Speaking Truth on Homosexual Marriage and Parenting

If you went by the mainstream media version of events, there is only one truth out there: homosexual marriage is a must, and children do not need a mother and a father. The militants in the homosexual lobby and all their willing groupies in the MSM sing from this page incessantly.

It is THE party line, and no one must divert from it. The activists and their media supporters know full well how propaganda and indoctrination works: just keep saying the same thing over and over again, while censoring out all contrary points of view.

It seems they have learned well the lessons of past experts in the manipulation of information. It was Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister, who once said, “If you tell any lie long enough, often enough, and loud enough, people will come to believe it.”

And that is exactly how truth is crucified and radical agendas are implemented. Keep the party line going at all costs, and refuse to run with any alternative points of view. We find this all the time in most Western media outlets. They are propagandists for all things homosexual. If, by some minor miracle, a contrary point of view is heard, it is as rare as it is remarkable.

An example of this occurred last night, and I almost fell out of my chair when I came across it. And it happened on the ABC no less. My only guess is they have been taking so much heat for their obvious secular left bias that they felt the need to offer a token view that differs from their own.

faust 2I guess they think if they actually allow a conservative voice on, maybe once every few months, that will allow them to claim that they are balanced and fair. Anyway, back to last night’s shocker. Katy Faust, who was raised by lesbians, and opposes homosexual marriage, was actually allowed onto Lateline last night.

She has an incredible story to tell, and her articles in defence of heterosexual marriage and the rights of children to be raised by their own mother and father are superb. She even gave expert testimony to the Supreme Court before its recent marriage decision. I discuss her in more detail here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2015/02/03/homosexual-marriage-listen-to-the-children/

She is here in Australia to speak on behalf of marriage and managed to get on to Tony Jones’ program last night. Of course because she has been there and done that, she was hard to pin down by the lefty, pro-homosexual host. Indeed, she gave rock solid answers so she could not be gainsaid.

So Jones had to play the religion card – once again – trying to undermine her testimony by implying she is merely a religious bigot. But that did not work, as Katy handily answered him:

TONY JONES: Now Katy, did you find God somewhere in this journey towards anti-gay marriage?

KATY FAUST: Well, I was not raised a Christian, but I did become a Christian in high school.

TONY JONES: And did that change things? I mean, did you decide that homosexuality was against the Scriptures, against God’s will, something of that nature?

KATY FAUST: Well, I – it took a long time, honestly, for me to get on board with what biblical sexuality says, because there’s a very fierce protectiveness I think that all children have for their parents, but what I was delighted to find when I read Scripture is that God has an incredible heart for the orphan and that he’s very concerned with the plight of children. And that lines up very much with where we need to go in this discussion, which is focusing on the rights of children primarily as opposed to emphasising the desires of adults, which tend to take centre stage when we’re talking about this issue.

The entire seven minute video is well worth watching. Let me offer a few highlights from the transcript:

TONY JONES: Now how is it that the daughter of lesbian mothers has become a leading opponent of gay marriage? How does that work?

KATY FAUST: Simply because I recognised that while my mother was a fantastic mother and most of what I do well as a mother myself I do because that’s how she parented me, she can’t be a father. Her partner, an incredible woman – both of these women have my heart – cannot be a father either. Children have a right to be in relationship with their mother and father whenever possible, and as a society, we shouldn’t normalise a family structure that requires children to lose one or both parents to be in that household.

TONY JONES: Now trying to sway the US Supreme Court to rule against gay marriage, you wrote to Justice Anthony Kennedy before that vote and you said you used to say, “I’m happy my parents got divorced so I could get to know all you wonderful women.” Now you seemed to be saying that was all a lie.

KATY FAUST: Well, there’s a lot of pressure on children of gay parents to please their parents, to sort of carry the banner forward for them and you can read about this not just in conservative publications, but even books like Families Like Mine, which was publicised by a pro-gay marriage daughter of gays and she admitted and several of the kids in that book admitted that it’s very difficult to be honest about this because of the political pressure surrounding this topic. There’s several children that have contacted me even since I started writing about this saying, “I agree with you, but I’ll never come out and speak about this publicly because my relationship with my parent is too tenuous.”

TONY JONES: Now after your parents divorced, because you originally had a father and a mother. They divorced. Your father, you say, went off with other women. Why have you focused your main criticism on the homosexual part of the equation and not your father?

