Trump vs Hillary: When God Forsakes a Nation

I was hoping I would never have to write this article. The news I received this morning has me feeling utterly sick. I still can’t believe it. I and so many others have been crying out to God, praying and fasting, asking for his mercy on America.

But now it has come to this. With the Indiana results, we lost a Reagan Republican and we are now left with two New York liberals fighting it out. This really is the last days of America. I really cannot view this in any other light. RIP America.

So who murdered America? Let me tell you exactly who did. There are the usual suspects of course: the cultural Marxists have done a terrific job. And the Democrats have been getting more and more radical so that we get people like Obama getting in, not once but twice. The entitlement culture in America is also to blame, with people preferring free stuff to hard work.

america 20The Republican establishment is also fully to blame. It is the Frankenstein which has created the monster Trump. Trump is of course at fault, as are his zombie followers. They are the immediate causes of this horrific darkness which now is descending upon America.

But the people – especially God’s people – who were given so much, but basically wasted it all, are also to blame. When the biggest churches in America are preaching damnable heresy about feeling good about yourself and getting rich and living your best life now, then you know American Christianity is all but toast, and in need of judgment.

So there is plenty of blame to be shared around. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn once put it: “It is because we have forgotten God. That is why all this is happening to us.” Or as Jeremiah said about Israel of old:

-All this happened because you people sinned against the LORD and did not obey him. Jeremiah 40:3

-‘It is because your fathers forsook me,’ declares the LORD, ‘and followed other gods and served and worshiped them. They forsook me and did not keep my law’. Jeremiah 16:11

Who do we vote for?

“Of two evils, choose neither” is a quote from Charles Spurgeon and it frequently appears as a meme on various social media sites. It is often used in connection with politics and various elections. Depending on what context it is being used, I find myself either agreeing with it or disagreeing.

For example, when purists use it, insisting that we only run with a perfect candidate with perfect policies, then I most certainly beg to differ. There is only one person who fits that description, and he is not running for political office. In that sense, almost every choice we make is tainted with some evil.

In a fallen world, we have very few choices uncontaminated by evil. As to choosing a politician, none are perfect and all are marred by some evil. So if we applied this quote to such situations, we would never vote and we would just sit on our hands, whining about how bad things are.

I believe the 2012 election was a clear case in point. Many foolishly said both Romney and Obama were evil, so they voted for neither, and guess what? Obama got in. Thanks a lot purists. While Romney was certainly not my main choice, being too much of a moderate, he was still light years ahead of Obama.

Thus opting for this ‘choosing neither’ option in that election was to me stupid as all get out, and resulted in far, far more real evil. Again, thanks purists for allowing evil to go unchecked by your foolish Pharisaism here. But I spoke to that in detail back then:

And by the way, I take the same view concerning the abortion purists, who demand ‘all or nothing’. But with that unhelpful stance, all that they keep getting is nothing, and abortion continues unabated. Thanks a lot purists. But I speak to that here:

If that is not enough for you, I seek to make this case one more time here:

However, there may well be times when the choices we have are equally bad. There may be election campaigns in which the two main contenders are so equally appalling and reprehensible, that it really does become the devil’s choice.

They both totally stink, and the concerned voter is really left in a quandary. What do they do? Not vote at all? Vote for a third party? Vote for some independent? This can be problematic, especially when it means conservatives lose to the lefties.

This of course happened in 2012 when we did not have two clear evils. Romney was pro-family, prolife, etc., and was far better than Obama. But the purists refused to vote for him (because he was a Mormon, or not a perfect Republican etc.), handing Obama a second term.

But here so many genuine conservatives, and so many concerned Christians see little difference between Trump and Hillary. Both candidates are repulsive to millions of these voters. We already know that around half of all Republicans will not vote for Trump.

They will either abstain from voting once again, or do some write-in, etc. That pretty much guarantees Hillary will get in. At this point the Trumpbots will pipe in, “See, you gave the election to Clinton!” Um no, not at all. This is where they are dead wrong.

