High Court Rules Against Biology – And Redefines Reality To Boot

Humpty Dumpty: When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.
Alice: The question is, whether you can make words mean so many different things.
Humpty Dumpty: The question is: which is to be master – that’s all.
-Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

aliceIf you thought the judicial activists were a brazen and reckless bunch, you ain’t seen anything yet. There are no limits to the progressives on our court benches who think they can just make things up as they go along. Now they are even making rulings on biology, and in a new case, informing us that they can also trump reality.

We have just been informed by our enlightened justices that biology no longer exists, but is simply a social construct. I wish they would make a ruling that says activist judges don’t exist, and then just disappear off the face of the earth. But we are not likely to be so fortunate.

Thus the social engineers in our courts will continue to rule against reality, common sense, and everything decent. And all this is thanks to the militant homosexual juggernaut which is destroying everything in its path. They are utterly smashing everything in their wake: marriage, family, sexuality, biology and even reality.

Not bad for a handful of activists and militants. And the lamestream media goes along with all this without a whimper. Such is the complete ruin of law, the media, and Western civilisation that we have even gone down this moonbat path.

Here then is the story, as one media outlet explains:

A Sydneysider has won a High Court case to be recognised as gender-neutral. Norrie, who was born male but underwent gender reassignment to become a woman, identifies neither as male or female and has taken legal action against NSW’s Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages to be granted a non-specific certificate.

The court was asked to consider whether “non-specific” can be included as a third gender category under the Registry’s Act. “The act recognises that a person may be neither male nor female, and so permits the registration of a person’s sex as ‘non specific’,” read the High Court judgment, handed down on Wednesday. Norrie, who goes by one name, was famously granted a world-first non-specific status in 2010, but months later the NSW government revoked the classification.

The matter was challenged by both Norrie and the Registry until the latter took an appeal to the High Court. Lawyers for the Registry argued that unacceptable confusion would flow from the acceptance of more than two gender categories, and that the purpose of a reaffirmation procedure is to assist a person to be considered a member of the opposite sex.

Norrie stopped taking hormones after surgery, preferring to live as neither male nor female. Counsel for Norrie said it is the register’s purpose to record the truth. “Norrie’s sex remained ambiguous so that it would be to record misinformation in the register to classify her as male or female,” a judgment summary reads. Sitting in Canberra on Wednesday, the bench unanimously found in favour of Norrie.

OK, makes perfect sense to me. In an age in which anything goes, I guess this is all very understandable. Biology is now simply a matter of judicial decree. There is no ultimate reality to anything, and the courts, in true Alice in Wonderland fashion, can redefine anything in any way they like.

Of course the lamestream media is running with the story big time, giving us the impression that this is just as normal and acceptable as a story about eating cereal or walking the dog. No gender? Sure, no probs. Why not? After all, biology does not exist anyway. We just make these things up to suit our fancies.

Even the media reports were full of stupidity and irony here. While covering all this with a straight face, they referred to this person as her. But this person is not a her. Nor a him. So what we have here is an ‘it’ at best. Indeed, it has insisted that it is neither male nor female, and it has managed to con these judicial jugheads and media moonbeams to buy all this gender bender insanity.

So the courts can now determine whether reality exists or not. Those are certainly some sweeping powers. Of course these activist judges have been playing God for quite some time now. So nothing all that surprising here. When men reject God, they foolishly and vainly think that they are God.

That is why they think they can ride roughshod over biology, sexuality, and even fundamental reality. It is about creating a Brave New World where anything and everything goes, with no ultimate truth, no fixed morality, and no boundaries or parameters whatsoever.

As G. K. Chesterton is said to have written, “When a man ceases to believe in God, he doesn’t believe in nothing. He believes in anything.” What was that about ‘whom the gods would destroy, they first make crazy’?

Postscript: It must be noted that a very tiny percentage of people are in their own category, and are quite different from your run of the mill homosexuals, cross-dressers, trannies, and so on. I refer to the intersex condition, where genetic abnormalities result in sexual confusion. There can be ambiguous genitalia, brought on by chromosomal imbalances – eg, having an extra sex chromosome – and so on. These can be found in conditions such as Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Turner Syndrome, Klinefelter’s Syndrome, and Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. These very rare and difficult cases are not at all similar to the great majority of gender bender cases we see today, including this case.


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30 Replies to “High Court Rules Against Biology – And Redefines Reality To Boot”

  1. Er…. so now there isn’t just male/female any more? Why is a judge deciding this? Are there any Biologists or Zoologists in the House? The world is getting madder!

