It’s Alien vs Predator

In what must be one of the most ugly, most repulsive, most unedifying, and most deplorable public punch-ups in Australian history, we all have to endure the sad saga of two Labor leaders unleashing their fury and venom on each other. What a horrific sight, so much so that even the international press is amazed at this ugly spectacle.

What a wretched debacle the Federal Labor Party has degenerated into. It has simply lost the plot big time. All we are left with here are two colossal egos and power-hungry maniacs seeking to do whatever it takes to gain total control – even it it means destroying the Labor Party (which is fine by me), but more importantly, even if it means destroying the nation.

Both leaders seem hell-bent on laying waste the country and its citizenry, in this vicious, bitter and twisted battle for supremacy. The truth is, most Australians are sick to death of these political games, and most would be sick to death about these two inept, corrupt and contemptible public personas.

This battle is not unlike the Alien vs Predator films. Both creatures were ugly killers and the enemies of humanity. Most film-goers were quite happy to see them destroy each other, instead of destroying more human beings. A pox on both their houses is the common viewpoint on all this.

So too here. Let both these miscreants be consigned to the flames. We want our country back. We want an election, and we want it now. We are fed up with all the lies, the deception, the back-stabbing, the political intrigue, the power trips and the out-of-control egos.

Australia deserves better. What we now have are two megalomaniacs seeking to attain or retain power at all costs. Everything and everyone else can just be damned. They have lost all credibility with the public, and both deserve to be put out of their misery.

If Labor had any brains – and any guts – it would ditch both Julia and Kevin and try to find someone who could guide them through the wilderness here. The truth is, whoever wins the ballot on Monday, neither will be able to rule their own party, let alone take on the Coalition.

Both are dead meat now, and both will just continue to be a major liability in the days ahead – regardless of who gets the nod. Both are dead men walking, and Labor must be brain-dead to think that either one is going to save the day for Labor, and win the next federal election.

This is a completely dysfunctional, divided, inept, out of control, and self-destructing political party – perhaps the worst ever in Australian history. No wonder the electorate is so fed up, and is so eager to have an election called immediately.

Of course it is not just Julia and Kevin who have destroyed this party. The rot set in decades ago. It has long ago ceased to be a party of the workers and the common man. Now it is simply a party captured by radical left-wing social engineers. Now it is simply a party driven by factional groups, party hacks, and faceless men.

It is not a democratic political party at all. It is simply a disgrace, and it needs to put up the white flag at once. Of course I might be biased in all this. So don’t take my word for it. Consider what Kim Beazley Sr said back in 1970 at the WA Labor state conference:

“When I joined the Labor Party, it contained the cream of the working class. But as I look about me now all I see are the dregs of the middle class. And what I want to know is when you middle class perverts are going to stop using the Labor Party as a spiritual spittoon.”

Clearly – and unfortunately – the Labor party did not in the least pay any attention to what Beazley said. Had it taken these words to heart four decades ago, and sought to clean up the mess and get rid of the rot, it might have transformed itself.

But instead it simply went in for more of the same. Thus what we behold today: one of the most frightful, dysfunctional, and inept governments on record. Regardless of who leads this wreck, it is still going down. Why all these political experts think some rearranging of the furniture is going to fix the problems is beyond me.

The iceberg was struck decades ago, water has been pouring in at an alarming rate, and no cosmetic changes will fix anything. No leadership changes will fix anything. This is a culture of corruption. As such, radical sickness requires radical surgery.

A cancer-ridden body is not going to be healed by tinkering on the surface with bandaid solutions. Immediate and radical surgery is required. But no one is talking this way. And the joke is, both main contenders keep talking about how unfit Tony Abbott is to lead the country!

These guys must be on some very strong drugs indeed. They are both living in dreamland. This corrupt and broken government is in deep trouble, yet no one wants to admit it. Everyone else can see it is in terminal condition. Yet these two ego-maniacs keep ignoring reality and keep slugging it out to the bitter end.

It is not looking good for Australia. We need and deserve an election now. We want our country back.

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  1. Let me be the first to comment here. Sneaky Kevin just refused to answer a direct question about same-sex marriage in his most recent press conference. Very revealing indeed.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  2. Thank you for all your honesty and truth that few are prepared to stand on, especially Christians.
    Marianne Ryan

  3. Meanwhile, Abbott tweeted a few hours ago (in response to a question) “Our view: marriage is between a man and a woman. We took it to the election and don’t say one thing and do another #asktony”

    Very clear.

