Hey Deranged Adults: Keep Your Evil Hands Off Our Children

When adults sexually assault children we condemn this in the strongest possible terms, and rightly seek to lock up for a very long time the perpetrators for their grossly evil actions. There is not much worse that we can do to young and defenceless children.

But our governments and activist sexperts are effectively doing the same to our children right now – and we subsidise it all with our tax dollars. Radical social engineers and sexual revolutionaries have declared war on our children, and the lasting damage they are inflicting on vulnerable kids is hardly much different than actual paedophilia. Both are destroying our children.

These adult social activists are targeting your children and mine, and they do not give a rip how much harm they are causing in the process. It is time to say no to this madness and reclaim our children from the radicals who are out to destroy them.

Consider the latest outrage being perpetrated against our children, this time from the UK. The headline alone is shocking enough: “Children as young as 13 to be asked whether they are ‘gender fluid’, ‘demi-girl’ or ‘intersex’: Official survey asks pupils to pick from a list of TWENTY-FIVE genders”. The article begins:

trans 10Children as young as 13 have been invited to describe their gender as any one of 25 different options in a Government-backed survey. The choices put before teenagers in research for the Children’s Commissioner for England include ‘gender fluid’, ‘demi-girl’ and ‘tri-gender’.
The list of alternatives is being offered to children as part of a campaign to ‘find out how gender matters to young people’. Youngsters are also asked whether they feel safe using single-sex toilets, and if their school should have unisex ones instead.
Other questions include whether their school should have just one unisex uniform. The research, described by one of its authors as ‘committed to feminist methodologies’, was condemned by critics who said it was biased and politically motivated.

Not everyone is pleased with this, and at least a few voices of sanity remain in the UK:

Critics last night accused the research of ‘exploiting’ teenagers for political ends. Author and family researcher Patricia Morgan said: ‘It is obviously biased. It amounts to the exploitation of children for the purposes of gender pressure groups.’ Simon Calvert, of the Christian Institute, added that the survey could be ‘profoundly confusing’ for children, adding: ‘There aren’t 25 genders. There are two sexes. We feel for people who struggle with gender identity disorder but we must not let our sympathy for them outweigh our sympathy for the great mass of children who need to feel safe and protected.’

And one person who cares greatly about our children and our future weighed into this moonbattery with an incisive article today. Melanie Phillips begins her important piece this way:

Once upon a time, ‘binary’ was a mathematical term. Now it is an insult on a par with ‘racist’, ‘sexist’ or ‘homophobic’, to be deployed as a weapon in our culture wars. The enemy on this particular battleground is anyone who maintains that there are men and there are women, and that the difference between them is fundamental.
This ‘binary’ distinction is accepted as a given by the vast majority of the human race. No matter. It is now being categorised as a form of bigotry. Utterly bizarre? Scoff at your peril. It’s fast becoming an enforceable orthodoxy, with children and young people particularly in the frame for attitude reassignment.
Many didn’t know whether to be amused or bemused when the feminist ideologue Germaine Greer was attacked by other progressives for claiming that transgender men who became women after medical treatment were still men. What started as a baffling skirmish on the wilder shores of victim culture has now turned into something more menacing.
The Commons Women and Equalities Select Committee has produced a report saying transgender people are being failed. The issue is not just whether they really do change their sex. The crime being committed by society is to insist on any objective evidence for this at all. According to the committee, people should be able to change their gender at will merely by filling in a form. Instead of requiring evidence of sex-change treatment, Britain should adopt the ‘self-declaration’ model now used in Ireland, Malta, Argentina and Denmark. To paraphrase Descartes, ‘I think I am a man/woman/of no sex, therefore I am.’

Phillips continues:

The political class is obsessed by gender issues. I trust you are, too. Surely you can reel off the differences between trans, intersex, polygender, asexual, gender–neutral and genderqueer? Do keep up. We’re all gender fluid now, no?
No. Gender is not fluid. What is fluid, however, is the language.
The notion that gender can be deconstructed in accordance with ideology started in the 1970s when (ironically, in view of the Greer row) it was promoted by feminists for whom gender was not a biological fact but a social construct. But it’s not. Gender derives from a complex relationship between biological sex and behaviour. And nature and nurture are not easily separable. Some unfortunates feel they are trapped in the wrong gender. Surgery may or may not resolve this confusion. Many who change sex still don’t feel comfortable; tragically, some even commit suicide.
Crucially, however, such people are desperate to make that change. That’s because for trans people gender is certainly not irrelevant but is of all–consuming importance. Yet Miller and her committee would deprive them of the ability to announce their new sexual identity on passports or other official documents.
Is this not, by Miller’s own logic, cruelty to trans people? But of course logic doesn’t come into this. Gender politics is all about subjective feelings. It has nothing to do with fairness or equality. It embodies instead an extreme egalitarianism which holds that any evidence of difference is a form of prejudice.
If people want to identify with either gender or none, no one is allowed to gainsay it. Objective reality crumbles under the supremacy of subjective desire. Those who demur are damned as heartless.

She concludes:

You could say the West is very much on a journey. From divorce and lone parenthood to gay marriage, what was once regarded as a source of disadvantage or category error has been transformed into a human right. In the process, compassion has turned into oppression.
The Miller committee writes about one of its witnesses who talked about the government’s Advancing Transgender Equality plan: ‘Christie Elan-Cane told us that the plan was, from per [sic] point of view as a non-gendered person, “all plan and no action, because nothing resulted from it”.’
Yes, I also stumbled over what I thought was a typing error; but no, a footnote tells us: ‘Christie Elan-Cane asked us to use the non-gendered pronoun “per”.’ Such supine surrender to this hijack of language, the signature motif of totalitarian political systems, tells you more than anything else what’s in store for us.
Gender cannot be at real risk because it is anchored in an immutable reality. What is on the cards is oppression, socially engineered dysfunction and the loss of individual freedom. And it is so-called Conservative politicians who are helping wave the red flag of revolution.

