Say No To Rudd and Labor

So the election date has finally been set, and Rudd and Labor are promising us something “new”. Um, but we just had six years of Rudd and Labor (and Julia), so what exactly is he telling us? All he can possibly mean is that the past six years are something he is trying to steer away from.

Well, I am trying to steer away from the past six years as well, which is exactly why I would not vote for Labor. They have had their opportunities, and basically wasted them big time. They have been involved in one debacle after another, and one failure after another.

Why in the world should we give them more time to do even more damage? Consider all the disasters already: the pink batts scam; the asylum seeker mess (50,000 arrivals, 1000 deaths); massive budget black holes and blowouts; growing government debt; more Labor taxes; carbon tax lies; the mining tax; the AWU scandal; the NBN bungle, superannuation bungles; the Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson affairs; internal division and dysfunction; constant leadership spills; etc, etc.

And it seems everyone who knows Kevin the best wants to avoid him like the plague. Consider all of his Labor colleagues who want nothing to do with him. All of them would rather leave Parliament than have to deal with someone they consider to be a megalomaniac and an overbearing narcissist:
Greg Combet
Stephen Smith
Nicola Roxon
Craig Emerson
Martin Ferguson
Robert McClelland
Chris Evans
Peter Garrett
Simon Crean
Julia Gillard

That is quite a list. Remember all those big-time Labor figures? They are all now jumping ship rather than have anything to do with this guy. Just how telling is that? If Labor heavyweights are fleeing like rats on a sinking ship, shouldn’t that tell us all we need to know about Kevin?

Julia will go back to her family in South Australia. Peter might go back to his rock band. But all these high-profile polies prefer political oblivion (on a very nice pension for life) than to be part of the Rudd team. Just how much more evidence do we need of what a toxic character this guy is? But wait, there’s more.

According to the press, he has had plenty of his own staff and advisors leave as well, and he is having trouble getting replacements. As one report says, “An exodus of experienced political staffers in Canberra has senior and junior ministers personally calling former employees and begging them to return. News Corp Australia has been told several outgoing press secretaries, chiefs of staff and political advisers have been called by key ministers on Kevin Rudd’s front bench, asking if they would consider returning.”

Begging people to come back to Kevin – just how bad is that? But even his own siblings are against him! Yes, you heard me right. Let’s start with his brother Greg. One report says this: “Greg Rudd says Australian politics needs fewer ‘messiahs’ – like his brother – and should focus on basic government and economic policy. The former lobbyist and Labor political adviser is running as an independent candidate for the Senate in Queensland in this year’s federal election.

“The Brisbane-based consultant suspended his work as a lobbyist when his younger brother Kevin Rudd first became prime minister in 2007 and spent time reflecting on the state of modern-day Australian politics. ‘I’ve come to the view that democracies around the world are not performing well,’ Mr Rudd said. ‘Kevin ’07 set the bar quite high, as did Obama ’08. But political messiahs don’t deliver’.”

And his sister Loree, who is the real deal when it comes to Christianity (something which can’t be said about Kevin), is quite disgusted at her brother’s selling out. His capitulation to the homosexual lobby is a perfect example. He will always go with the political wind rather than stand for what is right and true. Because of this crass political opportunism, putting the activists ahead of biblical Christianity, Loree says she will not even campaign for her brother.

And she thinks the Russian approach to this issue is the way to go: “Loree Rudd – who says she is unlikely to help her brother on election day because she opposes his support for gay marriage – believes the maverick Russian leader’s hardline view on homosexuality is more enlightened than Western leaders. ‘It’s like he (Putin) can see the problem ahead,’ Ms Rudd, 62, who has just returned from a visit to Russia, said.

“‘I think that there should be a law (in Australia) protecting children from the propaganda of homosexuality as normal. They’re trying to build their family life and structure in Russia and people in the West don’t seem to understand our family life and structures are breaking down. I guess the bottom line, if there’s one thing I can say that can’t be challenged, it’s that society needs to protect its children as best they can’.”

It is clear just by this that we have the wrong Rudd running for the top job: Loree Rudd for PM! She has far more sense than her brother, and even more sense than some Christian lobby groups. When Kevin did his back flip, one article appeared with this headline: “Christian vote may punish Kevin Rudd over gay marriage”.

It began: “Kevin Rudd has betrayed voters over his new stance on gay marriage and should be prepared for a backlash from the powerful ‘Christian vote’, churches say. Pentecostal and Evangelical Christians, as well as Catholics, say they have been deeply disappointed in the Prime Minister’s new stance, after he successfully courted them at the 2007 poll.