    Dominic Snowdon

  4. Agree with your analysis Bill, sadly, I fear an election would do little at this stage to stem the tide (although I would certainly prefer the Coalition to be in power).

    The problem that we have witnessed since Federation a little over a century ago has been a constant moral slide and a decline in faith nation wide. At the base, that is what has happened and the Church has waned in its mission with a cultural hands off approach (not to mention challenges such as liberalism in that period ripping her apart from within).

    Our nation has degenerated to the point where the political system almost bars out individuals of moral integrity; and has continually drifted in the direction outlined in de toqueville’s quote:

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy.”

    Democracy is humanism translated into the political sphere, and the fallen nature of man is being demonstrated in that context before our eyes.

    The Church needs to get educated on the cultural implications of the gospel and what the salvation of the entire man truly means. We need God to pour out His Spirit in mercy to awaken her and save souls – the stronger the Church, the stronger a society. The Church is the city on the hill, and only when she is strong in a culture and society can the power of the gospel transform the wasteland of sin we see around us.

    Christ came to undo the works of the devil, ultimately as we see the fruit of that all around us, we need to ask ourselves the important questions of how we can be working by the power of the Spirit to this end?

    Do we spend time in His word and prayer each day? Do we lead our families in godliness according to His word? (this must come before we’ll have a hope of seeing it in society en masse!) Do we fellowship, encourage and strengthen God’s people? (or do we turn up once a Sunday and not engage with anyone….) Do we proclaim God’s wonders to all? Do we commit to corporate prayer in our churches? Do we conduct ourselves as we ought in our occupations? Do we write to our elected members with a voice of conscience and reason?

    These ultimately are the implications of the gospel in our lives and beyond, and it is only in Christ that any hope for this sin sick world can be found.

    May we be found faithful.

    Isaac Overton

    ps. I’m feeling quite hypocritical as I write and must take my own medicine.

  5. Thanks Isaac

    Yes at the end of the day no political party is perfect (although some are clearly better than others!). And we all need to get involved more in every way in these matters. And at the end of the day our most pressing need is repentance and revival. Without that we are all toast.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  6. Thanks guys

    Now Julia has just finished her press conference. Julia has been jumping on Kevin for Tea Party politics and Big Brother celebrities, and appealing to the common man. But her talk just concluded was exactly just that – it sounded like she was running for a federal election – appealing to the masses to like her. What a contemptible hypocrite she is.

    Both are such losers.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  7. The 7.30 report last night had some labour woman talking up Julia and most of it was gibberish but then she fired up to his constant questioning “Look, Julia has worked her guts out improving this country… she ventured into uncharted waters and done incredible things bought about reform… She’s got this country a carbon tax”. I thought to myself these lunatic’s are patting themselves on the back for a new tax.
    Daniel Kempton

  8. Weep John Christian Watson, Andrew Fisher, James Scullen, John Curtin and Ben Chifley. The party you once lead is a pale imitation of itself. It is now in the hands of unprincipled – and unChristian – opportunists and Beazley Snr’s “dregs of the Middle class”.
    I hope and pray that they will be defeated at the next election and be consigned to the dung heap of history. Perhaps a newer generation, who have rediscovered the LIGHT ON THE HILL and Labour’s founding principles, will reinvigorate it but I think I wait in vain, and the pagan Greens parade themselves as Labour’s successors.
    Wayne Pelling

  9. Hey Bil, a bit off topic- Did you know about the establishment last year of a group called

    ‘Parliamentary friends of LGBT’?

    They kicked off with a function at parliament house in September.

    So what other groups are given such personal access to the ears of parliamentarians?

    Annette Williams

  10. Hi bill,

    I have to slightly disagree with you here.

    For years labour has been trying to convince the public that they do not have factional or faceless men problems, that its just a conspiracy theory, its scare tactics by the Libs/Nats etc.

    We are now witnessing the factional and faceless men in full blown internal warfare, but instead of being able to hide in back rooms and by phone etc, it has been forced into the public eye, thus is unable to be hidden, covered up, fobbed off.

    As much as both leaders make me sick, you gotta hand it to kruddy, it was a brilliant coup da ta, he has managed to expose the party for what it really is. He knew that on his return to Australia he was going to be thrown under the bus by the “boss lady”, so he has decided to take the lot down with him. Just call it a “political suicide bombing”.

