone gets discriminated against. In our PC-mad culture, it seems that the only sensible solution is to ban all rules and regulations altogether.

Fortunately I can report that at least one other person on the planet thinks this pro-homosexual stunt is so much nonsense. Writing in The Punch, education expert Kevin Donnelly offers us a ray of sanity in a world gone mad. Says Donnelly. “faith-based schools, because of their religious nature, have every right to ensure that who they enrol and who they employ are able to accept and live by the moral and spiritual values considered central to the schools’ mission.”

But he points out that if a Labor/Green victory occurs in this month’s Victorian election, all that will be under threat. “If the Greens Party wins the balance of power in the upcoming state election and is able to implement its policy then there is every chance that Catholic schools will be forced to employ gay/lesbian teachers and promote the benefits of alternative sexuality and gender lifestyles to students.

“Government and other faith-based schools will also be made to teach a curriculum that positively discriminates in favour of gays, lesbians, transgender and intersex persons. Even though gays and lesbians only represent 1 to 2 per cent of the population, the radical Greens Party wants to promote such a life-style as acceptable and normal.”

The Greens’ education policy “argues that schools, especially Catholic and other faith-based schools, no longer have the right to decide who they employ or who they enrol when it states that such schools adopt ‘non-discriminatory staff recruitment and enrolment policies’.

“If schools refuse to implement such extreme policies, as they run counter to a school’s religious beliefs and mission, then the Greens argue that such schools should lose funding. Ignored is that most Australians accept the fact that marriage is between a man and a woman and that heterosexuality is the norm.

“Also ignored is that freedom of religion is a basic human right and that parents have the right to enrol their children in schools that reflect and teach the values they believe are important. It’s not only the Greens that want to teach children that gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and intersex lifestyles are normal and acceptable.

“The Victorian Branch of the Australian Education Union has argued for years that it is wrong for schools to discriminate and that such lifestyles must be presented in a positive light. Gay/lesbian activists argue that plays like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and fairy tales like Cinderella should not be taught as they celebrate heterosexuality and a happy ending is defined as marrying the Prince….

“Taken to their conclusion, and if the Greens win control of the Victorian Parliament, such policies will mean that every student in the state will be taught that more extreme forms of sexuality and gender relations are normal. Schools will also be discriminated against by losing funding if they refuse to follow what the government dictates.”

The truth is, this is nothing less than an all out war directed against the Christian faith. The homosexual activists and their stooges in the MSM will not stop until every Christian institution, church and school bows down to and embraces the homosexual agenda.

BTW, since this school is being blasted by homosexual activists and their fellow travellers, why not contact them and thank them for sticking up to their own rules, and not falling prey to the radical social engineers:

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  1. We shall write to the school and express our support for standing up to the media bullies.
    Jeremy Wong

  2. Done.

    Hopefully this school will become a rally point for those who still hold to common sense and the rights of all Australian business to set & uphold their own rules.

    Garth Penglase

  3. Just written to the principal to offer our morale and prayer support.
    I will be rallying other pastors in our fraternity to do likewise.
    Jeremy Wong

  4. I think it’s very important to realise the ultimate agenda of these left wing groups – the closure of all faith based schools. In their “utopia” all children are “socialised” at a government school where values are taught in line with society’s expectations. After all, it’s at a government school where a student can be socialised into believing homosexual behaviour is normal and Christianity is evil.

    And people wonder why I homeschool my children…

    Marcus Anderson

  5. Bill, I notice the journalist of that article at the link you provide had to throw in the phrase ‘Christian bigots’…Of course they were just quoting ‘someone else’. Talk about hate speech. I wonder how many snide remarks like that about Christians it will take to get the lynch mobs drummed up. It also occurs to me that the figures at that poll being 80 percent pro same-sex should be allowed and 20 percent supporting the school, could it be that the world wide gay network/lobby is more organized than we realize? While people like you, Bill and Salt Shakers do well keeping a good chunk of the Christian community in Australia informed, no doubt the dark side also has their own networks that go out but perhaps on a grander scale and more globally. The comments underneath the article didn’t seem to reflect the overwhelming support for the poor ‘same-sex’ couple that the poll results would suggest.
    Dee Graf

