More Sexual Insanity

In a sex-soaked world in moral freefall, we can only shudder at what each new day’s headlines will bring. Just when you thought things could not get much worse, a new headline grabs your attention, showing you that the downward spiral has not yet bottomed out.

One can easily monitor this cultural decline and sexual suicide on a fulltime basis. Examples abound, and new cases of moral perversion are readily available for examination and lament. Consider just three recent examples from here and overseas.

The first one comes from South Australia where there is a move under foot to get taxpayers to fund the “services” of prostitutes. Here is how one news item covers this story:

“The state’s Dignity for Disability MP wants taxpayers to fund sex workers for people with disabilities. Today, Kelly Vincent will weigh into the debate on decriminalising sex work by calling for a more ‘permissive’ culture around using disability services funding to pay for access to a sex worker or sex therapy.

“Ms Vincent conceded there would need to be eligibility criteria and limits to government-funded access to sex workers but this could be facilitated through the Government’s new self-managed funding system. However, this would be reliant on the passing in Parliament of a Bill decriminalising sex work.

“Ms Vincent said her proposal would not ‘necessarily mean’ extra government funding, but a change in policy ‘so that money which might already be allocated for physical therapies or mental health services could be legitimately spent on sex services. We need to create a culture within disability service provision that is accepting that many people … with a disability are sexually active or have sexual desires,’ she said.”

I hate to break it to the good MP, but two home truths need to be kept in mind here. First, while people can’t live without things like food or drink or air, they can actually live without sex. Happens all the time in fact. As a commentator once remarked, “To live without love is a tragedy; to live without sex is inconvenient”.

Second, if these folks are so keen to make use of prostitutes, let them pay for it out of their own pocket, and not drag taxpayers into this rather sordid affair. Taxpayers are already subsidising too many ridiculous and unnecessary causes and activities, without adding this lunacy to the mix.

Our next example of sexual insanity comes from New York, and incredibly involves kindergarteners. The story is worth repeating in full, and any further commentary on my part seems unnecessary. Here it is in full: “Parents of two kindergarteners at PS 189 in New York, N. Y. say a group of students ‘explored their private parts’ by taking off their clothes, and allegedly engaging in oral sex-like activities while the teacher was present, WPIX-TV reports.

“While educator Dulaina Almonte told the station that teachers can’t always see everything that’s going on in the classroom, one parent told them that she doesn’t believe the games could have gone unnoticed. ‘They were exposing themselves and showing their body parts to each other. They were kissing and touching,’ the parent told WPIX-TV. ‘The teacher had her back to the children. She must have had her back turned away for a very long time for them to do the things that they did.’

“Despite complaints from parents, the inappropriate behavior continued for months the New York Post reports. One mother, who has since transferred her daughter to a school in New Jersey, told the Post that school officials tried to place the blame on the students. ‘They were trying to say that my daughter was inviting these children to do this to her,’ she told the paper. ‘Where were the adults?’

“She and the parent of another kindergartener have filed notices of claim against the city following the events, each for $5 million in damages. The school’s principal as well as the New York Department of Education have declined to comment, the report states.

“The ‘sex games’ in the classroom come in the wake of similar outrage at Washington Elementary School in New Ulm, Minn., after nearly two dozen 5th grade students were caught playing a game called ‘rape tag.’ In the game, the students ‘tagged’ each other by grabbing each other’s private parts. After a parent reported the game to the school principal Bill Sprung, he immediately took action by contacting all the teachers and recess supervisors.”

The final item comes from the UK and has to do with the costs of the sexual revolution. One reports said it is costing everyone big time – £100 billion-a-year to be exact. The story goes this way: “Roughly £100 billion is spent each year dealing with problems relating to sexual promiscuity and relationship breakdown, according to research by the Jubilee Centre.

“Author Guy Brandon blasted society’s uncritical endorsement of sexual freedom which he argues has resulted in massive public costs. The costs include dealing with family breakdown, sexually transmitted infections (STI), absenteeism, domestic violence and educational underachievement. The study also reveals that the £100 billion figure is double the combined annual spend on tackling alcohol abuse, smoking and obesity.

“In the paper Mr Brandon said: ‘The costs of sexual freedom and relationship breakdown to the taxpayer and wider economy are complex and difficult to calculate, but £100 billion annually is probably a reasonable starting point: about twice as much as alcohol abuse, smoking and obesity combined.’ He added: ‘This represents an enormous moral hazard and, as a result, unsustainable and unjust public expenditure’. ”

So all this sexual suicide is not just a victimless crime. We all pay in the end. No society can long last that abandons all moral and sexual restraint. Yet we are witnessing the decline and fall of the West, which is involved in its own destruction.

