On the 2016 US Presidential Election

Yes I know, the US election is not for another year and a half. But already the whole thing is heating up. Several big names have already announced their candidacy for the Republicans (Ted Cruz, Rand Paul) and more will be coming soon, including Hillary Clinton for the Democrats.

So even though it is a bit early, we are now already in election mode, and if nothing else, this article is just testing the waters a bit. Here I am just interested in what others (mainly other like-minded folks hopefully) think of the possible scenarios which are starting to play themselves out.

Even at this point, it is almost certain that Hillary Clinton will get the nod as the Democratic nominee for President. Despite all her scandals and faults and cover-ups, she of course has the secular left mainstream media almost totally onside. And she has hardly any other major Democratic heavyweights to contend with.

white houseOne can always hope and pray for a miracle, that somehow she gets taken out of the picture (and I think it is always fully appropriate to pray that God will either improve or remove certain individuals), but barring that, it looks like we will be stuck with her.

And just as millions of clueless wonders voted for Obama simply because of his skin colour, and not because of much of anything else, so too here I am afraid millions of undiscerning voters will vote for her, simply to bring in our first female POTUS. Talk about more recipes for disaster.

So assuming not much will change in the next 12 to 18 months (although of course anything is possible), it will be Hillary versus some Republican. The question here is will we get yet another useless RINO (Republican In Name Only) who will lose yet another election?

Or will we finally get a solid, conservative nominee who will stand up for America, for values, for principle, and stand against the establishment – not just in the federal government, but in the Republican Party. That is the really important issue here.

Going on past recent experience, we conservatives and Christians better not hold our breath. My fear is another RINO like Jeb Bush will end up getting the nod. While he may well be better than Hillary, I still will consider booking a flight to Mars if it comes down to those two next year.

With all that in mind, I have put together a partial and tentative listing of some possible conservative Republican contenders for the 2016 presidential bid. Some of these folks may not even run, and you may well think of some other worthy contenders that can be added to the list.

But these names are all fairly likely, and many of them I could happily live with. None are perfect, and almost all of them have some blemishes or other which not every Christian and not every conservative will be happy with. But in a fallen world, we will never get a perfect candidate. We will never get a perfect anything for that matter.

Here then is my shortlist of possible conservative candidates (in no particular order):

Mike Huckabee – former Arkansas Governor
Rick Santorum – former Pennsylvania Senator
Ted Cruz – Texas Senator
Marco Rubio – Florida Senator
Bobby Jindal – Louisiana Governor
Scott Walker – Wisconsin Governor
Sarah Palin – former Alaska Governor
Ben Carson – former neurosurgeon

And by the way, here are a few RINOs we don’t want – or at least I don’t:
Chris Christie – New Jersey Governor
Jeb Bush – Former Florida Governor

As I say, this is not a comprehensive list, and we don’t even know if all the names featured above will end up in the running. But in the next month or two the field will be much more clearly in view. So in the meantime we can be thinking and praying about how it all unfolds, and who we might support.

And another important BTW: If you are wondering why Rand Paul is not listed, note that I said “conservative” and not “libertarian”. There is in fact a big difference between the two. But I won’t make that case here, as I have often done so elsewhere. For those who are interested, you can read a few articles I have already done on this:


Also, I have already penned several pieces on Rand Paul, outlining some of my concerns, See here for example: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2014/06/29/more-paul-and-libertarian-silliness/

Another BTW: it goes without saying that should Rand Paul get the nomination, which at this point seems to be a bit of a longshot, I would certainly support him as he runs against Hillary (assuming she gets the Democratic nomination). Almost anyone would be better than Hillary!

And I should also say that if you want to get into a big fight over the pros and cons of libertarianism, perhaps that can be done elsewhere. Here I am just wondering who you prefer and why out of the possible conservative contenders thanks. But I am open to most potential comments here if done respectfully, politely and graciously.

As for me, I like aspects of all eight of the men and women I listed above. As I say, some of them have caved in on things, or retreated on positions, or hemmed and hawed, or compromised on things, and so on. But any of the eight I would be happy to support should they get the nomination.

I really like a lot of what I have heard whenever Jindal speaks. He seems really solid, he is very bright, and he seems to have pretty consistent conservative and Christian principles. Trouble is, not many folks know about him much, and I can’t see him going too far at this point. He could be a great VP however.

Huckabee has disappointed many conservatives by his seeming support of Common Core, although he is now trying to say that he doesn’t really support it. Scott Walker seems to be vacillating on homosexual marriage. And so on. So there are shifting positions here at times, or less than perfect voting records, or not always consistent and across the board conservative values with many of these guys.