  6. Thanks Dee

    You are of course absolutely right about a worldwide gay network/lobby pushing its anti-family and anti-faith agenda. They are organised, active, well-funded, and given a completely free run by the MSM. So it is a war indeed, one which every single one of us needs to get involved in. Otherwise we may well lose it all, and we will have mainly ourselves to blame.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  7. Email sent. Unfortunately today our youth has been brain washed with all this Green garbage. Many parents today are too busy to actually question what their child is being taught.
    Have a read of the Yogyakarta Princlples and you will see where all this is coming from. It is a non binding document but is being used to push the radical agenda of the homosexual lobby.
    Madge Fahy

  8. “16 year old and her 15 year old lesbian lover”. Isn’t the legal age of consent 16? If so, this is a legal issue as well as a moral one.
    As one of the stated policy objectives of the Greens is nationally consistent age of consent laws, I suspect the goal is to lower the age of consent. You may have more info on this Bill.
    Glenn Christopherson

  9. Thanks Glenn

    Sadly – and incredibly – in the humanist utopia of Victoria the age of consent is ten! I kid you not. As long as you don’t have sex with anyone more than two years older than yourself, any ten-year-old (up to 15) can legally have sex in this state.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  10. I first heard the firestorm erupt on the 3AW breakfast show and I was amazed at how the 2 presenters just jumped right on board. I was beginning to wonder if it was all a giant hoax and soon one of them would say, “sorry, we’re only kidding, silly little girls”.

    This was the lead story on Southern Cross news bulletins until at least 9AM (I had to switch off after that). I ever any evidence of MSN bias and an obsession with trivia was ever needed, this was surely it.

    I too, have sent a message of support to the school.

    Peter Coventry

  11. Have sent an email to the school encouraging a firm stand; the school will disappear in a few years if they don’t kick up a merry stink now.
    Grant Squelch

  12. Dee,
    “While people like you, Bill and Salt Shakers do well keeping a good chunk of the Christian community in Australia informed.”

    I find it demoralising that I can’t convince many Christians at all to read blogs like this, or Salt Shakers or any of the many other Christian sites out there. Methinks that Bill and Salt Shakers keep a small (albeit important) chunk of the Christian community in Australia informed, and the majority simply don’t want to know. I despair of ever waking up most of my church.
    Kev Downes

  13. Quote of the day:
    “A better policy would be to hit the Christian Schools in their budgets by reducing government grants to religious schools that discriminate against gays. Christian ethics would evaporate very quickly if exposed to a threat of a reduction of government funding if their school policies did not conform to government standards. Those government standards are already in place and are practiced and enforced by government departments. It would not be a case of double standards.”

    I fail to see how it wouldn’t be a case of double standards. Why is it that people expect Christian churches/schools/etc. to be forced to adopt “their” moral standards? There are alternatives out there and if you don’t accept the Christian standard – go find somewhere, where you’ll be happy at.

    But the key to all this is one simple word: “marketing”. The girls knew it wasn’t acceptable and it was the girls who went on the attack first, it was the girls who called in the media. And had their crosshair set on the school.

    And this is where the marketing comes in, the girls claim discrimination. They say the school is un-accepting of them. And they make it look as though the school made the first punch. It’s a brilliant strategy. And I don’t believe I’ve seen one media outlet question their age!

    The church might be large and diverse, but we are nothing more then a single target in the minds of the pro-homosexual movement and in the media.

    The question is how can Christians stand up and fight for the protection of our rights? I know Bill refers to them as the “militant homosexual activists”. But WHO are they?

    We don’t have a direct point of attack when defending our beliefs, as we try and stand united – they are in every sense legion.

    John McKay

  14. Email sent.

    John McKay you are quite right – but the barbarians at the city gates are/were never into logic – only destruction.

    Too late did they realise that they were actually sawing off the branch upon which they were sitting.

    John Angelico

  15. Thanks Bill for the write-up. I was keen to hear your thoughts on this particular issue. The school has my full support. Email sent.

