More Vignettes from the Culture of Death

When the unacceptable becomes acceptable, then anything goes. When we declare as a society that mothers have a right to kill their own babies in the womb, then no crime is too great not to be excused, and no horror is too overwhelming to be opposed.

On a daily basis we encounter stories just too tragic and almost unbelievable. But in a culture of death, we should not be surprised at such things. When an entire culture has deadened its moral centre and embraced the actual murder of babies, then everything must be embraced.

A society without a conscience will not only excuse such things, but begin to actively promote them. When we have open slather on the unborn, when we allow open warfare in the womb for the full nine months, then the obvious next step is the licit killing of the newborn.

Or the abandonment of babies. Or the ceremonial presentation of baby killing. In the very recent past we have seen examples of all three of these things – and more. Yet many people are no longer shocked or moved by such things. We have become cold as ice and simply take each new case of the culture of death in our stride.

Let me look at these cases, and hope that there are still some people out there who find them to be as deplorable and horrific as I do. Consider the recent case of infanticide. If this does not shake you up, then you are already dead: “A woman who strangled and killed her newborn baby has been released and will face no jail time thanks to a judge who cited support for legalized abortion in Canada, where abortions are legal and paid for at taxpayer expense.

“Katrina Effert of Wetaskiwin, Alberta gave birth secretly in the downstairs level of her parents’ home and then killed her baby son by throwing his body over the fence of their yard. Effert, 19 at the time of the infanticide, told the court she worried about what her parents would think of having to listen to the cries of a newborn baby in the house.

“Effert’s parents were not aware of the pregnancy and she initially told police she had not had sexual intercourse. The boy was named Rodney and Effert reportedly used a pair of her own underwear to strangle him and take his life before tossing his body into her parents’ neighbor’s yard.

“On Friday, Effert received a three-year suspended sentence from Justice Joanne Veit of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench and, because of the ruling, she was able to go free on probation and face no time in prison for killing her child. Judge Veit issued the verdict in part because she heard testimony from witnesses that Effert faced severe persecution in prison, where fellow inmates called her ‘baby killer.’

“But part of the ruling that also has pro-life advocates troubled is Judge Veit’s decision that Canada’s acceptance of legalized abortion entitled Effert to kill her child. Judge Veit ruled, according to multiple media reports, that because Canada allows abortions it reflects how ‘while many Canadians undoubtedly view abortion as a less than ideal solution to unprotected sex and unwanted pregnancy, they generally understand, accept and sympathize with the onerous demands pregnancy and childbirth exact from mothers, especially mothers without support’.”

There you go: kill your newborn and walk free. After all, if raising a child is a bit onerous, the obvious thing to do is kill him or her. That must be great news to millions of parents who find their teenagers to be onerous and a burden as well. Great, we can now just kill them with impunity.

A case out of New York is not much better: “A 17-year-old student and mother of a 2-year-old boy shocked security officers at a Victoria’s Secret store in Herald Square, New York City on Thursday when they fingered her for shoplifting sexy lingerie but found the decomposing corpse of a baby boy in her bag too.

“The girl, according to a CBS New York report, was leaving the store on Thursday with a 17-year-old friend when they were both stopped by security guards. One of the guards pointed out a foul smell coming from a bag, according to police and the teen mother identified as Tiona Rodriguez of Crown Heights in Brooklyn, said she had ‘a baby in the bag.’

“The security guard alerted the NYPD and Rodriguez later explained to the officers that she had given birth on Wednesday and didn’t know what to do with the baby which had reportedly matured about six months in the womb.” Other reports say the baby was born alive and then asphyxiated.

In another article the question is asked: “So why is this happening all over the place? Good question. Last month, a prominent Catholic deacon speculated that the rash of such incidents signals the return of the ancient pagan practice of ‘exposure,’ in which parents would simply leave their unwanted newborn babies on a rock or in the wild to die. ‘It was the Christians who saved [these babies] and transformed those cultures from cultures of death into cultures of life,’ wrote Deacon Keith Fournier.