The lion’s share of the blame for allowing Hillary in as POTUS (if that ends up happening) must go to Donald Trump and his deluded supporters. They have ensured that Hillary gets in. This lifelong liberal and Democrat supporter decides one day his ego needs to be massaged even further, so he decides to make a run for the White House, as a lark.

People claiming to be conservatives and Christian utterly fall for this conman and presto: Hillary gets in as a result. Thanks a lot Trump. Thanks a lot Trumpbots. Of course blame must also go to the Republican establishment for putting up RINOS and unelectable moderates, and ignoring the average conservative voter.

So they in many ways were the Dr Frankenstein that created the Trump monster. Both are to blame, and a pox on both their houses. And the most frustrating and most deplorable thing about this whole ugly mess of two evil candidates is this: we need not have gotten there of course: we had a genuine, consistent, constitutional conservative and Christian running. It really blows my mind that people who claim to be conservative refused to run with Cruz, yet cultishly enthused over a fraud like Trump. Just mind-boggling!

So this damnable dilemma need never have come upon us. We really had a real choice, and for some bizarre reason (demonic deception?), we threw it away. We committed political, cultural, moral, national and spiritual suicide by going with Trump. Leaving us with two real evils.

My take on such a diabolical choice is simple and straightforward:

Why Hillary does not deserve my vote (or the vote of any true conservative):
-She is not a conservative
-She cares nothing about the US Constitution
-She has the character and integrity of a rattlesnake
-She is completely untrustworthy
-Her only concern is herself
-She is not a Christian
-She will destroy America

Why Donald does not deserve my vote (or the vote of any true conservative):
-He is not a conservative
-He cares nothing about the US Constitution
-He has the character and integrity of a rattlesnake
-He is completely untrustworthy
-His only concern is himself
-He is not a Christian
-He will destroy America

So now we have this non-choice – something analogous to being forced to choose between Hitler and Stalin. We had a genuine conservative running, yet the deluded masses rejected him. Reminds me of another occasion: ‘We want Barabbas.’

Dennis Prager has a new article listing the fall of America and concluded this way:

And now there’s Clinton and Trump. Nothing more clearly exemplifies the dark time in which we are living than this political version of Sophie’s choice. I will not end on a happy note because there isn’t one; but neither will I despair. One doesn’t fight only when one is optimistic. One fights because it is the right thing to do, and because America remains, as Lincoln said, “the last best hope of earth.”

Well, I now believe America is curtains. Sure, God is still at work there, but not in mercy but in judgment. America has fully gotten the two false messiahs it deserves, and either one will kill off this once great nation.

So you ask me for voting advice? I cannot tell you. I support neither candidate. They are both fully evil and they will both fully destroy America. Pray for wisdom and guidance whether you run with an independent, another party, or a write-in.

Right now the wisdom needed is not so much who to vote for (now that all the real choices have been ripped away from us) but how to pray to God. Should we simply acquiesce to the death of America, or plead for some more mercy? I will keep praying for mercy, but history tells me sometimes it can be too late for mercy.

All I can do now is get on my face before God and weep, seeking his favour. I am thankful he is still at work around the world. But it looks like America is now on an inevitable downward slide. I did not think it would end this way.

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

God be merciful.

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46 Replies to “Trump vs Hillary: When God Forsakes a Nation”

  1. We cannot ask God for mercy while we continue to finance the killing of 100,000 unborn children every year and the Sydney Mardi grass and so too the teaching of homosexual agenda in our schools – (safe school program).
    I believe that God well knows that we are on a collusion course with major disasters such as a full blown plague (HIV) or religious wars such as Islam and Christianity because a only a full blown disaster will bring mankind to its knees and make us realise that life is a gift and not a right.
    John Abbott

  2. This may very well be a foreshadowing of what us in store for Australia. Too many similarities to ignore.

  3. I’d vote Trump if i were an American, simply to keep Hillary out. What’s done is done. Cruz is gone. One candidate is standing by the right to bear arms, one is not. One candidate has spoken out against Islam, one candidate see no problem with it, and has Muslims working with her. One candidate is tied up with the Saudis, one is not.

