Labor’s Political Cowardice and Neglect

The forthcoming Victorian election will again feature contrasting policies from the various parties. While some might argue that the two main parties are not all that different, there are still some significant differences which are worth highlighting.

I have already spoken to something of very great concern: Labor’s declared intention to attack religious freedom in Australia. I have discussed this ominous policy of Labor in some detail here:

Since then a very helpful and brief video clip by Rev Dr Mark Durie has been produced, also emphasising the very real danger of this policy should Labor win office on Saturday. See it here:

Also, other religious leaders have come together to express their grave concerns about this decidedly anti-Christian agenda item:

sex abuse report tabled in parliamentBut this is not the only area of concern with Labor. If you go to their official state policy document, immediately after the bit about promising to infringe heavily on religious freedom, it has a section on “LGBTI Rights”. To see just how far into bed Labor is with the radical homosexual activists, simply have a read of what they intend to do:

Building on the record of reform that Labor has proudly delivered with respect to LGBTI rights, Labor affirms the rights to equality and decency for LGBTI Victorians as a missing part of the Victorian equality framework.
Labor will:
• Create a dedicated Cabinet role for LGBTI issues with a whole-of-government focus
• Remove discrimination against children of same-sex couples – and their parents – in relation to both knownparent (where an existing relationship exists between child and adoptive parent) adoption and adoption in general
• Continuing law reform to lift the burden of convictions under unjust, prejudiced laws for homosexual acts prior to decriminalisation in 1981 and to provide a formal State repudiation of, and apology for, those laws and the harm they caused
• Amend the Relationships Act 2008 to provide that only one person in a domestic partnership need have a connection with Victoria
• Amend the Relationships Act 2008 and other relevant laws so as to treat couples recognised under equivalent laws in other states, territories and overseas (including the unions barred by s.88EA of the Marriage Act 1961 from being recognised as marriages) as if their relationship were registered in Victoria
• Remove barriers to new birth certificates for transgender and intersex Victorians and address the discriminatory automatic divorce consequence for transgender Victorians
• Acknowledge the insidious impact of homophobia and develop a comprehensive plan to eliminate it
• Improve the health and safety of same sex attracted and gender questioning (SSAGQ) students by ensuring schools and health services effectively address homophobia, including content of sexuality education
• Provide education and support for parents of SSAGQ children and gender questioning young people, particularly in rural and CALD contexts
• Ensure LGBTI Victorians experiencing housing stress have support to overcome the cumulative effects of discrimination and have access to suitable social housing and crisis accommodation options

Wow, here we have just over one percent of the population being given rock star treatment. While Christians make up the majority of Victoria’s population, Labor has decided it will attack this large majority, while standing with this tiny minority. And Labor claims to represent all Victorians?

And the creation of “a dedicated Cabinet role for LGBTI issues with a whole-of-government focus”? Incredible. Why doesn’t Labor simply merge with all the homosexual lobby groups, and call itself the Sodomite Labor Party? Just what has possessed them to totally cave in to and fully promote their radical and dangerous agenda?

And as if that were not enough, just yesterday Labor again made a public release of its pro-homosexual agenda: “LABOR WILL STAND UP TO DISCRIMINATION AND FIGHT FOR EQUALITY”. It repeated some of the above, but then added this shocking policy announcement:

“Labor will repeal Section 19A of the Crimes Act 1958, Australia’s only HIV-specific law which discriminates against people living with the disease.” Just so that we are perfectly clear what we are talking about here, this is the bit they want to dump:

Intentionally causing a very serious disease
S. 19A(1) amended by No. 48/1997
s. 60(1)(Sch. 1 item 13).
(1) A person who, without lawful excuse, intentionally causes another person to be infected with a very serious disease is guilty of an indictable offence.
Penalty: Level 2 imprisonment (25 years maximum).
S. 19A(2) substituted by No. 46/2008 s. 272.
(2) In subsection (1), “very serious disease” means HIV within the meaning of section 3(1) of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 .

So let’s get this straight: Labor thinks to deliberately spread a known death-sentence such as HIV to another person is just peachy keen, and there should be no criminal charges or penalties for doing this. Right, got it. Labor is so utterly PC and pro-sodomy that it is now proudly announcing its willingness to endanger the entire State, all in the name of appeasing the militants.

