The Gaystapo Crackdown on Christianity

Once upon a time governments operated circumspectly, engaging in simple things like keeping the roads in good shape and collecting the garbage. Increasingly however Western governments are becoming coercive utopians, pushing the agendas of radical minority groups.

The Victorian Labor government is certainly competing with others to become one of the most fascist and draconian governments around, cracking down on the majority of its citizens in order to cater to the activist groups. For example, it has recently told us that Christmas carols have to go, and it wants baby killing to go on unhindered. See here:

danger_aheadNow it wants to attack every single person in the state who might have problems with homosexuality, and are in any way there to help those with unwanted same-sex attraction. While it speaks about seeking to ban all “gay conversion therapy,” the draconian impact of such moves must be fully understood.

Let me first offer how one newspaper report runs with this very worrying push:

The state government will attempt to crack down on so-called gay conversion therapy through a new public watchdog with the power to investigate people purporting to “cure” or suppress homosexuality….
[The Victorian government] has vowed to take a zero-tolerance approach on anyone attempting to treat homosexuality as a disorder that can be fixed through medical or therapeutic means. Legislation will be introduced into parliament later this year to establish a new watchdog – the Health Complaints Commissioner – with the power to investigate and sanction anyone claiming they can treat homosexuality.
While registered practitioners can already be investigated by authorities, the legislation will close a loophole that currently exists regarding unregistered practitioners making unproven claims that they can convert gay people.
“If they are found to be making false claims and to be acting in a manner that puts people’s physical, mental or psychological health, safety or welfare at risk, the Commissioner will be able to ban them from providing such services,” said Health Minister Jill Hennessy.
“We have zero tolerance for any person purporting to be able to ‘convert’ gay people through medical or therapeutic means. Any attempts to make people feel uncomfortable with their own sexuality is completely unacceptable.”
News of the government’s plans come a week after The Sunday Age reported on the growing push behind the scenes to combat the “ex-gay movement”, which essentially views homosexuality as a sin and remains an insidious part of evangelical church culture in Australia.
Part of the problem, however, is that the size and prevalence of the movement remains unclear, and it is not entirely known to what extent conversion therapy is still being used, either through religious organisations attempting to “pray away the gay” or less formal structures.
In Canberra, Greens senator Robert Simms will move a motion when federal parliament resumes next month, calling on the Turnbull government to investigate potential reforms and urging the states and territories to implement laws banning conversion practices.
Meanwhile, in Victoria, state Greens MP Sam Hibbins has called for a parliamentary inquiry to uncover the extent of the problem and assist in preventing it.

Other states are moving in the same direction, with a nation-wide crackdown looming:

Last April, COAG’s health council also agreed to the terms of a National Code of Conduct for health care workers, which is designed to keep a tighter check on unregistered health practitioners. Gay conversion therapy is expected to fall under the code.

For anyone able to get beyond the double speak here, the implications of all this should be utterly shocking. This of course will not be limited to a few specialist groups helping homosexuals, but will extend to anyone and everyone who even seeks to interact or converse with homosexuals.

Notice how “evangelical churches” were already specifically mentioned in the report above. This is a direct assault on not only Christians, but on all religious and cultural groups which may have any unease about the homosexual lifestyle. And the totalitarian implications of all this should be lost on none of us.

While ex-homosexual groups will certainly be targeted, this is an open-ended assault on all groups and individuals who may seek to help and even pray for homosexuals. If a church has a counselling centre or a pastoral care team, and a homosexual comes in, seeking help for his unwanted attractions, they too will easily fall under such legislation.

If a home Bible study group or a parachurch ministry even offers up prayer for such individuals seeking assistance, they too will undoubtedly fall under this Big Brother legislation. Indeed, simply consider the frightening things being said here.

Consider the phrase “unregistered health practitioners”. Just who and what groups might this apply to? As mentioned, will a group of concerned Christian street preachers who are asked for prayer by a homosexual be arrested if they do pray for such a person?

If a church service has a healing or deliverance ministry underway, and a person with unwanted homosexual attractions comes forward for prayer, will the entire church be shut down by the authorities for violating these new gaystapo laws?

