More Islamic and Homosexual Sharia

In an earlier piece I noted the frightening similarities between the Islamic war on faith, family and freedom, and the homosexual war on faith, family and freedom. The attempt to push Islamic sharia law throughout the West is destroying democracy and liberty, but so too is the attempt to force everyone to embrace and promote the militant homosexual agenda.

Thus it is now not even worth bothering to differentiate between the two, since both are totalitarian movements designed to crush all opposition and silence all critics. So here I will simply offer more examples of Islamic sharia in action and homosexual sharia in action.

shariaLet me start with the ugly Big Brother activism of the homosexual lobby. They and their buddies in the courts and the media are doing a great job of smashing freedom and destroying genuine debate. Let me begin with a Christian bakery forced to close down because homosexual militants sued them in court for not making them a cake.

Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer sued Aaron and Melissa Klein of Sweet Cakes Bakery, forcing it to close its doors and won damages which will bankrupt the family. The Bowman-Cryers claimed they felt “mentally raped” in a list of 88 symptoms of emotional distress at being refused a cake. Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer were awarded $135,000 for damages.

A similar case occurred in Iowa where another Christian business was forced to close down by the hate-brigade:

The owners of a Christian family run business is being forced to shut their doors after being charged with discrimination against a homosexual couple. Betty Odgaard and her husband, Richard, have been the owners of Görtz Haus Gallery since 2002, when they purchased a 77-year-old stone church and transformed it into a bistro, flower shop, art gallery and wedding venue. On August 3, 2013, a homosexual couple from Des Moines asked to rent Görtz Haus for their wedding, and because of their Mennonite faith, the Odgaards told the couple they couldn’t host their wedding.
The couple immediately filed a discrimination complaint through the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, and knowing their business was going to be in trouble, the Odgaards ended their wedding business in order to avoid the probability of another complaint and the associated fines and penalties. After leaving the wedding business, Görtz Haus struggled to survive, but the Odgaards felt they had no choice. The risks were simply too great.

And consider this appalling case of homofascism from Boston:

On March 30, a major Harvard-affiliated hospital in Boston, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), expelled a well-respected urologist from its medical staff because he voiced concerns about the unhealthy nature of homosexual behavior and objected to the hospital’s aggressive promotion of “gay pride” activities.
Dr. Paul Church has been a urologist on the BIDMC staff in Boston for nearly 30 years. He is a member of the Harvard Medical School faculty. He has done research on diagnosing prostate and bladder cancer, and has been a frequent volunteer for medical mission projects in Mexico and Africa. He has also spoken before educational and civic groups on the subject of high-risk sexual behaviors.

So telling the truth about the health risks of homosexuality will now get you fired. So much for tolerance, acceptance, inclusion and diversity. So much for medical and scientific truth. Now the only thing that matters is if you don’t hurt the feelings of a homosexual. Truth can be damned as the militants and their agenda get preferential treatment.

Just yesterday I reported on a similar situation in Adelaide where a pamphlet quoting medical journals and AIDS Councils about the health risks of homosexuality was labelled “hate speech” as well:

It gets even worse: in this video clip you have a mentally-confused and morally short-changed councillor calling it “social terrorism”! I kid you not:

As to ongoing attempts at ramming Islamic sharia down our throats, consider these two recent cases. The first comes from Washington, D.C.:

A complaint that says crosses at Catholic school are “offensive”, and prevent Muslim prayers, has been filed against Catholic University in Washington, D.C. It is only the latest in an endless series of demands for Sharia Law adherence by Muslims in America.
The complaint to the Washington, D.C. Office of Human Rights, filed by a leftist professor from rival George Washington University, says there are “too many crosses in every room of Catholic University” which is a “human rights violation that prevents Muslim students from praying there.”

And get a load of this craziness from Northern Ireland. This sort of headline is now getting to be a broken record: “Christian pastor to be charged with HATE CRIME after calling Islam ‘Satanic’.”

The story begins:

A Christian preacher who described Islam as “satanic” and “heathen” is to be prosecuted. Pastor James McConnell triggered controversy when he said he did not trust Muslims during a firebrand sermon at his north Belfast church last year.
State prosecutors have deemed the comments to be “grossly offensive” in law, and have launched a legal action against him. The pastor has since apologised for causing any offence after meeting delegates at the city’s Islamic Centre. The prosecution seems to be based on the fact the pastor’s sermon was streamed online.

Well there you have it folks: five more shocking cases of sharia in action: three from the homosexual tyrants and two from the Muslim activists. There is no end in sight from either camp. Both have vowed to destroy freedom and democracy as they attempt to remake all of society into their image.

This is an all-out war, and it is up to us whether we simply lose all our freedoms, or whether we stand and fight. I know what I am going to do.

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14 Replies to “More Islamic and Homosexual Sharia”

  1. Surely the name “Catholic University” would be a hint at the presence of a cross or two. Call me weird or bigoted but if you attend a Catholic University you should expect to see references to christianity.