But as I say, finding one candidate that you agree with 100 per cent of the time is unlikely. And if you do, chances are good your like-minded colleagues and friends may find reasons not to fully support the candidate. So Christians and conservatives can and will be divided on many of these matters.

And a final word about Ben Carson, the only non-politician who will have widespread support from many conservatives and many Christians should he decide to throw his hat into the ring (and he sure is talking like a political candidate).

The big problem is too many clueless Christians will not support him just because he is SDA, just as they would not support Romney because he is a Mormon. But as I keep saying, we are voting for a president here, not a theologian-in-chief.

I wrote plenty back then on why not voting for Romney for this reason was really stupid and a recipe for disaster, and that is exactly what it was – we got stuck with another four years of Obummer – the worst POTUS ever.

And if Christians don’t wake up here (should it turn out to be Carson vs Clinton) we will have another disaster on our hands with her in the White House. But I speak to this in much more detail here, so please have a read: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2014/02/26/ben-carson-potus-and-the-sda/

So it is early days yet. But things are now starting to get interesting. And as I have often said before, ultimately politics cannot save us – only Jesus can do that. But politics are important nonetheless, and it is incumbent on all American Christians to think and pray very carefully about how they might vote here.

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20 Replies to “On the 2016 US Presidential Election”

  1. I like Rick Perry, former TX Governor and Allan West also. The only ones like you I absolutely would NOT go for is Jeb or Christie. I am afraid if the media pushed us to the “less of two evils” as usual we would end up with president Hillary as so many still “Blame Bush” as their god Obama directs them to!
    I think it is time WE THE PEOPLE demanded to choose our candidates rather than letting the media decide for us and leaving us with the “less of two evils”.
    Personally I think Hillary should be in jail, first for Benghazi and then for the destroying of evidence with the State Dept e-mails. However she just jokes and laughs about it, b/c she knows she is a rich democrat, and lying and crime are just qualifications for the job!

  2. I don’t think its a healthy sign at all that the presidential campaigning is already beginning. Its a sign that politicians have way too much power and centrality to the life of the avg American.

  3. Ben Carson would be my selection. His speech at the prayer breakfast a couple if years ago was fantastic. And he wrote the book “America the Beautiful”. He actually loves America – unlike Michelle and Barack.
    If he can navigate the media attacks and false accusations of impropriety that will most certainly be brought against him, he will win.

  4. Absolutely correct with your comments on Ben Carson and Mitt Romney.
    As Gough Whitlam once said only the impotent are pure. Those Evangelicals who failed to vote in 2012 should be ashamed. Thanks for Obama you dills!
    Carson, like Romney, has integrity and is a worthy contender (Google my blog story: From Blacklist to Whitewash 12/2/15)

  5. Having no skin in the game (not a voter in US elections) I think the big question that needs to be asked is:

    Has obummer done too much damage for it to really matter?

    The reason I bring this up is a simple one, everyone knows that the presidency switches from dem to gop from time to time and, if obummer does something really stupid like throwing Israel under the UN bus, not one country in the world will ever trust the US ever again, regardless of who wins.

    Has obummer done so much damage now, that no country is ever going to trust the US again, knowing that they can get thrown under the bus at any moment.

    Also, has the balance of power shifted enough to have the wicked in the majority? If it has, then a GOP president might only delay the final destruction of the US, a DEM president will only hasten the end.

    Having finished the above, apart from Bobby Jindal – Louisiana Governor, who I have not really heard much about, the rest give the left aneurisms so any of the rest would be fine and dandy in my books. If Sarah Palin put her hat in the ring, that would be a dream come true, as it would really show up the media and the Dems as anti woman, and if Ben Carson did the same, it would show the media and Dems to be racists, if we could get a hat trick of a conservative Jew to run, boy that would melt the TV’s LOL.

    Neil Waldron.

  6. Ben Carson for forthrightness. He says it as it is. He made mince meat of Obama at the Prayer Breakfast. He knows what he must do to make crucial decisions under pressure. He has put his all into the previous challenges in his life. His faith is not questioned, unlike Obama and Clinton who don’t have the kidneys to stand up for Christian or Biblical values. As for being SDA, he knows ‘the signs of the times’ and will understand the value of the prophets and watchmen. He may also pick up some the ‘black’ votes that went to Obama for no other reason.

    The evangelicals and baptists need to be reminded how they helped re-install Obama by their causing division over Mormon with more-Christian-values-and-track-record-than-Obama.
    Here in Australia, Catholic PM Tony Abbott is one of the strongest politicians to stand on most things Christian or Biblical. He’s not perfect, but he does have some runs on the board.