This is utterly shocking stuff, and every person valuing freedom and religious liberty should be completely incensed by these moves. We all must speak out at how tiny minority groups are getting leftist governments and the heavy hand of the law on their side to persecute and oppress anyone with contrary viewpoints.

This is all-out war on the churches and on Christian conscience, as well as all other faith and cultural traditions which affirm the norm of heterosexuality. Just where will all this end? How many concerned Christians will end up in prison? How many parachurch groups will be forcibly shut down?

How many churches, and even entire denominations, will be dragged to the courts by all this pro-homosexual, anti-Christian bigotry? Of course those churches that never rock the boat, that never engage in anything controversial, and that simply tell people what they want to hear will have nothing to worry about.

But any church, ministry, or believer who is committed to Jesus Christ and the Word of God will be under direct frontal assault here. Be afraid – be very afraid. The homosexual Big Brother is coming to get you.

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  1. And I guess there’ll be a special exemption clause for Islam, in the name of cultural diversity, of course. I mean while you can’t pray for the deliverance of the homosexual from their unwanted sexual desires, will it be OK to throw them off the top of a building.

  2. That is just the point Jo – the Andrews’ government, the left and the gaystapo do not want those people to leave – they are not allowed, it is verboten! Big brother will not allow for any such moves out of homosexuality. That is how bad this sort of law is.

  3. I guess the government would see that someone who genuinely wants to leave that lifestyle, has probably been to see one of those nasty “pray the gay away” groups and is a victim of their sorcery. They would therefore need specialist
    reversion “therapy” not doubt at the expense of the government to bring them back to the government’s version of “normality”.
    I recall what one politician used to say about such things. He wold say in his inimitable down-to-earth style- “this is what happens when you put one foot on the sticky fly paper”.

  4. So, those people who leave a homosexual lifestyle are not allowed to leave!? So a friend of mine who got marveously set free from this lifestyle 20 years ago, got married to a woman and had 2 beautiful children will be forced to give it up to go back to the gaystapo’s control??

  5. It seems that this legislation is as much about stopping those who have chosen the homosexual lifestyle from choosing to leave it.

    As homosexuality is a sin like any other we can choose to commit, then, if those who commit it choose to stop it (ideally through conversion to Christianity), then it shouldn’t be an issue.

    They can stop being homosexuals anytime they choose and enjoy the blessings and aid that can only come through being a disciple of Christ and part of a congregation.

    If they are going to these ex-homosexual counselling / deliverance groups of their own volition, then it seems the legislation is as much about stopping them from making that choice.

    Much like someone who has escaped drug addiction, their testimony about the dangers carries more weight than a non-addict. We can’t spoil the narrative about how ‘gay’ their lives are.

    Thanks for your continuing faithfulness Bill.

  6. Yes you got it right Philip, Jeremy and Troy. This is much more sinister and diabolical than most folks realise; not only are those groups who want to help homosexuals being banned, but effectively homosexuals who want out are being told, “No you are not allowed – the State will force you to remain homosexual, whether you like it or not.”

  7. Bill, did you mean to say “This is all-out war on the churches and on Christian conscience, as well as all other faith and cultural traditions which affirm the norm of heterosexuality.”
    (Third last para)
    Should that not say ‘who oppose the new “norm” of homosexuality’?

  8. So when a man wants to ‘transition’ to a woman or vice versa, this is to be ‘celebrated’ and all possible help is allowed. But we can’t help a gay person become straight?

    And what about helping a straight person who wants to become gay? Would it be illegal to help them, or should we ‘celebrate’ it. Moot question really, it never happens; or at least I’ve never heard of it.

  9. To continue
    “At about 10.30PM that night a police sergeant told George and his team to ‘move on’ after he had mentioned some sins listed in the Bible. George and the group organiser, Ryan Hemelaar, asked for clarification. The female sergeant then said, “You have mentioned sin and the sin of homosexuality and have said Jesus Christ is the only way and you have offended people”.

