The Diabolical Sexual Assault on Our Children

There are many more ways to sexually assault a child than with actual physical abuse. Flooding their hearts and minds with all things sexual can be just as damaging and just as deadly. And we are seeing this being played out before our very eyes today.

The sexual revolutionaries, the sexual libertines, and the sexual anarchists not only want open slather for any sort of filth and smut to flood our culture like a tsunami, but they do not give a rip about all the collateral damage done to our children.

Indeed, many of these sexual radicals are deliberately targeting our children, seeking to bring them into their sordid world of decadence and debauchery. They want to sexualise our children. They want to strip away their innocence. They want to drag them into the adult world of depravity and deviancy.

TearsAnd everywhere in the West we see this being played out. Daily examples can be found which will make any normal person sick in the stomach. Consider this Australian news item from yesterday which should shock all of us:

The sexting trend has hit primary schools with principals turning to sexual assault groups for help to deal with the devastating fallout. Experts are alarmed that children as young as 10 are regularly sending nude and semi-naked photos of themselves, with some shared widely among classmates.
Easy access to internet porn and social media use at younger ages are said to have contributed to the problem. Parents have been warned to wake up to the dangers of ignoring minimum-age restrictions for social media sites and letting children set up accounts before they turn 13.
“I am pleading for every parent to report every child to Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat, if they find out they have these accounts underage,” child and adolescent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, of the National Centre Against Bullying, said. “They don’t have the social and emotional maturity to manage their digital footprint. But it seems to be falling on deaf ears.”
Primary schools are increasingly contacting Victoria’s Centres Against Sexual Assault for advice on how to handle difficult situations where students used mobile phones inappropriately, including sexting. CASA forum spokeswoman Carolyn Worth said younger children were more likely to send photos wearing singlets or underwear, but some have been more explicit.

As bad as all this is, it seems to be even much worse in the UK.

Children as young as seven have been caught ‘sexting’ in school, with more than half of all teachers in the UK aware of pupils using social media to share sexual messages, pictures and videos. In one case, girls in year 9 got hold of explicit selfies of one of their classmates and began showing the images to everyone else, which meant that they were in fact distributing child pornography, a new survey has revealed.
The revelations followed concerns of a ‘sexting epidemic’ among thousands of British children who have been caught sharing sexual imagery online. Almost one-third saw a photo or video of them taken without consent, while almost one-tenth experienced threatening behaviour….
Some 63 per cent of teachers said they were aware of 14-year-olds sexting, while 45 per cent said those involved were aged 13. Examples of sexualised messages between pupils also included taking pictures of private body parts and showing them to others and a girl who pretended to be romantically interested, persuaded a boy to take pictures of his genitals and then shared the image.

Ten-year-olds in Australia. Seven-year-olds in England. And it is likely to keep getting worse and worse. And if anyone thinks this is a bit of harmless fun they are kidding themselves. Why do we keep hearing reports about children sexually assaulting other children?

Being exposed to porn and sleaze 24/7 will always take its toll, and children will certainly act on what they have been exposed to and inundated with. Consider this recent horrific incident from Sydney:

Two 12-year-old boys have been charged with the aggravated sexual assault of a female student at a primary school on Sydney’s northern beaches. The six-year-old girl reported the incidents herself, Fairfax Media has been told. It is understood she was raped on two separate days at school in mid-August.
Both boys were allegedly present during both incidents but only one of the boys raped her in the second incident, police allege. The primary school immediately notified the Department of Education, which immediately notified the NSW Police’s Child Abuse Squad. After a two-week investigation, the two boys were arrested at Chatswood police station on Tuesday.
One boy has been charged with four counts of aggravated sexual assault and two counts of sexual intercourse with a child under 10. The second boy was charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault and sexual intercourse with a child under 10. Both have been granted bail and will appear in a children’s court over the next two months.

When our children are overwhelmed with all things sexual and pornographic, we can only expect to see much more of this in the days ahead. Many of us have warned about this for decades now. We have sought to fight the porno plague and the sexualisation of society, but we were mocked, ridiculed and vilified.

Consider one such concerned commentator who was sounding the alarm 35 years ago. In his important 1981 volume, The Hurried Child: Growing Up Too Fast Too Soon, David Elkind said this:

Hurried children are forced to take on the physical, psychological, and social trappings of adulthood before they are prepared to deal with them. We dress our children in miniature adult costumes (often with designer labels), we expose them to gratuitous sex and violence, and we expect them to cope with an increasingly bewildering social environment – divorce, single parenthood, homosexuality. Through all of these pressures the child senses that it is important for him or her to cope without admitting the confusion and pain that accompany such changes. Like adults, they are made to feel they must be survivors, and surviving means adjusting – even if the survivor is only four or six or eight years old.

As he says at the end of his book: “It is children’s right to be children, to enjoy the pleasures, and to suffer the pains of a childhood that is infringed by hurrying. In the end, a childhood is the most basic human right of children.” Quite so. And as always, the social revolutionaries – including the sexual revolutionaries – have children in their sights.

