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So, when’s the last time you wrote four million words? If you were to ask me that, I would have to say, “Well, in the past decade or so”. For good or ill, that is exactly what I have done. My 3000th article has just appeared on CultureWatch, and that means a whole lotta writing has been going on.

OK, so let’s get the math out of the way first. I am guessing, but my average article length may be 1300 words. So that means we have here 3.9 million words. Alright, round it off to a tidy four mil. Not bad work I suppose for just an ordinary Joe.

3000I posted my first article on my website April 5, 2006, and today I posted article number 3000. True, there were some older articles which I posted and backdated, so we are talking more than just eight years here. But the great bulk of these pieces would have been written during that period.

There are 70 different subject headings on my site. Some topics get a regular run, while others get less attention. There are over 500 articles dealing with Christian apologetics. There are nearly 600 articles dealing with Christian theology. Sermons and devotionals comprise almost 400 of the pieces.

Some specific areas within those categories warrant special attention. New developments which are of concern thus get a fair look at. Pieces on the emerging church amount to 33, while articles assessing and critiquing the health and wealth gospel number 46.

Some issues are of course mega-topics given how seriously they impact on things like faith, freedom and family. Thus the homosexual issue is covered in over 500 articles. And I make no apologies for this whatsoever. The simple truth is, the homosexual juggernaut is one of the most serious ethical, social, cultural, political, legislative, and spiritual problems facing us in the West today.

It is of course not the only threat we face, but it is a major one. Islam is another such threat. I believe that Geert Wilders was quite right to state that Islam is the Communism of today. Just as godless Communism was hell bent on taking over the world, slaughtering millions along the way, so too is Islam.

That is why I have penned well over 300 articles on Islam, totalling some 400,000 words. This is a key area which we must be fully aware about, and since the lamestream media is hardly giving us any truth about Islam, then sites like this must fill in the gaps.

And there are well over 1000 articles on ethical issues of all sorts. Also, for book lovers, I have over 400 book reviews on all sorts of topics. It is clear that there is certainly no shortage of things to write about. As long as there are things happening in the world, I will continue to write about them.

This site does not just feature my writings however. It is an interactive blogsite, with plenty of people offering their comments. The 46,000th comment appeared on my site earlier this month. Those 46,000 comments did appear on my site in the past eight years, so it means at least that some folks are reading it and interacting with it.

While the majority of those comments would be supportive, there would be many thousands of comments from my many critics. Of course there may be another 10,000 comments which had to go into the bin, as they violated my commenting rules. Often they were just too foul, vile and hate-filled to appear in a public forum. One thing you discover very quickly with a public website is there are a lot of haters and fiendish trolls out there.

So it can be a major headache at times. There are always things happening in the world that deserve commenting on, and there are always people who want to send in their two cents’ worth. So it really is a 24/7 ministry, which keeps me going continuously.

But I am not just doing a lot of writing and interacting with the comments of others. My work also entails plenty of involvement with the media. Indeed, during the past two decades or so I have done over 3000 media engagements, including well over 700 radio interviews, and nearly 1000 articles printed in various magazines and journals.

Speaking engagements, teaching assignments, conference speaking and church preaching is also part of the work that I do. And when all that is not taking too much of my time, I continue to write books. I penned three books in the past four years, and have another three hopefully to appear within the next 12 months.

So, the question remains: why do all this? Why keep up with not only a frantic schedule, but daily loads of abuse, hatred, opposition, and ridicule? The answer is simple really: this is the work I have been called to do, and I will perform this task to the best of my ability, and by the grace of God.

In a world starved of truth and the Christian message, I will work at this until I am no longer able to. Sometimes people ask me if I will retire. But how can you retire from doing God’s work? How can we stop being salt and light? How can we just stop being a Christian witness to a needy world?

As long as I have strength and the ability to keep going, I will. And of course most important of all, as long as I know that I have prayer warriors who are praying for me, interceding for me, and standing with me in the heavenlies, I will keep plugging away.

This ministry is of course not perfect, and I have done many things wrong, made many errors, have not always represented Christ as well as I might, and have not always been the best example of an ambassador for Christ. So where I have gotten it wrong or overstepped the mark, I ask for your forgiveness.

I have not always gotten it right, and will likely continue to be off the mark. All the more reason why I covet you prayers and your regular intercession for me and this ministry. I am quite aware of how important it is to accurately represent the Lord, and it is my desire to do so more faithfully and more truly each passing day.

So thank you for your support of CultureWatch. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for the financial support as well. Without all this, CultureWatch could not exist. So thanks one and all for making this ministry possible.

All glory to God.

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  1. Congratulations and appreciations for the role you play, Bill. I am always amazed at how you are up-to-date with some of the happenings and opinions on the topics you cover – we read them realising we’d never have stumbled upon most of them ourselves without hours of vigilant research. Nor do I suppose you ‘stumble upon them any other way! Your stand for righteousness is a beacon in our wavering day and age.Thank you.

  2. Hi Bill, stalwart is the word I would use to describe you. That’s an amazing milestone. I found my way here after someone recommended Strained Relations, probably just over 18 months ago. I appreciate all the topics you cover, especially the theological ones.

    May 10m words be your next milestone.

  3. Thank you Bill for all your effort.

    As an occasional commenter I have always felt that you have made space for me to present my views and be a part of your ministry and a part of bringing truth to bear, and I’m sure that there would be others that feel the same.

    And keep up the good work, this very very important work of being a voice of light in so much darkness, and know that my prayers and the prayers of many of others are with you.