One certainly does not need to be religious to be utterly incensed at this sort of diabolical social engineering of our children. But the words of Jesus certainly do come to mind here. You know, the words about those who would cause little ones to stumble having a millstone hung around their neck and being tossed into the sea.

These demented sexperts certainly are causing our little ones to stumble, and for doing so, I would be all in favour of rolling out the millstones.


Oh, and one last word. If anything, the social activists are being far too narrow, bigoted and discriminatory here. Why are they just whining about genders? They should of course be whining about the rights of the “trans-species” crowd as well.

Consider poor old 20-year-old Nano from Oslo, Norway who insists that she is a cat trapped in a human body. I kid you not. And I of course am a Dr Pepper trapped in a human body. So where are my rights? Why do people keep discriminating against me?

The madness is never ending. And it is our children who are the biggest losers here.


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17 Replies to “Hey Deranged Adults: Keep Your Evil Hands Off Our Children”

  1. Gen 1: 27 So God created man in His own image, in the image and likeness of God He created him; male and female He created them.
    Anything else is manmade.

  2. The devil wants the children:
    And he starts by getting them confused about the very core of their identity as God created them.
    Confusing them there-in is the basis for confusing in all aspects of thinking for the future as it impacts on literally every area of life, eg marriage & family, which the devil wants destroyed.
    This agenda is part of the anti-Christ’s drive for the end times.
    It also is about identifying with Jesus as the Son of God, who was male, who was circumcised.
    It is an attack & undermining of this identification with Christ as Saviour, the incarnated Lord of heaven.
    Women who live under the power of God’s Spirit have no problem identifying with Christ as the incarnated male Saviour.
    But Satan hates the incarnation with all his being & he will do everything he can to break the proper bond & identification with Christ, as he knows it is the core of Christian salvation, of any true salvation, for that matter.

  3. When will we Australian easy-going, laid-back, she’ll-be-right-mate suckers get mad enough to tell these Marxist-Cultural-Revolutionaries to go back to where they ideologically came from? At the ballot-box and every day in their electoral offices by mail, phone and email. And their emissaries the main-stream-media-nation-killers. Roll out mill-stones and I’ll come to the party! Thank you Bill you say it so well keep on saying it for the next gen. of Aussies. Maybe its not too late.

  4. Once you change the children, then its easy to control them once adults. Reading this article made me feel sick. I have never heard of most of those terminologies of sex and someone is having an agenda to be doing this.

  5. In essence, the governments are carrying out instructions given to them by their superiors. In Britain it is well known that government does not run the country, it is the top-level civil servants who do. There is a whole rats-nest of evil-doers working at high levels—in both the UK and Europe— to destroy society as we have known it, and government merely rubber-stamps things because it no longer has any real power.
    When we hear of children as young as four or five claiming to be trans-gender, we know the brainwashing has been more than successful…it has been a resounding triumph. As for the cat in a human body….I do wonder how the mainstream media manage to find these poor demented souls?

  6. Tthe Daily Mail newspaper also stated in its Comment section on 28 January:

    ” This questionnaire seems designed to sow uncertainty and distress in the minds of all-too-vulnerable adolescents. Following enquiries by this paper, the Children’s Commissioner yesterday scrapped the survey, insisting it was a ‘draft’. Will she explain, then, why she allowed her staff to endorse it?”

    It is indeed an attack on young people.

  7. The “lovely” Maria Miller, who heads op The Commons Women and Equalities Select Committee is going to have gender taken off all passports, so that we will all be genderless. So what is she doing introducing 21 genders into classrooms?

    Meet the “lovely” lady herself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlkaCtVbYZs

    In opposition to the Brits, I have heard that in America it will be a criminal offence to refer to someone by the wrong gender. This sounds like a game of Russian Roulette.

    David Skinner UK

  8. Proponents of the belief that anyone’s perception of reality is as valid as anyone else’s appeal to science.
    The woman who claims she is cat might demand her human or animal right to marry another cat or even dog, because she has a cat gene The man who thinks he is six years old girl will demand to be able to marry a six year old boy or girl because he has a six year old girl gene.
    The gays say there is a gay gene which causes them to feel the way they do and to deny a gay person the right to express their gayness is a form of racism – like denying a Jew or black person full recognition as a human being. This is racism on the same level as being member of the Klu Klux Klan [1]
    Indeed we could all say that we all have a dormant gene making us feel black or white, irrespective of the actual colour our skin.The way up till now we and society have seen us is simply a social construct. In other words, everyone is born with the potential to be black . A society that is exclusively and predominantly white is mainly the result of a socially-encouraged repression of the desire to be black. In a society where there were no pressures or privileges associated with being white, a lot more people would be black or yellow. Being coloured would cease to be a minority racial orientation and become something that almost everyone would experience.If everyone is potentially black, a six year old girl or a cat, then it is about the right of everyone to experience the joys of being black, six year old girl, or a cat without guilt or discrimination. It is obvious that we should all be fighting for liberation side by side, regardless of the reality of appearances[2]

    [1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzauIb2Ggxk

    [2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNX69MRY8x8


    David Skinner ( Welsh cross dresser transing into a black lesbian teapot ) UK

  9. What are the French going to do?. Is it la table or le table? La fenetre or le fenetre? C’est de ‘per’ folie!

    I thought the science was settled.

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