Sexual Insanity

When a society starts to hit rock bottom, you can be sure that sexual anarchy was a big part of the chain of events leading up to it. When immorality skyrockets, then societies plummet. When people start going over the top with all things sexual, then it is not long before their nations start going over the cliff.

Sexual insanity abounds wherever we look. Each day new headlines alert us to yet more sexual perversion and sexual suicide. Yet all this is being defended and promoted by our intelligentsia and so many activist groups. Consider just the most recent example of this moral madness.

In Germany we now have “bestiality brothels”. I kid you not. Let me simply present to you the entire article on this:

“Animal sex abuse is on the rise in Germany, with bestiality brothels being set up across the country, according to a state animal protection officer demanding stronger laws to protect mankind’s furry and feathered friends. Madeleine Martin, the animal protection official for Hessian state government, said the law needed to be changed to make sex abuse of animals – known as zoophilia – a crime.

“‘It is punishable to distribute animal pornography, but the act itself is not,’ she told the Frankfurter Rundschau daily paper on Friday. ‘There are even animal brothels in Germany,’ she said. Sex with animals was being increasingly seen as a lifestyle choice, and thus more acceptable. ‘The abuse seems to be increasing rapidly, and the internet offers an additional distribution platform,’ she said.

“She said the justice authorities had found it exceptionally difficult to convict a man from Hesse, who had offered pictures and instructions for animal sex abuse over the internet. ‘Zoophilia must be completely banned in the reformed animal protection law,’ said Martin, referring to the governments plan to rework that section of the law.

“Sex with animals was banned until 1969, when the animal protection law was introduced, but failed to include a specific ban on zoophilia, the Frankfurter Rundschau said. Martin said the current legal situation makes it too difficult for authorities to intervene – an animal has to be shown to have massive injuries before the animal protection laws prescribe action.”

There you have it folks. Commentary really isn’t even needed here, but it is nonetheless worth pointing out a few inconvenient truths. Firstly, this has not just sprung out of nowhere. This is simply the logical and inevitable outworking of the radical sexual revolution which began in the late 60s.

The push for complete and utter sexual freedom is now simply resulting in the inevitable directions we read about above. And why not, is the only thing we can really ask. If all sexual constraints have been seen as binding and restrictive, and complete sexual expression is seen as the only way to go, then why are we surprised at all this?

Indeed, when we have leading academics telling us there is absolutely nothing wrong with bestiality, then we certainly will see all this become a new lifestyle choice. Princeton University’s Peter Singer is one such leading intellectual to tell us of the joys of animal sex. See here for example:

And with the sexual activists working overtime to destroy marriage, insisting that it has nothing to do with one man and one woman for life, then of course anything goes. Homosexual marriage and group marriage are thus entirely logical options and acceptable lifestyle choices. So why not human-animal love?

Why discriminate against a person’s sexual preferences? They may even be born with an orientation in this direction, so who are we to judge these people and deny them their right to love as they see fit? Equal love must win the day, and people must be free to engage in any relationship they desire.

Indeed, reading this article, it seems that behind it is this very sort of thinking. After all, do we find in it any moral denunciation of this sexual perversion? Do we find any clear condemnation of individuals who get their kicks with animals?

No, the only thing that seems to be of concern is that the animal might get harmed! Now I am all in favour of keeping animals safe from unnecessary harm and danger. But is that the only thing we can say about bestiality today? Is that the only ethical consideration that comes into play here?

If animal wellbeing is the only moral consideration in the bestiality debate, then we have well and truly lost the plot. Then we as a society are likely beyond redemption. Then we have well and truly fallen off the cliff. Mark Steyn nicely summarises the bitter fruit of this decades-old act of sexual suicide:

“The wreckage is impressive. The Sexual Revolution was well-named: it was a revolt not just against sexual norms but against the institutions and values they supported; it was part of an assault against any alternatives to government, civic or moral. Utopianism, writes the philosopher Roger Scruton, is ‘not in the business of perfecting the world’ but only of demolishing it: ‘The ideal is constructed in order to destroy the actual.’ Who needs families, or marriage, or morality? Who needs nations, especially nations with borders? We’ll take a jackhammer to the foundations of functioning society and proclaim paradise in the ruins.”

