G’Day Augaylia

I suppose it had to come to this. But it really should not be too surprising. The homosexual juggernaut continues to roll on, crushing everything in its path. I suppose soon enough Australia will be renamed Augaylia and all new citizens will have to pass a homosexual-friendly citizenship test.

This may not be too farfetched. Consider what one trendy Melbourne council has decided to do. It has actually taken down the Australian flag and put up a homosexual flag in its place. Yes you heard me correctly. As one paper put it, “There are three flagpoles on most of the council’s town halls, but this week, while it kept flying the local and the national Aboriginal flags, the Australian flag was taken down. ‘The gay pride flag replaces the Australian flag, which is at the highest mast head,’ City of Port Phillip mayor Rachel Powning confirmed this morning.”

Well, there you go. Less than two percent of the Australian population is now holding captive the rest of the nation. According to this militant minority, the Australian flag is no longer good enough, and we need to promote radical social activist agendas instead. Just imagine the outcry if any council dared to raise a Christian flag.

Actually there would be far more justification for such a move. At the last national census 64 per cent of Australians described themselves as Christian. There certainly are far more Christians in Australia than homosexuals. Yet this religious group has never even considered replacing the Australian flag with one of its own.

There is no attempt being made by Christians to take over Australia and turn it into a theocracy. But there clearly is an attempt by homosexual activists to turn Australia into a gayocracy. They will not rest until the entire nation bows to their militant agenda.

But why in the world should we be promoting a dangerous lifestyle like homosexuality? We might as well raise a flag celebrating and promoting cigarette smoking. Or perhaps drink driving. All three are high risk lifestyles. Since when do they get preferential treatment and special status?

Most Australians would be dumbfounded that our national flag could be so shamelessly removed, only to be replaced by this symbol of radical social engineering. Just how much power does this noisy minority group have anyway? There are in fact more Muslims in Australia than homosexuals.

Thus it might be more appropriate to raise the green crescent than the homosexual rainbow. This particular episode in itself may well be a worry but might not signify too much. But taken together with so many other examples of homosexual belligerency and activism, it becomes a major concern indeed.

A minority group is imposing its will on the rest of Australia whether the majority likes it or not. This is scandalous, and needs to be resisted. No one activist minority group has the right to transform the nation into its own image. But the way we are heading, that seems to be exactly what we can expect.

Today it’s the desecration of the Australian flag. What will it be tomorrow? It is one thing to extend tolerance to various minority groups. It is quite another for them to take this acceptance as a green light for radical social transformation and the takeover of a nation.

Some of us have been warning for decades now that the homosexual assault on the rest of society would be unrelenting, all-encompassing, and ever escalating. This is just the most recent example, but many more – and worse – examples will soon be forthcoming. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.


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  1. On the same topic – everyone needs to write to their Federal representative about their opposition to same-sex ‘marriage’. And if possible, to the independents who currently hold the balance of power in our Federal Parliament. We need to inundate them with letters from those who are opposed to redefining marriage, because as noted by this entry, we seem to be registering barely a whisper at the moment…
    Katie Donovan

  2. Flying a “gay” flag on a public building in Melbourne goes much further than merely symbolizing the enlargement of tolerance for a so-called marginalised or minority group. It is emblematic of a transfer of power to subversive activists who wish to destroy the very idea of a normative majority culture rooted in the morality of Christianity and the Hebrew Bible.

    (I have paraphrased an observation made by Melanie Phillips in her book, “The World Turned Upside Down”.)

    Alex Anderson

  3. I don’t suppose the costumes worn in last years march were intended to cause offence to anyone in particular. After all that would be a hate crime.
    Kylie Anderson

  4. This is really sickening. If anyone has been following the issue of the Christian B&B owners in the UK they would see how vicious an assault on Christians by the homosexuals can be. It is probably just the beginning.

    I have been thinking more and more lately that we as Christians need to claim back the symbol of the rainbow to what God made it to be. That the homosexual lobby has usurped a biblical symbol of God’s mercy (but also a reminder of his judgment) is insulting at least but utterly blasphemous. We may think this is nothing but we are seeing how symbols and words become appropriated and then the institutions themselves follow.