KATY FAUST: Well, I think that I’m pretty fair in my statements to say that whether you’re heterosexual or homosexual, children have rights. And adults – the onus needs to be on adults to conform to the rights of children rather than children fitting into an adult’s lifestyle. And certainly, I don’t think that homosexuals are responsible by any means for the crisis that we face in America when it comes to family structure these days. Absolutely, heterosexuals have led the way on that charge. I got into this discussion primarily because what I heard from the gay lobby was that children don’t care who’s raising them, right? That children are just fine if it’s two men or two women. And the reality is that anybody that’s talked to a child who has lost a parent, whether through divorce, abandonment, third-party reproduction or death, kids absolutely care. Family structure matters to children. And so I heard the LBGT lobby saying it doesn’t care – they don’t care and I don’t think that that’s reality.

As I say, have a listen to the entire interview. Faust was terrific and Jones was left wondering what he got himself into. Check it out, since this may well be a once-off from the ABC. And as I also say, trying to get a bit of truth into the MSM is a herculean task.

It somehow managed to take place last night, but recall what we are up against. The ABC has already featured hundreds, probably thousands, of pro-homosexual stories not just on Lateline, but on so many of its programs. To get one competing story does not even come close to offsetting all those.

The truth is, there are many who have made a cogent case for traditional marriage and the need for children to have a mum and a dad – even in secular language. Yet most of these folks never get a hearing from the MSM. I for example have written three books and hundreds of articles in which I seek to make the non-religious case for heterosexual marriage.

Many others have as well. But the MSM simply ignores and censors all that. Yet they have the gall to claim we are obsessed with homosexuality. Um, no, it is them who are obsessed. I especially like how US presidential candidate Ted Cruz recently answered a hostile reporter on these matters:

REPORTER: Do you have a personal animosity against gay Americans?
CRUZ: Do you have a personal animosity against Christians sir? Your line of questioning is highly curious. You seem fixated on a particular subject. Look, I’m a Christian. Scripture commands us to love everybody and what I have been talking about, with respect to same-sex marriage, is the Constitution which is what we should all be focused on. The Constitution gives marriage to elected state legislators. It doesn’t give the power of marriage to a president, or to unelected judges to tear down the decisions enacted by democratically elected state legislatures.

I am so thankful for people like Ted Cruz and Katy Faust. We need more like them. They are brave enough to stand against the homosexual/media juggernaut and speak truth, wherever they can. We need to share their words far and wide.

Thank you Katy for coming to Australia and being a brave warrior for truth, for marriage, and for our children. We salute you.


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12 Replies to “Speaking Truth on Homosexual Marriage and Parenting”

  1. Thank you, Bill! Even though there may be some attempt at slanting coverage of Katie Faust, I think this is so good. I’ve just remembered what happened with the media covering the NT euthanasia battle back in the mid-1990s – as an example 60 Minutes was disgustingly biased to euthanasia, running with the story of Mr Dent I think. But after we knocked euthanasia out of the NT, 60 Minutes had jumped onto the victorious bandwagon and I think let Mr Dent’s son blast Dr Death. We should stay open to amazing turnarounds and work and pray for them.

  2. I don’t think that gay marriage is the main game for the LBGT. I tend to think it’s a diversionary tactic to achieve their greater goal whatever that might be.

  3. What’s the agenda? godless children raised primarily by the state. Break down the family/identity/sexual mores. and there you have it..robots. and coincidentally more likely to be open to relationship with a grown man.

  4. Yes we already know what they want Michael – they have told us! It is the complete social acceptance, celebration and promotion of their lifestlye, and the complete shutdown of all opposition. Marriage is just a side show and a means to get to their real agenda goals.

  5. Dear Bill, thank you for this encouraging post. We are tired of the media bias and the constant pro-gay bias. Monday night’s Australian Story program was concerning. One felt profoundly sorry for the young lady who wanted to become a man. Science has lost its moral compass in assisting her with testosterone and clever surgery, but she will never be a complete man and forever remain mixed up emotionally. I feel sorry for the children in these mixed up families. I also endorse Michael Mercier’s observation.

  6. What a breath of fresh air, and so well spoken!
    A female caller rang the 3AW Drive program last night, and complained that the Marriage Alliance should be allowed to run paid advertisements on 3AW. Tom Elliott gave a fairly weak response that both sides of the arguement should be heard. Such is the MSM compliance with the Gay agenda, that they don’t need to pay to have their arguement put forward! Where’s the “diversity” in media presenters?

  7. On Page 4 of today’s (Friday’s) “Australian” there is a large advertisement, endorsed by 46 Aboriginal people groups and tribes “representing the Aboriginal people of Australia”, and which strongly opposes same-sex marriage.
    Pointing to the very ancient Aboriginal tradition of marriage between man and woman, the ad says, among other things, that: “It is an affront to the Aboriginal people of Australia to suggest another definition of marriage.”
    It will be interesting to see the response, if any, from the activists and the Left in general.