  2. Minorities are taking over mainstream society in a way that deflects attention from pressing real life issues and clogs up courts for no real reason. I hope taxpayers have not had to pay for it all..

  3. As Abraham Lincoln said: “How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.”
    I just wonder when the general population is going to wake up to this insanity – before it is too late.

  4. Yes, one can a certain extent deny the binary world with regard to human relations, but only for so long. However if one applies that to the real world of engineering and geography we would feel the effects immediately. If we decided that the sun was the moon and the moon was the sun, or the North Pole was the South Pole and vise versa, or the left was the right and the right was the left, the effects would be immediate and catastrophic.

    These social engineers are dishonest. They are selective with which bits of reality they want to deconstruct They are not consistent but only lie about those bits that suit their purposes.

    Norrie does’t call a wall a door and thus try walking through it. He doesn’t go down stairs when he wants to go upstairs. He and the judges are liars and perverting the course of justice.

    As you say Bill, these devils will never give up unless we take steps to stop them, once and for all.


    David Skinner UK

  5. Perhaps we should turn the PC madness back on them and have ourselves legally declared neither a bigot or non-bigot, neither racist or non-racist, neither whatever-o-phobe or non-whatever-o-phobe. That would confuse the heck out of them.

    Seriously what a joke and can you imagine the potential future costs to IT systems to have to be revamped to cope with male-female-indeterminate? Could be worse than the year 2000 problem and remember since some wish to change their gender identity as often as their socks you have to keep history of gender.

    The mind boggles at this Alice in Wonderland nonsense.

  6. On the ABC tonight I heard someone mention the so-called lack of marriage equality in this country. They then went on to point out that the UN says that everyone has the right to marry. Some governments interpret this as men can marry women and women can marry men, so what are they going to with someone who is neither? The clear implication was that that restriction on which sex they can marry would have to be lifted.

  7. I was born of white Anglo-Saxon parents, but now wish to be classified as Black African, will the court grant this too? I`ll try that identification till something else takes my fancy, or where I`ll get the best welfare deal.

  8. At least I won’t be regarded as a sexist anymore
    Please feel free to coin a new term for objectors

  9. I am quite surprised that the NSW High Court ruled in favour of a non-specific gender.  When we de-sex our pets, they still rightly remain either male or female, so why is this different for Norrie?  Changing our bodies outwardly cannot not change who we intrinsically are.  Do they really think  they are greater than God?

    ‘So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.’ (Genesis 1:27)

  10. Norrie doesn’t want to be referred to as a she or a he and the High Court has decided in “its’ favour.

    I can’t believe the madness of this age and that of out-of-touch judges whom we are supposed to respect.

    I don’t respect them. With this decision they have confirmed they are five-star card-carrying politically correct idiots.

  11. Despite hormone treatment and surgery, the photo of Nie’s face is clearly that of a man.

  12. I tried this SMS to ABC 720 Perth – Drive when they ran this story and spoke with an “expert”:

    how you identify does not change your essential predication. You are who you are regardless of male, female or anything else. We are more than our gender.

    Did it get in air? Of course not.

  13. In a world first in 2010, Norrie was given gender neutral status, but this was withdrawn months later by the NSW government, sparking a string of appeals and counter appeals which reached the High Court.
    Norrie’s lawyer, Scott McDonald, described the case outcome as a “persuasive authority” for other jurisdictions.

    “It’ll be binding on the states that have identical or similar legislation,” he told reporters.

    And for states such as Western Australia, with very different legislation, the judgment has sent a message the High Court doesn’t think gender is limited to male and female.
    The Human Rights Law Centre said it was important that identity documents such as birth certificates give equal recognition to gender diverse people.
    The Registry must pay Norrie’s costs of the High Court appeal.

  14. Regarding your Postscript, the conditions to which you referred are also referred to by Jesus in the abstract as ‘eunuchs from the womb.’

    The individual Norrie is not in that category. He has had himself mutilated. He should most likely be categorized as ‘a eunuch made so by men’ in the above named passage. As to whether he is rightly male or female Jesus never answers this question. So he has personhood and is subject to all the rules OF personhood concerning salvation. Can he BE saved? Yes. Has he committed an unpardonable sin, no?

    It might even be possible (assuming Norrie is sane and not bonkers to the extreme) to use the eunuch passage in his conversion.