  10. … and all of this ignores the actual science with separated twins, for example, that shows homosexuals are not born that way and the known science of how the human brain is plastic, especially at an early age, the testimonies of those who have been freed from homosexuality and the scientific results from organizations such as NARTH who had success rates with homosexuals similar to those with drug dependencies plus the well known celebrities who have apparently changed their “sexuality” etc., etc, . etc.

    The Labor Partly clearly is at war with Christianity and truth because now if you don’t adhere to this nonsense, you are not even allowed to be a member.

    Isa_5:20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil….

  11. Hi Bill

    I can see the following scenario happening:

    A gay person comes to a church pastor asking for “help”. The pastor agrees and there appears to be some progress being made then the person “changes their mind” and reports the pastor.

  12. Agree but with one point. you say ‘be afraid’ Bill.

    I know that one day I will face prosecution. I deal with such things as part of my ministry.

    but no, I’m not afraid. Jesus doesn’t want us to be afraid.

    As Paul said, let us count it all joy….

  13. Could it be that the government wants to crack down on all alternative health providers and this is the cover? A good way to sell fascist laws to the Christian hating public (majority)
    I am sure that the pharma companies would love to restrict natural remedies, making us even more reliant on paying them our dollar?

  14. Same sex attracted people who regret the lifestyle and want out, should not be going to a third party for “help”. They should square up to their dilemma and figure it out for themselves. Will power, strength of character and internal dialogue will be required. It is a private matter.

  15. Why are the nations so angry? Why do they waste their time with futile plans? The kings of the earth prepare for battle; the rulers plot together against the LORD and against his anointed one. – Psalm 2
    This whole thing is absurdity. Ultimately they’re wanting to ‘ban’ Jesus because its not any so called ‘unregistered health provider’ or evangelical church or any believing individual that can ‘convert’ a homosexual, it is Jesus who sets men and women free from the living prison of sexual sin.
    Psalm 2 describes the attitude here perfectly.

  16. Thanks Rachel. But breaking free from any sexual addiction is quite difficult, and there is nothing amiss in getting help. Indeed, we need each other, and God designed us to grow and develop through one another. So it is not a mere private matter, and we should be resisting these anti-Christian laws which prevent people from getting the help they are seeking.

  17. Of course the rampant insanity of this is highlighted by the fact the same political side of government simultaneously promotes ‘transgenderism’, the idea that someone can change from a male to female and vice-versa. Apparently that isn’t a “false claim” or a “disorder” or “puts people’s physical, mental or psychological health, safety or welfare at risk”. It also couldn’t be classified as “attempts to make people feel uncomfortable with their own sexuality”. Or so they would claim. A man can change into a woman, but a man can’t ‘change’ into a man. Got that?

    I could say these people are scientifically illiterate, blind, insane and evil hypocrites, but to me that doesn’t go far enough. For their preparedness to abuse and rob the basic freedoms of Australians – and feel they are on moral high ground in doing so – it is far more accurate to consider them tinpot mini-dictators. To call them the gaystapo is 100% accurate. The Nazis thought what they were doing was for the greater good too, even as the next boxcar full of undesirables arrived for processing, and even as they built Auschwitz II because camp I couldn’t cope with the sheer weight of numbers. Being convinced of your own moral goodness no matter what is just about the worst blindness that can exist in human beings. Any evil becomes possible.

    This is what happens when a nation abandons the rational anchor of God. Any idea that comes to anyone’s mind can be considered as reasonable, rather than measured against a standard. And freedom is a good broad essential standard to discuss here. Even God allows atheists to believe whatever they do, even though I think that what they believe about the origin of life is as sensible as believing in invisible solid metal round squares.

    Despite the fact some misotheists would like to portray Christians as some kind of existential threat to them, the truth is I am compelled to follow God’s gold absolute standard (note: not my own malleable one) and afford them exactly the same rights as I want to enjoy. As Jesus said “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” (Luke 6:31) If I want to follow God, I cannot just abandon reasonable treatment of others. Jesus also said it another way “Love your neighbour as yourself.” (Mt 22:39)

    I might add, He was actually quoting from Leviticus 19 when He said that. Have a think about what moral laws happen to exist in close proximity on either side of that. But I digress.