“However, he said, the rise of the abortion culture seems to be bringing the custom back in an unofficial form, with numerous gruesome stories emerging in recent months of parents unceremoniously discarding their newborn children. ‘These contemporary examples substitute a trash can or a dumpster for the rock,’ Fournier wrote. But, he said, this trend isn’t surprising, since ‘babies are treated as trash’ in abortion clinics across the country. It’s hard to argue with that logic.”

Finally consider how the Dutch are now putting their ‘clumps of cells’ and ‘blobs of tissue’ into little caskets! I kid you not: “When I heard about my friend’s co-worker in the Netherlands who had to bury her child, I felt angry most of all. Why, you ask? Because the child didn’t die a natural death—he was aborted.

“Due to a positive prenatal diagnosis of a disability, the parents opted to ‘terminate,’ then had the audacity to announce ‘with regret’ that they weren’t able to provide the baby with the life he deserved. In other words, they had him killed, then put his tiny body in a dainty little coffin and covered it with sand in an effort to create the illusion that his life was truly valued.

“Without any probing, a Dutch and newly pregnant family member brought up this very issue over the weekend. With her first ultrasound, the gynaecologist apologetically asked her to decide during the same visit what she would do if the child had Down’s syndrome. If she was unsure or expressed preference for abortion, testing would have started immediately.

“While her tiny embryo was already called a child by medical personnel, ending his or her life was referred to as ‘terminating the pregnancy.’ But it gets worse. A simple internet search shows that most Dutch hospitals, on their websites, accept this as the new normal. Some even recommend induction over suction curettage abortions, as this allows parents a better opportunity to ‘say farewell to the child’ in its final moments.

“The ‘a-word’ isn’t mentioned once—after all, the only thing that happened was the forced birth of a child who wasn’t able to survive outside the womb yet. Barely an abortion, right? Wrong! An elective abortion is an action that brings about the death of the embryo or fetus who was previously alive.

“Call it what you want, but when a woman’s labour is induced to cause birth, while knowing that the child cannot survive that process yet, by its very definition, that is an abortion. When parents with ‘a preference for fetal death prior to birth’ are offered a lethal injection into the fetal heart to give them a more peaceful experience when the child is ‘still-born,’ who are we kidding? That’s an abortion.

“And when you force your baby to leave the place where she is naturally supposed to be, then watch her struggle to survive with tiny, undeveloped organs to finally succumb to her pre-term birth, don’t speak of a compassionate choice for a child that couldn’t live. It’s no different than saying a child died by drowning when in reality, you pushed him into the canal, knowing he couldn’t swim.”

The author concludes, “In our day and age, we may be able to eliminate those that limit our quest for joy, even doing so in the name of ‘choice’ and ‘compassion,’ but happiness isn’t obtained by being focused on self. Rather, it is found when we accept all people as equally valuable and begin to put others first.”

Wow, what a despicable bunch we have become. The West is now just about at the end of its reason for existence. If such cold-blooded killing is allowed to continue, then clearly we are no better than other mass-killing machines, be it the Nazis or the Communists.

Lord have mercy on us all.

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18 Replies to “More Vignettes from the Culture of Death”

  1. Thanks, Bill. Makes depressing reading. I have posted it to my fb. Friends usually don’t comment on suchlike, but our thinking is molded by what we know……
    Brenda Rudolph

  2. Words cannot express the sorrow I feel after reading this article. How can a Mother do this and then say it was ‘compassion’? In many ways I am glad to be old – at least I won’t have much longer to have to spend in this wickedest of worlds – and yet, there are still so many who need to hear the saving words of the Gospel. Knowing our Lord and Saviour is all that can save mankind, and yet so constantly many just shrug off the message.
    Thank you for helping us to understand the extent of the Spiritual Warfare we are facing and God bless you.

    Joan Davidson

  3. It’s very sad and incredible. I think the death culture is apparent in baby, toddler and children’s clothing adorned with skulls, skeletons and other gruesome images and messages. I search high and low and but horrible symbols on most boys’ clothing nowadays.

    Then you have death metal music…

    Jo Deller

  4. The articles you have written on this could be a book in itself.

    Carl Strehlow

  5. When I read of such things, I literally shrink in horror because I love life and think is is worth fighting for and why shouldn’t these children be afforded the same opportunities to find out the joy of life. I would like the pro-abortionists to give me one valid moral reason why it should not be so. Any life is too precious to just be treated as a cheap commodity to be done away with at will.