    Of course is the lesser of two evils, and of course Trump wasn’t the best option for America, but he certainly is the best option now.

  4. The Word of God says that His people in Christ is “a royal priesthood, a holy nation” it is our calling and responsibility to intercede with God the Judge of all the earth who will do right, to have mercy on this nation and raise up prophets and evangelists to bring the nation to repentance. It is the anti-community shepherds who are leading the sheep astray. Only believers can stand in the gap. We must believe that in Christ we are righteous and that against the righteous no evil can stand in opposition – the crisis is that of faith within the ecclesia of God. The church holds the future of Australia in its’ God ordained hands. Strengthen weak knees and hanging down hands remember Whitefield, Wesley and the glorious company of the witnesses-martyrs. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord, Jesus the Anointed-King who has blessed us with the whole blessing for the nations. There the LORD commanded the blessing.

  5. We have to remember that God is still in control! Sometimes he allows evil leaders to be put in place so that His ends will be achieved. America deserves the punishment that’s coming to it, and I guess Australia is in the same basket.

  6. Yep. When you kick God out of Parliament, boot Him out of the schools, ban Bibles in military hospitals, ban the Lord’s prayer from classrooms, kick the Gideons off airforce bases and oblige soldiers to adhere to Ramadan rules…God is probably just granting their request and in a gentlemanly manner, withdrawing His hand of protection.

  7. On this I think I disagree, but only by a sliver of an amount probably too small to measure.

    But while the Donald is a seriously flawed and sinfull individual, and therefore evil in that regard, it is just, just, just possible that he would take America in a better direction than Clinton. Not that that’s saying much I guess.

    Anyway, perhaps I’m just trying to cheer you up. I feel your pain and sorrow for the once great nation of your birth. I feel the same about the every bit as great country of my birth, Australia. where you and your family are now fortunate (for the moment at least) to reside.

    As for our upcoming elections, is there any truth to the rumour that Grumpy Cat is running…?

  8. Thanks David. As I have said so often now, it is not just that he is an evil, immoral, egotistical jerk and pagan. The real deal is he is NOT A CONSERVATIVE. Yes happy to use cap locks here. He was never a conservative but always a lifelong liberal and Democrat supporter. So why in the world would anyone claiming to be a conservative vote for this fraud and conman? That is what really bugs me.

    And yes, I think GC would be a far better choice than the two losers now running.

  9. We have been praying for American Christians to wake up for their day of shaking and sifting is here — but alas they remain asleep. So now God steps in and causes the ground to shake, the seas to roar and the skies to pour out their displeasure, but alas they still sleep on.
    What is left? Persecution or subjection to the rule of another power. Maybe Islam will wake up the nation and make them see how far they have fallen from their first love.

  10. Ronald Reagan said if we ever forget we are one nation under God we will be a nation gone under. I think we are now there. I am very sad and crying as well Bill. I fear for the future of my kids and future Grandkids.

  11. I believe the election of Donald Trump has more to do with his outsider status and voter dissatisfaction with the Republican establishment than his credibility as a conservative. The will of voters has been largely ignored in two mid-term elections. How long did they expect to take voters for granted and get away with it? If Trump was such an obviously flawed candidate why wasn’t he beaten? It should have been easy. At one point during the summer/fall of 2015, Trump, Carson, and Fiorino collective ly were polling at or more than 50% representing the desire of voters for an outsider/non-politician. It proved not to be an aberration but it was ignored and that support has coalesced behind Trump. Values and ideology mattered less than the perception of leadership capability and the desire to stand and fight. Trump basically said he didn’t care who used what public bathroom and he still carried every voting district in the five state April 26 primary. Is it all delusional cultism, or is there something deeper festering out there?

  12. Just read about Cruz dropping out of the race. O-h-h my, that really is the ultimate end. I’d hate to be an American faced with the presidential choices. I couldn’t vote for either of them. And what of those genuine Christians in USA who have been shouting and protesting, but whose voices have now been gagged? They are going to need all our prayers in the coming few years ahead.