    Sarah Palin has worked hard in a tough Blokey state, Alaska, but will be crucified by the leftist MSM. She would at least defuse the situation with some of the ‘donkey votes’ for the first female Prez going her way, particularly if Clinton is her opponent. Palin also takes on people due to her faith and Christian, Biblical values.

    Rand Paul seems to be backtracking on some issues.

    BTW, keep up the good work, Bill. It is appreciated far and wide. In one sense, people can’t have a good worldview unless it is a world-wide view as well.

  7. I always used to think that Sarah Palin was the best POTUS the yanks never had. What’s she been doing with herself in recent years?

  8. Carson has dished it out pretty well so far. He seems like the real deal and I’m eager to see him go for the nomination and hear much more of what he would do as POTUS.

    The thought of Hillary as POTUS should be slap in the face sobering to all Christians and non-Marxists. If she wins it, I think she will make the last 7 years look pretty good.

    That should drive our prayer for the next year.

  9. A nightmare you haven’t considered, and mindful of Obuma’s dictator tendencies:
    A convenient disaster. Obuma could declare martial law. No elections, no constitutional rights, he is in charge with the military enforcing. Door to door inspections, confiscating of guns, food. Arrests for no reason . . . And I could go on and on.
    Our only refuge is faith in our Lord and using what brains we have.
    Pray Jesus comes soon.

  10. Allen West has a good reputation. He could fill the position.
    Ex military, patriotic, coloured , dislikes obama. One can but dream.

  11. Please excuse me for the long post.

    For what it’s worth, in my opinion Senator Ted Cruz and Prime Minister Netanyahu are the most important people at this time.
    Ted Cruz is a President on paper since those who wrote the Constitution. And that’s saying something. He is also a Christian, who says so, and very clearly in politics, which is rare:

    “….In 2014, Cruz spoke at an event held by the group In Defense of Christians (IDC). He was booed by the group after making statements considered pro-Israel. Cruz left the stage after telling the audience, “Those who hate Israel hate America. Those who hate Jews hate Christians. If those in this room will not recognize that, then my heart weeps. If you hate the Jewish people you are not reflecting the teachings of Christ. And the very same people who persecute and murder Christians right now, who crucify Christians, who behead children, are the very same people who target Jews for their faith, for the same reason.” Some commentators believe there is a divide in the conservative movement between those who sided with Cruz and Israel, and those who sided with Middle Eastern Christians and some arguing that Cruz’s comments were out-of-bounds. Cruz apologized for questioning the motives of his critics and said that “..all should be united in speaking out against persecution of religious minorities…”

    Ted Cruz is off the charts in education, intellect and experiance, and is the complete opposite of Obama, where Obama is ‘hopes and dreams’ Cruz is ‘experiance and more experiance’.

    “…After graduating from Princeton, Cruz attended Harvard Law School, graduating magna cum laude in 1995 with a Juris Doctor degree. While at Harvard Law, he was a primary editor of the Harvard Law Review, and executive editor of the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, and a founding editor of the Harvard Latino Law Review. Referring to Cruz’s time as a student at Harvard Law, Professor Alan Dershowitz said, “Cruz was off-the-charts brilliant.” At Harvard Law, Cruz was a John M. Olin Fellow in Law and Economics….”

    “….Cruz graduated cum laude from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs in 1992. While at Princeton, he competed for the American Whig-Cliosophic Society’s Debate Panel and won the top speaker award at both the 1992 U.S. National Debating Championship and the 1992 North American Debating Championship. In 1992, he was named U.S. National Speaker of the Year, as well as Team of the Year, with his debate partner, David Panton. Cruz was a semi-finalist at the 1995 World Universities Debating Championship, making him Princeton’s highest-ranked debater at the championship.Princeton’s debate team later named their annual novice championship after Cruz….”

    “…..Cruz attended high school at Faith West Academy in Katy, Texas, and later graduated from Second Baptist High School in Houston as valedictorian in 1988. During high school, Cruz participated in a Houston-based group called the Free Market Education Foundation where he learned about free-market economic philosophers such as Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, Frédéric Bastiat and Ludwig von Mises. The program was run by Rolland Storey and Cruz entered the program at the age of 13….”

    That’s just a third of Ted Cruz. There is also his time as the Texas Solicitor General, and then as a Senator in Washington – and also as a Tea Party leader.