“The Australian Christian Lobby believes its followers played a part in delivering the Lodge to Mr Rudd in his last bid and have been betrayed as he turned on his values ‘on the whims of pop culture’. A spokesman for the Catholic Church said Mr Rudd was free to change his mind, but so were voters who backed him in last time.”

Sadly some groups were far too cosy with Rudd last time around. They were taken in by the guy, and offered him little or no careful scrutiny and critique. But I was not surprised in the least with his back flip on marriage. I did not trust the guy six years ago, and I still don’t trust him.

He seems like the kind of guy who would sell his own soul if it meant furthering his political career and his power trip. We sadly had plenty of gullible Christians vote for him last time around, and will likely do so again in a month’s time. The utter lack of biblical discernment in so much of the church is just appalling.

Plenty more of course can be said about the Rudd and the Labor fiasco of the past half decade, and why we would be foolish in the extreme to trust our nation and our wellbeing to this guy. But I will have to pen more pieces in the next 33 days to highlight some of these other concerns.

The big government track record of Labor will be one such issue discussed. But in the meantime, a bit of political common sense from two different sources. The first is a quip from Harry Browne: “Government is good at only one thing. It knows how to break your legs, hand you a crutch, and say, ‘See if it weren’t for the government, you couldn’t walk’.”

And secondly, some sound advice from social commentator Mark Steyn. It is a simple but effective test as to how any of us might vote in an upcoming national election:

“If a candidate is not publically committed to fewer government programs from fewer government agencies enforcing fewer government regulations with fewer government bureaucrats on less lavish taxpayer-funded pay, he’s not serious. He’s not only killing your grandchildren’s and children’s future, he’s killing yours – and you will live to see it.”

Oh, and one last thing. It seems that the 7th of September is not just Election Day. It is also National Threatened Species Day. It is certainly hoped that this will indeed be the case with Kevin.

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29 Replies to “Say No To Rudd and Labor”

  1. Thanks for giving us a clear warning Bill!

    Disturbingly, plenty of Christians I know seem willing to vote Rudd again. Like you, I recall 07 when so many of them were celebrating his win and I was lamenting it because it was clear then that Labor is inclined to antichristian social rewriting and upheaval under the name of “social justice”, a catchphrase too many Christians go weak in their scriptural understanding for. I’m sure none of us were anticipating the total joke and disaster of the last 6 years of Labor though.

    Now it is clear that marriage redefinition is on Rudd’s agenda, just a matter of how he goes for it and when.

    I don’t expect great things from the Liberals but voting Labor is the next worst thing to voting Greens these days. If only Christians will wake up to that and support the Christian party options.

    Simon Fox

  2. Thanks Alex

    Sorry, but I am not buying it. The devils also believe – and tremble, as Scripture informs us. And Jesus said you will know them by their fruit. I don’t care if he gives mental assent to some theology and/or theologians. Is he obeying the clear teachings of Scripture? That is what really counts here. Telling God he is wrong on human sexuality for example informs us plenty about where this guy is really at. I will not be duped by him, no matter how many other gullible and undiscerning folks will allow themselves to be. Just about every single person who has been real close to him and known him intimately sees him as a complete fraud and conman (as I document in my article). Yet regrettably some believers will still be fooled into voting for this charlatan again.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  3. It continues to amaze me that seemingly ordinary intelligent people have been sucked into the Kevin Messiah show including the MSM but those who really know the man don’t trust him. Please God help Christians use their brain & common sense this time round.
    Lyle Hutchinson

  4. Thanks Lyle

    Sadly rationality, common sense and discernment are as absent in the church as in the world. No wonder we keep losing.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  5. I personally believe that Christians really can’t vote for either Kevin or Tony.

    Is Kevin a Christian? How can he possibly be when.

    1. He supports abortion on demand right up to birth. The Bible mentions the spilling of innocent blood countless times. Abortion is legalised murder.

    2. He supports gay marriage. Clearly he has not read the Bible. The denial of sin, which in a sense is what supporters of gay marriage believe, is the exact opposite of Christian beliefs. If there is no such thing as sin, then we can all do what we want to.

    Tony Abbott seems to be possibly giving in to the homosexual lobbyists, so it might be a bit risky voting for the Liberals.

    One possibility of course, and from my point of view, the only possibility is to vote for a Christian party such as say Family First. But perish the thought, tradition is tradition and for a Christian to vote for Family First would be almost unheard of. Yes I am being sarcastic.

    During the last election one of the members from our church was sitting for Family First. He was forbidden to stand up in church and share his vision. Oh, and the church that we attended was one of the ‘big’ churches in Melbourne.

    All very sad, but Bill, you have some weeks to speak the truth. Hopefully the Body of Christ will wake up before it is to late.

    God bless and bye for now.