    The simple fact is this: if people do not seek this kind of help, it will not be forced on them. Like a shopfront on a street, you can walk in, or walk on by. Don’t like what someone is promoting or selling? Fine, ignore it. The worst of it is over and you can get on with whatever it was you were doing. But that is not enough – people must be forced to the korrekt™ line of thinking! That’s why they are the gaystapo.

    The wider issue of infringement of freedom of conscience and self-determination of people’s own lives should be offensive to everybody, even people who think homosexuality is OK. If some people still want to defend this, I merely say, imagine if those exact same powers were reversed.

    If you are still for this, you don’t understand what living in a free country actually entails. You really don’t. Nothing happens when you encounter something you disagree with and aren’t forced to participate in. Life goes on exactly the same, at least it does if you have the emotional maturity that an adult should. I hope nobody plans to take similar freedom of thought away from you. History is replete with examples of what follows such ideas.

  18. We have here a pink version of Shariah. Anyone admitting to leaving behind homosexuality can only expect to lose their jobs and receive death threats.

    Robert Oscar Lopez was raised by two lesbians who led him into life of homosexuality and prostitution. Later he escaped from this and is now married with children. But the gay mob are not happy with this and want to kill him.

    David Skinner UK

  19. A mark of being human is to be able to make choices: to choose what to think and how to feel. Not even God in heaven will take away this sovereign right. Not so with the ruling Marxist elites in government and the BBC; they have the arrogance and presumption to take over our consciences and proscribe against those thoughts and feelings they have decided we are not permitted to have.

    Jane Hill is a very high profile BBC Newsreader who comes across as the very model of a confident, self -assured, English rose, whom every parent would love to have as a daughter or daughter in law.

    The great surprise to many however is that she is militant lesbian. Watch and listen to her ignorant and overbearing interview of reparative therapist, Joe Nicolosi and the way he skilfully leads her to the unavoidable conclusion that none of us has any choice except what she and gay mafia will allow us.

    Watch and listen to Jane Hill, the BBC English rose, being intervied on Gaydar, the gay dating radio station.

    “The notion that always makes me laugh is that Gaydar is for dating,” says the comic and playwright Tim Fountain. “Let’s be honest. Gaydar is for shagging.” Fountain’s one-man show, Sex Addict, caused controversy at Edinburgh in 2004 when he trawled Gaydar each night in front of an audience to arrange an assignation for later that evening; he was forced to look elsewhere when “some pretty heavy duty lawyers” demanded that he stop using the site in the show.
    “I’m not saying there aren’t exceptions, but their brand has always tried to pretend for commercial reasons that it was about this soft focus thing called ‘dating’, whereas you only have to enter the chatrooms to see what’s really going on.” Fountain’s show came about after he had a group of friends around for lunch some years ago, back when Gaydar was still relatively unknown. “My straight friends were amazed by how quickly you could pull, and how easy it is to get sex.
    “In a way the web has turned us all into hookers. Certainly on one level I think Gaydar is fantastic for young men growing up, but there’s no use pretending that they’re there for friendship. Go into the friendship chatroom and compare the numbers in the watersports room and in the fisting room, it pretty quickly tells you what it’s about.”

    David Skinner UK

  20. The Very Rev lesbian, Sharon Ferguson, of the Metropolitan Church, like an out of control 100 ton truck, squashes anyone and anything in her path . Sitting next to her is the shrivelled, dried up and twisted soul, Michael King, from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, London.

    Her argument, that trying to change someone from being queer to straight is like trying to change someone from being left handed to right handed, ignores the fact gays are not born with two left hands or two left feet. They are born with both left and right hands that complement one another and work in concert. One does the work whilst the other supports the other- just in the same way that the penis and vagina relate to one another, both in geometry and function.

    Moreover whether left handed or right handed, we in the West have to observe the custom of righting from left to right- not from right to left as with Islam, or from the top of the page to the bottom as with Chinese. Writing from right to left, mirror writing, like Leonard Da Vinci, would be far more natural for left handed people, but then the majority of people in the World would not understand what they had written.