Quite so. We are now witnessing before our very eyes what may be the final destruction of the West. Whether there is any turning back from this point remains to be seen. But the sexual revolutionaries have not given us the utopia they promised. They have given us instead death and destruction. They ought to be real proud of themselves.

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  1. Thanks Robyn

    Yes I am sure we are just as depraved here down under. And recall that Peter Singer originally came from Australia.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  2. So the leftocommies care more about animals than they do about children, after reading about that meeting where they wanted peodaphillia to be just another orientation.

    It seems that abnormal is only when it suits them.

    Neil Waldron.

  3. I think to, they should look at many islamic majority countries where peodaphillia, beastiality are rampant, they have broken down to the least safe, most violent places on earth. To quote from an afghan saying which is where we are headed if not stopped, “it’s me against my brother, me and my brother against our family, our family against the village, our village against everyone else”. and something an afghan tribal elder said, all power is either land, money or children. sad sad sad.

    Neil Waldron.

  4. The gays have a blue pinkprint for a new world order, a pink utopia of absolute liberation, free from the oppressive and male dominated family unit which they believe should be consigned to the Natural History Museum. Allow Peter Tatchell, perhaps the most iconic gay man in Britain to speak for the gay legions. In two articles entitled, ‘Beyond Equality’, he argues that lesbian and gay freedom involves more than mere equality:
    “We should reject a simplistic law reform agenda, and adopt a queer politic that celebrates sexual difference, opposes both assimilationism and separatism, seeks social transformation, and affirms that everyone is potentially queer.” He then says further on: “Lesbian and gay people (homosexual) help make a more heterogeneous and interesting society. That’s a good thing. There is nothing great about social homogeneity. It’s boring and results in social stultification and sclerosis. …… In many ways, our transcending of heterosexual mores is a positive and immensely liberating experience. Compared with most straights, queers tend to be more sexually adventurous with a wider repertoire of sexual behaviour, less bound by the strictures of traditional morality, and more experimental in terms of relationships. We don’t need a marriage certificate to validate our partnerships,……. In all these senses, the fact that homosexuals are different from heterosexuals is a real virtue that we should all be proud to shout about.”

    In another article of the same title, he writes:
    “The dominant gay agenda is now equal rights and law reform, rather than gay emancipation and the transformation of society. That political retreat represents a massive loss of imagination, confidence, and ethical vision. Equality is important, but it has its limitations. It isn’t the panacea that many claim. Equal rights for lesbians and gay men inevitably means parity on straight terms, within a pre-existing framework of values, laws and institutions. These have been devised by and for the heterosexual majority. Equality within their system involves conformity to their rules. This is a recipe for incorporation, not liberation. Although getting rid of homophobic discrimination is a laudable aim, it doesn’t go far enough. Ending anti-gay bias will not resolve all the problems faced by lesbian and gay people. Some of our difficulties arise not from homophobia, but from the more general eroto-phobic and sex-negative nature of contemporary culture (which also harms heterosexuals). These destructive puritanical attitudes are evident in the censorship of sexual imagery, the inadequacy of sex education lessons, and the criminalisation of sex workers and consensual sadomasochistic relationships. We get equality, but at a price. The cost to our community is the surrender of our unique, distinctive queer identity. The unwritten social contract at the heart of law reform is that lesbians and gays will behave respectably and comply with the heterosexual moral agenda. No more cruising, orgies or sadomasochism! In return, the “good gays” are rewarded with equal treatment. Meanwhile, all the sex-repressive social structures, institutions and value systems remain intact, and the “bad gays” remain sexual outlaws. This nouveau gay reformism involves the abandonment of any critical perspective on straight culture. In place of a healthy scepticism towards heterosexual morality, it substitutes naive acquiescence…..”