This is criminal negligence and gross irresponsibility of the highest order. If Labor cares so little about Victorian citizens that it deliberately and proudly wants to put all their lives at risk, simply to keep the radical homosexual lobby happy, that tells us all we need to know about Labor.

There should be absolutely no doubt whatsoever by now that no rational person should even consider voting for Labor at this election. Certainly no person calling themselves a disciple of Jesus Christ can dare to vote for this utterly out of touch party.

Between its pro-death stance on abortion, its radical anti-Christian agenda, and its sheer determination to do anything and everything for the radical homosexual militants, this is not a party we can support. Please vote accordingly.

Click to access Victorian-Labor-Platform-2014.pdf

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20 Replies to “Labor’s Political Cowardice and Neglect”

  1. Please tell me this is a joke. Please.

    How could anyone claim spreading a lethal disease deliberately is not criminal behaviour? How is it any different than poisoning someone?

  2. What a waste of taxpayers money. Only way to improve health and safety is to stop having same sex intercourse and sodomy. One man and one woman is the only safe sex, in a marriage furthering the race and increasing the population, esp non muzzzies.

  3. BTW, Does that sum up liberals agenda, Islamic domination? That is one way they are doing it.

  4. In NSW by case law the courts have ruled that if you are a gay sex worker with AIDS and you know it you are entitled to spread gay rear death injections via AIDS and be found not guilty by a jury of your queer peers. Here’s a report of it:

    That article also shows if you read the fine print the one of the greatest achivements of the NSW Gay And Lesbian Rights lobby on their home page is making a new kind of relationship dream of the gay lobby come true. When you see the posters on @GLRL saying they NEED to make it legal for a 60 year old man to have gay sex with a 16 year old boy it will make sense to you. Well in the news story above it’s about a 60 year old man and his 17 year old gay live in boyfriend paying for an lawfully AIDS invested and spreading gay sex worker Think about Labor affecting school children. Right now it’s lawful for a 16 year old boy to run away from hime to live with a strange 60 year old gay man who hires gay prostiutes with AIDS to have sex with them both. NSW Police treated the 60 year old gay man who hired gay prostitues and had a live in 17 year old gay boyfriend as the “victim”.

    In any other country in the world the 60 year old man with the 16/17 year old would be formally recognized as a pedophile.

  5. Is it really worth the effort to try and reform the Labour Party? Nobody really is surprised as to where there are going, we could all see it coming. Why should we misplace our loyalties to the point of trying to rescue something that has been submitting to self-defeating deceptions for a very long time? Does party loyalty serve the people of our nation? The ACL called for people to contact the Labour party to ask them to change their policies on this issue but why bother? Why not simply vote with our feet and take our votes elsewhere? I have never been a Labour voter, so perhaps this is easy to say, for me, but I just can’t understand loyalties to causes or parties that are not in line with the cause of the kingdom of God even if they once were. There is probably some kind of grieving process for those to whom this party once represented a good cause, but that must have been a long time ago, so maybe it is time to get over it. 1 Sam 16:1
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  6. Thanks, Bill! You are so right, especially with the, “Wow”. It should make us feel sick in the stomach. This is so breathtakingly shocking. I live in SA but this will affect us all.

    I have said it before on your site, though, “If Christians won’t stand up against the slaughter of the unborn babies, they will allow everything in the end.”

    Ultimately, homosexuality is an attack on God Himself. And as Paul tells us in Romans1: God will give people over to the shameful things they want to do. Moreover, He will harden their hearts. And not only the homosexuals, but those who condone their behaviour, such as the Obamas, David Camerons, Bill Shortens, and everyone else who does likewise.

    This is an amazing thing to say that, ‘God gives them over to their delusion.’

    No doubt about it, the LGBTI laws that are being ushered in won’t be logical at all. Yet, these people – who want them – will think they are “wise” for brining them in or supporting them. .

    Regarding all of this, though, it is worth listening to Jacob Prasch: “Not even a minyon Genesis 18 & 19:

    Bill,I have a couple of questions:

    Are Rise Up Australian Party, Australian Christians, Family First, DLP, flagging what you are airing?

    Why won’t the Christian community – especially those who can afford it (but I guess I have answered this above) put their money to good use, and put up billboards, flood the state with flyers and hit the airway with ads (even if only Christian radio stations). etc, etc, on all of this ?