    Paul Copeland

  6. Thanks Paul

    Yes the small Christian parties are the best option here, although hardly any of their candidates will get in. Their preferences will however flow to the Coalition. And while Tony and the Coalition are far from perfect, they are still quite superior to Labor and the Greens. So it is unwise to say we have no real choice here, and posit a false moral equivalence. But I speak to that issue further here:

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  7. One of Family First representatives in Queensland had thrown her husband and four young children under the bus and opted for a lesbian relationship. They can’t be very discerning with candidates like that!
    Daniel Nalliah is the only candidate I know who has suffered genuine persecution for his beliefs. He makes Tony and Kevin look like gutless wonders.

    Rodney Gynther

  8. Dear Bill, Instead of moaning about Kevin Rudd, vote for Family First or the D.L.P., people who are honest Christians. I hope you take note.
    Regards, Franklin Wood

  9. In Britain Labour was voted out and many people, myself included, heaved a huge sigh of relief. A Conservative / Liberal Coalition came in and the Conservative Prime Minister immediately dubbed himself “the heir to Blair” a previous Labour PM. The Coalition gov’t suddenly became very left-ward bound, conceding the right of centre space to UK Independent Party – and is now frantically trying to claw back that right-side ground while continuing leftwards.

    It Just struck me as strange all the political U-turns that are being made in Western democracies which lead to statism.

    Rachel Smith, UK

  10. Notice that there’s been little mention of ‘gay marriage’ by krudd since he’s been back in the leadership role….It’s as if he’s hoping being quiet on this issue until after a possible election win will give him the chance to still get all the votes of the christians who voted for him last time. ..but then if he gets in he’ll see no problem with legislating it through parliament.
    Jeremy Woods

  11. Loree Rudd was quoted as saying, “…if there’s one thing I can say that can’t be challenged, it’s that society needs to protect its children as best they can.”

    Unfortunately Loree, this is precisely what is being challenged and most are too blind, naive or ignorant to see. The children are the sacrifice on this altar of the left.

    Rudd, Cameron, Obama are all wolves in sheep’s clothing. In many instances their costumes are getting pretty tatty because it seems they no longer need to hide their true selves.

    Graham Jose

  12. Dear Bill, thanks for this article. I will definitely be voting for The Australian Christians. However, I understand that the preferences will flow on to the coalition in most cases. Unfortunately Tony Abbott doesn’t present himself very inspiringly on MSM and consequently, the general public are mostly unimpressed with him. So, in order to give some authentic reasons why people should accept Tony rather than just the negative reasons for not voting for ‘Kevin Sept 7’!, please would you be kind enough to provide a simple straightforward list. Thanks in anticipation & God bless you.

    Mandy Varley

  13. Thanks Mandy. Yes I hope to write a few more articles on all this before the election. Abbott is of course not ideal in every respect, but he far outshines Rudd. But then again, it is Liberal/National policies vs Labor/Green policies that really matter here, rather than just personalities.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  14. Rodney Gynther said “One of Family First representatives in Queensland had thrown her husband and four young children under the bus and opted for a lesbian relationship”

    I googled the above and then “Family first lesbian” and couldn’t find anything. Can you provide a reference?

    Graeme Cumming

  15. I know the family personally. There would be nothing on the net about it. It was very sad. The husband was a good friend of mine. He said, “my wife went to a prayer meeting and got seduced by a lesbian”. He found the love letters they were writing back and forth. That lesbian is a “worship” leader in the Uniting Church, and has since pursued other women in the church. The Uniting Church is apparently OK with how she lives.
    My point was: How can a woman who has been divorced by her husband under such wicked circumstances get to be a representative of Family First. I don’t know if she is standing at this election as I live in Melbourne now. But she was a candidate in the 2010 election. The divorce only happened in 2004. And last time I talked to her she was unable to see how wrong she was. She would only concede that this sin “is no worse than any other sin”.
    This couple were like pillars of the church. Now he has left the Lord completely because the church did not know how to support him through it.

    Rodney Gynther

  16. Dear Bill, thanks for your reply to my previous comment. Going by the ‘Christian Values Checklist’ Liberals are indeed streets ahead. Sadly though, many people are simply influenced by the personalities of the Party leaders, their promises and the ‘facts’ issued by MSM. So an informed list of the qualities, priorities & policies of Mr Abbott, will be very helpful indeed. Thanks Bill!

    Mandy Varley

  17. Jeremy, may I comment on what you said. If I were a betting man I would say that if Rudd gets in legalising Gay marriage will be the first thing he does, and if Abbott gets in legalising gay marriage will be the second thing he does after abolishing the carbon tax!