  2. Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows: What is to happen once Islamists and secularist civil libertarians have successfully pushed Biblical Christianity underground? – Will the two unlikely political bedfellows then set about to devour each other?

  3. Can someone tell me why Muslims are studying in a place called Catholic University?

    It continues to puzzle me how people get away with bringing complaints about the Cross, whether it be in a building or wearing one. I am not a great fan of all the ‘Uman Rights stuff, but when one reads Article 18, it does clearly state:
    “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.”

    In other words, Catholic University (which I presume is indeed a Catholic institution) is a place where one would obviously expect people to manifest the sign of the Cross, either on a wall or on their persons. OK… so according to Article 18, the Muslims have a right to manifest their religion as well… but surely not at the expense of the Catholic/Christian one. Has anyone actually placed Article 18 in front of the American lawyers?

  4. I heard this week from Gideon’s that a large number of Australian hotels/motels are not allowing the Gideon’s to put bibles in the rooms. “The muslims are complaining”. They are also now banned from the majority of public hospitals in Brisbane and public schools are starting to say no as well.

    I think we need to start complaining louder when we see abominations. Obviously complaining works! Just yesterday I complained to a ‘cheap shop’ about the pornographic image on the birthday cards. The guy just looked guilty. The pity was, my young daughter saw it first and was suitably horrified. She didn’t need that image burned on her retina!

  5. So a leftist professor in an American university said there are “too many crosses in every room of Catholic University” which is a “human rights violation that prevents Muslim students from praying there.”

    But as far as that professor cares, probably its OK for Muslim Saudi Arabia to totally proscribe Christianity in the entire kingdom, not just in any higher education institutes.

    Lefty thinking is ‘different’, isn’t it. The word ‘illogical’ springs to mind.

  6. Sharon, thank you for this information about Gideon’s bible. I will circulate it.

    I really think that the phrase, “the Muslims are complaining” might eventually become a rallying point because ordinary Australians have had a gutful of this less than two percent of people who refuse to assimilate yet benefit from Australian taxpayers.

  7. Antonia, I have been thinking that maybe Christians need to start complaining in the hospitals and hotels and motels to staff that there is not a bible and that we would like one. Start asking the school principals when Gideon’s will be attending to do the year 7 & 8 talk on the bible. etc.
    The more we promote a demand for bibles, the more they might be inclined to provide one.
    Christians could also put them in any rental properties they own.

  8. I’m not really sure where I stand on this. I am a Christian and I do agree with the Bible in regards to homosexuality being a sin. I guess I don’t see how this is any different then other sin though. Businesses provide services for all people, grant it we might not be aware of all of their sins all the time but I guarantee they are there. Should we not serve an obese person at a restaurant because they are a glutton? That’s just one example. Not to mention what kind of example is that as Christians. I think it only angers gays and lesbians. As it would anyone living in any kind of sin. Can we be witnesses for Christ without compromising our believes and still show the love of Christ?

  9. I think I’ll object to carpets in public buildings they stop me from praying there. I’m not sure if that is perfect parallel, but it sounds just as silly.

    As for refusing someone a cake being a case of mental rape- I could never have worked that out on my own!

  10. Thanks Sue, but a few problems here. First, as I clearly state in my commenting rules, I really need a full name here. But I will let you sneak in.

    As a Christian you should know where you stand on this. As to homosexuality and sin, two things: one, yes there are varying degrees of sin. See here for the details:

    And two, there is a concentrated effort by the activists to silence all opposition, and target any who dare to differ. This is about the rights of small business owners to be able to faithfully follow their consciences and religious convictions and not be coerced into going against them. Do you really think it is right that a Christian couple had to lose their business and pay $135,000 in fines for offending someone’s feelings? There were plenty of bakers the lesbians could have gone to, but they deliberately picked on the Christian one. It as a set up job from day one. And of course these Christians and others like them have never refused to serve a homosexual. It is only when an official event like a homosexual wedding is involved that they declined. Now they are out of money and out of work – all due to homosexual activism aimed at shutting down all opposition to their agenda. There are countless cases like this. See here for a few more:

    And so what that some homosexuals are angered by believers staying true to their faith and conscience? Sinners will always hate it when biblical truth is proclaimed and lived out. Jesus got people upset all the time. Should he have just shut up therefore? Also, the most loving thing we can do for a homosexual is tell them the truth – that is our Christian responsibility. See here for example:

    And of course obesity is not caused by gluttony in all cases. Nor do we have gluttony pride marches and gluttony awareness day, where activists are forcing us all to embrace gluttony, or suffer the consequences. So apples and oranges there. I am afraid you need to think more clearly here – and more biblically as well. But thanks for writing in.

  11. If EVERY Christian who needs/wants accommodation whilst traveling, whether for work or play, asks, “Are there Gideon’s bibles in your rooms?” then we can easily begin the fight back today. If the answer is “Yes”, express your delight and book a room. If the answer is “No”, then express your disapproval and tell them “No thanks. I’ll book elsewhere.”


  12. I hadn’t thought of that, Kev, though we do leave bibles in cabins or units we stay at when there aren’t any there.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

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