    My wife and I have no Children and we would gladly take some of these children and Nurture and rear them in a loving Christian home. It would indeed be a safe bet that there are many more childless couples out there who would feel the same way.

    Leigh D Stebbins

  6. Sad and sickening accounts that are the result of a “civilization” that has descended into utter barbarism. If a society allows Governments to pass legislation that permits/condones such savagery, then it is in a terminal state and deserves to succumb to its terminal malady.
    When are we (as a society) going to revolt by letting legislators know in no uncertain terms that their terms in office are finished UNLESS…..but that would require something other than apathy wouldn’t it?

    Jerome Gonzalez

  7. Bill, If we had more Christians who were willing to stand along side these pregnant women and support them through their pregnancies and beyond then more of these precious lives would be saved. Everyone can make a difference one baby at a time. If we believe that killing the unborn baby is wrong. Get off your backside and do something about it.
    Robyn Grace

  8. Dear Bill.

    I am reminded of Ezekiel chapter 9 v 1 – 11. The key words are verse 4 “And the Lord said to me: ‘Go through the city, through Jerusalem, and put a mark upon the foreheads of the men who sigh and groan over all the abominations that are committed in it.'” And part of verse 6 says: “…And begin at my sanctuary….”

    Never have I heard this portion of scripture preached on in church, but it fits with your lamentation Bill. We are called to intercession. This passage is a very stern warning. As I’m writing I am conscious of the fact that I am mouthing the right words, but I haven’t yet wept. But I feel to offer the following prayer.

    Lord have mercy on the us. Save us from being desensitized. And help us to find meaningful ways to connect with such horrendous international news. Have mercy especially on the Judge Veit and even more, have mercy on the Canadian Christians where one of these dreadful incidents occurred. May Christian people’s faith get stirred into action. Raise up men an women to speak prophetically into this situation there. Help the Canadian Christians to be upset, and awaken them to this great travesty. In our great Saviour’s name we pray.

    If anyone has any more specific information about this please let me know. I would like to pray more into this situation, and be open to what the Lord may say.

    Chris McNicol

  9. This is utterly demonic — how can any sane society find anything understandable in what we have allowed ourselves to become? All the silent among us need to think carefully about our accountability before God. This is still the time of mercy. Hearts can still change and our prayers, our voices, our public witness, our peaceful protests and our real, practical support for women considering abortion, to assist them through the pregnancy and when the baby is born; these together can turn things around.

    Anna Cook

  10. Deliberately choosing to kill a baby in the womb or out of the womb is murder – it is sin! It is wicked!
    GOD’S WRATH is on the wicked!
    As Christians we need to oppose it in our country as well – Under a Labor Government, Victoria brought into law horrendous abortion laws & Tasmania is working to bring even worse abortion laws under the current Labor Government!
    During WW2, brave people such as Irena Sendler (Poland) risked their lives to save the Jewish children of the Warsaw Ghetto & other Ghettos.
    As Christians, we have a command to “Go preach the Gospel” & to set captives free by pulvarizing the lies of the liars re this & smashing down the wickedness of abortion.
    Barbara Hoc

  11. This story is sobering and worrying –

    A New York security guard on the lookout for shoplifters discovered what appeared to be a foetus in the bag of a teenage girl, police said.

    A dead baby found in a teenage girl’s shopping bag at a New York City lingerie store was born alive and then asphyxiated, said police.

    The boy is called a foetus in some stories and a baby in others.

    Jo Deller

  12. All of these stories are horrific but the Canadian one hit me particularly hard. Wetaskiwin is only a 15 minute drive away from me. I just cannot believe that a local judge has justified infanticide. It’s disgusting. I have a little nephew who is 2 1/2 months old and I just love him so much. I really can’t fathom the evil that would hurt a little one like him. I only wish I could have rescued that little baby from that selfish 19 year old. If I could rescue one of these poor little unwanted babies, I would raise it myself.

    Annette Roth, Canada

  13. There was a 70 % success rate for the heart surgery yet they chose to abort the baby…I don’t understand.

    Jo Deller

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