    The factions may have just given Australia the best gift every, total exposure and distruction of the stealth communism/sharia. Although I doubt very much if this was what they had in mind.

    Neil Waldron.

  11. I think this might have a silver lining—it might be the end of the Labor Party. What purpose do they serve in Australian politics at all? They need to be destroyed, and their incompetence is being shown to all who would care to look.

    But Daniel, many people I speak to praise Labor and Gillard for the carbon tax. It’s definitely popular amongst those who take apocalyptic global warming for gospel. And I think many who walk in those circles never have the chance to venture outside of them, so they mightn’t realise that there’s other views.

    Felix Alexander, Melbourne.

  12. Scathing attack on Labor!!

    But entirely fitting! Thanks Bill.

    Ex-Labor leaders Latham and Richardson have alerted people for years on the degenerate and corrupt state of the Labor machine so this should hardly surprise people.

    Sadly its going to come down to a choice between our worst and second worst PM in history. I am rooting for Julia only because the Coalition will have a better chance against her in 18 months.

    Damien Spillane

  13. Dear Bill, I wonder if the Independents in the Hose of Reps will withdraw their support for our “Labor” Government and send Julia Gillard and her merry people onto the opposition.
    Regards, Franklin Wood

  14. Thanks Franklin

    Those hopeless so-called independents are just as much a part of the problem as the Labor leaders are unfortunately.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  15. Felix, This is off topic of this post, but it relates for your “friends”.

    Might I suggest you send your climate change lovers to the following site.

    It shows the low levels to which the climate mob have stooped. A chap by the name of Peter Gleik, forged a document to try and bring down a climate sceptic organisation.

    The unfunny side of this is this guy was the chair of the “science ethics panel”. He has also been kicked off the boards of multiple high profile science organisations, science organisations who have given he money for climate change research are currently, racing to scrub their websites of all links to grants of big, huge money made to him.

    The entire “man made climate change” may have to be re-evaluated because of the “unethical” actions of this one man.

    Govts who rely on the “its science fact” for their policies my find the reason for the carbon tax will come back to haunt them, in a big way.

    Neil Waldron

  16. Technically Bill, Juiar is a dead woman walking. I have been wondering what GG Q Bryce must be pondering, hopefully for the good of the country. There’ve been a few rumblings about double dissolutions, but seriously, regardless of who wins Monday’s caucus vote, what are losers going to do–fall on their swords? Or wait for the winners to lop off their heads. Meanwhile who is actually running the country. Bob Brown and the Greens must be licking their bisexual lips in anticipation! May God have mercy on our nation!
    Steve Swartz

  17. In reference to Mr Rudd’s attacks on Mr Abbott, I keep getting an image of a 4WD advert. Said vehicle is perched on a clifftop, with vehicle, owner and family all viewing majestic scenes of say Kakadu National Park at sunset.

    Now Mr Rudd, would you want someone in the driver’s seat to be looking forward or back when s/he switches on the engine? Hmm?

    John Angelico

  18. Anyone who supports Labor after the revelations of the past few days must be truly insane. Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott should be in a straight jacket in a padded cell.

    Laborspeak is a new language; it is the opposite of truth. The Government speaks it fluently.

    Des Morris

  19. Even though I am not currently a supporter of the Labor party, this episode gives me no pleasure whatsoever. It is tragic to see this happen in Australian politics. The one good thing that should come out of this is the destruction of the Green Party.
    Ian Nairn

  20. What we need to understand is that true democracy is worth fighting for. To some it is the way forward to a better way of life, with freedom as the ultimate reward, but to others it is a tool to be used and exploited to achieve their own ends.
    These manipulators of young and impressionable minds can be found in tertiary institutions where they preach democracy and freedom, but with twisted, dark and devious motives.
    They have always been there exerting their nasty influence and we can find many examples where those who have been foolishly tempted to join these radical, mostly left wing organisations within our tertiary institutions, have been caught up in all the socialist ‘feel good’ euphoria these people are so adept at generating, only (and thankfully) to later come to their senses on re-joining the real world.
    What we are seeing now are people like Gillard and Rudd who epitomize the kind of foot soldiers this nasty system aims to produce, rising through the ranks and reaching the top of the political heap where they are now attempting to exert untold influence and power in the name of making Australia a better place. The truth is, neither of them has ever really rejoined the real world
    We cannot be lazy and just stand back and let them have their way and push their biased socialist agenda at enormous cost to our nation.
    The ballot box is the true tool of democracy and we must use this to rid ourselves of this curse before they manage to repair and reinvent themselves as a smooth and attractive proposition, as history shows they are so adept at doing.
    They are a scourge on society and our nation as a whole and they must go before the damage they cause becomes even more terrible and destructive.
    Trevor Bloor

