A Review of Stealing From a Child. By David van Gend.

Connor Court, 2016.

Marriage has always been about children, for the simple reason that children are the usual result of the male-female sexual union. If human sexuality was not reproductive in nature, the state would have no interest in the institution of marriage. But it is, so the state rightly does care about marriage.

Thus children are the reason for marriage, and it is their wellbeing that we should primarily be concerned about. However the push by adults to redefine the institution of marriage shows a callous disregard for the rights of children, especially their fundamental right to have their own biological mother and father.

As such, the push for “homosexual marriage” is a grave injustice. Says David van Gend: “We are guilty of stealing a child’s birthright when we institute motherless families and fatherless homes as an ideal in our law.” No caring society can keep putting the interests of children last while we cater to adult whims and desires.

Van Gend makes his case solidly and with a wealth of social science data, debunking the numerous myths, half-truths and clichés routinely peddled by the homosexual lobby. And it is right up to date, examining the intricately related battles we now are involved in with transgenderism, the radical ideology of gender-fluidity, the “Safe Schools” program, and so on.

van-gend-1All the major battles we are currently witnessing in Australia (and elsewhere) are carefully addressed here. And every one of them ultimately centres squarely on our children. If these culture wars only impacted adults, that would be bad enough, but because children are so very adversely affected by all this, it is paramount that we rally to their defence.

This book does this head on by carefully rebutting the falsehoods and propaganda of the activists. Consider the issue of homosexual households and the impact this has on children who are raised in such homes. It is vital that the children be allowed to speak, so we have an entire chapter devoted to this very thing.

A number of very moving stories are offered of children who have now grown into adulthood who were forced to miss out on a biological mother or a biological father. One can only conclude after reading these tearful stories that to deliberately deprive children of a mum or dad is a form of child neglect, if not child abuse.

Consider just one such story from a young woman raised in this fashion: “Gay marriage doesn’t just redefine marriage, but also parenting. It promotes and normalizes a family structure that necessarily denies us something precious and foundational. It denies us something we need and long for, while at the same time tells us that we don’t need what we naturally crave. That we will be okay. But we’re not. We’re hurting.”

And the redefinition of parenting becomes utterly Orwellian as the state is forced to enter in and enforce a socially engineered genderless world. Once marriage is stripped of a key component, two genders, it also strips parenting of the same. Now any combination of adults can become “parents”: “In the genderless new world, neither spouse nor parent is defined by nature anymore; these words become a legal fiction defined by government.”

And we have plenty of cases of this already happening, where an ideologically-driven state has declared war on reality and biology. This comes in many forms, for example, deleting the words “mother” and “father” and “husband” and “wife” from government forms, such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc.

All this is part of the radical left’s long war against marriage, family, and morality. As van Gend documents, this has been the longstanding political goal of the Marxists, from Marx and Engels to Marcuse and Millet. The Marxist vision to abolish the family is now well under way in much of the West, with all things homosexual leading the charge.

Speaking of Marxists, van Gend also discusses the radical Marxist social engineer behind the so-called Safe Schools Coalition, Roz Ward. Said Ward: “Programs like the Safe Schools Coalition are making some difference but we’re still a long way from liberation … Marxism offers the hope and the strategy needed to create a world where human sexuality, gender and how we relate to our bodies can blossom in extraordin¬arily new and amazing ways that we can only try to imagine today.”

The gender bending agenda of the activists like Ward is closely discussed and analysed. The book examines the dangerous ideology of radical gender theory, pointing out how this too is a war on reality, as well as a war on our very DNA.

He defines it this way: “Binary is bad; male and female are social inventions not biological realities; gender is a sliding scale from mostly masculine to mostly feminine; whatever gender you feel yourself to be is what you are and nobody has the right to question your judgment.”

But all this is simply political and sexual ideology, not the stuff of hard science, as van Gend clearly demonstrates. He also documents the enormous amount of damage done to our children who have been the guinea pigs in the hands of the radical adult social experimenters.

And all this sexual and social upheaval unleashed upon us by the activists has been very costly to democracy as a whole, as various freedoms such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc, are now coming under horrific and sustained attack. Indeed, van Gend himself has been subject to this more than once.

Various recent examples of this are covered in the book, including some of the more infamous cases from overseas involving Christian bakers, florists, and photographers, as well as Australian incidents such as the shocking case involving Hobart’s Archbishop Julian Porteous who was dragged off to the Anti-Discrimination Commission.