    The “lovely” Sharon Ferguson claims that the research show that children brought up by lesbians are better adjusted to the World than those brought up in straight families.
    I an only imagine that any children brought up by Sharon would have had all the stuffing out them, so that like zombies they conformed exactly to political correctness

    David Skinner UK

  21. Bill, thanks for alerting us to that – it is very disturbing for ideologues to try to prohibit the liberty of any individual to seek professional or pastoral help. I agree that untrained people should not delve deeply into complex sexual matters, but the testimonies of so many men who have sought and gained deep help and personal liberty from trained psychologists cannot be dismissed so easily. Your readers might consider the selection of real-life stories at I have spoken with the clinical psychologist who compiles those client stories. He is alway careful to say there is no place for simplistic talk of ‘cure’ but he and other psychologists I have spoken with know, from thousands of cases, that structured counselling of this type is meeting a deep need. How tyrannical of Mr Andrews to attempt to ban a young man’s autonomous right to modify unwanted sexual impulses.

  22. We have similar motions raised twice in the UK Parliament, regrettably the first time by my local MP Geraint Davies. The arguments used by the politicians in favour of banning conversion therapy are very similar to that supporting same sex marriage, but this time the ambition as note by Bill is further a censorship on the church of ultimately preaching the gospel, as homosexuality is a sin.
    My objection letters can be found:

  23. “The “lovely” Sharon Ferguson claims that the research show that children brought up by lesbians are better adjusted to the World than those brought up in straight families.” DOn’t believe the research. Investigations into the type of research (psychological) leading to the above nonsense shows the inaccuracy of such research.
    “Science recently published the results of a massive study with more than 250 coauthors “estimating the reproducibility of psychological science.”4 After conducting replications of 100 studies that were published in three psychology journals, the researchers found only 39 percent of the effects replicated the original result. Reproducibility is one of the three pillars of science.5 An experiment repeated under the same conditions should produce similar results; if it doesn’t, then it’s back to the drawing board. Yet it appears 61 percent of psychology studies fail this test.” (Dr. High Henry Is the Peer Review Process Advancing Science?15/1/16 -Reasons to Believe.)

  24. There is however a big problem here, which no doubt we will have the opportunity to discuss later. We have psychotherapy which some Christians sincerely believe is Satanic, i.e., it is tapping into the subconscious world of Freud and Jung.

    Psychotherapists avoid talking about sin and prefer instead to speak only of the discomfort of those who are saddled with homosexual desires. They would say that a person has an emotional disorder due to some childhood trauma, or due to being seduced, or simply through cultural pressure to experiment with polysexuality. But the question must be what else would we regard as a disorder that can simply be dealt with through therapy – murder, stealing, lying, gossip, blasphemy, adultery, paedophilia, incest, bestiality, rape and fornication etc.? Are they not all of a piece?

    On the other hand we have the political elites who want to take away our right to choose what we think, feel and believe.

    I believe we see here, on the one side, the therapist desperately trying to remove himself from making moral judgements and on the other side the blatant, denial, double standards, deception of gay lobbies like Stonewall.
    We now have legislation for behaviour that Christians consider sinful, without any conscience clause being permitted. Isn’t that the issue and not that someone feels fed up with their homosexual desires?

    David Skinner UK

  25. What utter hypocrisy! Sodomite activists used to say that what consenting adults did together was none of the government’s business. So if adults want to discuss changing their voluntary sexual behaviour, what is the activists’ problem?

    In trying to make change illegal, the ‘gay’ movement thereby testifies that change is indeed possible, and that no-one is born that way. Take anything illegal: it is possible to do it.

  26. The Victorian state government is starting to sound like Islam, you can’t leave the faith.

  27. A very interesting article in the paper today on how gays bully and discriminate so viciously-
    “…no group campaigns for equality, love and inclusiveness harder than the gay community. How can a movement that’s so heartwarming and positive consist of people so lacking in basic social etiquette?”

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