    Patrick Ormsby

  16. Listening to local radio abc i thought this was a local school in WA, Hmmm! Sent a text to local radio for comment about under age sex, no response, ok for alternative thinkers?
    Ian Brinkworth

  17. When children are being led, in the belief that it is unfair to ban gay and transgender relationships to say, “how would straight people feel if they were a minority living in a gay society and were not allowed to marry or express their straightness?” this is devilish subtlety and sleight of hand. By definition a straight society censures and constrains against masturbation, adultery, fornication and promiscuity, sexual anarchy, autoerotic asphyxiation and polymorphous perversity – not just Christian societies. It does not ask for extra freedom. Quite the opposite it battles to maintain its purity and integrity, within the steel bands of marriage. It imposes self control, restraint, restriction and laws on itself. It battles against absolute freedom, no limits, moral and sexual anarchy. By contrast Gay ideology leads the charge in smashing down the doors of modesty and chastity. Gay ideology does not restrict or restrain but would force us to conform to their perversions.

    Parents need to get mobilised. They need to take responsibility for fighting back against the cultural Marxists.

    Contact Philip Lees of Hamilton, Ontario and let’s start a global counter movement.

    David Skinner, UK

  18. I have had a growing feeling that, if gay marriage were to be legitimised the persecution of Christians would be open slather.

    Gays would be vindicated by the law and anything opposing it would have to be torn down.

    Greg Cadman

  19. Hi Bill. Firstly, many thanks for your site, which my husband and I read every night! We have sent off an email of support to the Principal. God bless you and your family, Bill.
    Karen Harrison

  20. Hi Bill,

    I too have sent an e-mail of support to the school.

    Mansel Rogerson

  21. Thanks for your thoughts, Bill.
    Aren’t we coming closer to the ‘mark of the beast’ when cuts to funding are proposed in order to close down Christian schools?
    Comply or close is the hope of the powers that be. Just a foretaste of the real mark.
    Hopefully, if the Greens do come in, schools will find the backbone to stand and we, the watchmen and standard bearers, will assist with funding.
    It’s time to put our money where our mouths are, and support those that raise our children with godly values, whether we have children attending these schools or not. The ‘enemy’ is well organised, financially. Shouldn’t we be better organised?
    Debbie Strybosch

  22. Thanks Debbie

    Yes I think that is getting to be the real issue here. As long as Christian schools and other organisations get government funding, the secular governments can call the shots and pull the strings. For the sake of Christian and biblical integrity, it may well be preferable to refuse all government funding so that Christian groups can more freely follow biblical teachings and values.

    The question is, how many Christian groups are so beholden to and dependent upon government funds that they would never consider saying no their addiction? I think many groups – perhaps most – would rather compromise and sell out rather than actually learn to trust God for their financial needs.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  23. Hi Bill,
    when I see the homosexual & lesbian lobby so determined and professional and systematic in their agenda my blood boils. Are the proponents of this lifestyle the mill stone people who are to be better off thrown into the deep, than face God’s wrath for leading little ones astray? As an aside have you written about the sin of homosexuality being the trojan horse for the destruction of a society? Can you link me to an article? Is their evidence that homosexual sin is greater than fornication or adultery? Any studies & links would be much appreciated.
    Neil Innes, NT

  24. Thanks Neil

    I have written much on this topic so just look at the subject header on this – plenty of articles there. I think there is no question that that radical homosexualists are on the cutting edge of radical social change and are a major force in the destruction of society. However, as to biblical pronouncements, it probably can be said that in one sense all sins are equal, and when heterosexuals commit fornication or adultery, for example, that can also greatly lead to the destruction of society and bring on the just judgment of a holy God. But as I say, I deal with this in more detail in other articles on this site.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  25. Hi Bill
    The sad thing is that on the ABC, while being interviewed by John Fain, the Principal of the school said that they are encouraging of same sex relationships among their staff and students. The ban on attending the function was only because the girl wanted to bring her partner who was in year 10. It was a year 11 only function and hence year 10 students were banned. The principal stated that the student would have been allowed to bring a same sex partner from year 11. One caller, on hearing that said she was going to take her three daughters’ names off of the waiting list. It seems that some of these top end “christian” schools have already sold out to the gay lobby.
    Robert Munton

  26. Yes quite right Robert

    That is what makes this media beat up so bizarre. The school hardly seems to be a paragon of Christian virtue, and already does allow same-sex couples in upper levels. I heard her say they are accepted in year 12. So why the media beat up here? And you are also right to point out that many schools calling themselves Christian have long ago abandoned clear biblical teachings and have surrendered to the radical homosexual lobby.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  27. Are people really this blind? We don’t advocate people attempting to breathe underwater. We don’t advocate people being able to touch high voltage power lines. We don’t advocate people ingesting rat poison. The body is likewise not made for homosexual behaviour. Say what you will about ‘orientation’, your body testifies against you. It says you that if are male or female, you have one half of the sexual function that is only fulfilled with someone of the opposite sex.