They are the target. They are the prize. We get this everywhere today, including in our comprehensive sex education programs that aim at children from the earliest of ages. The so-called Safe Schools program is just another nasty example of all this.

Any parent who cares the least little bit for their children should be appalled at what is taking place, and should be working overtime to stop this sexual assault on our innocent children. This is a war on our children. It is a war on their innocence. It is a war on our society.

It is time to say enough is enough. If we do not take a stand when our most vulnerable are at risk, then we have ceased to be a civilised society, but have instead fully descended in barbarism.

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  1. G’day Bill

    You are so right.

    Just wondering…

    “When our children are overwhelmed with all things sexual and pornographic, we can only expect to see much more of this in the days ahead. Many of us have warned about this for decades now. We have sought to fight the porno plague and the sexualisation of society, but we were mocked, ridiculed and vilified.

    I presume there are some fairly high profile public figures that did the mocking, ridiculing and vilifying. Can you give me any examples? To me they should be held to account.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks Ross. Given that I personally have been involved in these battles in Australia for nearly three decades now – much of that time on a public policy level – there would be far too many names to highlight here. I have done hundreds of interviews and debates; newspaper, radio, TV. There have been countless eggheads, journalists, experts, elites, professors, politicians, sexperts, academics, and so on who blasted me, made fun of me, challenged me, vilified me and sought to picture me as a dinosaur. So if I started to name names, it would be a very long list indeed. It would include the bulk of the cultural Marxists and secular lefties who inhabit all the halls of power: the media, academia, the arts, the judiciary, and so on. So this is a very big battle indeed, as I have tried to say for decades now. But a good question, thanks.

  3. It may sound trite to say it: this is Satanic. He cannot stand humanity to be holy. The people of God need to know that we are one holy body in Christ by the grace of the Cross where the god of this age was defeated, cast out, bound say Jesus and His apostles. Our divisions which incredibly pastors of the flock of God maintain yet! are keeping us all from our vocation as one new man in Christ with one voice to the Father. Just read Paul in Ephesians and Peter! The blessing of oneness in God was declared and the eternal (true) life commanded in the Old Testament – the fulfilment is Christ. May we all be faithful to reclaim the truth of God and save for discipling this land by the name of Jesus – proclaiming the word of the Cross, the power of God for salvation/healing of hearts for all who believe.

  4. This is so sad. The beauty of children is their innocence and it’s so fragile and easily corrupted that once breached, cannot be reclaimed. Safe Schools will have a lot to answer for one day.

  5. Most if not all politicians are aware of this insidious program and its contents by now. Many petitions and letter writing have been forwarded to them. Social media, TV and several newspapers have exposed this social engineering process aimed at school kids for the brainwashing filth that it is. Having attended a book release recently I had to bite my lip when the LNP M.P. claimed the program has been gutted and basically all fixed.
    What a load of bullshit!
    I believe there remains only one more thing left to do and that is to take to the streets in protest inc outside of LNP M.P.’s offices demanding it be completely scrapped.

  6. In Scotland they are still attempting to bring on a “named Child and guardian” scheme which would involve a veritable army of state snoopers having access to the most intimate areas of a child life. But who is to say that any one of these state guardians is not themselves a paedophile who will share the personal details of children in their care with other paedophiles?

    What we need is not only to make it a criminal offence to flaunt and celebrate homosexuality but to make is capital offence for corrupting children. Bring back hanging.
    David Skinner UK

  7. Yes you have nailed the big one this time Bill. Parental responsibility for their children? Trusting teachers with areas beyond their spiritual responsibility and competence. Children act out what they learn in school. A prescription for corruption at the next level. Is this what education is about? Good on you Bill.

  8. When sexting and cyberporn hijack the sexuality and relationships education of our children, legitimate efforts of parents and education systems to teach youngsters ethical sexual behaviour have a already been effectively sabotaged by unsavoury commercial interests.

  9. God I pray we are not here in five years time talking about how you are being disparaged and harassed as a “pedophobe.” God help us.

  10. As a parent of a 5 month old daughter… i have concerns as to how to protect her from the filth that is out there… and everyday is getting worse.

    God help us!!

  11. Absolutely horrifying. I am so glad Bill that you wrote an article before this one on hope, because the outlook around is looks pretty grim. I understand how you feel Matthew, particularly trying to see hope for our children. But God is here and He loves our children even more than we do. Staying continually in prayer and in God’s Word is so vital for reducing fear and keeping hope.

  12. Hello,

    Did you edit this post? I recall there was a sentence on the end saying you would write of ‘ the tragic stories of children raised by homosexual people.’ Was that referring to the review of Van Gend’s book? If not, then what stories were you referring to? Please reply. Thank you.

  13. Thanks John. No I have not edited this, and I did not say that here. I have however often shared the tragic stories of those raised in homosexual households – the sorts of stories the MSM refuses to run with. Here are just four of such articles:

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