    I’ve never placed a link on your site before Bill – but this is Ted Cruz, the very educated, experianced Christian:


    I believe Ted Cruz is the best man to compliment Prime Minister Netanyahu[and that’s the urgency imho] and he is well suited for everything else. I’m going to support Ted[or whoever else is elected to run instead of Cruz]. Cruz is going to talk lots – based on a sound Christian education, a brillant general education, experiance, and his ability to debate. Cruz will look fit to govern the times.

    It isn’t cheap to purchase his PR products from the States, but with a little thought and a little of my money I’ll get a t-shirt, tie and hat – products that will express my views to as many ‘liberal progressives’ as possable, and hopefully to those in Labour and the Liberals right here in Aussie! Yeah – and a bumper sticker too!

    Keep up your good work Bill, thanks again and God Bless.

  12. Well, reporting live from Nashville here today where the NRA convention is being held…some of those hopefuls are downtown at this very moment. That’s why we look like we’re under siege right now, with helicopters and a very visible police presence. No, it’s not martial law, just a prudent, cautious city council.

    I don’t know how they do it in Australia, Bill, but our election cycles grow longer with every new presidential election. By the time we are meant to cast our ballots, we are much like a jailed suspect who will say or do anything…to the point of a bogus confession of guilt, just to get them to leave us the **** alone. A straight ticket vote allowed in your state? Great, that’s what we wanted to hear….hit the ‘vote for everyone in the (whichever) party and get it the heck over with. It shouldn’t be that way, Bill, but it almost seems like that’s part of the plan on the part of each party’s campaign chairman.

    I’ve just received my every-four-years supply of golden shovels. Every last one of them who are here in Nashville at this very moment, are shoveling it with both hands, so the best I can do is try to stay one step ahead of them, shoveling their malarkey right back in their laps.

    The real kicker is how many people actually believe that electing a conservative will somehow save this nation and turn people back to ‘one nation under GOD.’ Those folks need to do a serious reread of some of the articles you’ve written that deal with Christians and their relationship with politics and the kingdom of Heaven; their true home. We are not a theocracy like Israel was. As ambassadors for Christ, we are meant to be “Ambassadors at large,” not ambassadors for any given country. There’s nothing in Scripture to support the notion of winning the USA for Jesus. (I know you get that, Bill…also, I apologize for being so longwinded).

  13. Thanks Vicki. While no nation today is a theocracy like ancient Israel, we do have plenty of biblical principles to aspire to, such as, “righteousness exalts a nation”. So although America will never be a fully Christian nation, we can work for godly values in the political sphere, and seek to elect those who want to work for them. America did have a rather solid Christian foundation which we have been steadily moving away from, and so to remind people of that and seek to have laws and leaders who reflect biblical principles is not a problem for me. And whether election campaign periods are too long and therefore really problematic is not all that clear to me either.

  14. I agree wholeheartedly with you, Bill. I’m thinking in terms of the extreme Restorationists who hold that the USA should be placed under Mosaic law…and the Dominionist faction who swear blind they don’t believe a conservative candidate is a ‘savior,’ but in everything else they say, they make it clear that’s exactly what they believe.

  15. Thanks, Mike!
    I agree wholeheartedly. Ted Cruz is by far the best candidate I have seen so far. He has stood firm where others have wavered and vacillated. His speeches so far (and I have seen several on-line) have been truly inspirational.
    A dream ticket for me: Ted Cruz, with Sarah Palin as VP (again!).
    As for Neil’s question “Has Obama done too much damage already?” I fear he might, and with his goon squads (i.e. SWAT teams) barging into people’s houses at the dead of night, this is Nazi Germany (read “America”) all over again. the Founding Fathers would be aghast! But the MSM in America are right behind all this, and they have so muddied the waters of freedom that few know what freedom is any more. Witness the brouhaha and utter nonsense they (the MSM) peddled about Indiana some days ago!
    On Glenn Beck a couple of days ago he asked the audience what were the five freedoms enumerated in the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. The only one who knew was an ex-military man, and even he was somewhat confused! God help “the Land of the (not so) Free”!

  16. I DARE the Republican Party to put Sarah Palin against Hilary Clinton.

    Then the voters can be assured of a first female POTUS, so they can concentrate on other issues like umm, say POLICY, or umm, personal character as a guide to dealing with the unexpected.

    How might these two deal with a nuclear attack by Iran on Israel? Or a stealthy attack by Israel in Iran, to knock out their nuclear facilities?

  17. Good discussion.
    I hadn’t heard of Jindal before and now, after seeking out a few youtube clips, I can see why. He is most definitely a threat to the Democrats. He is an educated, articulate, prolife, Christian. They will definitely do all they can make sure as few people as possible hear him speak.
    After hearing this (and a few other speeches) I am most definitely a supporter.

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