  21. Thanks Bill, excellent article, my main concern is that you are preaching mainly to the converted. I would imagine that the people who support this lunacy do not read your enlightened writings. Is it possible to get this into the MSM?
    John Broadley

  22. Thanks John. It is perhaps worth a try, but given how much the MSM is in bed with Labor, it is unlikely it would get a hearing.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  23. If any still have doubts that ethico-moral matters are the currently greatest & gravest challenges facing Australians they obviously have not been attending to Press reports.
    Arthur Hartwig

  24. While agreeing with most of the comments, some of which are exquisite, might I sound the alarm regarding the carbon tax, emissions trading, SSM, and perhaps euthanasia. There is a group of Coalition MPs who are reading from the same script as the government.
    Can Abbott guarantee that they will be muzzled?
    Dunstan Hartley

  25. We have a monthly prayer meeting linked to “Catch The Fire” Melbourne where we pray about national and state issues as suggested by “Saltshakers”.

    Personally I find these meetings to be strategic since the church, amongst other things is to be a “watchman on the wall” and also has a place as a “gatekeeper” for spiritual influences in our homes, communities and nation.

    In these meetings I have been often reminded that the politicians, governments and the laws that we get are the ones that we want as a nation. The earlier comments about the weaknesses of democracy confirm the same concern.

    What we really need (and have prayed for) is a change in the heart of the people. Unless we have a change that sees the nation as a whole seeking and fearing God, can we really expect anything else? Rudd and Gillard included.

    Just this morning I was reading Ps 81.11-12 and felt it applied to OZ as much as Israel
    “But My people did not listen to My voice
    And Israel did not obey Me
    So I gave them over to the stubbornness of their heart.
    To walk in their own devices”

    “Devices” Is that French or Italian for something?

    It is not “sinical” to say that we get what we deserve.

    Yet we must have hope.
    We must do what we can.

    Bruce Knowling

  26. “In what must be one of the most ugly, most repulsive, most unedifying, and most deplorable public punch-ups in Australian history, we all have to endure the sad saga of two Labor leaders unleashing their fury and venom on each other. What a horrific sight, so much so that even the international press is amazed at this ugly spectacle.”

    This reads like something you’d see in the Herald-Sun! Honestly, I have listened carefully to what each leader has said and I can’t find anything approximating to your description above. If I listen to commentators I hear all sorts of sensationalistic words used but we all know that we’ve seen all this before.

    Politics involves the exercise of judicial power to promote justice and fairness in public life. What we see between Gillard and Rudd, I have seen a number of times before or have you forgotten how Abbot got rid of Turnbull by one vote? That wasn’t a very seemly battle either but politics is like that. It’s inherently competitive.

    I also remind you that I can remember much worse times in Australian politics than these. Do you remember the Howard-Peacock on again, off again tussle. Hardly Queensberry rules used on that occasion either! Or can I take you back further if you want to visit the notion of viciousness and re-visit the deadly triangle of Harold Holt, ‘Black Jack’ McEwen, and Billy MacMahon which contributed to a prime minister’s death. Or of more recent times, the rancour that existed between Howard and Costello who despised each other and didn’t disguise the fact? Your comments seem to be one-sided and delivered without nuance.
    Julia Gillard has done a good job in the face of the most difficult parliamentary numbers any politician in my lifetime has had to deal. And dealing with a Tony Abbot who has never showed the least inclination to get anything resolved on the illegal immigrant issue would try the patience of a saint. Both she and Kevin Rudd have had to deal with a surging Green vote which the Coalition is yet to face. (In fact, I am praying the Green vote is much reduced this time around.)
    I won’t vote for Labor because of its stand on same-sex marriage (ssm) and its inability to do anything about the scandalous number of children we abort every year. (May God have mercy on Australia!) I’m also unhappy about its unscientific stand on so-called ‘carbon as a climate changer’ while I know of and have many scientific papers that point away from CO2 or the involvement of man in any case.

    But then I know that there are Liberal leaders (Malcolm Turnbull for one) who support ssm and abortion (and carbon pricing). Our options for voting for those that will uphold decent civil life are fast disappearing.
    Bill my criticism of this piece of work is not to say that I do not appreciate all you are doing in the areas of ssm opposition/pro-tradition marriage and abortion/pro-life issues. Full marks to you there! Also your appreciation for the way pc has infiltrated our way of life and threatens to do so more and more.