Well did Mark Steyn write in After America: “The wreckage is impressive. The Sexual Revolution was well-named: it was a revolt not just against sexual norms but against the institutions and values they supported; it was part of an assault against any alternatives to government, civic or moral. Utopianism, writes the philosopher Roger Scruton, is ‘not in the business of perfecting the world’ but only of demolishing it: ‘The ideal is constructed in order to destroy the actual.’ Who needs families, or marriage, or morality? Who needs nations, especially nations with borders? We’ll take a jackhammer to the foundations of functioning society and proclaim paradise in the ruins.”

And the demolition job is nearly complete.

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  1. More madness. I can attest personally to the last article. I spent nine years working in microbiology unit at a major Sydney hospital and I can assure you a large proportion of the work was diagnostic testing for STDs and other diseases not necessarily categorised as strictly STDs but acquired solely by promiscuous behaviour. My first job there, in fact was performing tests tracking the change in antibiotic resistance of the bacteria which causes gonorrhoea.

    2-3 weeks after Mardi Gras was always a hectic experience as this was the incubation period for many of the nasties shared around. This pathology department like all public hospital path departments is tax payer funded and the the cost of the work they do is a big expense. To pay hospital scientists and technicians is a big expense, then add on the cost of the equipment, chemicals, and test kits and cultures, biohazard disposal, etc. It always galls me to think of how much money these peoples lifestyle choices are costing the country.

    Slightly off topic but still relevant. At our inhouse education meetings in the path department we had a fascinating presentation from a Scandinavian pathologist who detailed some research, carried out on a US population, if I recall correctly. They were looking at fertility rates in women. They gave a population of women who were failing to fall pregnant a super dose of antibiotics (targeting bacteria/organisms known to infect reproductive tissue i.e. many STD causing organisms). Women more often than men, can carry STDs (gonorrhoea for example) but remain asymptomatic (not developing any physical signs of infection). There was then a highly significant number of those women who then managed to fall pregnant.

    The conclusion was that there was such a large number of women carrying latent infections from STDs that this accounted for a large number of those who were failing to get pregnant and were demanding access to IVF programs. But do we hear of this in the MSM……

    Thank you for your work in keeping us informed.

    Nikki Chamberlain

  2. Hello Bill,
    This is not an entirely new phenomenon in Australia. About ten years ago the Family Planning Association (FPA) got into the special schools in New South Wales and pushed their case for handicapped people to have the “right” to active sex lives. Many teachers and teachers aides bought the FPA’s argument.

    Somewhere about that time an employee of the Spastic Centre of NSW (Now the Cerebral Palsy Alliance) at the Marconi Centre, Prairiewood, was involved in a project to train prostitutes to work with handicapped people. My recollection is that six prostitutes were trained as a result.

    An organisation called the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) was involved. SWOP was listed on one computerised telephone directory as a “cultural organisation”. Swop offers, among other things, advice on how to set up your business. It also receives funding from the NSW Government via the Attorney General’s Department, Work Cover, and the Health Department. To the best of my knowledge the O’Farrell Government has not withdrawn this funding which was started by the Carr Labor Government.

    On the 20th February, 2004 the Governor of NSW, Marie Bashir officially launched Touching Base, a website designed to put handicapped people into contact with sympathetic prostitutes.

    Touching Base also puts a float in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

    Donald Battaglini

  3. At the end of all this, I really do not think many people are going to be left standing on this planet. Is there any country on earth that is not seeing a complete breakdown in morals, right and wrong, evil and goodness?
    Neil Waldron

  4. Your 3rd example should give us all some kind of hope. If we can’t win the war on “moral” ground, the financial argument will probably win in the end. The “fiscally conservative” element seems to be God’s secular back stop, maybe the last before utter physical destruction. For when people’s ears are blocked and hearts are numb practical efficacy still talks. Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  5. Hi Bill, thanks for keeping us informed.
    We home school our children and I’m glad we do! One of the big reasons is to keep them away from the moral perversion in our society. But that’s increasingly difficult, take for instant the celebrating of the lack of morals in most TV series and movies, or the home page of the search engine Yahoo7! We need to be always vigilant for the protection of our young children and to a lesser extent, our older children.
    It’s one thing for an individual to embrace this ‘sexual revolution’ (although this was the opening of the door, so to speak), it is completely another matter for these individuals to allow such ‘sexual revolution’ in primary schools, and then to teach it in high schools. It’s becoming increasingly easy to see how Sodom and Gomorrah got so entrapped in their immoral ways. We are reaping the last stages of moral freefall.
    Look what God did to Sodom and Gomorrah, I agree with Neil Waldron, there may not be many people left standing on this planet in the not to distant future.

