Just Another Day of Deviance, Decline, and Depravity

It is getting to be bad for your health simply to open the morning newspaper, or surf the Net. Every day we are bombarded with horrific news and devastating stories. How many more such headlines do we need to read before we admit that society is in a major moral freefall, and unless things change soon, we are all toast?

Let me offer another four examples, all beginning with P: we have Porn, Perversion, Prop 8, and PETA. The first one has to do with a major headline in today’s press: “Child porn use out of control”. The article begins as follows:

“Child pornography use has reached epidemic proportions in Australia, as paedophiles increasingly record themselves molesting children before swapping the images with other abusers, federal police have warned. With the rise of file-swapping, the images and videos are used as ‘currency’ by abusers to buy their way into transnational groups that trade the material. In some cases, police have found terabytes of material, too much to store on most personal computers.

“The head of the Australian Federal Police serious organised crime unit, Assistant Commissioner Kevin Zuccato, told The Age that where federal police would once have been overwhelmed by finding hundreds of images on a suspect’s computer, they were now finding hundreds of thousands and even millions.”

And we should be surprised here? Shocked and saddened, perhaps, but surprised? We have had a half century of the sexual revolution being rammed down our throats, and this is not to be unexpected. The sexual anarchists have lobbied for their “right” to see and read anything they want, and the libertarians in and out of government have gone along with this.

We know that porn desensitises people, and the more one gets into it, the harder core it must become to satisfy one’s insatiable lusts. So with 50 years of open slather on porn, we can only expect it to get worse each passing year. Child porn is just part of this evil progression and slide into complete depravity.

Yet there are plenty of academics, public intellectuals and other eggheads defending this stuff. They have a lot to answer for. The blood of countless children is on their hands. But we have more of the same coming from New South Wales.

Again, we have more sexual depravity, but this time it looks like taxpayers will have to foot the bill for it. Consider this news item: “Mardi Gras applies to screen gay sex movies”. The story starts this way: “The Mardi Gras Film Festival expects to be granted an exemption from classification laws so it can screen four films featuring real sex acts.

“Despite the law prohibiting the public screening of X-rated films in NSW, the festival’s director, Lex Lindsay, said: ‘We are confident the classification board will be satisfied with our rationale for screening these works … and that the content in each of these works, whilst being sexually explicit, is of a nature and artistic standard suitable for public screenings to a group of educated and interested adults.’

“The Mardi Gras Film Festival, which received $15,000 in public funding from the NSW government, features more than 70 films. It opens on February 16 at cinemas in Newtown, Parramatta and the Hoyts Cinema complex in the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park. However, none of the sexually explicit films will be screened at Hoyts as the venue employs people under the age of 18.”

Of course taxpayers should not be footing the bill for any public display of pornographic films, much less homosexual porn. If these guys get their jollies from this type of stuff, then let them pay for it themselves, and show it in some private venue.

The overwhelming majority of NSW residents would be aghast knowing their hard earned income is going to subsidise this kind of rubbish. They expect their taxes to be used on fixing roads, and providing decent public services like health and education. They would not want to be subsidising such lousy sleaze.

On a related front, we have the ongoing story of Prop 8 in California. This refers to the battle for marriage which has been going back and forth since 2008. In June of that year the activists legalised same-sex marriage. A referendum on this – Proposition 8 – was held in November of 2008, and the Californian populace said clearly that they did not want SSM.

A judge struck that down in August 2010, and now we have today’s decision in which “a federal appeals court struck down California’s ban, declaring that it served ‘no purpose … other than to lessen the status and human dignity of gays and lesbians in California’.”

“The 2-1 decision, a victory for challengers of Proposition 8 yet narrowly crafted, is the latest in a saga playing out in California but reverberating nationwide. The case will likely become a momentous test of whether the Constitution forbids states from blocking same-sex couples from marrying.”

As Sharon Slater of Family Watch International said, “This is an extremely important case.  If the Supreme Court were to side with the district judge and the Ninth Circuit ruling, the decision would overturn the laws and state constitutional amendments now in place in 44 states that prohibit homosexual marriage.”

Just like in the 1973 Roe v Wade decision wherein a handful of judges struck down all 50 states’ laws on abortion, here we would also have activist judges imposing their will on 300 million Americans. This is yet another case of homosexual activists aided and abetted by activist judges, over-riding the clear desires of the people. Ordinary citizens are being denied their voice, as unaccountable and unelected judges ride roughshod over democracy and the rule of law.

Finally, I mention my fourth P example: PETA. I have written often about these nutters in the past. They are always coming up with one idiotic campaign after another. So get a load of their latest lulu: the lefties at PETA “still want constitutional rights to be upheld for some – namely, Tilikum, Katina, Corky, Kasatka, and Ulises. These are not American citizens but killer whales, on whose behalf PETA has filed a federal lawsuit against SeaWorld and its theme parks in San Diego and Orlando claiming the orcas were subject to ‘involuntary servitude.’ The orcas regularly entertain crowds at SeaWorld’s theme parks. And the PETA humans behind the lawsuit, three marine-mammal experts and two former trainers – the orcas’ ‘next friends,’ in legal parlance — want to see the five relocated from confined spaces to suitable sanctuaries.”