    Ian Ridgway

  27. Thanks Ian

    Hey, I will take your kind words at the end there, thanks. But otherwise you simply seem to be telling us that you have been a long-standing Labor supporter. If you want to defend Labor and these two bizarre characters that is up to you of course – but please, I will have to beg to differ!

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  28. You are right Bill, thank you for being as bold as you are in identifying these leaders of our nation. This great nation of ours deserves a much better deal. The dog fight we face here now is the kind of stuff that drives a wedge between the people. What is so ironic is that both characters claim this endearing love for the People of Australia. Not so, this is the kind of stuff that generates civil war. All this is by the finest of margins. Kevin 07 admits that they would loose by a land slide, should a election be held now, and in the same breath he claims to have the support of the People of Australia. How can they get it so wrong? You have put you finger right on it Bill, they have gigantic big egos.
    Bill Heggers Perth

  29. Yes, watching the grubby little cat ‘n dog fight across the ditch from here I keep wondering if we could only get away from this outworn and outdated political system that dwells almost exclusively on personalities, and warped ones too!

    And this is where I respond to you, Isaac Overton, over your quote of that view of Alexis de Tocqueville on democracy. I ask you, Isaac, to take a good look at the only real democracy on this planet: Switzerland. The Swiss Constitution is the only one in the world that recognizes only the people are sovereign. This translates into the direct control by the people at both Federal and Cantonal level over the legislation brought in by assemblies.

    Given that power, according to de Tocqueville, Switzerland should by now have descended into the anarchy of, say, Somalia! But it hasn’t. Instead, it is one of the most affluent and peaceful societies on earth. The people of Switzerland do *not* plunder the State’s resources. And the basic reason is that their direct democracy means that they have a true sense of ownership over the State’s resources and over its laws.

    Real democracy achieves that result. The retarded copies of the Westminster carthorse that we have to put up with in both Australia and New Zealand deny our peoples any such sense of ownership over our resources, let alone our laws! Instead we have to put up with egomaniac comedians who pander to the whims of business and minority lobbies.

    Will our peoples ever get a chance to wrest back control over their sovereignty? I hope so.

    Thanks, Bill, for your lucid autopsy of the Labor corpse!

    Dominic Baron, NZ

  30. Maybe this “showing of the true colours” of the labor party is a result of the prayers of sincere Christians like those in the RUA groups all over Australia.
    Tony Windsor has betrayed the views of his electorates and should an election be called now, I think he will disappear from the political landscape.
    I am not sure that true democracy can survive in our current societal climate without revival of what is true and right in the hearts of every individual. If things go as they are, “majority opinion” and the credit for the “buoyant economy” will win the day. We still live under God’s blessing and our material prosperity is proof of that. If we don’t listen to God’s voice now, that will go too in the hope that we will wake up. God has done it to Israel, he will do it to us and it is His mercy.
    Lies and deception have gained too much public ground for reason to dispel them, it is only prayer than can shift them now.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  31. Someone just pointed out to me that the tagline to the movie Alien vs. Predator was “Whoever wins, we [the humans] lose”. That makes this film even more fitting as an analogy of what Labor is all about.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  32. A brilliant, spot on analysis Bill, consider becoming a political commentator, you would certainly do a lot better than some of the drones we have passing for commentators at the moment. However, one thing that I think we all tend to miss is the fact that these clowns are only there because an alarmingly large percentage of the voters put them there, Gillard/Rudd are only tools, they are useless unless we, the voters give them a mandate and we did that when they were voted into office. The Australian voting public are shallow, apathetic, lazy, gullible, indifferent and criminally politically illiterate. The people of any country have a moral and civic duty to do their homework when it comes to voting, I do not advocate becoming an expert in politics but every person should at least have a basic awareness of what is going on politically, to me that is simply common sense. These halfwits who say things like “Oh, I don’t get involved in politics, I am not interested,” These people are usually baying for politician’s blood when the whole show goes belly up but they will not acknowledge the unwitting part they played! Or what about these enlightened individuals – “I voted for such and such because my dad voted for them and his dad voted for them” ad nauseum”. With people like this as voters, I do not hold out a lot of hope for any of the problems mentioned above to be rectified!
    Steve Davis

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