  13. The fruit of both of the USA parties ignoring not only Judaeo Christian morality but also forgetting the battlers, families and workers. I read a blog put out by a young guy living in the Ozarks. He said he will vote for Pro life, Pro family and Pro worker candidates. He is also a Catholic not of the Franky fan club. I note that New Mexico’s Governor, or is former Governor, is going to run as a Libertarian party candidate and wants all the Cruz supporters to vote for him.

  14. I don’t know that I would necessarily say that one should not vote for Trump. He is not ideal by a long chalk. But Hillary is an outspoken pro-abortion person and maybe Trump isn’t that good on it either but I think that he is not as bad as Hillary.

  15. Wayne, I too am a pro life, pro family Catholic “not of the Franky fan club” as you put it! However that is what I am scared of, that this splitting of the Republicans is what they want to get Hillary elected. I think Hillary will choose Bernie as her running mate and we are doomed. I think this was all by design, I think Trump ran to divide the party and get his long time friend in there.

  16. Dear Bill

    if the USA deteriorates severely over next 6 months there may not be a US election. Hillary could just step up and take control while Obama heads overseas. This may sound foolish but I am totally sane. Several of my Christian friends in the US see this as possible. Hillary is just as dangerous as Obama was and is plus she is corrupt to the core and incompetent like her husband.

    If there is an election and I hope there is
    I totally agree with David Williams. I believe Trump is more financially astute and therefore would take America in a better direction than Clinton.

    However, whoever is in Control, the USA is in deep financial trouble. I expect a major share crash by mid July 2016 so I hold no shares ,except inverse ETFs.

    God Bless

  17. Having listened to the GOP debates and plenty of Trump’s interviews, I knew he has some important things that people sorely want to hear and want, though not spiritual per se. I ventured to say in conversation and in my Facebook weeks ago that Trump is going to win the GOP nomination and eventually the Presidency – to the chagrin of most of my fellow Christian friends! Trump’s winning point is that he repeatedly asserts (as his strategy) that he can sort out these messes-
    # The crimes abundantly committed by migrants, legal & illegal.
    # The fear for Islamism and terrorism and the abundance of Green Cards given quite indiscriminately to Muslims from Middle East under Obama.
    # The porosity of US border. Obama’s flippancy on and incoherence in tackling poverty, joblessness, border control & illegal immigrants is plainly unacceptable to the people.
    # Joblessness arising from US corporations moving operations overseas and the huge trade imbalances in favour of US trading partners. Meanwhile US debts are ballooning in the trillions.
    # The ginormous failure of Obama to contain or defeat terrorism despite US spending billions upon billions on defense of her rudderless, elusive and deceptive allies and on the so-called home security.
    # The perceived disrespect for the war veterans and police forces under Obama’s administration.

    Trump is far too smart (somewhat like a serpent) for his GOP contenders: While he distracts his opponents with his rhetoric, his provoked opponents messages are lost and his message is pounded all over!

    Let’s watch and see whether he will make a “fantastic” President. The jury is out there. I sincerely hope he has the grace of Nehemiah to see to it that the Judeo-Christian values are protected if not strengthened.

  18. Thank Richard. Those who would believe a word Trump says may well be part of the problem. That a lifelong liberal and Democrat supporter is somehow going to save us is a fool’s dream. A much more certain thing a Christian could say is this: if he gets in, it is the judgment of God on a wayward nation, and a wayward church.

  19. Michael Brown’s article was spot on when he described it as a spirit of delusion. Reminds me of the incident in 2 Chronicles 18 when God allowed a lying spirit to be put into the mouths of His prophets. We are in dark times and we need to be on our knees praying more than ever, remembering that God is in control of everything that is going on even when it hurts. Keep sounding the trumpet Bill for as long as you are able.