    What do we get when we smash all the barriers to getting what we want when we want, apart from an explosion of pornography, prostitution, cruising, dogging, orgies, sadomasochism, bug chasing, giving the gift, paedophilia, incest, bestiality, necrophilia and cannibalism? But as with sadomasochism animals might enjoy pain. Certainly they would pave the way for cannibalism and the eating of our young. Perhaps aborted babies could become a delicacy. Perhaps it happening already?
    Lamentations 2:20 “Look, LORD, and consider: Whom have you ever treated like this? Should women eat their offspring, the children they have cared for?
    Lamentations 4:10 With their own hands compassionate women have cooked their own children, who became their food when my people were destroyed.

    David Skinner, UK

  5. Once a state and its law have conceded, or claimed, that there is no one way that sex has to be, then they have relinquished any ability to proscribe anything; all has to be accepted, and all are equal and relative. That is where we are now.
    John Thomas, UK

  6. Quite right John. And I just posted a Mark Steyn quote elsewhere which goes right along with what you have said:

    “The bigger the Big Government, the smaller everything else: In Sweden, expressing a moral objection to homosexuality is illegal, even on religious grounds, even in church, and a pastor minded to cite the more robust verses of Leviticus would risk four years in jail. In Canada, the courts rule that Catholic schools must allow gay students to take their same-sex dates to the prom. The secular state’s Bureau of Compliance is merciless to apostates to a degree even your fire-breathing imams might marvel at.”

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  7. When Mark Steyn talks about “Modern “liberalism” being strikingly illiberal: ‘the high priests of “tolerance” are increasingly intolerant of even the mildest dissent; and those who profess to “celebrate diversity” coerce ever more ruthlessly a narrow homogeneity,’ this reminds me of Peter Tatchell who would claim the opposite:

    “Lesbian and gay people (homosexual) help make a more heterogeneous and interesting society. That’s a good thing. There is nothing great about social homogeneity. It’s boring and results in social stultification and sclerosis. In contrast, the existence of difference, including sexual difference, is a force for social innovation and renewal. It enlivens and enriches our whole culture.”

    But what he fails to understand, for all his belief in liberation is, is that the female is the more dangerous of the species. The jack boot of the gaystapo does not believe in different families, that come in all shapes and sizes but only lesbian ones. It is lesbian feminists and not the homosexual who now dominate us.

    David Skinner, UK

  8. These articles are interesting to read about supposed sexual equality in our society. Yet when we compare to the story in Acts 15, one of the 4 things asked of the Gentiles was to abstain from sexual immorality. Now we have some in our society actively promoting sexual immorality so we can supposedly make a better society.
    Anthony Van Cooten

  9. As a Christian, I agree entirely with most of the above. However, I do object to the confusion between left-wing politics and immorality which some of the comments display; also to the notion that the “intelligentsia” approve of such behaviour as bestiality. Having sex with animals is symptomatic of a profound ignorance, and the kind of cruelty one does not associate with intelligent people. I trace the roots of this decay–which I see as the beginnings of the break up of Western civilisation– to World War 2 and subsequent conflicts. Bertrand Russell once said “Wars lower the mental level of the age in which they occur.” He was right. Gratuitous violence, cruelty, rape, disregard for human life, all these are products of war. Thank you for the gleam of hope that your article provides.
    Brian Tyson, Canada

  10. Thanks Brian

    I would argue that there is indeed a very real connection between immorality of all sorts and the radical secular left agenda. I deal with that elsewhere on this site. But thanks for your thoughts, and I am glad I can provide a bit of hope here!

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  11. Jasmine, I followed your link to Dennis Prager’s article.

    He makes a number of good points, but he seems to have a perspective I would disagree with.

    He implies or claims that the Torah came after the non-Jewish religions had adopted their homosexual (and other sexual cultist) practices.

    With this point I believe he allows too much room for the view that homosexuality was very widely practiced and affirmed in the ancient world, almost to the point of normality. Then his argument is that Judeo-Christian moral views came along and overturned these more ancient practices.

    I hope this is only my misunderstanding, because this gives oxygen to the gay activist arguments of denied rights and suppression, which I don’t think is right, nor is it a good tactic in this war for the West.

    John Angelico

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