All this anti-Christian bigotry and suppression of freedom is getting worse by the day. Says van Gend: “Any law normalising homosexual marriage will be a truncheon in the fist of the thought police, enforcing approved opinion on sexuality in schools, churches and businesses via the ‘Human Rights’ Commissions.”

Make no mistake about it: this is a war: a war on marriage and family, a war on biology and reality, a war on faith and freedom, but above all, a war on our vulnerable children. No civilised society can just sit back as we feed our helpless children to the devouring jaws of the militants.

Instead we need to engage them head on with compassionate yet firm truth. And that is just what you will find in this very helpful volume. Get it, read it, use it, and take a stand for our beleaguered children.

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33 Replies to “A Review of Stealing From a Child. By David van Gend.”

  1. Finally, the true reason for marriage.
    Bill is quite right. If not for the interest of children, marriage would just be between two consenting adults but then – why have marriage at all???
    The children are the reason we all have a vested interest in marriage and all that nonsense submitted by homosexuals is exactly that – nonsense.
    After all, if not for children, how can society have an interest in what people do – except for the fact that homosexuality produces diseases and as God said: “they shall be put to death, their blood shall be upon them”. Meaning that if they are not stopped, their diseases will spread onto society.
    We have been warned and again as God said: “if you do not my bidding, I will turn my face from you” – or words to that affect.
    Presently there are over 40 million infected with HIV/AIDS and that figure grows by about 2 million per year with over 1050 in Australia alone of which 70% are same sex and it is costing us about 1 Billion per year and growing while we debate as to whether to make homosexuality official and teach it to our children in school.
    Every instance that we argue as to whether to accept homosexuality in any way we put God on trial as God says a definite NO.
    John Abbott

  2. Top effort for Dr David van Gend,

    Satan certainly does not like the truth to be displayed that God designed marriage for men and women and children and its purpose and function is clear,
    Marriage is not designed to make gays feel good about their dysfunctional and sad pairings.
    Thanks David and Bill,
    Regards and God bless,

  3. I just finished reading it myself. The book is a ripper, Mr Van Gend has done a cracking job on this book. Whether it is looking at the effects of homosexual “marriage” on the child, the forced implementation and acceptance of the gender bender theories (“mindmessing ideology”), the lies and falsehoods spread about the “harms” faced by LGBT youths, the scientific facts of the impacts on children from “disrupted families”, the second and third order effects homosexual “marriage” will have on the religious liberties of individuals and organisations, this book covers it all. There are a few heavy parts to it (particularly the scientific chapter), however generally it is a logically flowing book which is a pleasure to read. I believe this book will be a timeless piece of literature, able to be pulled out in 30 years time and it will be just as relevant.

    Thanks Bill for the review and Thanks Mr Van Gend for taking uo the batton on this issue.

  4. I read that in the US, the so-called “gaystapo”is now notifying companies of the origin of qualifications of potential employees. Any person who graduated from a Christian university is “called out” by these activists and the potential employee is told not to employ them on threat of boycott. I have a number friends and family who have chosen to study at faith-based institution in Australia- is it probable for such activities to happen here, effectively taking one’s livelihood away from them? The supporters of SSM know no bounds to the creativity of their evil upon believers. Feel the “lurve”!

  5. Thank you Bill, I will certainly read this book. I really appreciate your book suggestions, including your own, and have found them very useful.

  6. Oh Bill, I’m so excited with this new book. I’ve read all of your books and now this one comes along. You review is awesome. I’m getting a copy!

    As helpful as your books have been to me, I have so many more unanswered questions. I just can’t wait until your next book comes out. Would you consider collaborating with David van Gend and publish a joint follow-up edition?

    Thank you good sir. You are such an inspiration to me.


  7. Many thanks Toby. Well, I have already penned two and a half books on homosexuality and related matters, but more are always possible I guess! In the meantime my newest book – on euthanasia – should be out soonish.

  8. It seems the purpose of heterosexual marriage is to create a family where the child has the benefit of a woman’s nurture and a man’s strength. A child has the benefit of having placed before them what it is to be a woman and what it is to be a man. A daughter has the safety of a man (her Dad) who can tell her how beautiful and valued she is, match that, the boy who is intending calling on her. A son learns how to behave around a woman, and why he should value and protect them, as what boy doesn’t look up to his mum with the eyes of a boy and the protective heart of a man.

    The purpose of homosexual marriage is to find a baker who refuses to bake your wedding cake.