    Mark Lambert

  6. I too am aware that devotees of the sexual revolution are well-represented in the infrastructures of certain parts of the human services sector of our economy. Huxley’s Brave New World envisaged an “advanced” society where human sexual behaviour was totally divorced from the conception and gestation of children – a society where sex was a recreational activity supported pharmaceutical aids and children were sexualised at an early age. Paradoxically, the “civilised” characters in the novel yearn for relationships that go beyond “no strings attached” affairs. Yet they can never bring themselves to really falling in love with each other!
    John Wigg

  7. I’m not sure what tax payer funded access to prostitutes has to do with dignity for the disabled. I think Kelly Vincent is barking up the wrong tree.

    Peter Sanderson

  8. Bill,
    Well done as usual. Bob Santamaria used to often use the quote from a Stephen Laycock about “a moonbeam from a larger lunacy”. Perhaps you might identify the context of the quote for me. Keep up the wonderful work as Rome continues to burn. You will be a beacon that will lead us out of this mess
    Bernie O’Shea

  9. Hi Bill,

    Your readers may be interested to know the result of the online poll attached to yesterday’s Adelaide Advertiser article on the call for taxpayer-funded prostitution for the disabled. At 3.15 pm this afternoon, nearly 80% of 6357 readers had voted NO.

    Yesterday’s “voteline” phone poll (27/3/12) had an even more emphatic result – eight callers voted YES (3%), while 250 callers (97%) voted NO.

    Perhaps there is still some sanity out there.

    Ros Phillips

  10. And I heard today of some more madness supposedly broadcast on the ABC last night – of a man in Britain seeking two people who are complete strangers to each other to be filmed having sex, immediately after meeting each other for the first time – for public broadcast – all in the name of art.
    Kerry Letheby

  11. Thanks for that “Der Spiegel” link, Bill. Very useful. As for prostitutes servicing the needs of the disabled, I suppose those disabled persons who are homosexual would be entitled to homosexual prostitutes. We wouldn’t want discrimination, would we?
    John Snowden

  12. This information is utterly appalling Bill, such failure to protect the innocence of little children will not go unpunished.
    On a far lesser scale, but nevertheless saddening for what it says about the world we live in, I offer the following comment,
    I recently went to see a new film which promised to be a fairly innocuous tale of old age. I won’t name the film or the cast as some may wish to see the film and form their own opinions. The message, so far as I could judge, was that the main goal of life is to find happiness and fulfilment through being sexually active. It certainly was the main goal of most of the elderly characters in the film. I hadn’t been to the movies for more than a year and don’t envisage going again anytime soon if that’s the sort of standard to be expected!!!
    The whole mindset of our society and culture seems utterly obsessed with a very distorted view of sexuality.
    It is all so inexpressibly sad. —- God have mercy on us all.
    Anna Cook

  13. Do you suspect that ‘The Right to Sexual Satisfaction’ will be included under the proposed ‘Bill of Rights’? One can only wonder.

    Also perhaps the ‘enlightened ones’ could explain why the able bodied are being discriminated against? After all why should this ‘entitlement’ be restricted to the disabled? Isn’t that a bit discriminatory?

    Doug Holland

  14. I believe the disability article said the disabled should be able to have the joy of sex. The joy of sex comes from whole person intimacy (physical, emotional, spiritual, committed) not a paid for bonk.
    Kylie Anderson

  15. I speak from Canada–and I wish I could say that we were exempt from the moral decay that Bill illustrates so tellingly in his articles. But the other day I heard that one of the proposed “cuts” in our Defence Budget was that they might cease giving Viagra to our troops serving overseas!!! Giving Viagra, for heaven’s sake? To virile young men? Who in the name of death and conscience started such a practice? When I was in the R.A.F., it was rumoured that they used to lace the food with saltpetre to reduce our libido—not to enhance it! How times have changed!
    Brian Tyson, Canada

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