    The entire history of mankind is filled with over 100 billion people who testify with their very existence that sexual function has a unique importance – reproduction – that vastly exceeds the pleasure associated with it. But in addition, engaging in homosexual behaviour, although it may not kill you as quickly as the examples above – or indeed kill you at all – the evidence is clear that it will likely damage you physically at least. Never mind the psychological and spiritual effects of living a lie. It is inherently unhealthy and infertile. It makes no sense whatsoever for governments to support it as a legitimate ‘alternative’. So it also makes no sense for the media to report it the way they are.

    It is not an exaggeration to say that society will be severely damaged over the extended long-term if we normalize such behaviour because it can only function as a liability for the rest of us, not an asset. Sure, people have the freedom to decide what to do with their own lives, but it is a different thing entirely to bring that out into the open and expect the majority to call it good and promote it further when it only serves the individuals who engage in it and not wider society. What is the actually ability and the most successful model to beget and raise children naturally, if that is not the means by which we create and support future generations?

    The activists we fight are so blind and/or stupid they cannot even accurately describe the most fundamental difference amongst humans. Your mind turns to mush reading their supposedly ‘modern’ and enlightened drivel about sexuality and ‘acceptance’. But they don’t explain ever where the line should be drawn and why that would be correct. So the truth is they are just making it up as they go.

    But it becomes evil when they start teaching this rubbish to children. If Hannah or Savannah had only ever been exposed to the truth about male and female sexuality, what is the likelihood either of them would be in this situation? How deep the darkness some people live under! Why do no adults in their lives love them enough to tell them the truth about who they are? I want to know what is meaningful and/or loving about denying your own body. I want to know why ‘discrimination’ or ‘intolerance’ are fought harder than barefaced lies about biology. It seems to me that when you reject truth that is this obvious, any light whatsoever must be stomped out, hence the hysterical and crazed reaction to Ivanhoe Girls Grammar. Sadly, many – the majority – have swallowed the ‘victim’ narrative and don’t know that ‘homophobia’ is just a made-up word used exclusively to bludgeon people into the groupthink. ‘Diversity!’, they claim. How quaint, how amusing. How Orwellian.

    The reality is that it is a small minority of selfish individuals making all the noise and making the rest of us uncomfortable by parading their private sexual lives in front of us and militantly demanding we celebrate. I wish people would remember that God created male and female, not ‘heterosexual’ and ‘homosexual’. There is only one way that works and there are currently close to 7 billion endorsements of that. Detractors have exactly zero in 2010. I am pretty sure that number will never change so I can only be gobsmacked at the willful ignorance.

    So the girls have now left the school. But given the public stance of the school in regards to the biology distortion of same-sex relationship at higher levels, it seems that the truth is that the school had already caved in to the activists, they were just found out not to be 100% in line – yet. So now we now what happens if you deviate from the narrative even just a little. Totalitarian groupthink at its finest. I sometimes wonder what these people think male and female is for?

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if those who are engaged in the distribution and marketing of home-school materials are experiencing steady growth of their customer base. And it must again be stated that every Christian should seriously curtail their diet of mainstream media (aka lies) if they are to function within a Kingdom built on the way, the truth and the life.

    Mark Rabich

  28. I think that all Christian schools, or those who REALLY follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ, need to look at their funding needs and to see if they can find an alternative source to government funding. As long as the government has a hand in these faith based schools then there will always be that stumbling block to what the school teaches. Although I am called to love those who are lost, and I make every effort to do so, I must admit that I cannot help looking at these sodomites sometimes with utter contempt, they will not get any browny points from me for their hypocrisy, deceit, slander and rebellion against what they know to be fair and true. These people know in their own hearts that this country is a far better place than what it would be if we were overrun by them and their filth, God help our kids, I am always scanning the stuff my son brings home for the slightest hint of anything that flogs this lifestyle in a positive light, I would be up to the school in a nanosecond and they would know that they had gotten a visit from me!
    Steve Davis