  15. We have never in the past known as much about genetics as we do now and yet such madness crops up now? I have thought since the marriage forum and the marriage act 10 years ago that the definition of marriage should be “the union of 1 genetically male and 1 genetically female woman.” That of course still doesn’t cover those sadly born with a genetic abnormality, but they will always be in a difficult spot in this life no matter which way you look at it.
    Also, I wonder, does that give people like that access to both male and female toilets or just to the disabled ones which are already gender neutral? I have always considered that a change from male or female to it was definitely a step down, so I wonder why they seek it?
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  16. Maybe it is time that the High Court sat at the feet of Lewis Carroll and listened to the conversation between the Alice and the Cat in Alice in Wonderland. “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
    “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
    “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
    “You must be,” said the Cat, or you wouldn’t have come here.”

  17. The end game is that we all be neither male, nor female, neither black nor white, neither Mongol nor Caucasian, neither young nor old, neither human nor machine, neither sane nor insane, neither alive nor dead, neither here nor there. All distinctions will be eliminated. This is nihilism and our young people are being fed this through music:


    David Skinner UK

  18. Indeed, Ursula, there do exist people who straddle the norm of the XY chromosones define males and the XX that define females.

    For instance there are XY women “who are genetically male but appear female because their bodies do not respond to any male hormones. Except for having no ovaries or uterus … they are completely normal.” The New Sexual Revolution, by Robert Pool, Hodder & Stoughton, 1993, p. 176). Apparently many beautiful female models are XY women: tall and lithe.

    Then there’s Turner’s syndrome – a genetic disorder that affects females. Usually, females have two X chromosomes. But in females with Turner’s syndrome, one of these chromosomes is missing or abnormal.

    And I’ve read about other combinations of the X and the Y chromosones that determine sex. My conclusion is to trust the adage that the exception proves the rule: male and female he created them.

    And I agree with Rachel Smith: Norrie looks like a man to me too.

  19. I have had fights with both Leftists and libertarians over this case. The court if course defines sex independent of biology and ignores the Aristotelian argument about the proper flourishing of physical selves. So a proper functioning ear is no better or different to a no functioning one. Likewise intersection disorders are just as legitimate as male and female.

    It’s nihilism through and through

  20. PC thought control extends to the work place as well, unfortunately.

    Brendan Eich, former CEO of Firefox, had been made to step down because of his stand against same sex marriage.

    It was reported that:
    “Eich … took over as the non-profit company’s CEO on March 24. Shortly after, a number of Mozilla employees publicly urged Eich to step down from the role, in reaction to a donation he made to the Proposition 8 effort, which sought to ban same-sex marriage in California in 2008…

    The tipping point, however, appeared to come on Monday when OkCupid posted a notice to anyone using Firefox, a Mozilla product, urging them to switch browsers. “Mozilla’s new CEO, Brendan Eich, is an opponent of equal rights for gay couples,” OkCupid wrote in the notice. “We would therefore prefer that our users not use Mozilla software to access OkCupid.”…

    Eich emphasized that his personal beliefs outside the office are not relevant inside the office… “They leave them at the door when they come to work on the Mozilla mission.”

    Just two days later, however, Eich and Mozilla decided otherwise…”

    Maybe it’s time Christian’s stopped using Firefox to let them know our opposition to their PC thought control.

  21. Bill, It has been good to see the insights contained in a lot of the comments here on this subject. It has also been horrible to see and hear the cause of the comments. I found myself filled with revulsion and anger at this travesty of reality, the apparent delight of “Norrie” in being neither a man or a woman, but an “it”, and acting as if he had been instrumental in establishing some new high moral reality.

    And you are right about the lamestream media. I have not seen any in-depth response or analysis of that judicial conclusion or the legal, educational, moral and cultural implications for us and our children. If someone from that field has written something realistic, please let me know.

    I would agree with Antonia and Rachel, he looks like a man. To me, that’s because he is, but a self-damaged man. Damaged because of the sexual mutilation, the part completed hormone course, and the mind set that can’t or won’t acknowledge that he is the cause of his present situation. Having gone so far, and irreversibly so with surgery, and not able to become a woman, he appears to me to be delighting in the lonely world of being the first of a “new” kind of sex, or gender, or whatever one prefers to term it.

    And it’s an artificial construct, and exemplifies the incredible human capacity for self-delusion, eg. how can a man or a woman become the other just by sexual surgery and a dose of hormones? They are already established as one or the other fundamentally, and attempts to change that only result in a lessened and damaged fundamental being. External, cosmetic appearances are not and will never be the real thing.