    It is frightening that we as Christians can be so scared and spineless and compromised (as you have written about before) that won’t say anything publicly about what is happening!

    We are truly on the brink of a new era, aren’t we!!!

    Again, Bill, thank you for informing us. You are a watchman indeed, for our time an place. May we remain in the Lord, so we will be able to hear Him, and then know what He would have us say and do.

  7. I’m not Australian but the only way to deal with this sort of mentally-deranged political structure is to vote with one’s feet. It’s been happening in the UK as the once-minor UK Independence Party has burst through and caused earthquakes in by-elections. Change can be brought about if people start thinking for themselves instead of slavishly following party colours.

    People are too polite to rock boats and the same old faces get re-elected all the time, even if the policies are appalling. I’ve seen it at the micro-cosm level as well, in small societies….one or two people with strangleholds on a group’s progress seem to be forever returned to power, to continue the same old game…..gotta crack the dam, rock the boat, become unpopular and get up folks’ noses, but that’s the only way change comes.

  8. I would say the Labor Party is well and truly Buggered.
    Here we have a filthy act that spreads a disease more than equal to any other pandemic yet they want to make it guilt free. Are there seriously no people of Christian principle left in Labor ranks or are they all of the same ilk? To condemn anal sex between men as a disaster of epic proportions is not to condemn two men who want to live together or any so-called gay affection. It is to condemn a disease that is far worse than Ebola or just about any other pandemic except for the fact that it is knowingly and often willingly passed by an unusual sexual act that both parties agree to. The world is becoming totally Godless with authorized government consent against all moral laws and that I presume is the evil intent.

  9. Funny how they are so focussed on minority people’s “rights” but happily allow a Christian’s rights to be taken away or a foetus’ right to live to be extinguished.

  10. I voted on Saturday since I will not be able to vote this coming weekend. I noticed that with 7 candidates to choose from Labor had put the Australian Christian candidate last (7th) on their how to vote card. Maybe this says something about their agenda.

  11. Which is all fairly amusing as his children all attend a Catholic primary school. I wonder how many members of the parish would vote for Dan if they knew what was actually going on?

  12. Thanks Bill – it is very alarming.
    There is another thing to add to Labors’ pro homosexual agenda – they have also said they will make the pro homosexual “Safe Schools Program” compulsory for all government schools and encourage the independent and religious schools to take it up also. I wonder how exactly they plan to ‘encourage’ the independent and religious schools to do this? Threaten their funding?

    Read more here:

    Thanks for ringing the alarm bells on this Bill.
    God Bless your work.

  13. Dennis Newland:

    Are there seriously no people of Christian principle left in Labor ranks or are they all of the same ilk?

    Our local councillor is standing for election in our seat, for the first time, and I gather there’s a good chance of him winning, and he is a Christian. Well, he says he is, and he does seem to have some Christian values (he believes life starts at the first cell division, which is pretty close!), but he’s thrown his lot in with the Labor Party, and appears to have some left-wing views (as you would expect if he’s choosing to go with them). When I challenged him on his choice of party, he used the excuse that there needs to be a Christian voice in the Labor Party.

    I don’t agree with his decision (and told him so), because he’s being unequally yoked with anti-Christians, and although he might well internally argue against some of the ALP policies, in the end he’s going to have to vote for them in Parliament.

    One can only pray and hope that he is something of a brake on their agenda, though.

  14. IF the Labor party is really worth saving, maybe from a functional point of view in that we need the 2 party system to govern successfully, which I don’t believe we do, but just say we do then, why not join the Labor party at the grass roots level but don’t vote for them until they are back on track with godly values. We do have a secret ballot after all, but that is the only way I can see a good future for both Australia and the Labor party if the latter is indeed an integral part of our political essentials.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  15. This is a grossly irresponsible move by Labor that will sow division, increase litigation, confuse and damage many youth and create hostility between people on opposing sides. It is undemocratic to elevate the 1% minority and disregard the majority. There is no attempt to unify society around Common goods that make people want to pull together despite there differences. This is an attack on TRUTH and will usher in many more rigid controlling laws should they become the next Vic Govt. Premeditated and disasterous for everyone!

  16. For sure Vic Liberals wasted their term, but for anyone to vote for Labor and the above agenda, truly irresponsible.

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