  20. Here is what I commented in The Washington Post, 8.03 pm, EST

    “It seems America is ripe for God’s judgment, which is why Cruz has removed himself from the fracas. May God have mercy on her soul. 2 Chronicles 7:14”

    Needless to say, I had my share of mockers. However, I have believed for some time (although I hoped I was wrong) that this is how it would pan out. Now the matter is in God’s hands.

  21. You’ve summed up the situation pretty thoroughly, Bill. The crux of it: “And the most frustrating and most deplorable thing about this whole ugly mess of two evil candidates is this: we need not have gotten there of course: we had a genuine, consistent, constitutional conservative and Christian running. It really blows my mind that people who claim to be conservative refused to run with Cruz, yet cultishly enthused over a fraud like Trump. Just mind-boggling!” This is the most unbelievable thing. Satan has certainly done a snow job on the church, that’s all I can say. Half of them vote left and of the half that’s left, a good share of them would choose a Trump over a real conservative…All I can say is that someone must be selling a different Bible because mine is clear about moral choices.

  22. And how few people were there to vote for Barabbas, not many at all (it was night, and a small area) but how forceful they were. Shame the majority were asleep in bed.

  23. i am greatly, greatly saddened by this news.
    But lest we forget: Christ Jesus rules.
    All power in heaven & on earth has been given to Him.
    He is our sole hope for mankind.
    But God often gives as the people ask in their delusion of their own solutions of ‘wants’ & ‘needs’.
    Ps 106:13: “They soon forgat his works; they waited not for his counsel:
    14 But lusted exceedingly in the wilderness, and tempted God in the desert.
    15 And he gave them their request; but sent leanness into their soul.” (KJV)
    Vs 15 is what awaits America after being grossly unrepentant on the evil of Obama, who was also their ungodly choice.
    Vs 15 is what happened to my country South Africa as well – the majority population got what they asked for, but they are not happy.
    That is what happens when the Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus Christ, is set aside for human solutions.
    Being not an American i cannot vote.
    But if i were, i would not vote for either ‘Trumpet’ or ‘Killary’, as both are evil candidates, to whom i would not put my vote as to take co-responsibility for what they do.

  24. History shows that sometimes, occasionally, a person reaches a pinnacle in government and will change. Ashoka took his place in the government in India in 268 B.C after a brutal and savage ascension. Once in power, however, he changed his whole way of life, embracing the concept of Dharma, a virtuous path that guides one through a life of selflessness, piety, duty, good conduct and decency. He promoted religious freedom, the debate of ideas, human rights for all–both men and women– and the advancement of education and health. His quote: “I will never rule you as a king; I will protect you as a parent, care for you as a brother and serve you as a son” is noteworthy. The point I am making is: Never assume that a leader is incapable of change and a positive one at that. Nor should one ever underestimate divine influence in this regard, particularly when fervent prayers are issued. We as Christians know the routine. Helplessness and hopelessness only mask and thwart that for which we are called. May we have the eyes and ears to sense this.

  25. Trump is very obviously a loose cannon. What he will do in reality is anyone’s guess which is why he should never have gained GOP nomination and his nomination is a clear indication of the worldwide great deception and delusion and overwhelming stupidity of this generation. That being said we know that a Clinton presidency will put a left wing extremist, Constitutional revisionist, Praetorian elitist into Scalia’s position on the SCOTUS. There is, at least, some hope that Trump won’t. This is an off-chance and a glimmer of hope that I would probably vote for while cringing at what else he might do. There really is little choice.

  26. Thanks Bill, an excellent discussion of the very troubling situation in the USA following the the announcement that Cruz has suspended his presidential campaign. Like you, I am greatly saddened by this news.

    What I especially like about democracy, however, it that the people get the candidate the majority choose, in this case either Clinton or Trump. Judgment is a likely consequence as you point out, yet the people will have no-one to blame but themselves for this will be an administration they freely chose, not one they were compelled to choose at the point of a gun or by other force.