  9. Thanks Bill. As many will also say, you are helping us all to build a sound, ground of understanding by your blogs, books and reviews. May this strengthen all who love truth in spirit, to pray in this warfare which attacks God in his own image, created humanity, and is now revealing its’ insatiable lust against Him by seeking to destroy the children, the next generation, as they did thousands of years ago by child sacrifice. “The kingdom of God belongs to THESE.” said our Lord Jesus and He sealed that kingdom to them by the sacrifice of himself for their and our sins on the Cross. It is for us now to “take up (believe and act by) our (His) Cross and ‘by this conquer’ in this long war. You are doing this and I thank God for you and all of your ilk! What a great brotherhood we owe to Jesus! Soli Deo Gloria!

  10. Bill, you are a quick reader and a generous reviewer. Thanks for the resources in your own books that I drew on. I hope this book is an encouragement to our friends – it will no doubt be an enragement to our ideological foes… Even if the plebiscite is put off, the campaign continues.

  11. Looks like a very good, important book…Will check it out at Koorong soon.

  12. Bill/David,

    Will it be available on Kindle?
    The link that Bill posted above is for the paperback only.

  13. Is there an electronic downloadable version of the book that I can purchase? I live in Canada and the shipping costs are high. Thank you. Also very well written review.

  14. I would have hated to have been brought up in a so-called ‘same-sex marriage’ – we will be apologising to these poor children one day.
    And why must it be called ‘marriage’ – it is confusing and desecrates the sacred institution of marriage. Let us use another word such as ‘union’ etc.

  15. Hi Jean Macfadyen,
    I fully agree with your sentiments, Jean if marriage is for the gratification of an individual or a means of the forced acceptance of minorities values on the majority then, of course, you will Sacrifice a child to meet those ends, wouldn’t you?

    If the child’s needs were the measure of who they were placed with, then this simple measure should be used:-

    Should baby Sarah/Jonny be placed with?

    1. One of the best Mum’s in the world and one of the best Dad’s in the world?
    2. Two of the best Mum’s in the world?
    3. Two of the best Dad’s in the world?

    and be prepared to explain to that child in 16 years time how that decision was made in their best interest.

    I do have sympathy for the poor homosexual couple who dearly love children, however, I love children too. I have to wait until a man wants me who will make a good husband and father as a childs needs are best met, with the input from a woman and a man. If you want what a union between a man and woman brings then you have to invest in that union and not create something fake for your own gratification don’t you?
    I did like your post.
    God Bless,

  16. Just purchased five copies from amazon.co.uk so that I can distribute among my friends here in Spain. I’m sure many of what I’ll read in the book will be familiar since genderless marriage was approved here more than a decade ago. We are now suffering the subsequent effects on personal liberties, free religion and free speech. While the “pink establishment” spends their big dollars in clogging our eyes, ears and hearts with their propaganda we need to continue the humble fight of rescuing and healing victims one by one. Look forward to reading the book soon!!!

  17. Why should we be surprised that children are being sacrificed by the homosexual agenda. Society allowed them to be literally sacrificed in the name of what the feminist agenda called ” choice”. The left hate children- simple as that. And they accuse the Christian of being hateful.

  18. Krystallnacht again – although we’re hopefully not quite burning books yet. Dymocks refuse to supply “stealing from a Child’- they say because showing it on the shelves will attract violent protest to their stores:- oddly enough they won’t sell it on-line either.

  19. I have read this compelling book, which gives an easy to understand and superb overview of the issues.
    Seeing links between communism ‘freeing’ women from domestic slavery to work in factories and taking their children, (thank you very much), to indoctrinate puts our road to Ozzie childcare culture into perspective. Daniel Andrews wants kids in pre-school at 3 now. I wonder why… to free all the mums from having to nurture the next generation so they can go feel important doing a proper job. Roz Ward has gone so far as to say we should not have to be responsible for any children that eventuate from our freed sexual selves.
    Read this book to understand that it’s been part of a grand plan for half a century. The family and faith are blocks to total government control so they must go. It’s chilling. It should move us to action, at least to spread the word at every opportunity.

  20. This has been selling very well at Koorong in recent times it seems. 2 friends got a copy last week and it’s been put on display to be seen for months. I have noticed a few people with it in their hands when i’ve been in my local Koorong. Many people are finally beginning to look at the issue and think critically, at last. Davin Van Gend will be speaking at a meeting near Adelaide in September, so i will very much try to attend this.

  21. I am 80 May 2018.
    I have lived in this wonderful country for almost FIFTY YEARS.
    When I arrived in 1970 as a young ex policeman from LONDON UK it was a beautiful world in Australia.
    I am in despair over what it has become. I have watched in horror.
    I pray for our Grandchildren in this ‘Gaystapo’ world to come.
    Thank you Bill and David.

    Nick Carter

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