  29. Thanks for your reply Bill, I will look up the sub headings and find out more. I agree with you 100% on the funding of Christian Schools leads to an addiction to the tax dollars at the expense of Christian values; I sadly work for a Christian organisation that looks, feels & sounds so secular, I wonder why I am bothering. I do know the answer to that, as their are many great Christian staff who have not compromised and the kids desperately need it. In fact the Government High Schools are so compromised that their is a waiting list to get into the Christian School – so, I suppose it is a muted, dimmed and gray light a shining, as the darkness of the Gov.Schools is nearly complete. Can it be done? We as believers would have to return to the days of George Muller and his trust & faith……we will have to relearn to trust God again!
    Neil Innes, NT

  30. I can only urge people to look again at the work Phillip Lees in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada is doing. It seems that God is blessing this work and maybe it is a model from which we can all learn:

    If this School accepts Lesbianism in year 11, how long before this school experiences this:

    In 2009 Mansel Rogerson, a contributor to this site gave us the gay equivalent to the Islamic word dhimmitude: sodhimmitude. Can anyone think of a gay equivalent to Shariah?

    David Skinner, UK

  31. I also saw the Principal interviewed and was scandalised by her remarks. I am now further sickened to discover here, that the school in question claims to be Christian.
    It seems that precocious and perverse sexual activity is no longer a cause for sorrow or concern.Those two poor children need our prayers.

    I take this opportunity to invite any who feel led ,to join a world wide prayer vigil called for by Pope Benedict to “Thank the Lord for His total self-giving to the world and for His Incarnation which gave every human life its real worth and dignity, and to invoke the Lord’s protection over every human being called into existence.” This global vigil for life will be held on Nov. 27th.

    Anna Cook

  32. Every Institution must have a set of rules/standards, because the alternative is anarchy. Perhaps the media needs to focus on far more important issues like the positives that a school of this calibre teaches. We need more children being taught the real values that are important to our society i.e faith, hope & love. Unfortunately, these values are not worthy of the media’s attention.
    Brian Laing

  33. It seems that being homosexual trumps everyone else’s rights, apart from those of Muslims. That being the case we should claim that we are the real homosexuals and gays are really heterosexuals. Society has got these words mixed up, as it has with many things, including evolution, for over a hundred years.

    To use the proper meaning of the Greek, “hetero”, according to the dictionary and thesaurus, heterosexual relationships are different, conglomerate, inconsistent, disparate, discordant, diverse, incongruous, inharmonious, mongrel, odd, complicated, promiscuous and motley. Under the umbrella of the word heterosexual, gays, queers or LGBTs, there are -apart from lesbians, bisexuals, trans sexuals and transgender – indeed other motley relationships: those who are engaged in multiple relationships for an indeterminate period of time, thus expanding the class of sexual behaviour and relationships into the adulterous, polyamorous and polygamous – both straight and gay. However there are other groups wanting to join diversity legions such as those that are incestuous both straight and gay. There are also paedophiles pushing for their human right for acceptance, both straight and gay. Beyond that are the zoophiles, both straight and gay. Finally there are the objectumsexuals, both straight and gay. The woman married to the Eiffel Tower is presumably straight even though its gender is feminine? In other words all these relationships come in different shapes and sizes.

    By contrast, if we use the Greek prefix, homo, meaning the same, to describe not a state of being but a qualitative relationship, we see that it describes homogeneous sexual relationships that are uniform, stable and harmonious, pure, alike, balanced ,comparable, compatible, consistent, equal, same, solid, uniform, fixed, connected, continual, equable, even, firm, habitual, immutable, invariable, perpetual, steadfast, steady, together, unalterable, unbroken, constant, of a piece, true, undeviating, unfailing, even, unvarying, enduring, persistent, faithful, and dare I say complementary, – in the same way that a lock and key, plug and socket , man and woman form two constituent parts to form a complete whole. So we see that society has been duped by gays into using the wrong terms for over a hundred years. We straights are the homosexuals and the gays are heterosexuals.

    “All change at the next stop“ I say, and I don’t mean into transsexuals or transgenders but into purity and homogenuity.

    David Skinner, UK

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