  27. I would be interested in a further discussion of how and when God forsakes a nation. How exactly do you qualify it or quantify or determine the approximate timing of it. Hasn’t there been enough significant events ( Roe v. Wade, prayer banned from schools, the explosion of pornography, pedophile priests and pastors, acceptance of homosexual lifestyles, etc.) Does it require repentance by 51% of the population or some other number in order to regain God’s favor on a nation to delay or cancel impending judgement?

  28. Marlin, while it is tempting from a human standpoint to find a mathematical formula that would quantify the measure of evil it would take for God to forsake a nation, I think it is a lot more complex than that. God in his omniscience knows all the factors involved, as well as past, present and future. We like to use Greek logic in order to obtain the answers. However, only God knows the full extent to which a nation has fallen – and from what height!

    I have posted that I believe America is ripe for judgment, but it was possibly more from a ‘prophetic’ standpoint than a logical one – and I use that term cautiously. However the extent of the arrogance of a nation that repeatedly shakes its fist at its Creator, and demands a leader who will solve the problems they have created, is surely something we must take into account. And in saying all that, my thoughts then turn to Australia – a nation once called “the great South Land of the Holy Spirit” – and I cannot help but think, “If America, then why not Australia?” We live in desperate times, and we don’t even realise the full extent of it.

  29. Marlin…
    Repentance by 51%???? Sounds like Heaven!

    According to Abraham’s experience, God agreed to far less than 51%. In fact, He accepted as little as 10 people per city! That’s less than 0.1%

    But there’s the thing. “Ten people seems easy”, thought Abe, so he stopped interceding right there.

    Turns out those ten did not exist. The whole city had been corrupted. Even Job’s wife.

    So, I’m guessing we might be able to save America with, um, maybe less than one percent Christians. Real ones. The only sort there is.

    Trouble is, I think we are all a bunch of Job’s wives, and have absolutely no idea how far we have drifted, how lukewarm we are. That is why the Church has no power today, and why only get to vote for the leaders selected by the media.

  30. Thanks Marlin. In the OT we had inspired prophets to tell us such things. They could even say on occasion that they could or should not pray for the people. Today however we only have perspired believers. So I cannot say when God has finally and fully given up on a nation. From all that I know about God and Scripture, it sure seems like it is curtains for America – at least for the short term. But if the Lord should tarry, who knows, maybe repentance and revival will renew the nation. So all I can finally do here is pray that God’s will be done: I can pray for mercy for America, but if it gets God’s just judgment, then I gotta go along with that as well.

  31. For too long the church in America has stood by and allowed America to be sold to Satan. Where were the protests over gay marriage, Where we’re the Christians when Christian businesses were under attack? Where were the Christian parents when school children were made to visit mosques? There was no out rage no speaking get out no nothing. The church remained silent. THE CHURCH needs to repent of its whimsy attitude. OUR God is a jealous. Our God we are not to have other gods before him. God also does not tolerate sin. Proverbs 14 v 34 says Righteousness exalts a nation but since is a reproach to many people. Turn back to God.

  32. Justine, Spot on.
    The tragedy is, Is the Australian church any better?

  33. Trump vs Hillary is indeed God’s judgment on the United States of America, for the reasons that the author of this excellent article has mentioned. As a nation, we have turned our backs on God after his making us the most prosperous nation on earth.

    The Bible says that judgment will begin at the house of God! Many Evangelical churches these days preach a “gospel lite”, so as not to offend anyone and get more people to fill their pews. Preaching repentance and holiness is a thing of the past. Great persecution is coming to the Evangelical church in the U.S. and the Christians who want a “gospel lite” will bail out! They won’t understand why they weren’t raptured out of this harsh situation!

    But the true Christians who remain will be refined and be ready for the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ! The persecuted church in these end times will strongly resemble the church in the Book of Acts!

    Pastors need to repent and preach the true Gospel. They also need to prepare their people and their church for the great persecution that is coming. Unfortunately, a recent survey by George Barna indicates that about 90% of them are too cowardly to do so. We need to pray that the Lord will raise up fearless preachers who will tell people the whole truth!

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