  4. Congratulations Bill. It was nearly 3 years ago that I gave my life to our lord and saviour Jesus Christ and I was rescued from the bondage of sin that I had been caught up in for nearly 50 years. In those 3 years since, my hunger for the truth has grown and grown. It is so refreshing to have reached a point now where I can read your articles that “sit so well” within my soul. Biblically sound, up to date, to the point and all said out of love for the greater glory of God! Look forward to many more years of enjoying and sharing your ministry.
    God bless, Gazza.

  5. Thanks Bill, for making the truth known, which would otherwise be unknown, unreported or just simply ignored. I appreciate your commitment to God and to His people in this way. Even those that are out to get you must be doing so because they don’t want to know truth or have it known.

  6. From New Zealand…Thank you, Bill, for all your wonderful work. I always appreciated your addressing us at the SummerSounds Symposium, here in Nelson.
    It’s now been replaced by our 100 Days-Claiming Back New Zealand movement – see http://www.100days.co.nz focusing on what has gone wrong in this country, and how we can control our politicians.
    What you have done has been outstanding, and we owe you a great deal. What we need is others who will stand beside you…No doubt, as over here, there are too many still simply keeping their heads down – but we are all eventually answerable for what we do or do not do…
    With very much appreciation…Amy

  7. My family, my friends & I are just so very pleased that your fantastic & informative blog exists.

    My hope & prayer is that a foundation to communicate might continue to be laid here, that reaches broadly across Australia & its communities in order that we might all be able to stand up, face up & speak out against all of the many evils that are at work in our nation & abroad.

    Thankyou so very much Bill for your passion for truth 🙂

    Thankyou also to your readers & I hope & pray that everyone is sharing with friends, families, neighbors & the wider Australian community the fantastic articles that this awesome blog at billmuehlenberg.com provides, just as I am 🙂

  8. I really appreciate your work Bill.
    I stumbled across your blog a couple of years ago and now read it everyday. In a world that is going crazy, where right things are now considered wrong and vice versa, it is good to hear a voice of soundness and faith.
    Thank you for your stewardship of the gospel and your hard work – it is a blessing to many.

  9. Bill, congratulations and many heartfelt thanks for your efforts. I can only imagine the amount of research, work and prayer that you put in on a daily basis, along with the heartache, frustration and grief caused by all the truth-haters you encounter.
    It is truly a monumental task you have taken on, but I believe, as you say, that this is what God has called you to, and you are faithfully obeying your calling.
    My husband and I often share your articles and guide people to your website. I have no doubt that many people have benefitted from your wisdom.
    God bless you, Bill – May you continue to share your insight for a long, long time! You are a blessing to us, and you are constantly in our prayers.

  10. Bill, a big congratulations on your commitment to “calling”. You said above, “this is the work I have been called to do, and I will perform this task to the best of my ability, and by the grace of God.” You work is a great testament to all of us. Not only in terms of insight and depth on such vital topics, but also as a christian individual who identified their call and stuck to their guns. I have always admired your integrity and commitment, in terms of mission and call. A wonderful effort! Well done!

  11. I would just like to add my deep appreciation for your dedication and commitment to the work our Lord has given you to do. Thankyou for shining the light into dark places and making me aware.

  12. It is a tough ministry you have been called to Bill, but you are a great blessing and wonderful encourager in your reports. I hope you can continue until the Lord releases you.

  13. This is a fantastic achievement Bill.
    You are truly a workman who needeth not to be ashamed.
    You are also a good and faithful servant who totally merits the words “well done!”
    I may not always agree with you, but I will always respect your peerless advocacy for the Kingdom of God.
    Looking forward to the next three thousand.
    Best regards, Rowan Forster.

  14. Congratulations, Bill! Do keep up the grand work, “thou good and faithful servant”, and so reap the ultimate reward! You are always worth reading, and what you write is truly worthy of being pondered in our hearts (Lk 2.51). AMDG.

  15. Ordinary Joe? No, just a humble and blessed servant of the Lord who uses his God-given talents to assists others in understanding what this life on earth is all about, and how we as followers of Jesus Christ can be salt and light and make a difference. Thank you Bill for all of your millions of words!

  16. Bill
    Don’t stop writing because we haven’t stopped reading. May God’s grace abound on your life. Michael

  17. I followed a link to an article on this site only fairly recently and in the last few days have read so, so many others. In fact I have just been looking through the various sections……not sure where to start now that I’ve been through the New Age ones…..I was also one of those!

    I live in Spain, this is where the Lord called me 10 years ago, have been unchurched for the last nearly 4 years when the Lord called me out! Have yet to find a true whole counsel of God teaching church but trust that my Lord has me out for a reason. To say my hunger for God’s Word and His ways has not diminished over the years is by His Grace alone. In fact only recently I was called extreme – a compliment though it was not intended as such!

    I now have a few really excellent website/blogs that write some amazing writings/teachings that feed me as my pastors never could.

    May the Lord keep you going for some time yet!

  18. Dear Bill, I would just like to express my heart felt gratitude for your blog, I really appreciate you putting yourself on the front line to tell the truth. I have totally abandoned the MSM, its total bias and obvious lies just anger & frustrate me too much. It’s just so refreshing to read the truth on your blog. God bless you abundantly for all you are doing in serving Him.

  19. Well done Bill! When I try to visualise a strong Christian spokesman in this darkening world – you the man! Please don’t give up – there’s really no one else.

  20. Well Done Bill. It was an honour to meet you & your lovely wife when you visited Wimpole St in London earlier this year. Your writing is a source of great encouragement to beleaguered Christians. Bless you.

  21. Well done! I know that the Lord will recognise your service, and that you have remained steadfast in spite of some really heavy criticism! I continue to keep you in prayer, as I know others are also.

  22. Bill, here’s some encouragement from the Apostle Paul:

    One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision: “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent. For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you, because I have many people in this city.”
    (Acts 19:9-10)

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