    Another thing that stimulates anger is that this tragedy of denying reality is implied or stated as good, with the unavoidable implication that anyone who opposes this thinking and acting is a narrow minded, intolerant bigot. If “Norrie” has found “its” true self, who are we to judge with disapproval?

    I might add that in our present culture, an “it” doesn’t have the same value as he or she. My conclusion thereon is that all humans are further devalued when living, adult people are classed as “its”. An it is a thing, a “he” or a “she” are clearly identifiable persons.

    However, despite the personal revulsion to personal mutilation and subsequent claims, Ed Summers does ask the pertinent question, “can he be saved?” and answers in the affirmative, “Yes”. If “Norrie’s” delighting in what he now is, is a wall against realising the horror of what he’s done, then he will need Jesus to keep his sanity, if and when he comes to that moment of “coming to himself”. Luke 15:17.

    So we can still pray to that end, not only for the most objectionable or deluded, but also for our own souls as we express the heart of God for His human creatures. Despite the initial emotional shock and spiritual revulsion at these kinds of perversity and distortions of reality, one still has to come to prayer. Sometimes, it just takes time to work through.

    Kind regards to you and your correspondents,
    Robert Greggery.

  22. I may be wrong but I thought Norrie had AIS – Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. A condition where, despite being genetically male, his/her hormones did not trigger the correct response in sexual development. I also thought he/she may have been one of the people who suffered a botched gender reassignment prior to them being able to make their own decision. The only problem I have with people like that is what to call them. God and Angels have no sex and neither will we.

  23. Thanks Michael. I of course speak to this in my article above when I discuss genuine (and very rare) cases of the Intersex condition, of which AIS is one example. I have no knowledge at all that this is the case with him. He simply did not want to be a man, and then he did not like the woman stuff either, so he decided to become an it. He is really still a he, and he has mental and psychological problems that need to be addressed.

  24. If that be the case, Michael, then that would make Norrie a category 1 eunuch: born that way. I could understand why he’d want to simply want to live out his life, but why call himself NEITHER male nor female? If that were myself, knowing what I know Jesus said, I’d explain myself to people as just that: “I’m a eunuch; I was born this way.”

    What I don’t understand is: Why wear women’s clothing?
    I could understand if, because it was necessary medically, he had to get his plumbing rearranged, so the docs just lopped off the branch and berries and put in a vagina and gave him the hormones to go with it. I don’t believe there would be any sin in that. If that wasn’t the case, why not just live your life as a celibate man. “Hey, I just don’t have any desire for sex, it’s nobody’s business.”

  25. This is sexual anarchy and anarchy only ever leads to chaos and destruction, but I think that is exactly what these judges want to have happen.

  26. Dear Bill,
    This is indeed a sad indictment of humanity and our relationship with our God.
    Recently I have been reading through Romans 1, particularly regarding the verses 18-32. These verses emphasise how mankind seeks his own pleasure at the expense of following God’s desires for which we are created, and if we pursued God’s desires, we would be in the best place to know Him and His will for ourselves. Yet man chooses otherwise (Rom.1:22, 25) and in so doing, is’given over’ as Rom.1:24, 26, 28, tell us, to the pleasure of their self will. In this condition, mankind is inclined to display how ridiculous their thoughts and desires can go, and the above actions that you refer to, are an indication of such.
    This is actually them adding to their own judgement and the wrath of God too, these actions of God are even in the very ‘pleasures’ that they partake of.
    In God’s grace, this is also opportunity for these people to see the vanity of their sinful ways and by such cognition, understand that the salvation obtained in Christ, is the only way to go. Unfortunately, in the meantime, their behaviour and attitude beggar belief and upset many- even some who do not have Christ as their Saviour. We who are Christians must continue in prayer and appropriate action, for their salvation and the protection of others from such sinful behaviour and paucity of knowledge concerning God in Christ.
    Thank you.

  27. Antonia, these conditions not only prove the rule, but the fact that sin is in the world. These genetic conditions are mutations which have not added one iota to God’s original good and perfect plan but have indeed taken away from it,
    and brought suffering and confusion for those who have to bear them.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  28. Bill
    The judicial termites and wastrels are destroying western civilisation on both social and criminal matters.
    Jill Meagher’s death is directly attributable to a failed and putrid justice system. Well may we call it a criminal justice system and nothing will save it (apologies to Gough).
    Marriage and families will also be destroyed by these grubs. Remember Prop 8 in California?. One judge can now over rule the wishes of its citizenry.

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