    Culture is religion externalised. This Christian culture is rapidly being usurped by other religions which are revealing daily that they will tolerate no other. Sadly much of this is occuring precisely because, as Christians, we do not have an externalised faith ourselves and are more or less happy to go with the flow – a flow that is pushing itself more and more against us. We need to ask ourselves what happens to salt that is no longer salty…

    Phil Twiss

  5. Any wonders why St Kilda is flooded at the moment?
    Mario Del Giudice

  6. Katie (1st comment) is 100% right! We MUST ensure that Parliamentarians clearly understand that we WILL NOT vote for them if they do not stand up to this tiny (but aggressive and vocal) minority who are trying to turn our civilization on its head. The very idea of a “marriage” between persons of the same sex is ludicrous to say the very least. This is not to say that “homosexuals” are to be UNJUSTLY discriminated against: but commonsense demands JUST discrimination. One MUST discriminate in life: we have to do it all the time!
    Jerome Gonzalez

  7. Did anyone else notice that the poll on the quoted HS article was not “Should councils display a gay pride flag – Y/N” or “Should councils display other flags over the national flag – Y/N”, but “Should councils always display the national flag – Yes/No, it’s their choice”! Seems to me, they went the safe way with the poll but not really asking the question that was brought up by the article.
    Christie Ewens

  8. Yes quite right Christie
    I noticed that too. They did not seem to have the guts to ask the question properly. Typical of the media.
    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  9. “This was also done at a police station in the UK. I think it is to celebrate the Lesbian, Gay, Trans and Bi History month, which apparently happens in February every year.”

    Nearly every day, week and month belongs to something these days. To be consistent they would have to be flying different flags all the time.

    Kylie Anderson

  10. Julia Gillard has called on paliamentarians to gauge the opinion of the electorate on the issue of homosexual “marriage”. In response, Catholic bishops throughout Australia are asking all parishes to collect signatures on petitions to be presented to all federal members. The petition clearly states what marriage is and what a vital role it has in the nurture of children and for society. I urge all like minded Christians to help your pastors to organise something similar if not already doing so. We must treat this issue with the utmost seriousness and do all we can to protect family life and marriage.
    Anna Cook

  11. Further to my previous comment. I think God may have used the river down St Kilda Road to remind us of what the rainbow is actually supposed to symbolise.
    Mario Del Giudice

  12. What homosexual juggernaut? Homosexuals are only a few percent of the population and of that small section only a very small number are activists, noisy, persistent and usually well-funded. Homosexual liberation has been around for a century, mainly in Europe, and normally marginalised. To understand its recent gains we have to look at the nature of the host cultures. The problems lie there, not in some “juggernaut” whose dissembling, manipulative methods have been the same for decades.
    John Snowden

  13. Perhaps someone could tell us what the colours of the rainbow represent, apart from vacuous “diversity.” Maybe the flag is simply an eye test to see whether the population is colour blind? I have asked gay people what the flag represents and they cannot tell me.

    Some might say that they represent diverse types of human being whose race determines their sexual orientation. But black people are not only attracted to black people but to those who are white -and vice versa. Some black people are not sexually attracted to anyone So whether one is black or white has nothing to do with whom one is sexual attracted.

    Sexual orientations on the other hand do not represent states of being like being black, but sexual relationships. It takes at least two to tango. A black man alone on desert island would still be black. But a homosexual would cease to be a homosexual if there were no another male around – except in his mind.

    And if the colours represent not states of being but relationships, then the colours should indicate to which other colours they are related. For instance they could be grouped into complementary relationships such as red with green; blue with orange; and yellow with purple. But this only gives us three sets of relationships; whereas according to the American Psychiatry Association there are at least 30 groupings and according to Wikipedia there are 80


    So perhaps the flag should really look like this:

    Maybe it’s time to make a cupa tea.

    David Skinner, UK

  14. I happened upon a local suburban Citizenship Ceremony on Aust Day. Of the 25 new Australians, about four or five chose to take the Affirmation, the remainder chose to take the Oath with the words “under God”.

    I found that quite heart-warming and encouraging.

    David Williams

  15. Hi Bill,

    Maybe we’re jumping to conclusions. Perhaps the good councillors of St Kilda have only flown a rainbow flag to reassure us, in this time of floods, that God has promised not to destroy all life on Earth again in this way.

    Maybe we should all send them an e-mail, supporting their decision to publicly remind us of God’s promise. 🙂

    Mansel Rogerson

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