  8. Hi Bill,
    Just wanted to thank you for this post. I have given up watching lateline and QandA. Katy Faust is amazing, she didn’t get ruffled by Tony. Praise God for her wonderful heart! Wonderful ad in The Australian by the Aboriginals too.
    You know I wonder if all the difficulties we as Christians have on this issue are only because God has something coming that will surprise us so much we will know it was by His might and power and not by our efforts!
    That’s not to say we shouldn’t speak up.
    Keep on keeping on Bill.

  9. Dear Bill, Like you we couldn’t believe what we were hearing when Katy Faust was interviewed by Tony Jones. She was so good in her attitude and all her answers. We are saddened as we hear too often many brought up in Christian homes displaying great ignorance and defending the Gays rights to have “love and equality”. I blame the churches for a lot of this. They have been silent too long.

  10. Thank you Bill, for your insightful articles.

    Re: “I blame the churches for a lot of this. They have been silent too long.” It is because people are just not doing their homework as they are supposed to.
    * The “gays” have “have told us their intention! It is the complete social acceptance” and nothing less. Their final goal is also DESTRUCTION of ALL MARRIAGE.
    * Why? because most “gays” are particularly HOSTILE to any idea of God, but even they find their lives particularly unsettling … unless they get justification from public acceptance (as confirmed in THEIR OWN literature).
    * Lawyers advise that there is NO SUCH THING as a “right” to marry for anybody. Never has been. Otherwise the law would allow incestuous “marriage”; between siblings, etc. But the “gay” move actually opens up the possibility for “justification” for ALSO just these kinds obscene anti-social and damaging scenarios.
    * All Christians must take note of what has happened, eg
    – in Canada (where there is now NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH – one is FORBIDDEN to object to the behaviour of “gays” and can be JAILED for (supposed) “hate speech”.
    – in the USA, where similarly, people are being JAILED just for declining to break God’s law and accede to various “gay” demands: one is, eg FORBIDDEN to decline issuing “marriage” licences to them; FORBIDDEN to declining to perform “gay marriages”; FORBIDDEN to decline “gay” demands for “marriage” photography; FORBIDDEN to decline to make “gay-specific wedding cakes”.
    * So we NOW have PERSECUTION AGAINST CHRISTIANS even in FIRST-world countries where the “thought-police” can JAIL us — as if ISIS was not enough for Christians to contend with, and as if more than 100,000 each year slaughters of Christians were not enough!
    * Such “Homo-FASCISM” makes it ever-so-easy for Satan to take over the world COMPLETELY.
    Satan would not even need just the world-financial-system to bring the world to its knees and bow to him.
    * It appears to be one of the “signs” foretold by Jesus: about the “abomination of desolation taking over the holiest of places / institutions” (in the form of “gay” demands to invade the sacred institution of Marriage and other sacred traditions) — also meaning that “gays” would have ADDITIONAL PRIVILEGES compared to ordinary people.
    * AND basic logic should tell us that the push for “gay-marriage” effectively means the DESTRUCTION of MARRIAGE. How?
    “If Marriage can mean ANY concept at anyone’s selfish whim, then ALL Marriage means NOTHING”
    Why? because: to elevate grotesque sodomy to the sacred level of REAL Marriage, is to effectively consign ALL Marriages to the the rubbish bin.
    * In addition, since “gays” now demand that they should be allowed to adopt children; to IVF and to surrogate wombs, civilized people are OBLIGED to consider: WHAT POSSIBLE BENEFIT could there be to ANY child, when most “gay” lifestyles is the most IRRESPONSIBLE imaginable (eg, by THEIR own admission in THEIR own literature involves much “revolving-door-relationships and bed-hopping).
    * Christians are also WARNED not to allow such IRRESPONSIBLE changes in the Law. Why? because “Woe to those who call evil ‘good’, and call good ‘evil’; who calls darkness ‘light’, and calls light ‘darkness’” (Isaiah 5:20)

    * We must remember that WILLFUL IGNORANCE and SILENCE … IS COMPLICITY.

  11. My 6 year old and I were out yesterday and he spotted a Vote Greens sign and asked me if they were a good party. I said ” No” and he asked why and I replied “Because they believe in allowing 2 men or 2 women to marry.” Without hesitation he said ” That’s terrible, so the kids with 2 dads would not have a mummy? That’s wrong!!” If a 6 year old can see this…why can’t/won’t they?

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