There you go folks – human rights for whales. While PETA does not give a rip about the rights of unborn humans, they champion every other cause of non-humans. When our values become this topsy-turvy, then you know something is wrong big time with our culture.

So there we have it – four more examples of our moral meltdown from just one day. Mark Steyn once wrote, “There is a fine line between civilization and the abyss.” If these four examples are anything to go by, we may just well have passed from civilisation into the abyss.


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  1. That the Ninth Circuit upheld Judge Walker’s decision to ignore the will of 7 million Californians is not much of a surprise. As Prop 8 moves onto the Supreme Court, standing in good stead of those Californians who voted to uphold one man, one woman marriage is the fact that Ninth Circuit Judge, Judge Stephen Reinhardt, is one of the most overturned judges in one of the most overturned courts in America.

    That said, it’s a lot to ride on. The institution of marriage for all of America is now at stake.

    Mathew Hamilton

  2. Hate to say it Bill but as well as the ones you have just mentioned, have you read this article about a sadistic, violent murderous play due to begin tonight in Sydney?
    Apparently it is about two stripper sisters who go on a murderous rampage and their victims are pro life activists.


    How sick and twisted can people get?
    What sort of low life’s would have anything to do with such filth?…probably the same types who promote abortion, commit abortions, or proudly exaggerate about how many abortions they have had (some women love to brag about their 5th , 6th or 13th abortion – I have met a number of women like this).
    Funny, they also are the ones who are cold, hard and single…

    Annette Williams

  3. On pornography and addiction, here are some (terrible) insights from US serial killer Ted Bundy. I copied this from an article Bill wrote in 2003.

    Before being executed for his crimes in 1989, he made these revealing remarks: “It happened in stages, gradually . . . My experience with . . . pornography that deals on a violent level with sexuality is that, once you become addicted to it, and I look at this as a kind of addiction like other kinds of addiction, I would keep looking for more potent, more explicit, more graphic kinds of material. Like an addiction, you keep craving something which is harder, harder, something which gives you a greater sense of excitement, until you reach the point where the pornography only goes so far . . . It reaches that jumping-off point where you begin to wonder if, maybe, actually doing it will give you that which is beyond just reading about it or looking at it.”


    Annette Nestor

  4. Thanks Annette and Annette

    Yes it is all one can do to keep up with examples of cultural decline and sleaze. If you blink you miss another one.

    And yes, Bundy should know what he is talking about here. When will we listen?

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  5. Why is that no mentions the fact that judge Walker is a polysexual pervert: a homosexual? Am I missing something here?

    “The 9th Circuit decision also found that there was no evidence that the judge who issued the lower court ruling, Judge Vaughn Walker, was biased, and ruled that he did not have to disclose that he was gay. That petition was the first time the sexual orientation of a judge had been cited as grounds for overturning a court decision. Judge Walker publicly revealed he was gay after he retired.”


    Listen to the deception and delusion of the lesbian on this video, as she deliberately confuses being gay with being black or hispanic. Listen to her as she claims that gay ideology is objective, rational and absolute, whereas the Christian world view on which the American Constitution was established is irrational and subjective. This means that the vast majority of Americans will have to undergo not just diversity training by gay affirming counselling and therapy. I just pray that many American parents are buying up as many mill stones as they can.

    David Skinner, UK

  6. The phrase “suitable for public screenings to a group of educated and interested adults.” amused me: some educated adults are not very smart!
    John Bennett

  7. Bill why do you think society would have respect for children when we kill them in the thousands through abortion. Most of these left leaning loonies fight ferociously for animal rights but ignore the right of a human to life. If any of your readers know a person in the pro choice camp direct them towards this web sight, but be warned it is very graphic but hopefully it will help win the battle against abortion.

    Maree Wood

  8. Maree, that is the most graphic video I have ever viewed, I struggled to watch it and it just goes to show, with videos like that being shown to women (girls) who may be just scared or confused and are not being offered support they opt for abortion. And yes, the leftist loonies do seem to care more about animals than the rights of the unborn. They (the pro choice advocates) try to deceive us by saying that abortion isn’t murder and that is a question that is often asked.

    In my studies of what murder is and isn’t, I came across the following sites ‘Why abortion is not murder’ http://www.dbcuuc.org/sermons/001001.htm


    ‘A Physician Tells Why Abortion Is Murder’ http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evils%20in%20America/Abortion%20is%20Murder/physician_explains.htm

    I would appreciate Bills input in this, my own understanding, apart from my Christian beliefs, is that the intentional taking of human life (apart from for self defense or the protection of others) is murder. As most abortions take place after the pregnancy is discovered (which for most would be when their monthly period does not occur) by this time life is occurring in the womb.

    Looking forward to your thoughts Bill.

    Fred Merlo

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