    Rodney Gynther

  18. Hello Bill,
    I am standing in the election for the Democratic Labour Party for a lower house seat in Victoria. I’ve been impressed by the constructive contribution that our Victorian DLP Senator John Madigan has been making to the political debate in Australia over the last 2 years, especially with regards to issues such as the future of manufacturing and farming, and trying to stop gender selection abortion. He is one of the few politicians who practices what he preaches, and he even donated his parliamentary pay rise to purchase Australian made equipment for local trade and agricultural schools. If Australians are interested in looking beyond the major parties and their two “presidential” candidates, they should look more closely at the DLP.

    Yours faithfully,
    Michael Palma
    Hampton Park

  19. It was the misguided and PC ACL that persuaded some “Christians” to vote for Rudd in 2007. I have never trusted the ACL – they don’t speak for me! When Wallace was on QandA he missed the opportunity to denounce homosexuality, but all he said was “Jesus never mentioned homosexuality.” No, that’s because the word ‘homosexual” hadn’t been coined 2000 years ago! But He did say marriage was between a man and a woman. Besides, the Jews didn’t need to be told about homosexuality – the nearby Dead Sea was a constant reminder of God’s judgement on such evil.
    Lin Brown

  20. Bill
    Can you check that you tube link?
    I can’t seem to work it
    Dameon McManus

  21. I am also concerned as to how long the Liberal Party will stick with conservative policies.
    They are just under as much pressure to “do what the voters want” that I am afraid they would cave in under increased pressure because their policies are not firmly rooted in the never changing ground of God’s righteousness.
    I think we can put an end to the 2 horse race, which would mean a better representation of the electorate’s wishes anyway. It just takes courage on the part of the voters and that is where, it could falter yet again. But, never never never give up. 🙂
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  22. Dear Lin,

    Thank you for mentioning ACL and your dissapointment with them.

    I am also very disappointed. Being called the Australian Christian Lobby, gives the impression that they are representing Christian values and belief systems, but this is not quite true. It is absolutely true that in some areas they have been very helpful, and as a result of their members lobbying, have had some good outcomes.

    But when it comes to abortion, my goodness how weak and lame can you get.

    They have sent out a questionnaire to political parties in the lead up to the federal election.

    On the matter of abortion, here is what they say.

    8. Abortion

    Data from the Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity (Victoria) shows that in 2009 42 out of 196 babies who were aborted for “abnormalities” survived abortions but died neo-natally. It also shows that in 2009 that more than 200 late- term abortions were performed on healthy, viable babies because of maternal psychosocial reasons when there was a healthy mother and healthy baby.

    Will your party support removing Medicare funding for abortions carried out on babies who are viable outside the womb?

    Will your party support a ban on Medicare funding for abortions for the purpose of sex- selection?

    9. Abortion Data

    It is estimated that about 80,000-100,000 abortions are performed in Australia each year, but obtaining accurate figures is difficult because most states do not collect abortion data. What will your party do to obtain more accurate and complete abortion data in line with the cross- party recommendation of the 2008 Senate inquiry into the Health Insurance Regulations?

    Goodness me, have a read of those submissions a couple of times. Wow.

    No mention that a baby in the womb has value and in God’s eyes has a worth that is invaluable and should have the writes to be born. And there is no mention of God at all!

    With point 8,

    What benefit will it be to remove Medicare funding on abortions carried out on babies who are viable outside the womb? Would this decrease the number of abortions in Australia. I doubt it. Would this help women/girls who have abortions? I doubt it.

    With point 9

    Goodness, we already know that at least 100,000 abortions are performed in Australia each year. There isn’t any need to get more statistics is there? Will getting more statistics help women/girls who have abortions or reduce abortions in Australia. No.

    Here is what I would like to have seen written. Add your own observations of course.

    There are over 80,000 abortions in Australia each year. God says that abortion is the ‘taking of innocent blood’. In Australia abortion is legalised murder.

    Although it is felt that there is no such thing as PAS (Post Abortion Syndrome), thousands of our members from churches throughout Australia, know otherwise, as they see women, men and children and relatives, who have suffered and suffer terribly as a result of having an abortion.

    What will you do to

    1. Reduce the number of abortions occurring in Australia each year.

    2. Help women and men and their children and families who suffer so terribly after having an abortion.

    . . . .

    ACL has thousands of members. We need of course to pray for ACL and perhaps some of us should write to them and challenge them to stand up for Christ, without giving in.

    God bless.

    Paul Copeland

  23. “Jesus Never Mentioned Homosexuality”

    When gays have birthdays, they don’t mention everything they don’t want but say positively what they do want.
    Likewise, Jesus didn’t negatively list every sexual variation He knew mankind would invent, but positively stated that marriage involves only a man and a woman!
    Google or Yahoo “God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up,” “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up,” and “USA – from Puritans to Impure-itans.”

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